Sneak Peek at Doctor Who: Dreamland (Video)

Administrator - Posted on 02 November 2009

Here is a clip of the upcoming Doctor Who animated story, Dreamland starring David Tennant as the 10th Doctor.

carriertone's picture

Wow. That animation is painful to watch. I loved the Infinite Quest animation style and don't understand why they had to do the new one differently. I, like most Who fans, will watch almost anything with the good doctor in it. I think I'll be missing this one though.


- Carl

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Louis Trapani's picture

I have to say, I was very 'surprised' by the animation myself. I certainly had different expectations for it. I am hoping that perhaps the the final product will be a bit... smoother.

If not, I guess I can always just listen to it as if it were an audio adventure instead.


I suppose it's possible they used the Tardis to go back to 1995 to have the animation done.

Bullitt33's picture

Wow, after seeing this video 2 things immediately come mind: 1st - I somehow hope this is just pre-visualization work (because that's what it looks like.) 2nd - Has the BBC only come this far from the 1985 Dire Straits video "Money for Nothing?"

Wyldstaar's picture

This looks like a student film done by someone studying computer animation.  Not a particularly gifted student, either.  I was very interested in seeing this story before I saw the trailer.  Now, the only interest I have for it is morbid curiosity.  Like watching The Twin Dillema again, just to see if it's really as bad as I remember it to be.  I shutter to think how much time and money were wasted on this mess. 

I'm going to watch my Pixar Shortfilms collection now, to wash the bad taste of this trailer out of my memory.

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

does anyone else find the ALONSEY very very very annoying!????

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