LOST IN SPACE-Target: Earth, The Flaming Planet

Chase - Posted on 31 October 2009


Writer: Peter Packer

Dir: Nathan Juran



Jupiter II flies in outer space. Smith comes in to Will to show Will the Robot trick he is doing, telling a scared Robot, "Don't delay, do as I say."  Smith makes the bottom part of the Robot come off because Smith is too bored to stand watch himself and he thinks about using the bottom part as a carry all without the cackling of the upper part. Jokes about a split personality and Robot being an inanimate hardware piece come about. Smith wants him to go ten paces forward to the rear, to the rear and pushes the wrong button. Robot's bottom goes into the Space Pod, Smith hits buttons to correct it and launches the Pod into space. Will yells at Smith, "You and your mothers of invention! Why couldn't have invented something simple--like a padded cell!"  John and Don run in from one of the hallway doors and go to the window. Will apologizes to Smith, "But you asked for it."   The Pod's descent cannot be neutralized and its ascent thrusters are turned on. It heads toward a planet due to gravity pull. Robot is jolted; with some coaxing from Will, Smith tells John and Don what happened. They get a spectrometer reading and there is a loud squeal (like the squeal in PLANET OF THE APES spaceship and THE COLONISTS episode of LOST IN SPACE year 2). A voice talks quickly, telling them they can come and get the Pod but the voice doesn't answer about whether or not they have the facilities to handle their landing. John looks at it, "It doesn't look very inviting."   Don asks, "Ever see Earth from 2000 miles up?"  John orders Will and Smith to the lower deck and tells Will to pass the word on to his mother. The Jupiter's landing legs come out and it lands on a round pad. It looks like a factory in some kind of industrial area. Pavements and concrete. There are statues and gardens. They look down over the outer window sill to see the Pod nearby. John calls the voice while the others come up--Maureen, Judy and Smith only. Maureen looks out, "Well, this is a surprise, a nice clean city instead of a dismal planet."  John prefers to wait before going out. Smith offers to go to see the aliens. He thinks this is safe. Smith goes down, Don calling him the ambassador of good will. Smith has with him a white flag of peace. He climbs down the leg stairs to the Pod. He opens the door...and promptly screams as a blob man thing is inside the Pod.





Freeze frame and titles. The blob asks him about the flag of truce. Smith gives it to him and it takes it in a clay like hand. They talk of Earth. Smith calls it civilized and peace loving. The thing asks how many are on the Jupiter besides Smith; Smith tells him six. He also tells the questioning alien that there are differences among them: blond, brunette, handsome, some not so handsome; referring to himself as the strong, handsome type. The alien will visit them soon. It lets Smith leave and tosses the flag down on the ground. We hear TIME TUNNEL sound effects as the truce flag vanishes into dust and ashes and blows away. Smith goes back up the leg steps and the elevator to the control room, telling them about it, calling the monster, "a ferocious beast of prey with venomous fangs and claws of a grizzly, breathing noxious fumes."  When Don claims that Smith is lying, just wanting Smith to admit he was too afraid to go past the Jupiter, Smith warns them, "They have evil designs on us, mark my words!"  Maureen and Judy calm him down. Don is on the ladder, going to move down, Judy, Smith, and Maureen are on the elevator when all of a sudden, all of them freeze and cannot move but seem to be able to move their eyes. The alien comes into the Jupiter from the upper deck control room door! It touches Judy and Maureen, then makes the Robot's upper half vanish, the popping sound happening too soon. It goes out to the door, then vanishes itself with a high pitched whistle, the door closes. The group unfreezes. Maureen rubs a very afraid Smith's hand, "There, there now Dr. Smith. That's all right now."  Don mentions they got the rest of the Robot. Smith says, "Calamity! Calamity!"  Smith tells them he may have exaggerated a bit when Don notes it wasn't a venomous beast of prey with claws but he calls the thing of indeterminate shape and tells them it told him that his alien people all look alike. Will comes up. John and Don tell each other and him that they have to leave the Robot but the astrogater is knocked out and other devices including the guidance system and power. It is still dark outside. Will slips down the leg of the Jupiter to the Pod. He passes a statue of an alien woman and lions, to go into the doors of the "store" building. Inside, an alien high up on a shelf or stall, watches Will's movements. He then makes himself known to Will, calling him, "Small Earth traveler."  Two more blob men are behind him. The main one appears in front of Will on the ground of the factory. Will sees tubes like the freezing tubes on the Jupiter and in them are beings moving about out of wrappings. It is his family in silver space suits---copies. While the alien feels it is good to be uniform, he tells Will that his people have become complacent--one step from decay; too content with their sameness, their uniformity. He wants his people to be like the Robinsons, "In your vehicle you come and go from your planet Earth as you please."  HUH? WHAT FAMILY IS WATCHING? He calls his mission a noble and daring experiment, "These duplicates will be the advance guard toward a brave, new civilization."  Will thinks imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Robot comes and he is in one piece, repaired...or rather changed...for he seems on the side of the aliens! Robot calls Will small Earth Traveler and tells he will assist the advance guard. The mission: "to replace the Earth travelers, to appropriate their vehicle, the Jupiter 2, to set a course for Earth and make that planet ours!"  Will is shocked, "Do you know what you're saying, what they wanna do, and what's gonna happen to us when they do it?"  He looks at the duplicate forming in the tube ahead of him--it is John Robinson!



In the control room, Will tells the others what the aliens are planning to do. John says, "Well, that's quite a program they have for themselves--they make exact duplicates of us, hijack the ship and head for home...our home!"  Smith wonders if they could secrete themselves in the bowels of the ship, "Then we'll get home, too."  Don scoffs at this--where would they hide--in the exhaust stack? The aliens will be all over the ship if they do take it over. Smith says, "I defy anyone to make an exact duplicate of me--it's quite impossible."  John wonders how Smith can defy a life form that can black them out, knock out their propulsion and guidance system and transform themselves into living, breathing human beings. John will go see the aliens and points his finger into Will's chest, telling him this time no one leaves the ship, he is giving that order loud and clear this time. Don and John go into the city. Don says, "Will couldn't have made up that story." They meet the doubles of themselves and talk. Then the real John and Don rush at them but the aliens vanish and appear behind them. "Do not resist, it is futile."  Until their return, the real family will be kept here as prototypes---it is harmless. John and Don try again but are made to vanish by the leader alien---they appear in the tubes in a suspended state. Don and John, the copies, smile evilly and use the term, "I guess."  John tells him they must watch that--they mustn't use it too often. Don says, "You're the boss."  John prouds it over him, "Don't you ever forget that."


Lower deck of the Jupiter II: Will and Smith talk. Will tells Smith he is going to the city. Smith tells him his father forbid it. Will tells Smith that Dad's order is canceled; they are not coming back as Smith said so himself. Will tells him that "the aliens were kinda friendly to me in their own crazy way."   He wants to talk to them. Smith asks if Will can ask them to return him and the others to earth. Will comments more than asks, "You never think of anything but Earth, do you?"  Smith admits it, "Oh sadness, oh sorrow, what else is there to think about!?"  Will tells him that he should follow Don's advice and secrete himself in the exhaust stack. Smith follows Will to what looks like the Control Room Deck Door but this is the lower deck. This door leads down one of the leg staircases. Will opens this door. Smith tells him in for a dime, in for a dollar and follows Will to the building. Smith tells him there is a sign--Abandon all hope ye that enter here. They go inside but have to hide as a copy of John comes past, leading copies of the girls, Maureen, Don, and Will. John starts leading them in exercises. They duck as the John clone spots something and walks right up to the shelf device they are hiding behind. But he moves to another spot where the clone Smith sits asleep. He wakes him up to have him join the others. "That bogus me is not me at all! He's thoroughly incompetent!" Smith gripes. Will turns, "That's you all over, Dr. Smith."  The John copy tells them to stop and gives them a pep talk, telling them they are the vanguard of the great mission. Anyone that falls under their suspicion of being a traitor or enemy must have everything at the vanguard's means thrown at them for annihilation. Judy and Penny yes father him and go toward the spaceship. Smith asks Will what will happen to his poor sisters. Will guesses the same thing that happened to Dad and Don. Will points out Dad and Don in the alien tubes. On the lower deck, Judy calls Mom, who tells her to come up on deck. Maureen faces the alien who appears in the control room, "Who're you and what have you done with my husband and Major West?"   The alien tells her they are safe and that she should resign herself to her fate--it will be more comfortable for her that way. Maureen moves around the astrogater, "Don't you come near me!"  It touches its amulet of blue and makes her vanish. Judy and Penny come in from the hallway entrance and scream, voicing their horror and shock. The alien makes a copy of Judy and Penny appear, then Maureen too. The fake Judy says, "Do we look well, mother?"  The fake Maureen smiles, "Perfect, dear, just perfect!"  



John tells the other fakes that there are only two missing--the young one--Will and the ancient one--Smith. The fake Smith boasts that he is the handsome one. Watching, the real Will asks Smith if he really told them that. John tells him he is also awkward, boastful, and lazy. Fake Don asks if they will hunt the other two down. They will look for them on their way to the ship. Robot arrives and tells them, "Members of the Advance Guard are ready to proceed with your mission."  Will and Smith hide as the girls pass by. In the preserving cylinders are the rest of the family. Will tells Smith they have to get on that ship. Smith suggests a karate chop to their doubles as they pass last in line. They do and change clothes with their doubles. Smith tells Will that it will be difficult to pose as them...the doubles have webbed fingers! After Will and Smith go up the leg, the fake Smith gets up, "Oh dear," and leaves the alien Will down. He goes to the leg, too. Will and Smith at the lower deck doorway see him coming up. Will distracts the girls and Mom aliens by making believe the chair buttons are stuck and he needs help while Smith hits the double and drags him, covering his mouth, to his cabin, tying him up there. When the females ask about Dr. Smith, Will stalls, telling them how he is supposed to be--lazy, awkward, etc. Judy alien smiles, "Well, I hope he doesn't overdo his role."  Penny, near the cabin door when the real Smith comes out, says, "Better late than never, Dr. Smith."  Smith is surprised, almost telling her she sounds just like the real Penny. Maureen, as the engines rise says, "All right, from now on until our eventual return, we are the true Earth travelers--you will never refer to  yourselves in any other way."   Jupiter flies up into space and the Pod goes inside it. John cannot get used to the fact that they are different from one another. Don tells him only on the surface. John asks, "Are we? I'm not so sure about that anymore."  He tells Don to act as a navigator and report their position, lording over his power over the double Don, "After all, I am the leader."  Will tells Smith as they come up to the upper deck, "Dad and Don would never argue like that."  Will tells Smith to distract them and adds, "With double talk, I guess."  Will whispers to Robot to try to get Robot back on their side. Robot calls him small earth traveler. Will asks for his help. Robot says, "That does not compute."  Will snaps his fingers and tells him that if he can just reprogram his tapes...he starts to but Robot starts to take his arms out, telling Will he will be forced to defend himself. Will jumps back, stops, and has wide eyes. Don explains to Smith about the auto guidance and the inertial guidance system. Smith offers to show them around once they reach Earth. When they question this--telling him it is a planet that he's never seen---or been to--he tells them he was speaking figuratively. Don says, "I'm not sure I like this."  He comments that Smith seems too different somehow. He orders Smith to get the guns out of the rack and clean them, scaring Smith into doing it. Smith jumps to it. John tells Don that he should have given Smith that order; Don takes delight in telling him that he thought of it first. John tries to pull rank on Don and the two argue, almost grabbing each other into a fight. John does grab him, telling him he thinks he's trying to take over and if he knows what is good for him, he'll quit trying. Will comes as John does this, "You're supposed to be the best of friends and now you're arguing...but I guess even the best of friends have arguments."  Judy alien, on the lower deck near the lower deck window, gets suspicious when Smith tells her he was looking for his toothbrush. Smith tells her he was going to use it to clean the guns. Judy hears a noise from Smith's cabin and he tells her that is just some loose things he forgot to stow. She moves to the door to offer to put them away for him. He stops her and asks for two or three of her Mother's sandwiches. Judy tells him that those are Earth food--and wonders if he has changed that much. He just offers the part. After she goes, he opens the door and fixes the gag in the double's mouth. Smith closes the door and someone taps his shoulder,"Ohhhh!"  It is William. Smith is told that the Robot is all the aliens' now. Smith tells Will, "Don't worry, William, when we get to Earth we'll expose him for the traitor he really is."   Will says, "We can't let them get to Earth. If they do they'll keep making more and more duplicates until they take over and besides, they have the Jupiter--we can't rescue the family without it."   Will tells Smith they can do only one thing: divide and conquer. Maureen arrives with a nice hot meal--gruel of some kind--alien food. Smith tastes it and says, "Delicious."  Maureen opens it and finds the other Smith. Judy comes running, "Two Dr. Smiths!"



Judy yells, "Imposter, imposter!"  John and Don arrive as Maureen ungags Smith, the alien copy who yells annoyingly, "Annihilate him! Annihilate him!"  Maureen shows the webbed fingers of the copy. John questions Smith, the real Smith, asking for his normal life span and true planet of origin. Will tries to cover, telling them they were conditioned to be what they are, not what they once were. John corrects him, calling him small Earth traveller. They retained the memory of they once were. The two of them will be sent back via a signal transport---if they are lucky enough to get there. Robot yells, "Danger! Danger! Vehicle in direct path of meteor storm!"   The ship shakes and all shake in the cabin. Will manages to join Robot on the upper deck as stock footage meteors from the storm-and THE RELUCTANT STOWAWAY and UNAIRED PILOT hit. Will climbed up to the control room, "Robot! Help me!"  They put out fires with the extinguisher and get the ship out. Robot says, "The small Earth traveller performed commendably."  Will shakes his head, "Can't you just forget that small Earth traveler stuff and just be yourself?"  The shaking the Robot just received has helped clear his memory banks some. John and Don bring Smith down and toss him into the Space Pod Bay, closing the door. Will tells John, the alien, "I guess you're gonna throw me in there too."  John decided not to since he was useful during the storm and getting the ship through it. He could come in handy. Will snarls, "Well, maybe I just won't want to be handy."   He calls them common criminals in what they are doing. John tells him, "We go to Earth to learn to be different!"  At the viewport, Don holds Will when Will has a tantrum explaining that their plans are just criminal. Will tells them they are off course due to the meteor storm. John checks and so does Don. Will tries to play them off against each other, mentioning that maybe one of them knows more than the other. They claim to know as much as each other. Don shoves Will at the Robot. John asks Robot about the course. Robot tells them they are definitely off course by two minutes port and three minutes stern. John says, "You'd better be right."  Will says, "He always was when he belonged to us!"   Don sneers at John, "You're giving your command over to a Robot?"  He and Don argue over the Robot and leave him to watch Will while they go double check it. Robot hopes that whichever direction it takes them, it will not take them Earthbound. Will says, "I guess we're back together again."  Robot hopes so, "Get thee behind me, Will Robinson,"  he says when Will asks to get him into the Pod. Will gets into it. John and Don come back to the Robot and John deactivates the Robot by pulling the power pack and putting it on the astrogater. They must find the small Earth traveller. Will calls Alpha Control, "This is Will Robinson aboard the Earth ship Jupiter 2--hostile, do no allow her to land."   Maureen with John and Don search the viewport closets, Maureen telling them they searched the galley and found nothing. Don searches the sit pull in chairs. A missile fires at them and blasts, shaking them. John yells they have to find the small Earth traveller--he's responsible for this. Will comes out of the pod, "Robot, help me, we're being attacked FROM EARTH!" He turns to Smith who followed him out, "Dr. Smith, get on the radio to Alpha Control, tell them, tell em the aliens are landing and they're trying to take over the Earth."  Will moves to the console while Smith retreats to the Pod, telling the Robot to play dead, "You silly goose."  Robot says, "Play dead, I'm good as..." John and Don come up the elevator so Will hides in the gun closet to the right of the viewport. Smith calls Alpha Control, telling them he is the famous intergalactic traveller Zachary Smith and he is in a dreary little Space Pod which he shall launch as they hold their fire. He will then launch it and he goes on to say, "...and then you can blast the Jupiter to kingdom come."  Another blast shakes him and the Pod. Outside the Pod Bay, John and Don shake too but see Will fall out of the closet. John yell, "There he is the little traitor!"  The action freezes and a small panel fills one side of the screen which says, "BACK IN A MINUTE-DON'T GO AWAY". NOTE: this was in one syndicated version of the episode.



The freeze frame persists and the panel slides away to allow the action to unfreeze. "There he is the little traitor!"  Will tells them they could try evasive action but their missiles will follow them anyway. The engine systems blow. Will tells Don that if the leader puts the ship in danger than the second in command can take charge. Don and John pull him from both arms toward the Pod, "Now Robot!"  Will yells and ducks as Robot comes alive and blasts both of them down. "Nice work, Robot!"  Will wants to turn around to get to the family but Robot tells him, "Too late, Will Robinson, we have just landed on Earth."  Smith comes out and steps over the two aliens, "Excuse me sirs."  He goes to get his bag and at the viewport sees buildings at night, knowing the place--Chicago, the Loop, farmyard butcher to the world (GREEN ACRES?). Will doesn't care--he lifts off as soon as they've touched down and doesn't let Smith out. Smith falls into a chair as Will takes off. Smith yells at him to stop. Later, Smith goes to the Pod doorway and lets John and Don out of the Space Pod bay. They just stand there at attention, telling him emotionless, that they have failed and must answer a signal of recall to their planet. They vanish. Smith wonders where they've gone. The Jupiter II flies on in space. It relands on the alien planet and in the same city. The Space Pod is outside again! Will runs out into the city, "What've you done with my family."  The alien blob leader tells him they have learned they have much to learn. The duplicates vanish and the real family appears. The alien goes on to explain, "What we are, we must remain until a change comes from within ourselves and not at the expense of others."  He lets them go out and he vanishes. The family and Don start up the leg of the Jupiter II. Will says, "Here we come, Dr. Smith."  NOTE: Some syndicated versions ended right here!


Control Room: Robot marches Smith into the Space Pod bay door and closes it. He is indulging the Robot in this little shenanigan to give him back some shred of self respect but, "Beware booby! Beware!"  Robot laughs and moves off. Smith yells, "Let me out! Out! Out! Let me out!"  John and Don come up on the elevator. Don asks, "You wanna let him out?"  "I don't wanna let him out, I've got work to do,"   John moves off and so does Don. Smith peers out the window of the Bay and yells, "Let me out! Out! Out!"


NOTE: At this point, instead of going to commercials like all the other third season episodes, the scene flips flops into previews for PRINCESS OF SPACE. This is included on one or two syndicated versions. Normally the third season last tag or act would end with the commercial break, the lis logo would appear with Dick Tufeld telling us to stay tuned for coming attractions or next week's exciting show, and then ads would play. Then the previews. Not in this episode.


"Next week an adventure in space fantasy awaits Penny Robinson when brother Will disappears in a magic carpet!"


Slippers land and a carpet rolls Will up. Pirates have Will and unfurl the carpet. Will asks, "Where's Dr. Smith? What have you done to him?"   The fat pirate takes some tape out, "I merely reduced him to tape."   "Your majesty!"  Penny appears. Aunt Gamma appears. Penny is in a white gown with a crown on. Don is hit by the pirate who also grabs Judy from behind and puts a hand around her mouth with Smith watching. A machine calls Will a liar visually so the fatter pirate take out a sword and points it at Will's stomach, moving him against a wall. Fedor yells, "Attack!"  Robot devices come rolling out. Smith gasps and his hand leaning back, hits a button which makes the machine behind him, Don, Judy, and Penny blast up and explode. Judy screams! 




















































Writer: Barney Slater

Dir: Don Richardson



Jupiter II flies in space. In the Jupiter's control room, John and Don talk. They set coordinates 5554 degrees in 24 hours. They talk about a falling star, a wild comet, an unknown asteroid, all occupational hazards. Will comes past the computers, the reactor door on the lower deck and to Smith's cabin. We hear CASTLES IN SPACE music. Robot waters a plant in Smith's cabin. Smith raised it from a tiny seed. He has high esteem and deep affection for it and will give it his attributes: honest, kind, gentle, generous, brave, well liked, courteous, and a great guy. Will comes and tells him that there is not supposed to be any kind of alien vegetation on the ship at Dad's orders. Although Smith calls it an orange tree, Will is not so sure it is. Smith is its mother. If space radiation affects the plant as it can any plant's photosynthesis, this can result in deadly danger as Robot and Will try to explain to Smith. Will tells Smith that when Don sees it he will throw it overboard. Robot adds, "And you with it!"  Will needs Robot. Robot rhymes horror with tomorrow. Smith just tells him he is jealous of his horticultural ability. Will and Robot leave. The leaf moves when Smith leaves. On the upper deck, Maureen, John, and Don watch as a radiation belt type form comes into view, from nothing to a huge belt. It seems to be some kind of a galactic phenomena. They encounter radiation shock waves. Maureen asks, "John, can't we alter our course?"  John tells her, "We don't have enough time, whatever it is, we're gonna have to take a chance and fly right through it."   When the shock waves get bad, the ship shakes violently. Below deck, Judy and Penny, in the galley, shake. They shake the wrong way and the result is that they are falling upward on the rise of the shake! Smith is falling into the cabin area. John yells, "Maureen, stabilize the ship!"  She does. Will runs to Smith, "He's really hurt bad!"  Robot sees Smith is not. Smith tells him to spare him his asinine asides. "There's just so much a man can take,"  Smith says. Will asks him if he would like dinner in his quarters. He and Robot go. Don is there and stops Smith from entering his cabin. He wants Smith to help and to be on the upper deck in 30 seconds. Instead, Smith goes into his cabin and lays down on the bed. He is unaware that a vase breaks. He does sit up and wonder but lays back down. The plant's vase has broken and it has grown to man size or larger and raises its leafy arms!





We see the red alarm in the upper deck's cubicle. Smith is up and with John and Don who check and repair. One says A is fine but B system has minor damage. Smith yawns. R14 transistor unit is mentioned. Smith notes he thinks the ship is burning up as the lights on the console go on and off. They get a small alarm. John checks--it is just some residual electroactive waves on the hull and from the belt and they will burn off in a few hours. Smith yawns and John tells him to get some rest. Smith says, "Bless you...both."   He goes down. Don tells John that whole routine was just an act. John says, "Yeah, tell me about it, Don."  Smith descends to his room and drinks some spring water. He doesn't see the giant man plant and lays down again to take a nap, "Ahh, yes it is good to be safe in one's own little room in one's own little bed."   The plant moves at him. Will knocks on the door and opens it, it is time for dinner...he yells, "Dr. Smith wake up!"  when he sees the plant monster. Smith grabs Will infront of him. Space radiation must have mutated it. When Smith is grateful that Will saved him from it, Will tells him that it didn't look like it was going to harm him but it looked kinda affectionate! When Smith believes this, he cons Will into not involving the others in this. Will tells him to put it out the jet exhaust to burn it up and leaves. Smith thinks about oranges in season---these oranges will be as big as water melons. The plant hugs him. He gasps but take it.


Judy and Penny look at the astrogater. It will take ten days to get to where they are going. Penny wonders why dad didn't chose another galaxy that she spots on the astrogater. Judy says it is much closer, "True, but the chance of finding an advanced civilization in that part of the galaxy is pretty slim."  Penny agrees but sits listlessly on a metal storage box in the control room. Judy asks what's wrong two times since Penny seems to says, "Nothing, everything's just fine."  Judy asks her again (the second time) and Penny says, "Well, it's just that well, now that we're back in space, I'm anxious to go home."  Judy offers her comfort. Penny feels they are so close; Judy tells her that they all feel the same way as she. They are just ten million miles away. Penny says, "Oh, you know what I mean."  Judy does but tells her, "Let's not rush things. We'll get home. You know the old Chinese proverb, a journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step."  After this heart to heart talk, they see smoke---the air ventilation system smokes up. Judy sends Penny out into the upper deck hall to get Dad and Don. She tries to stop the smoke. John and Don come in with Penny. The stabilizers are overheating; they switch onto auxillary. In a couple of hours they must clear the vents or the Jupiter II will start rolling over and over like a ball, John tells the girls. The aero balance meter intakes are closed. Distribution and balance ontop the ship is not right. They see a plant by the window which is shutting off the ducts. Ducts in space? What? Judy asks how a plant growth could attach itself to the spaceship since they have been in space for hours. Later, Smith and Will in their night clothes are on the upper deck with Don, John, and Robot. A table is set up for the men to work on. John tells Smith, "All this extra work is your fault."   Smith tells them it was too heavy to carry the plant out to the exhaust---so as Don says, "Like a prize fool, you sent it out the escape hatch."   It is Smith's fault. Will feels responsible also. Robot tells them that the plant believes Smith to be its mother. Don says, "Oh no, now I've heard everything."   Robot tells them in 39 minutes and ten seconds the vents must be cleared or all will perish, "Forgive me for revealing such depressing information."   Atmosphere and density of the planet they are nearby are 30 pounds for square inch. They will take the ship down to it. As Don and John prepare to sit at the console, the plant moves up when they talk about their plan to burn it up on entry. Don says, "John, the robot might have something..."  The plant has intelligence like the Robot said----John agrees, "It moved up when I said destroy it. Let's go!" 



Chariot travel music as the Jupiter II speeds toward the planet. Will explain the idea to Smith---that the entry into the planet's atmosphere will set the plant on fire, killing it. Smith wonders about the gravitational pull and how it will take the ship down too fast and may be too strong. Don comments, "In that case, then your miserable life will come to a merciful end."  Radio contact is made. Will tries to reach the alien voice, "This is the Jupiter 2 expedition from Earth."   A voice calls that this is a restricted zone and tells them to leave at once. It sounds unfriendly. John tries to get them to hear him, they do not seem to be, "This is John Robinson from the planet Earth."  Serious DERELICT music as the voice gives a final warning. They pick up blips. Robot calls, "Danger! Danger!"   A missile comes at them and there is a blast. Another one comes. Jupiter II tilts and a missile blasts. "Take her out of here--we're under attack!"  John orders. Full rocket power. Will yells, "It's coming directly at us!"   After they escape, Don puffs, putting out a fire, "Did you know I once studied to be an architect."  John jokes, "Well that's too dangerous a profession, Major, you can fall off a 40 story building and be killed."   Smith is recovering in a chair. Will asks Dad why they attacked. Smith answers, "Ahh, William, in the hostile environment of space there are no reasonable explanations."  Smith and Don argue: one of the worst they've had in a long time. John stops it, "Look, we've got enough problems without the two of you acting like a couple of overgrown schoolboys."  Smith says, "He started it!"  John says, "And I'm going to finish it!"  Smith calls Don a militant moron. Don says, "I ougtha...!"    Will is calling the aliens yet again but a blast blows up the radio. John puts the fire out with an extinguisher. Robot warns, "The mass of the monster plant outside is growing with every moment."  Robot and Will go below. Don and John hit the gyros, the gyro regulators 1-62-point 6. John sees the plant hang down, the Robot is right, it is bigger. 9 second countdown to the atmosphere. John's hair is hanging down in one take. 24 hundred degrees, 4000 degrees, ducts are clear. John says, "All right, let's get out of here while we can."   A ray from the planet hits the ship and knocks out all their power. They go to greenish emergency lighting. Maureen calls and asks what is happening. John tells her. Don comments,  "We're like sitting ducks up here, why don't they just knock us over and get done with it."   John tells him that the area the ship passed over was one area on the planet---they are now passing out of range in their orbit of the planet. It will take 20 hours for a full recharge but in less than 11 hours the ship will be over the attack area again. We see the planet up close as the ship orbits it and hear the Jupiter sound effect but don't see the Jupiter. New shot. Major West, addressed as such by Smith, goes to Smith's cabin. Smith says, "Oh, come in."   Don proposes, "Someone has to go down to the planet and convince the aliens we're not hostile."  He also proposes they take the Pod which can slip in undetected. Smith tells him that his prayers go with him but Don tells Smith he is going with him. Smith refuses, telling him, "You're the most expendable of the whole group."  He puts a gun to Smith's head in a nice reversal of what happened in THE RELUCTANT STOWAWAY, "Sorry, Dr. Smith, but I just can't take no for an answer."    Smith will get dressed. In the control room, the Pod door is up. Smith is herded to it by Don, both coming out of the elevator. Smith stalls, "Indeed! Forcing me to leave without saying goodbye to my dear friends."   Don tells him he will be gone and back before they know it. Smith tells him he fears he will never see them again. Don pushes him inside. Smith calls him a cold, callous man. ISLAND IN THE SKY Chariot music again as the Space Pod descends from the Jupiter and to the planet. Night on the planet: the Pod lands and it is day break--dusk. Smith and Don emerge. Smith looks around the desert, "What a dismal and desolate place this is."  A plant vine is near Smith's foot not far from the Pod leg. Don says, "We're not alone on this planet, come on."  They move off but the vine moves and follows them!



Don holds Smith back as the Space Pod takes off. Smith breaks free and goes to the crater left by it as it zooms into the sky. Don set the remote control for it to return to the Jupiter in case the Robinsons need it. Smith says, "Oh good heavens I'm trapped on this planet with a madman!"  Don tells him they burned their britches behind them, "C'mon, let's go find those aliens who don't like us."  Don shows Smith an animal skull. Smith says, "Oh, take it away, you know how sensitive I am!"  There are tumbleweeds on the planet. Animals greatly resembling our own once walked on this planet, Don figures. Smith sits on a rock while Don looks on ahead. Smith calls this an incredible wild goose chase but a purple-blue skinned old man in a red cape and blue tunic, with a moustache, beard and long whitish hair appears, "Hmmmm."  He wear an amulet around his neck. Smith yells, "Major! Major!"  The alien vanishes as Don comes running back. They argue when Don doesn't believe him, claiming Smith better take a hold of himself, "You're cracking up."  Smith tells Don he was there all purple and large as life. Smith insists as Don pushes him ahead toward a cave he found. Don wonders if Smith was right and looks at the spot. Don forces Smith into the cave, "What would you rather face, Smith, what's in there or me?"  There is a high backed rock. Inside the cave, a large rock stands before a stall. A torch pops on and a book on a stand opens, a kind of bird stand. Don helps Smith up and the book talks.


"Here then the story of this ancient world, in the beginning the planets fought among themselves. For 10,000 years civilizations (we see what looks like Andromeda in the book) battled with each other. (we see the Earth moon in the book or something that looks a lot like it as we hear) Then the Sobrams appeared, a race whose sole enjoyment was the making of war. They had created an indestructible planet capable of moving through the galaxy at will. (next page is an armor suited alien like a knight with a metallic skirt and metal leggings) but if the world of the Sobrams was indestructible, they themselves were not. They fought to their own extinction. (we see mountains over a starry sky) Now nothing remains of this warrior race except this world and the history you have heard."


Don helps Smith down.


The Space Pod comes down of the Jupiter II with John, Robot, and Will on board it. Robot admits to Will and John that Dr. Smith going down to that planet with Don is out of behavior, "It goes against Dr. Smith's normal behavior pattern of stark terror."  John says, "If can find the means that Don used to convince him--we should bottle it!"  The servo mechanism should find the exact spot the pod took off from and in 20 seconds they should find it. Of the three only John is in his sliver space suit.


On the planet, Don and Smith find a larger room outside of the one with the war book. Here are many things but they find a series of missiles. Smith suggests they destroy the missiles and report back to the others. Don takes out his gun, "You know something, Smith, once in awhile you do come up with a good idea."  He can't pull the trigger. Smith tells him to try. An old man comes, the same one Smith saw earlier, "Put away your weapon."  He knows about their problem and has been observing them. The ship is 15 hours away from passing overhead again. Smith tells the alien that they will agree to anything and questions him about the Sobrams---they thought there were no more Sobrams. The old man tells them he is one and prepared that history before they arrived, not thinking anyone would ever arrive before his death. He is at the end of his life and tells them, "There is a legacy I must leave."   Smith tells him he is a legal brain and will help him write his will if that is what he means. He doesn't, "One of you must stay behind and take over this planet, either that or you will all be destroyed."


Will and John comes out of the landed Pod. Robot by the hatch walks down. Smith sits on a rock and tells them that Don is safe and sound, "and we can keep the Jupiter Two in orbit around this planet for as long as we'd like without fear of further attack."  John is suspicious and wants the whole story and the truth. John pulls Smith up from the rock. Smith tells him that he feels as badly about the Major as they do. Smith tells them that the Major volunteered in the noblest tradition of the true hero. John says, "You can cut the embroidery."  He insists Smith take them to the cave. They pass trees and growths and just outside the cave a small cannon and two inside it. There are shields on the walls and we hear machine sounds and see brown drapes. They move on as John forces Smith in. Smith says, "You're making a mistake."  Smith tries to make Will go first but bumps into John who bumps into Will. There are tables and stone walls in this secondary room. Smith bumps into a suit of armor and it falls, "I refuse to go another step!"  John waves the way, "Dr. Smith..."  "Yes professor,"  Smith moves on. They enter the larger room and see blasts coming from a machine that has Don's head in it as Don sits in the chair below the head piece! Don's face is covered by it. There are blasts and John moves to take his laser pistol out! FREEZE FRAME to commercial.




Robot pulls his arms out, "Cease and desist or I will destroy!"  The alien stops it, telling them it was a test, "The Major submitted to this test of his own choice. The Major volunteered to run this war world for me."  Don sees Will as they take him out of the device, "Will?"  Don does not qualify. Smith tries to convince the Sobram, explaining the Major's experience in military strategy and his courage is beyond question. The Sobram sees all that but it is his moral conscience that is not to the Sobram's liking. As Don tries, John tells him, "Look, let me handle this,"  quietly. He goes to the old alien. John offers himself but the Sobram tells a worried Will (calling him Earthboy) that his father is also too moral, "His sense of honor and fair play make him unsuitable. Ethical standards have no place in my world."  John asks what is to prevent from destroying this place right now. The Sobram explains it is against his ethical code but if he could bring himself to do it, there is another missile site on the other side of the planet automatically programmed to attack if this one is attacked. Robot computes the machine and tells them the alien is not telling all. John tells him, "You'd better explain fast."  The Sobram asks him why, "Time is on my side."  In 14 hours the Jupiter II will over this site again. Robot says, "The alien seeks one thing--someone to play against him in one last war game--a game that eventually will destroy this entire world."   The alien admits it--his opponent will be given the other missile site, "Can you think of a better way for a warrior race to end?"  John says, "I can think of lots of ways."   The Sobram says, "Naturally you are the constant victim of your own ethical standards."   Don offers Smith who is totally without ethical standards and gives his personal guarantee for Smith to be a dirty fighter. Smith protests cowardly, telling them he cannot even beat the Robot at chess. Will tells Smith that he told him he beat the Robot at ten straight games. Smith hits on an idea, giving the Robot, his magnificent mobile mechanism, ordering the Robot to volunteer. Will protests, "Dr. Smith, you can't do that."  Robot is programmed to defend, not attack; Will tells Robot, "And besides your more ethical than any of us."  Smith explains he will remove the Robot's sensory tapes but before he does, Will wants to say goodbye. "William, good heavens, if you must you must,"  Smith scoffs. Will is told by Robot that he is a big boy now and not to forget the Robot. Will won't. Will starts to say something, "Robot, I...uh, nothing..."   Robot tells him, "Go now Will Robinson and do not look back."  Will runs out. Smith says they should get this over with. John and Don leave also. Smith pulls the tape out.


Jupiter II in orbit: Maureen sits at the radio set up near the window. Judy and Penny look out the window in the control room. Maureen talks to John, "Yes, well Judy and Penny are taking it very badly, I'm afraid."  None of them look too unhappy. Will and Don return in the Pod and Judy tells Maureen. John tells her, "I heard."  Maureen knows what to do (she does? That's a first!) and tells John, "I'll see you soon, dear."  


Smith goes to John with the Robot's sensory tape. Smith thought Will would like to keep it for old times sake. John says, "That's very kind of you."  When Smith sees that John is having feelings for that Robot, Smith protests. John commands, "All right let's just drop the subject, then."   Smith tells him they could put the tape in another mechanical man. John tells him, "It wouldn't be the same thing."  John pulls his gun and says, "Freeze."  Smith, not paying attention, asks, "Freeze indeed, why should I freeze? The climate on this planet is quite pleasant...freeze!"  He gets up and there is a plant monster nearby. Smith tells him to shoot, "Can't you see that we're being invaded by an alien plant monster!"   John looks at it and thinks it is the same mutation they encountered earlier. It has learnt survival and has some basic intelligence. John thinks it might be pathogenetic and Smith claims he used to know what pathogenesis meant. John tells him to get neutron bombs when the Pod returns and some spare lasers.


John goes to the Sobram's cave to talk to the alien who is looking over map which was rolled up, now spread out over the table. A shield falls in the first room as John passes. He draws his gun. The alien plans with the Robot, finding that without those sensory tapes the Robot is not much of a conversationalist. John warns him that this war world of his is being invaded. The alien responds, "No one would dare to invade this war world."  Smith has WWII helmet on the alien plant monster, calling it his child, the one he raised from a little orange tree. A belt is on it also. Smith wants to convince the aliens not to attack or so it seems to the alien. John tells him that his friend is trying to convince the plant creature not to attack. The Sobram hits it with a hyper laser beam but this only makes the creature become two plant monster creatures. The music starts to come from THE RELUCTANT STOWAWAY Robot attack. Smith gives one of the monsters the sensory tape to hold while he helps them with their gear. He puts grenades on, "If you're going to be a monster, then be the best monster,"  he says like a mother. The Sobram figures in fighting these plant things he must avoid light amplifying weapons--that would make more of them. He uses radion rockets. Smith tells the plants to do it for their mother! John nods to the Robot to follow him and he and it leave the Sobram who is caught up in his war with the plant beings. The alien uses flame bombs times 6 times 7 and 8. There is a core in the alien place which is the FANTASTIC VOYAGE vein turned upsidedown with the hole on the ground.


John runs to Smith, who tells him that the plants seem to be enjoying themselves. Smith gasps, "Oh good heavens! The Robot's sensory tape, I gave it to one of the monsters!"  John looks, "Without that tape he's just a mindless machine!"  John goes to get it back but a blast hits close to him and hurts him. He yells, "Smith! Get the tape!"  Smith yells, "I can't!"  "Get it!"  John yells. Smith does, "I did it! I did it!"   "You certainly did,"  John ushers him to the Pod, "Now let's get inside!"  There are more and more blasts. The Pod takes off and goes back into the Jupiter's underbelly.


Control Room: the girls and Will watch as Smith reinstalls the sensory tape. Will makes a speech, "You know I'm really proud of you for saving the Robot's sensory tapes, Dr. Smith."   Smith calls the robot a cumbersome clump and tells Will he must have blacked out, he doesn't know what could have gotten into him. Will says,"Oh come on, Dr. Smith, you're not fooling anyone, we all know that you're just as fond of the Robot as the rest of us."   Smith says, "Bah, humbug!!!"  He calls the Robot a juvenile junkpile and begins testing the basic arithmetic tape. As Robot begins reciting math examples, Smith laments, "Oh to think I abandoned that little plant for this bumbling bucket of bolts!" Robot recites 11-times 11 and one mile makes oranges. Smith gets upset as Robot's not making sense with the math and pulls the tapes out and claims he will have to start all over again. Judy and Penny laugh. One of them screeches loudly. Smith continues to pull the tapes out, "And that is just that."


"Next week the space family Robinson fights for its life on the strange vegetable planet!"



"Next week THE GREAT VEGETABLE REBELLION on LOST IN SPACE right here on this channel!"















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