LOST IN SPACE-The Anti Matter Man, Castles In Space

Chase - Posted on 31 October 2009


Writer: Barney Slater and Robert Hamner (credited as K.C.Alison)

Dir: Sutton Roley



On a planet of rocks and a few trees, as it seems to be night time, Will reads as he and Smith camp out against a rock with a campfire on bed rolls. Will is reading from a book called WEIRD UNEXPLAINED LEGENDS OF THE PAST. He in a chapter (XIII) called THE LEGEND OF THE SHADOW WORLD.


Will: For thousands of years since the first dawn of knowledge man has known that there was another parallel world close by his own, a world somehow like ours but of incredible darkness and fear. It has been called many different names by many different cultures but the shadowy legend of this dark wereworld persisted in the minds of men over the ages and with it, the terror that one day the fearful inhabitants of this dread world would somehow penetrate into our world.


Will goes to fetch something for Smith--a blanket and the book, left on a rock, opens with the wind and mystical sounds. Smith tells Will, not realizing he is gone, to stop reading from it, it will just fill his head with nonsensical nonsense.It goes to the Shadow World chapter. Watching are two figures in black and white checkered outfits. They talk about one place in the entire universe to break free. One tells the other that he will go (he sounds like Don West). The other (who sounds like John Robinson) tells him, "No. Not you, not this time, mine's the closet, I can feel it."  They will need an atomizing unit...


An atomizing unit is just what John turns over to the Robot to work on during the day or morning, "It's all yours."  They will need a duplicate of the missing section, balancing the energy intake to get back into flight. Robot figures a double X-O but Smith stands nearby, humming. Robot has Y plus W squared but Smith's humming makes him forget. Smith tells him there is a cure for his nervous system..."the removal of your power pack."   John tries to reason with Smith to go inside and help his wife in the kitchen or find some other chore to do. Smith calls the Robot a mental midget. John suggests Smith help Maureen toss a salad or something. When Smith continues to give excuses, John yells, "Inside Smith!"  Smith goes, telling the Robot, "Just you wait!"  The next step is clearing the exhaust chamber of exhaust. Robot figures the fuel temperature equalization and that the area is in an unstabilized condition. For some silly reason, John has to stand in between two poles between two devices to do this. UHMMM, WHY? Robot activates the device from a console set in one of the huge pole chambers that opens like a door hatch on a hinge. Temp goes to 265, then 300 degrees. Wind picks up and another John, wearing black and white checkered clothes, appears from thin air and stands infront of John, between the poles with him!





Robot calls out for help. Don and Will come running. Both John Robinsons vanish. We see the titles for the episode. Robot panics, "Where are you, Professor Robinson?!!" We hear WILD ADVENTURE opening titles music and see an extreme CLOSEUP on Robot's mouth piece. Don wonders what happened when they turned on the fuel output...if turning it on again would bring John back. Robot says, "This problem involves space, time, and matter."  Lightning hits the area with thunder and heavier winds. The area shakes and Will tells Don it felt like an earthquake. Don tells Will they have to wait until the Robot can work out the problem in getting his dad back. Don holds Will's hand across the Robot as they move him right toward the TV screen...at us!


In a shadowy world of strangely shaped white-black rocks, purple rocks, and darkly lit trees, an afterglow in the background, John is pulled by the anti matter John Robinson, a chain around the real world's John's neck. John falls onto the ground on his stomach but pulls the chain, asking who this man is. "I'm Professor John Robinson, everyone knows that!"  John asks where they are; the anti man answers in his new home. He was to meet Grun in a an alternate meeting place. John pulls him again and the anti John tells him he has gone to a lot of trouble to get him here and needs him for his plans but that doesn't mean, "...I wouldn't kill you in a split second if you got in my way. If given a choice, I'd rather not have to kill a part of myself."   We hear MY FRIEND MR. NOBODY music, making this even more surreal.


Jupiter II on the other world: Robot takes the guilt and blame. Maureen looks out the viewport window, "My goodness, it's been thundering and lightning for hours."  Judy wishes it would rain or snow or do whatever it is going to do and get it over with. Don comments that according to their instruments there is no storm. Robot calls, "Mrs. Robinson,"  and explains that this storm is the result of two worlds whose magnetic stability is out of balance. Maureen asks the Robot if he can help, "Can't you compute what's happened to him and get him back?"  Robot tells her he would gladly burn out all his transitors. Maureen tells him, "I know. You're doing everything you can."  Don suggests they get some sleep. Judy and Penny take Maureen with Penny telling her, "C'mon Mom."  They take her to the elevator NOTE: No astrogater in the control room.


John calls Grun in a strange drawn out cry. Grun answers just as strangely, "Heeerreeee."   John pulls John past black backgrounds and the real world John sees Grun, "It can't be."  "It is,"  Grun states. The trees, skinny ones, are white and are all around the path they are on. The mountains are blue. The anti matter men claim they have been prisoners for far too long...thousands and thousands of years. The anti John tells a wondering John, "Aren't we all--prisoners of our crimes and weaknesses."  He forces John to change clothes and transfers him to new chains, welcoming the John to his new home and world. The anti John has scars on the back of his neck.


Robot sits on a rock outside, moaning. Will comes out, he couldn't sleep. Will knows the Robot will think of something. Don was right, if they recreate the same situation--they might be able to get Dad back. Will sits next to the Robot on the rock. Robot tells him to activate the machine--he will go with Will, who knew the Robot would. Will hesitates but at the Robot's urging, does it. Wind rises and there are bursts. Will takes his spot next to Robot, both between the poles just as John was. Robot asks, "Are you frightened, Will Robinson?"  Will says, honestly, "Yes."  Robot tells him, "So am I."              


They vanish and float down amid stars and a great black void with bubble images passing. They land on a smoking, cold like path, darkness all around, the path seems to move and then they walk upon it. The floating is molecular displacement as Robot tells Will. Will asks, "Well, where are we?"   Robot says, "We are nowhere---this place does not exist anywhere in time or space. We are between any number of dimensions. If we should fall into one of them....we would be lost forever."   There is more fog, they move, more bubbles, and mist covered track.


John orders Grun to pull John back to his hideout area.


Will tells Robot he feels like they have been walking for hours. Robot explains they have to keep going along the corridor---there is no way for them to return. They see the reflection of their negative selves in the mirror along the path. Will says, "Golly, this sure is a strange place."   Will checks out his stomach. Robot lights up in the mirror and we see inner tubes and wiring. Robot feels unattractive, never realizing how ugly he really is. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest Robot of them all."   Will tells the Robot what counts is that he is kind, generous, intelligent, and nice. Robot calls himself an ugly duckling but who cares. Will asks now that that is over, if they can go on. Robot says, "If necessary, I will follow you to the very end of space itself, Will Robinson!"   They arrive at the opening, the path or they seem to stop. The door has fire in front of it and the sun seems to be setting in that world or a sunrise is coming up. This is the anti matter world, the opposite of their own. The Robot computes there is great danger here and asks Will Robinson to take his hand, for he is afraid. Will says, "Oh, all right."   Together they go in. It is quiet except for lightning to which Robot says, "This world is also out of balance."  The two are surrounded by large white rocks. Loudly, Will calls, "Dad! Dad!"   Robot says, "There is something wrong, something very wrong, Will Robinson."   Will says, "If you ask me, everything in this whole world is wrong."  The rock moves and more rocks follow suit. The white rocks move toward the pair who find they cannot move when Robot suggested an immediate withdrawal! They also cannot move their heads as they turned to run. Robot says, "This is a strange world indeed, rocks moving and people not able to."   They agree to cover their ears. After the rocks pass, they can move their feet and heads again. They resume searching for John. It is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Robot calls out, "Professor Robinson."     John or at least the anti John is walking faster and faster and hears them call. He hides from them at first but then raises the collar over the mark on the back of his neck. He comes out to them and Will hugs him, "Boy am I glad to see you."   The anti John hugs him and looks down, "...and I'm very glad to see you."



Robot tells John and Will that finding their home base and planet will be extremely difficult. There is a departure place and some kind of bridge. John tells them he was teletransported here. Robot feels another presence but John tells them there is no one else here--it must be the Robot's imagination. Robot says, "I am not programmed for imagination."  His scanners check out okay. Robot scanners have had their 25 thousand dollar checkup (?) and are working. John holds Will's wrist as they approach the entrance to the path and it is shadowy. Fire blasts up but they walk past after it dies down. They are on the bridge and stars are all around them. We see clusters and here wind sound effects. The camera moves closer in than other episodes and scenes. John says, "Now we're going to walk right into another dimension."  They don't walk, they seem to just float downward, unlike before. Clusters move down around them. As Will congratulates Dad, Robot questions Professor Robinson if it was just chance that got them back. John tells him his tapes are not programmed for thinking. Maureen hugs John as he, Will, and Robot seems to appear after a drizzle effect (or is it just a seque into the next scene?). Judy and Penny come to them also. Judy suggests a celebration and Penny will use her tape recorder for music for the party. Maureen will dig into the reserve food supply. Don agrees. John tells them he wants to leave this planet immediately. Don asks why and John starts to act like a man on the run. Don tells him so. John finally agrees, having to make it look like he is the matter John, not the anti matter one. After the others walk off, with Don saying, "C'mon Will, we're gonna have a party!", the Robot calls to and stops Judy, "Judy Robinson! May I speak to you for a moment."  He asks her how long the thunderstorm was over. She tells him it stopped the moment Dad, Will, and he arrived back. Robot claims the two worlds are once more balanced. Judy tells him she doesn't understand. Robot will tell them all when he is sure of his theory.


At the party, the camera moves down John's back---then up--he covers the back of his neck with his collar---the strange mark there proves he is not the real John Robinson of matter. Smith calls the party a delight and tells Don to spare him the poisonous barbs, "Zachary Smith has always traveled the universe first cabin until this ill-fated journey."   Maureen humors him with a weak, "Oh."   John suggests they start to get to work. Smith retreats, telling Maureen, calling her Madam, that his going to retire to meditate. John calls Smith to come back but Smith goes inside. Don calls after him, telling Smith his shift starts in a half hour and Don waves after Smith, waving him off. John snaps at Don for this and then snaps at Maureen when Maureen tells him, "Why John, that's no way to talk."   John snaps, "When I want your advice I'll ask for it."  He then asks her if she and Judy don't have something to do in the galley. Maureen and Judy leave.


Don leans in close to John, "The last thing I want to do is get in the middle of a family argument but you were way off base with Maureen just now."   John says, "You're right."  He admits he was a little hard on her but only because he's seen the horrors of that other place, how close it is and how it threatens them. He is going to be hard on them all and drive them all to leave this planet and at times, he tells Don, if he seems unsympathetic and even cold, it is because he is concerned about the safety and welfare of all of them. He puts his hand on Don's shoulder and we see over the shoulder. Don and Smith will take off in the...Don starts to tell them but notices his watch is running backward. Will's watch also runs backward. Penny comes out of the ship and tells them her tape recorder is running backwards and isn't much good. She asks if Dad can fix it. Don tells her they will look at it later, they have a lot of work to do now. The Anti John shows great restraint. Guy Williams does a marvelous job of acting as the anti John in the whole episode but here, he shows the impatience of the man without giving it away, the great restraint of the anti matter man with frivolous things or things he considers frivolous. Will says, "Dad, you once told me that in space time isn't measured by the minutes or the hours but by the millions of years, remember?"   John says he does. NOTE: What exactly that means is anyone's guess, especially as it relates to the watches running backwards. NOTE: there is a tree behind the table with round leaves.


Night at the drillsite: John snaps at Don, who wants to call it quits on the work for the day...and night. They have to work on the condenser some more. The weather station has to be dismantled and John wants it done after this. Don wants to do it in the morning---and asks what the hurry is. John wants to devote the morning to the pre launch checks. Don says, "A couple of more days on this planet isn't going to make a difference."   John grabs Don's shoulder and yells at him, "You'll stay until you're finished, understand?"  Don has a towel in his hands but John grabs a wrench and seems to threaten Don with it, calling him lazy and shiftless, "...just like your opposite!"   Don tells him he's acting like a....John agrees and asks Don to forgive him, then walks off, mad. Don wonders, "Opposite?"


Will is in his clothes in bad and hears John's voice, "Will, I need you!"  He is up and goes out to the Robot in the Control Room where the anti matter John hides on the floor of the Pod Bay, the door almost all the way down. He overhears Will and the Robot talking. Robot tells Will that this man they brought back casts no shadow in broad sunlight. Will asks if this is some kind of imposter. Robot tells him in way no---and when Will asks if it is his father or not, Robot tells him, "He is and then again he is not."   Will is not sure of this. Robot tells him there are some unclear areas to him also. Robot suspects anti matter is what this John Robinson is from an anti matter world, "All matter has its opposite."  Will is puzzled and upset, "Two fathers?"   The storm was matter displacement when both John Robinsons were in the same world, Robot whispers. Will wants to wake everyone up but Robot advises against it. Will says, "Isn't it just as dangerous to leave this anti matter here? We don't know what's he tryin to do--pretending he's my father---he might wanna kill us!"  Robot tells Will it is just a theory. Will makes a plan, "I'll tell you what we're going to do. We're going back to that anti matter world and we're going to find my real father and bring him back."  Will knows he cannot leave his father in trouble and will go alone since Robot computes great danger there on this mission. Robot will go with him. Will says, "Robot, you're just about the best friend anyone ever had."  Friendship was the first virtue programmed into him. They go outside. After they leave, the anti John comes out of hiding, takes a crowbar out of the gun rack closet and bats it into his palm.



Robot will send Will---first. Before he can join Will, anti John comes out and beats Robot. Will is sent anyway as Robot started the engines as Will ordered upon seeing the anti John. Will quickly floats down and lands on the track. The anti John pushes the Robot over and follows Will. In the morning, Don and Smith pick the Robot up with Smith doing his usual complaining. Don doesn't believe the Robot but Robot gets the Major to activate the machine. Smith is yelling at the Robot to stop all this ridiculous nonsense and points at the Robot, stepping in between the machine stalls. Don activates it just at that moment and Smith and Robot vanish. Smith asks, "Where are we? What dire predicament have you gotten me into now?"  Robot tells him they must find Will and the real Professor. Smith asks, "Why do these terrible things always happen to me? Always to me?"   They walk on the track in space and time.


In the Jupiter II control room, Don explains what happened to Maureen. In a chair, Maureen says, "It explains so many things."


Will is in a forest as lightning hits. Feet follow him. The feet of the anti John. Will walks backward a bit but runs.


Smith and the Robot arrive at the flaming opening. Their physical presence causes it to open and admit them. Smith asks the Robot to take his hand and Robot says, "Oh all right,"  aggravated as Will was when Robot asked to hold Will's hand. The pair go into the anti matter world. Robot notes that both John Robinsons are here. Smith asks, "How will we ever tell them apart?"  Robot tells him, one is good and the other evil.


Will is running for his life now. He runs into Grun, Don's counterpart of anti matter. The anti John arrives from behind Will. Will tries to get away but is grabbed by both of them and pulled forcibly to a cave. He looks up. In a black hanging cage dangling from the ceiling is a man in a black and white outfit with a chain on his neck---John Robinson, his father even though John Robinson, the anti one is next to Will holding his arm tightly!


John, the anti one, will take Will back by force. John, the real one, tells the anti matter man he will get out and hound him to the ends of the universe. The anti matter men feel they should probably kill him now but the anti John admits that he needs him to balance his escape. He tells Grun not to allow the real John to escape. Grun states, "No one escapes from the anti matter world."  John, the anti one, says, "Except us."  Will tells him, "The minute I get back I'm gonna tell everyone everything I know."  The anti matter man tells him that would be unfortunate because then, he wouldn't have any reason to keep his matter father alive. The anti John tells Grun he will bring back Don to balance Grun's escape. A red monster guards the cave with Grun. The anti John sends the monster to guard the entrance to the cave. The anti John, on the road toward the exit from this weird world, pulls Will amid white trees and darkness as Smith and the Robot pass. The anti John pulls Will out and along the path toward the Jupiter's planet. The real John baits Grun, telling him there's a sucker born every minute here too. He tells Grun that the anti John will not be back for him. Grun keeps saying over and over, "He will, he will, he will."  John tells him that by the time he realizes he's been double crossed, the anti John will be at least two galaxies away from here. Grun yells at him to shut up and starts to hit the cage with the chain. John baits him some more, "You'll never get me with that chain!"  John jumps up to the ceiling of his cage as Grun shoves the torch up at him. Grun opens the cage door and shoves the torch in at John. John kicks Grun down. The monster comes in and starts to shake the cage. John recovers the torch and attacks the monster. It hangs onto the bottom of the cage as it shakes it. John jumps down. The Robot, outside, warns Smith, "My sensors compute danger ahead."  Robot moves faster, sliding. Smith chases him just as fast. Lightning increases. Robot won't stop despite Smith's calls. John punches the monster into the entrance and the Robot grabs it. John thanks the Robot---it must have fired on it from behind. No sound of the electric jolts proves this. "Thanks, Robot. I'm going after Will and that Anti Matter Man."  Robot drops the monster down and John runs out, followed by Smith.


Robot is called a freak by his own voice. He moves over to a black cafe on its side, deeper into the large room within the cave. In this hanging horizontal cage is a black version of the Robot lit by blue light and his voice box lights up blue instead of Robot's usual yellow. This is the Anti Matter Robot even though Robot cannot compute what this means or what the anti matter Robot really is. It keeps calling Robot dumb dumb. This is the untrustworthy one, the disloyal, rude, mean Robot and since the matter Robot is free, the anti one is imprisoned. The anti Robot wonders what it would have been like if it all happened differently. Robot wants to help him and set him free. Anti Robot just calls him a punk and tells him to get lost, calling him a fink also. Robot turns and goes, singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot, coming forth to carry me home.


The Anti John pulls Will near some rocks, white ones. He tells Will to the contrary of Will states, there is no one to stop him. Will continues to resist him. The anti John tells him he now knows that Will is not up to accepting him, "...not now or in the near future."  Will is backed up against a rock, "You're not my father."  The anti John tells him, "I am."   Will tells him, "I don't know what you are but you're definitely not my father and I just know he's gonna come after us."   The Anti John tells him that would be a mistake---it would be as if a man were fighting against himself. Will tells him, "I don't know about that but I just know he's gonna come after us."  The Anti Man says, "If you love your father as much as you say you do, pray that he doesn't."


John runs through the anti matter world. He catches up to Will and his anti matter counterpart when they are already on the misty path toward the other world. John is kicked down, punched, and thrown by the chain still on his neck. The Anti Man pushes John over the side of the path but John holds on. As the anti man moves to kick him off, Will jumps up from the path and pushes the anti man down so that his real father can get up. The two men continue to fight. John ducks as the anti man moves at him and John flips him over and off the path. The anti John yells as he plunges downward into the space. Will hugs John and John hugs Will. The chain vanishes from around John's neck, surprising them both. There is a drizzle effect and all are home again. As John rejoins the women and Don, Will reflects to Smith and Robot and as he throws a stick or something, says, "I guess we're all lucky to be back here."  In usual style, Smith claims, "If I hadn't had that fight with that alien none of us would ever have come back here."   Robot tells them that wherever that anti matter John is, he is back in the anti matter world since both worlds are once again in balance. Smith thinks it a good thing, "I should hate to have to fight all those dreadful people again."  Will shrugs. NOTE: The mountains in the back of this scene look a bit green instead of the usual blue.            

scenes to next week:


Will yells at Smith, "Now you've done it--you've launched the Pod into space!" 


Don checks it, "It's not responding."  


Will says, "It's moving away from us."  


Maureen faces a blob like creature that appears in the control room of the Jupiter II, "Who're you? What have you done with my husband and Major West?"


"Next week, weird, identical doubles threaten the space family Robinson!"


John: I believe you wanted to talk to us. (Facing the real Don and John)


John (to real Don): Let's get them!

Alien: Do not resist---it is futile. (it makes them vanish into tubes as they try to run at the fake John and Don)


John (in control room of Jupiter and to Don): You know I think you're trying to take over and if you know what's good for you, you'll quit trying!


Don: Don't you threaten me, underneath you're no different than I am.


John: Now look! (grabs Don by the arm as Will approaches)


Robot: Danger! Danger! (Jupiter is in meteor storm from the first episode and in black and white or tinted blue! Will shakes by the elevator on the top deck!)


"TARGET: EARTH on LOST IN SPACE here on this channel!"







































Writer: Peter Packer

Dir: Sobey Martin




Don is wearing an orange-tan jacket with white fur as he works on top of a tower for their communication network on an icy planet. Judy asks if it is cold. Don wouldn't recommend it for sunbathing. The wind is picking up a bit and it appears cold, the white rocks attest to this. Don talks a bit about Marconi, making a joke. Judy has on a red jacket with yellow fur. Don puts the contact in place. Smith is off nearby with Will and the Robot. He is trying to teach Will how to shoot skeet; something Will calls a slingshot. Robot launches the fake bird and notes that Smith "missed by a mile."   Will frowns. Smith is in a light brown jacket with gray fur; Will sports a light tan jacket with white stripes down the shoulder and arms. There are white rocks and white mountains in the background. We hear more wind. Will frowns but Smith tells them he's never missed a skeet shot yet. Judy tells Don that Dad is standing by and power should be turned on now. Smith recalls his glorious skeet shooting days on Sea Island where in 4-10 trials, he annihilated the champion. When this is called a legend Robot tells them that legends are usually not true. Smith tells him, "Mind your manners or you'll lose your friends, you pot bellied pumpkin!"  Smith shoots again and his skeet hits the radar near Don, bursting the radar into sparking flames. The radar falls with Don! Judy screams! Will runs to them but finds Don is not badly hurt. Smith arrives also. Smith asks about the accident so Will tells him, "Dr. Smith, I know it wasn't intentional but you caused the accident."  Don yells at him and tells him he will have to stack and tag every damaged part. Will looks at it, commenting it looks like a jigsaw puzzle. As Don and Judy leave, Will finds Smith's skeet. Smith throws it. He and Will try but fail to move a rock in their way. Smith tells him that leverage will move it and he will make the boulder rise. With another rock and a stick they make the boulder fall but it moves open a nitch in a rock, almost a cave. It slides out, frozen. Inside is something frozen also, a figure of some kind. Smith asks, "What sort of monster can it be?"  Will stares at it, "I don't know but one thing's for sure--it's still alive!"  Smith grabs Will from behind and pulls Will close to him, "Ahhh."





New music. There is some kind of a light in the block of ice. Don and Robot arrive. Don tells Smith they can't abandon this area. It is a critical site for their communication network. The sarcophagus is made of unfamiliar chemicals and the being inside is in a cryogenic state in the frozen fluid and "it does not compute."   It does not melt at normal terrestrial temperatures but the living organism inside is in a state of suspended animation. Thinking he sees something, Smith gasps, "Ahh, William!"  Will puffs, "It was your shadow, Dr. Smith." Will suggests they watch the fluid block. Smith and Robot will take the first watch even though Smith wants the last watch. Don makes him take the first and last watch.


Later at night, Judy comes out of a tent and tells Don that Will is sleeping like a baby. She brings coffee out to Don. They are camping out in tents here. Judy tells Don this is the first time since they left Earth that she's been away from Mother and Penny. Don smiles, "You know I kinda miss them too."   They wonder about the frozen fluid--how long has it been that way?  A week, a year, 100s of thousands of years. While Judy wonders, Don calls the others. He gets John. Maureen and John at the Chariot. They all want to be set up by dawn. Don tells him that his group will be up here longer than expected, "We've had a set back."  John asks, "Smith?"  Don's answer, "Who else? John, we've also come across some sort of alien life form in a block of frozen fluid."   Don tells John he has Smith watching over it. John asks, "You think that's wise?"  Don tells him that even Smith can't mess this one up. After they get off the radio, John tells Maureen, both in winter jackets, "I guess he knows what he's doing."


Judy and Will sing SLOOP JOHN B-"I Want To Go Home" near the camp fire and the tent in back. They are sitting on rocks or a giant log. Judy and Will think it is fun. Will played the guitar to it.


As they stand guard, Robot calls Smith a windbag. Smith tells him, "Hold your tongue, you silly goose."   Smith places his electric blanket, which he says isn't working properly, onto the ice block, and then leaves for a cup of coffee, removing the Robot's power pack, calling him a tinplated tattletale when Robot warns Smith that the Major will have to be told about this abandonment. Smith, at camp, goes to sleep for a moment in a sleeping bag near the fire at camp. The electric blanket melts and lets loose an ice princess with spiked head gear. She gets up and walks past the out of commission Robot, the sleeping Smith, and the tents. Judy and Don hear her and come out of their tents; Don with a laser gun. He wakes Smith up. Smith yells, "I'm innocent!"  He fakes to Don that he must have walked in his sleep. Judy and Don run for the ice block area near the cave as Will comes out. Smith admits to Will that he did indeed desert his post. Going to the cave, Smith also has to admit he deactivated the Robot and he has the power pack in his hand, telling an accusing Don that the Robot was "very rude to me!"   When the Robot is activated, explains what happened, Smith barks, "You traitor!" Will finds the tracks of the ice princess, none of them knowing yet what kind of creature was in the block. Smith sneezes as the other three move off. Robot tells Smith why he is sneezing: Smith is standing in the block of frozen fluid which is now melted in liquid.


Don thinks the creature whatever it was is afraid of the fire since it moved away from it. Robot arrives and explains, "An alien organism is in the area."   Will looks outward, "It may be watching us right now for all we know."  Judy says, "Well, it's not going to be watching you..."  she tells him he has to go to bed. Will protests, "Don, how can I sleep when this thing is..."   Don makes Will go to his tent and Will goes to sleep. Judy goes into Will's tent and goes to sleep also. They are in the same tent. Smith goes to his tent despite Don's protests. When Smith opens the tent flap, the ice princess is there pointing an ice spear at Smith!



Don comes to the tent and Robot arrives with him. Don tries to get through to the women, who is blue skinned and dressed in a see through gown and robe, that he is peaceful. He throws down his gun. She lowers the spear as Don asks. Smith tells Don this is his chance to do away with her but Don tells him, "That won't be necessary nor desirable."  She doesn't talk. Robot tells them she comes from a cold and distant planet and her vocal chords do not function in temperate climates such as this. Don says, "Maybe we can find a way to talk to each other."   Don takes her spear away and walks off with her. He calls Will and Judy out of their tent. Judy says, "She's beautiful."   She pours some coffee for her but a huge light in the sky scares her, a ball of fire which seems to land. Judy follows the fleeing ice girl to a rock where she hides. Judy tells her it was probably just a meteor but Don thinks whatever it is, it represents a danger to her. She goes with Don and Judy back to the camp. Will asks Robot where the thing landed. Robot relates, "900 meters south by southeast."   Smith will not go with Will to find it, "Only fools step in where angels fear to tread."   Will tells Robot to case the area. Smith goes for some coffee, telling them even those doing a survey for the area, as he is for the Major, are allowed a coffee break.


Okay the episode falls apart now. Robot meets completely silver skinned Mexican type bandito Chavo who calls Robot a toro--a bull. Robot shows Chavo how he can fire electric bolts. Chavo waves a hand and guns fire but will make a deal not to attack. He bullfights with the Robot. He gives the Robot drinks and puts it into Robot's bottom door. His memory manks...eh, bemory banks, em memory banks are affected.


Smith, later, checks the ice princess asleep in his tent. Robot returns and Will comes out as Robot sings, "Aye, aye, aye, aye."   Smith looks at the girl again, "She looks frozen, poor dear."  Will says, "I guess that's her natural look."  Robot falls. Smith calls him a Rollie Poly Rowdy and knows he is drunk. He puts an ice pack on the Robot's bubble head. Robot needs to be dried out in the sun. His reserve computers are gone. Robot mentions the word Keemosabie. Smith calls him a garglous gargoyle. Will says to Smith about the new alien, "...you and I will go talk to him."  Smith sends Will alone with Will saying, "Dr. Smith, why do you always have an alibi when something important has to be done?"  Smith says, "He also serves who stands and nurses."   If the Robot's first line assembly blows out, he will be nothing more than a bunch of junk. Will goes to Chavo's campsite amid white rocks. IT IS COLD!!! Chavo strums on a guitar. Will tells him he wants the Robot's secondary computers back and tells Chavo, "Sure I'm afraid but I don't see why you'd wanna hurt me."  Chavo tells him the parents of a poor ice princess have hidden her. When Will figures Chavo wants a ransom for the Ice Princess, Chavo tells Will, "You are young. You do not understand."  Chavo has guns set up on a rock wall around his camp--guns with Mexican hats on top. They are his Soldatos and fire guns. When Will is about to leave to tell Don and Dr. Smith about Chavo, by clicking his fingers, Chavo makes a large line of fire appear in front of Will, blocking his escape, "I think I like you to stay awhile with Chavo."                      



Daytime: Smith is a sentry with a laser pistol. Don comes back and hasn't found Will. He asks Smith about Will. Smith tells him Will was taking a constitutional. Judy says, "That's unusual."  They check on the Ice Princess. In the tent, she holds the spear, afraid. Don and Smith talk about his being wide awake. Chavo arrives and Don gets a laser rifle. Smith says, "It's the villain himself!"  He runs off. Judy asks if Chavo wants some coffee, unaware of whether or not he drinks it but offering just the same. Chavo asks where they are from and walks to the green tent and then the red tent. Don pulls Judy away from the tent and away from Chavo to behind himself. Don blocks the tent from Chavo, telling him before he goes poking around other people's belongings he should ask permission. Chavo asks and Don denies it. Chavo takes out a knife and tells them he is on a mercy mission to find the little lost muchacho for her madre and padre of another planet off here. Don asks if these parents gave him the right or authority to find the girl. Chavo drops his knife and a paper that was on him. Don picks it up, aiming his rifle at Chavo. He hands it to Judy who opens it---alien words like +600 are with Chavo's face: it is a wanted poster. Chavo tells them, "Tonight deliver poor lost princess to Chavo. The boy is like you,"  he tells Don, "Angry with hard words."  Judy gasps, "What do you know about my brother?"   Chavo tells them and leaves, waving. Smith returns and lies about having seen Will, "William and I had the most lovely constitutional."  Judy says, "Dr. Smith--Chavo's got Will!"   Smith tells them he is partly to blame. We hear wind as Smith tells them all. Later, Don and Smith leave for Chavo's camp, Don telling Judy, "Judy, you get a gun and keep watch on the girl. Smith and I are going after Will."  Don pulls Smith to some red ferns near white rocks. Smith is to act as a decoy. He sees the hats and guns. Will is eating and is not hungry any more. He ask Chavo if his soldiers are hungry and he will give them some food (chicken drums?). Chavo tells him they already ate. They appear to be sticks holding up the guns and hats only. Huh? He gives Will candy. Smith calls Chavo paternal. Don says, "Oh yeah, like a father alligator."  They will wait until night. The two men leave and go to Judy, who, when hearing about the candy Chavo gave Will, worries, "I hope it wasn't poison."  Don wants to talk to the girl to get more information. They look in the tent and Judy gasps, "She's gone!"  Don says, "What?"



Smith blames the Robot. The Major is out now, looking for the girl. Robot tells Smith, "Sending a boy to do a man's job..."  Smith tells him, "I did what I had to do."  Robot has a complete plan. Smith says, "I'm sure I won't like it but let me hear it."



Night: Smith exits a tent with a dummy Señorita Spanish girl, "This is indeed the final ignominity, a man of my quality reduced to this deceit." Robot keeps saying, "Saying her up, Dr. Smith, hold her up."   Smith protests some more but wants to help Will and tells Robot to finish off Chavo as soon as Chavo moves into range. Robot agrees, thinking his firing batteries are at maximum. Smith tells Robot to follow him, then, "On second thought this señorita and I will follow you."  Robot says, "That is what you usually do."  Smith mentions a sausage salad corn. Huh? Will sits with Chavo as Smith and Robot arrive and start their deception. Smith fakes the Princess's voice. Robot keeps telling him to "Leep her up, Dr. Smith, keep er up."   Smith holds up the dummy from a bunch of dark ferns and growth behind a rock. Will is confused, "I don't understand, Don would never...."  Chavo tells him, "Your Major is a wise man--he knows when he is licked."  Chavo lets Will go and moves closer to the princess dummy. Smith as a girl's voice comes from him, whispers in the fake girl voice, "Fire,"  then makes a frustrated face and says to Robot, "Fire... when he's in range."  The firing battery is dead. Smith calls him a dottering dolt. Chavo tells the escort Robot to leave him alone with the princess. After Robot obeys, Smith is found out when Chavo grabs the dummy. Chavo calls it a waxwork dummieeeee and tells Smith, "Shut your face, princessa."  Smith says, "Yes honeyyyyy. Ahhhh!"  Chavo knows now the voice was Smith. He takes Smith and puts him against a rock wall and throws knives at him, Smith yelling the whole time. Chavo's umbres fire guns to watch Smith who puffs when Chavo leaves, "My end is near."   Will goes to Don, disappointed that Don sent the ice princess to Chavo. When asks why Will looks so sad, he tells him, "Don't you know, you sent the ice princess to Chavo."  When Don tells him she disappeared this morning, Will says, "You know come to think of it, she didn't much sound like a girl."  Don figures it was Smith. Will says, "Dr. Smith?"  Don tells him, "Yeah he and the Robot are missing."  Chavo arrives and throws away his gun and tells Don to do the same. Don does. Chavo gives him a knife, they will fight with knives. Don tries to explain, "Look Chavo, that girl you were looking for, she was with us but she vanished this morning."  Chavo calls him a liar and tells him, "You fight for her!"  They fight. Don hits Chavo down but is thrown and his knife falls. Don's hood goes onto his head during the fight but is thrown off again by Don. Chavo flips Don and when Don is out, Chavo is about to stab into him but Robot calls to Chavo and they bullfight again with Robot saying Olay! Robot blasts Chavo down. Will gets Don up and out of the way and then goes to Chavo, "Mister Chavo?"   Don throws the knives away and frowns and nods as Chavo talks his death speech...but doesn't die. Don looks like he wants to laugh...and so do we. Will helps Chavo up. Chavo tells him, "You're a fine, brave boy. I am proud to have a friend like that."  Chavo tells Senoir Muchaco Don that he believes him now. At home, Chavo watches the young ones like Will grow up to be bold and brave. He will go to the ranch now. Chavo is given his hat by Will and he says, "Adios."  He vanishes. Smith comes, warning them about the villain is coming. Don tells him he's already been and gone. On a high up rock, the ice princess (named REYKO in the credits but never called this--at least from what I could make out of Chavo's badly uttered dialog) calls, raising her hands up, "Say Talibu Vlestitamay!"  She vanishes. Will asks, "Why didn't she just do that in the first place instead of getting us into all that trouble with Chavo?"  Don asks, "Yeah why?"  Robot says, "With alien life forms, ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or become permanently deactivated." 


Day: sometime later: at Chariot, Penny is in the Chariot helping the family and Don load it up, the others are outside it, packing it up. John asks if there was any trouble setting up the antenna. Judy says, "Oh just the usual!"  Don adds, "Yeah, once the bounty hunter left and the Ice Princess disappeared, it was a cinch."   Maureen asks, "A bounty hunter and an ice princess?"      Don will tell them all about it. Smith comes, arguing with the Robot over the dummy, both handing it to each other. John asks, "What's going on here?" Don says, "Oh, John, its' just one of those usual old fashioned love triangles."    Smith insults Robot but Robot tells him, "I gave your life meaning,"  referring to Smith's saving of Will. Don says, "C'mon Smith, get in this Chariot or you'll be left behind."  John tells Smith about the princess, "Why don't you try serenading her--I think she needs it."                     


"Next week John Robinson is inadvertently transformed into a strange, unreal anti-matter world where he is confronted by an exact counterpart image of himself!"



"Next week ANTI MATTER MAN on LOST IN SPACE here on this channel!"















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