Doctor Who: Podshock 295 - Nightmare in Silver Reviewed, News, and More

Administrator - Posted on 17 February 2014

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 295
Running Time: 1:56:29

We review Nightmare in Silver, plus Doctor Who news, and more. Hosted by Louis Trapani and Dave Cooper. "I am NOT human."

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daveac's picture

Apologies & correction from me on the actor named incorrectly on the podcast - it was 'Roger' Lloyd-Pack

Regards, daveac

Blue Box Bill's picture

A number of times during Podshock's review of 'Nightmare In Silver' the Cybermen were described by Dave and Louis as too robotic. Agreed.

I posted the image above on facebook May 15, 2013. Click image for a closer look.

The latest upgrade? Too much cyber, too little man. Looks more like a mask than a face. Too smooth. Featureless. No menace. There used to be an echo of humanity in that face... a scowling brow, trace of a nose, cheekbones, a pronounced jaw line with a chin below an indifferent mouth, but not anymore. Proof positive that a facelift isn't necessarily an improvement.

Technologically speaking I found a Cyberman with the ability to 'upgrade' its defensive capabilities on the spot very scary.


Happy Travels!

Louis Trapani's picture

Thanks, Bill. Good observations here. I keep on waiting for the return of the Cybermen in Doctor Who... It just doesn't feel like it has happened yet.


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