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Doctor Who and science fiction in general casts a wide net in its followers. While our podcasts (i.e. Doctor Who: Podshock) reaches everyone from 8 to 80, a majority of them reach those of the age of 21 to 44. Half of them are single with a disposable income.

Listeners range from ‘hardcore’ fans, to casual fans as well as people who have just obtained an interest in the genre. Most of them will consume other related media and collect associated memorabilia.

Due of the nature of podcasts, people can discover shows we produced years ago today. Some are listened to over and over again. They are available by various means including, Apple iTunes, website downloads, RSS feeds, various podcast networks, internet radio, etc.

People can download new episodes and listen to them on their own schedule, this is one of the major advantages of podcasts over radio or other traditional media.

Since 2005, we have seen our audience continue to grow. As we add new programming in our network of podcasts, it only widens the audience and exposure of the content we offer.

Sponsorship offers a variety of ways to get your message to your target audience.

In-Show Advertising
Advertisements can be delivered as part of the show, spoken by the hosts. This adds to the personal feel and is less like a typical ad, meaning that the audience is likely to play close attention to the message.

Alternatively, you can choose to include your own pre-recorded ad up to 60 seconds in length. By doing so, you maintain your brand identity and have more control over your own marketing message.

Your promotional message will include your company name, product and/or service, specifics on certain advantages of your product and/or service, how people can reach you (web address and/or phone number).

In enhanced podcasts, your ad can also include an embedded graphic and URL to a web address.

Website Placement and Link
Your logo, and ad copy will be placed on our website in the top section, where it will be seen by all our visitors. This can be in the form of a web banner (468 x 60 pixels quality graphic you provide) linked to your website.

The Gallifreyan Embassy website since it’s re-launch as an interactive website in 2005 has received more than 7 million hits. During Doctor Who: Podshock we constantly refer to our site with its active forums and commented articles.

Join other advertisers and sponsors like the following that have used our shows to get their message out to our audience:

Audio Books at Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy New England Fan Experience

For more information about advertising on our shows, please download the ATP Information and Media Kit (PDF) from Art Trap Productions > Advertising.

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