Tara Wheeler

Administrator - Posted on 25 June 2009

Correspondent Tara Wheeler

Tara Wheeler grew up with friends who were Trekkies. She knew there was something else out there waiting for her, but it wasn't until she was fourteen that she found it. Her first episode was 'The Five Doctors' so she likes to think that 'all of them' is her Doctor. She started knitting Doctor Who scarves the same year she discovered Doctor Who and thinks she's knitted somewhere around forty or so. She's met the actors who have played Two through Eight, plus most of their companions, writers, producers and staff.

In addition to owning a full sized Police Box (really), she is currently engaged in writing a book about the history, construction and filmography of Doctor Who scarves called 'A Stitch In Time'. She is happily married to David Wheeler, who owns Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy, a franchised comic book shop. She also owns three White's Australian tree frogs, one red-eyed tree frog, a horny toad, two cats and a Labradoodle. When she's not knitting and watching Doctor Who she has also been known to paint, sculpt, brew mead, work horses, catch rattlesnakes and travel at the drop of a hat.

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