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Rassilon Family

Rassilon Family

Trey, Rassilon, Zori (back row), and Sarah (in the light blue) showing off their Doctor Who: Podshock / Gallifreyan Embassy T-Shirts.

In front of the Lodi Arch & Plaque

In front of the Lodi Arch & Plaque

I'm (Travis) in front of the Lodi Arch and the plaque in one. Lodi, California. Submitted by Travis showing off his Doctor Who: Podshock T-Shirt

Natalie and Ken

Natalie and Ken

Outside the pub, Natalie sporting her "In Moffat We Trust" shirt with Ken Deep while at the DWNY and Gallifreyan Embassy joint meet up on June 15, 2009 in Manhattan. (Photo by Louis Trapani taken with a 1st gen iPhone)

Read more about the meet up and our 24th anniversary here: Happy Anniversary to Us! 24 Years of Time and Space.

daveac's picture

daveac at a Hyde Fundraisers

daveac at a Hyde Fundraisers

On the 45th anniversary weekend of Doctor Who - Hyde Fundraisers have a Doctor Who 'Children in Need' event at Ashton-u-Lyne Library in the UK. I did an interview with Wayne Broughton for the Gallifreyan Embassy & Doctor Who Podshock. Videos and photos are also linked to on the GE site. (Looking sharp in his Doctor Who: Podshock / Gallifreyan Embassy shirt)

In Russell/Moffat We Trust Shirts and More

You heard it here on Doctor Who: Podshock and now you can take it with you where ever you go with shirts and other gear sporting the slogan, "In Russell We Trust" or if you rather have "In Moffat We Trust", or get them both. Many of our listeners and website visitors, took the slogan coined by Ken Deep on our show and made it their own mantra.

In Russell We Trust T-Shirt

In Russell We Trust T-Shirt

Ken coined the phrase, "In Russell We Trust" on our podcast and for many became their own mantra. Get your In Russell We Trust T-Shirt now. (Available in different colours in men and women styles). Also see our "In Moffat We Trust" shirt.

In Moffat We Trust T-Shirt

In Moffat We Trust T-Shirt

Ken coined the phrase originally with "In Russell We Trust" and has now carried it over with "In Moffat We Trust" Get your In Moffat We Trust T-shirt today! (Available in different colors for men and women). Also see our "In Russell We Trust" shirt.

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