audio: Hornet's Nest 3: Circus of Doom

Chase - Posted on 11 November 2009

Mediocre at best. Really. They should just let Tom Baker write these. Paul Magrs cannot handle the Fourth all. While this story is not terrible and definitely has its moments, it's not as good as either the first or second in this "story". It's very staged and Yates at one point seems to cry or break down...WTF out of nowhere. The "action" really isn't and Tom 's Doctor does very little in this story which really has a bunch of circus horror cliches and again, the red shoes play into it and not to good effect. We've got: midgets, circus ringmasters, killer clowns, high tightrope walking, I think (I wasn't paying attention by the end) a fire in a tent, a bearded lady, hornets of course,'s really not that good to be honest. You've seen all of thse things in other movies and TV shows including DW (GREATEST SHOW for one, where it wasn't very good there either TBH). It is a shame they are WASTING the great Tom Baker on such a lackluster storyline and this time, not even the sound effects help. 

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