Doctor Who: Podshock 267 - Scream of the Shalka Reviewed, Conventions, News, Feedback, and more

Administrator - Posted on 17 March 2012

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 267
Running Time: 2:00:50

The 'original 9th Doctor' story, Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka is reviewed, Gallifrey One 2012 recap, I-CON 31 preview, news, feedback, and more. Hosted by Louis Trapani, Ken Deep, and Graeme Sheridan.

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Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka webcast story as reviewed in this episode.

Doctor Who: Podshock an international Doctor Who podcast premiering in 2005 by the Gallifreyan Embassy and produced by Art Trap Productions.

Blue Box Bill's picture

Hi guys,

I enjoyed the episode and your review of it. My first observation about the episode is that there were too many blue eyed blokes... including the Shalka. How about piercingly brilliant yellow eyes or pulsating peepers of green? Anything but blue! I'm inclined to think that blue was chosen for reasons of contrast and visual excitement for a cool color juxtaposed over warm tones of brown, red, yellow and orange keeps the Shalka from taking on a monotone appearance, however there's nothing "cool" about these magma monsters. They define "uncool."

One little continuity fluff... we didn't see Alison actually remove the bandage (or plaster) from her forehead before her Shalka "reunion" during Episode 6 (end of Part 3 into the beginning of Part 4). Maybe it was a really sticky one that had to be removed very slowly to prevent her from suffering even more pain than the injury it was covering and protecting? Maybe the scene ran long so they just edited it down? Maybe it was too graphic? Don't think so. While the depiction of Alison's wounded forehead was not overtly graphic it was visible. The last time I saw more "nasty" in Doctor Who was during Lytton's final appearance in "Attack Of The Cybermen."

There were times when Richard Grant's vocal stylings as the Doctor were so much like Paul McGann's that I had to remind myself that this was not an 8th Doctor story. It happened a lot. Likewise the delivery of Derek Jacobi was very reminiscent of Roger Delgado's Master. It was eerie at times.

Apparently the TARDIS served as inspiration for the Doctor's mobile phone, and yes, that was a nice touch and a mini-bridge between Classic and New Who.

As to the production values of the episode I must reiterate (not verbatim) something Phil Collinson said during an interview which appears on "The Terror Of The Autons" DVD. You may not know that Phil was the Producer of Doctor Who from 2005 to 2008 for 48 episodes or that he grew up watching Classic Who, which is to say his opinion carries some weight, however more to the point is the remark he made which in effect was that you can't simply write off Classic Doctor Who because of cheesy special effects or because of how they fail in comparison to today's CGI effects. The makers of Classic Who did the best they could with what their budget could afford and technology could make possible. The same is true of "Shalka." It stands up very well when viewed in these terms.

Is this story canon? Historically, yes, given that it was intended as the official continuation of the series BEFORE New Who bumped it aside.

Happy Travels,
Blue Box Bill

I liked this episode! Quite exciting and enjoyable. Your review is also  very nice! Thanks for it!


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