Doctor Who: Podshock 279 - 'The Power of Three' Reviewed

Administrator - Posted on 28 September 2012

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 279
Running Time: 1:31:02

We review The Power of Three live on the net with your live feedback and more. Hosted by Louis Trapani, Dave Cooper.

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Skipping stones. That's how The Power Of Three struck me. As a skipping stone moves on to the end of its journey watch it as it ever so briefly skims the water's surface and then with one brief kerplunk, it's gone. Lots of hurry up, but very little wait, very little suspense… and then, with a last minute wave of the Doctor's magic wand, the problem was solved, the story was over and the stone just sinks out of sight.

This episode felt a little like a super sized script that was attempting to fit inside the wrapper of a bite-sized single serving snack, which could help explain the Doctor's crunch time heroics, but I don't think it was ever intended to last longer than a single episode. Perhaps the recording pace of this adventure was a little slower than needed so that when it came down to the final edit, for the sake of a cohesive plot, well, it seems a bit rushed in places. After all there's only so much you can cut out and still have a workable storyline.

I've heard Doctor Who cast and crew remark in DVD commentaries about how they'd handle a particular visual effect differently, or deliver a bit of dialogue in a completely new way if only they could do it over again. Like the ever elusive gumble jack, opportunities sometimes get away from us, especially when we are up against deadlines. It can be frustrating to deliver what we see in hindsight as second best, but that's what keeps us honest, and striving to do better next time.

One very bright spot in this episode was the introduction of Kate Stewart, daughter of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Casting Jemma Redgrave to portray Kate was a brilliant move. The family resemblance is rather striking. I too hope that Kate will return in future episodes.
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