Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 216 Extra Edition

Administrator - Posted on 11 August 2010

"I'm way worse than Scottish."

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 216 EXTRA Edition
Running Time: 0:49:34

In this Extra Edition of Doctor Who: Podshock we have a free form discussion on Doctor Who news and events including Blu-ray and DVD releases, Doctor Who Proms, Frazer Hines, Sherlock, rumours, the upcoming Christmas special, a Gallifrey 22 update, and yes - even the shower scene from The Lodger, plus more.

Hosted by Louis Trapani, Ken Deep, and James Naughton.

Listen to a preview of DWP 216 Extra Edition:

Brought to you by the Gallifreyan Embassy and is a production of Art Trap Productions.

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Doctor Who: Podshock an international Doctor Who podcast premiering in 2005 by the Gallifreyan Embassy and produced by Art Trap Productions.

Hi Louis,


Looking forward to the episode.  The nanacast feed doesn't seem to work for me, so I have been going to the Podshock Supporting Subscribers page to pick up the episodes.  However, this time, no link appears underneath the bit where it says "Right click the link below to save the MP3 file".  




It should had been included automatically. Try it now though. Sorry about that.

Cheers -- that's worked.  Looking forward to the ep.

Captain_Zaphod's picture

I too am looking forward to this episode.

I became a supporter today, but still can't download this episode. It tells me I need to subscribe 1st?

Also, only the preview is on my feed list.

Lastly, the nanacast page won't accept my login.



Louis Trapani's picture

Thanks for becoming a supporting subscriber. Pleae check your email. You should had received instructions on how to access the extra content. You have been given a separate personalized feed for the extra episodes. You can also access them on the supporting subscriber site here.

Captain_Zaphod's picture

Thank you!  That did it.

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