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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Secret of the Deep, Manbeast, Savage Jungle, Flaming Ice

Chase - Posted on 31 October 2009


Writer-William Welch

Dir-C. Rondeau


Periscope is up (we always see it on the model Seaview too). Crane looks out and sees nothing (good music from A TIME TO DIE) and orders them to 200 feet. John Hendrix, a man in intelligence work, relays to Crane that the Allied Command has claimed this area a threat to world peace. Nelson tells Crane that he and Hendrix are under top secret orders. Crane tells him, "A threat can come from space as well as from the sea."  HE'S LEARNED! Ballast control board is hit by an electronic beam. The crash doors open and close by themselves--which evokes an odd feeling of it being a machine that can crush someone in between; Seaview loses trim. Crane orders all stop. Seaview hits a ridge and descends horizontally to the bottom or a plateau. Awaiting them is a two headed bubble faced monster with hair or tentacles--the same one from THE CONDEMNED and DEADLY CREATURE BELOW!



Nelson orders Crane to get a fix on the beam if it hits again. Sparks sends a top secret message to Nelson's cabin. It is in Nelson's private code; Nelson runs it through his top secret decoder device. Nelson's cabin: Hendrix and Nelson discuss the blackmail attempts. The blackmailers wish to sweep the Atlantic of all American shipping. They want a billion in gold in 24 hours. Nelson reminds Hendrix his government didn't pay and the blackmailers blew up a capital ship. England, France, and Scandinavia countries didn't pay. Hendrix reminds Nelson--his country lost a lot of men. Nelson is reminded of a message that was sent to Nelson in code--a message that tell Hendrix to share all restricted info with the Admiral.


NOTE: This conversation, if listened to carefully, hints at or seems to tell us that Hendrix may be from a Scandinavian country (Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Holland?) or perhaps a country that deals with Scandinavian countries (Russia?).


Nelson makes a copy of the order for Hendrix using his Top Secret Device. Hendrix sums it up for Nelson (and for us): We knew that someplace around here at the bottom of the sea is a sea lab equipped, armed with the most sophisticated weapons known to man--electro biological mutants, monsters both nuclear and physical such as men have never seen."  NOTE: He sounds like the narrator from the scenes to next week. Nelson tells him they must stop these people. They won the first round, Nelson concedes. Main ballast pressure is too high. The air has to be bled or drained off. The main vent control is damaged and all vents are frozen. The only way to do is to free it manually from inside. Sharkey will do it. He tells Ski to "sing out" if the pressure gets too high (in the red zone) while he is inside. He doesn't want to cut it that close but he has to, he tells Kowalski. Good stock music throughout this scene. Ski calls as the red line is hit by the needle and goes past the red line. Sharkey uses a torch on the stuck valve--he is dizzy but frees it. He comes up from the lower hatch tunnel.


Ski helps Sharkey up and then goes back to sonar (THIRD AND FOURTH SEASON NOTE ONLY: Ever notice how the sonar and radar and almost every really important place in the Missile Room and the Control Room are taken up by either Pat or Ski most of the time and they have to vacate these positions to go have adventures and then come right back and sit back down to their positions; wasn't anyone else there to fill in?).   


Sharkey tells Crane the repairs should hold up if there is not too much pressure. Seaview rises slow and steady. Crane orders Chip to order them to the surface as they clear the plateau. The pressure is a bit too high. Hendrix tells Crane he has the authority to command the search for the sea lab and wants them to go back down. Crane tells him, "I don't care what authority you have."  Nelson was about to say something, "I was about to say we can use the diving bell."  Crane--you'd be a sitting target. Nelson feels it can't be helped. Hendrix, in the Missile Room, tells them he should go. Nelson insists it be trained marine biologist; so he takes...Sharkey! He calls the Chief to come on and Sharkey, in his olive green sweater, jumps into the bell. Hendrix tells Crane he will go prepare his notes for his superiors. The bell goes to 800 feet from the bottom. Ski's hair looks short--is his bell footage stock from DEADLY CREATURE BELOW? The pressure is normal in the bell. Nelson has a camera (this is footage from DEADLY CREATURE BELOW!). In his cabin, Hendrix opens an antenna on his ring and calls the sea lab, using his code, "Signal Red"  or something similar. He tells about the bell and has a signal device which he takes into the hallway. He hides from a crewman (good stock music use) but successfully plants the device in an unlocked box in the hall (?). Sparks calls Mr. Morton--electronic signals from inside the ship (this is dull by now---at this point there have been many scenes across all four seasons that have had a spy signal from on the Seaview and is picked up by Sparks--I resist saying NOT AGAIN!). Sparks doubts it is a short but Chip tells him to make sure (this scene might have well been stock but isn't--we've just seen this plot device many times before). Nelson notes how clear the water is, then sees lots of fish (stock from DEADLY). The fish vanish. Sharkey looks out and can't see anything below them--not even a DEADLY CREATURE. NOTE: there is a sign behind Sharkey that reads LASER CONTROL.



Crane makes note of a large mass under the bell. The two in the bell can't see anything. Crane wants to abort; Nelson's face indicates he is not happy but he agrees. MANBEAST music heard as bell comes up. Hendrix suggests it was a whale but Pat tells him it doesn't read like a whale (hey, that's later!). It didn't have the characteristics of a whale and Chip tells Hendrix there is no known record of the type of marine life blip it projected (hey, MR. MORTON, CHECK THE RECORDS of Seaview from several years ago-CONDEMNED and DEADLY CREATURE BELOW!). Boy, I don't let go of a point, do I? Hendrix apologizes to Captain Crane. Seaview shakes from another beam hit. Chip tells Crane about the signal Sparks received. Crane orders Chip to send a team of men equipped with portable trackers to find it. Hendrix moves to make another report. Chip figures the area they are in has only open water--but there is an installation somewhere on the bottom. They will protect the hull from an electro magnetic beam. Hendrix gets the X39 which will detonate the Flying Sub. He also has another device with him. MANBEAST music cue. Nelson and Sharkey are in black jackets. Hendrix asks if the hull has been deguazed (bandaged? defogged? what?). Hendrix wants to use his "new sensor"  device to check the Flying Sub. Crane objects, "Hold it."  Nelson lets Hendrix do it; Hendrix plants another device--the X39. He finishes and makes his way up the ladder, "Goodbye Admiral."  Nelson laughs, "Don't sound so grim. I, ahh, I intend to come back."  Flying Sub launches. In 3 minutes it will descend to dive. Sharkey asks Nelson a question--he isn't sure what they are looking for. ENEMY BELOW music cued up. They see a small lab (one we've seen before at least a dozen times). Nelson: MmmHmmm. A charge hits the Flying Sub but they are degauzed (go figure). They can't reach Seaview--their transmitter is out; they start to turn back but an explosion rips them and shakes them. Ski at Seaview's sonar registers an approaching tidal wave. Crane calls all hands and warns them, "In 15 seconds, we're going to feel the force of tidal wave, now brace yourselves."  Hendrix readies himself in his bunk (a scene I could have done without). Seaview is hit and shakes. Hendrix falls off his bunk. Chip, after the shaking, tells them they lost sonar contact with the Flying Sub. Crane calls them and then tells Sparks to call. He wants Seaview set to find Flying Sub which now hits bottom. Hendrix thinks the X39 has destroyed it. Why didn't it? We don't see the Flying Sub totally hit bottom (we've seen this happen over a dozen times and don't need to see it all again). There is a small fire inside. Nelson and Sharkey cough. Nelson trips near the ladder (acting? It looked like a very real trip). Both men fall down unconscious.



Sharkey gets an air tank and puts on a mask to breathe. He gives Nelson some air (more excellent musical cues). The main circuit is blown in the Flying Sub. The auxiliary works and they cut in the air revitalization. Building up power, Nelson calls Seaview and asks for a homing signal to reach them. When they arrive he orders a repair team to the Flying Sub. He also orders Chip to prepare a torpedo and asks Sparks to contact Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)--he now knows who they're dealing with. Hendrix, in his guest cabin, is nervous and calls his people--red alert. He will now take matters into his own hands. Seaview is moving fast underwater now. Crane and Chip are called to Nelson's cabin. Chip crosses his legs when he sits (just an observation!). ONI has identified the blackmailers. Nelson says, "And I'm sorry to say most of them are scientists, renegades, men disowned by their governments, expelled from scientific societies."  Nelson knows most of these men and names three: Karovich--a brilliant Marine Biologist, BLAKE (Roj?)--a nuclear physicist with a mind like a HUMAN COMPUTER, Pollox--a geneticist. There are many more. Crane says, "I know all of these men and it's hard to believe."  Nelson tells him Washington DC cracked it wide open (perhaps with undercover agents somehow). Nelson is concerned about the beam. Chip: "I'm worried about that beam, too." Crane fingers Hendrix as the spy on board who is sending the location of the sub to the enemy lab, even though he has highest of credentials--so do the men Nelson just mentioned. Nelson asks Sparks to contact ONI to check on Hendrix some more. Hendrix asks Sparks to send a top priority message sent on Nelson's orders, lying of course. He plants a bomb on the radio shack wall behind Sparks and leaves. It blasts Sparks forward and knocks him down. The radio bursts. Sparks tells Crane he is fine and tells the captain about Hendrix. Crane asks Sparks to take the message Hendrix gave him to the Coding Room. Ski calls--there is a contact and he can't figure it. Chip calls Crane to a window and they see what looks like a whale. Crane rigs for collision; the whale hits but only briefly shakes Seaview. Ski calls--emergency--the screen went blank and the fish is gone from the viewport area. Crane sends Ski to the bow to watch for it. IS IT A WHALE OR IS IT A FISH? They call it a fish but it looks like a whale (being stock from JONAH AND THE WHALE). Chip calls maneuvering to slow to one third. Nelson arrives and Crane says, "We've just been rammed by the biggest fish I've ever seen."  Ski calls--it's attacking us again. Nelson comes to the nose to see it. It rams them head on.



Seaview shakes; men put out fires; we yawn. All green--there is no serious damage. Crane wonders about a "fish that size".  Nelson tells him he didn't clear any message for Hendrix and calls the Master At Arms to stop Hendrix, who is listening to all the orders on a speaker in the hallway. Later, Sharkey reports Hendrix is missing and all the scuba gear is accounted for. Crane calls the Master At Arms to stop him. He tells Sharkey to find him! Sharkey says, "Yes sir, we'll find him."  Hendrix is in the Circuitry Room. A crewman there tells him it is restricted. Hendrix remains and doesn't say anything. The crewman ignores him and moves to the left console, turning his back on Hendrix! Hendrix hits him and he falls into controls. Hendrix hits controls and they have a huge fight. The crewman bumps Hendrix into some controls but the spy is not hurt badly; he punches the crewman out and down. Other crewmen search the hallways. Hendrix manages to get to the Missile Room. He calls his people--he is coming to the lab and will personally blow Seaview to bits. He orders them, "Clear the area of all dangerous denizens."  I love that quote!  Crane, Sharkey and Nelson find the crewman who tells them he can make it to Sickbay by himself. Crane calls to triple the search and shoot Hendrix on sight. Crane tells Nelson he has to supervise the rewiring. Sharkey volunteers to take the Flying Sub to find that Sea Lab. He calls Ski when Crane tells him to ask for a volunteer. "Get your flying jacket, Ski, you just volunteered for hazardous duty."  Missile Room: a tall, very young looking crewman opens the diving tube hatch. Hendrix hits him in the head with the air tank and he falls (dead?). The Flying Sub leaves Seaview. A swordfish eats Hendrix (dead? Yes, just kidding). I guess his people didn't want him.  A charge hits the Flying Sub--say, wasn't it de-guazed or something? Ski yells, "Pull her up! C'mon, pull her up! Pull her up!"  Sharkey can't  so he calls Chip after Ski draws his attention to the two headed monster-man thing. Crane moves to Chip at the nose windows--they've picked up a large object on the bottom and the Flying Sub is headed straight for it. Crane orders Seaview to go down after it. Chip warns about the sub being weakened--they may not be able to surface. Crane risks it. Ski and Sharkey watch in terror as their vehicle descends right into the monster! Del Monroe and Terry Becker must be commended here--they are really acting fantastic, considering the special effect of the monster is to be added in later. It all meshes quite well and they are up to the acting task. The thing tosses the flying sub around. Seaview is rushing down to it. Nelson comes back and sees the monster, asking Crane to kill it with the laser without hitting the Flying Sub. Crane orders Chip who orders five degrees left rudder. Crane fires. Nelson: Again. Crane fires. We see Seaview from outside and it could be my  imagination but it looks like someone is inside it at the nose (a model perhaps). The creature drops the Flying Sub and Seaview moves over it. Sharkey calls, "Look out, it's still alive."  Chip brings the Flying Sub up magnetically (FANTASTIC VOYAGE sound cue). Seaview then shoots off like rocket but there is a blast and more shaking. The ballast tanks are not responded; Seaview tilts down; the main tank blew; Chip moves to the Helm, "3800 feet."  They can't maneuver. Nelson reports, "We're flooding."  Seaview drifts down right into the waiting arms of the monster.



MONSTER FROM INFERNO music cue. Nelson will fire a short range missile with a ten second timer using a laser. He rushes toward the Missile Room. Crane orders back full portside and ahead flank starboard, then yells, "Admiral, are you all right?"  Nelson tells him he is setting the timer and then he fires the laser. The creature falls and there is a huge blast. Seaview sails now. Crane tells the others the missile blasted the sea lab. Hendrix was the head of the whole operation. Crane figures he was a madman to think he could blackmail the whole world. Nelson comments, "He and his whole wild arsenal of unbelievable weapons--there was one weapon he didn't have."  Crane asks, "What's that?"  Nelson says, "The, ahh, the men of the Seaview."           


REVIEW: This one used a great deal of stock footage as well as almost every action-oriented musical cue in the last three seasons--a nice compilation episode. We have: the two headed creature that was seen in LOST IN SPACE's THE RAFT and PRISONERS OF SPACE as well as VOYAGE's own THE CONDEMNED and DEADLY CREATURE BELOW; the whale from JONAH AND THE WHALE (also seen in THE SHAPE OF DOOM), a tidal wave we've seen before; the giant swordfish swallowing a diver from LEVIATHAN, and the enemy lab that have been seen throughout the series (CITY BENEATH THE SEA, THE MACHINES STRIKE BACK, RESCUE, THE MECHANICAL MAN, etc). Add to all of that the same scenes of the diving bell and the creature (from DEADLY CREATURE BELOW) as well as the entire climax repeated from THE CONDEMNED and DEADLY CREATURE BELOW, you have one very unoriginal episode. Peter Mark Richman saves this whole hour, doing a very good job as spy Hendrix. The blackmail threat on the world by a multi group of men--many of whom Nelson, Chip, and Lee know--is a good one. I was just waiting for the manta ray and the jellyfish to show up too! Oh, and there is also another Flying Sub at the bottom sequence. I must admit, having Ski and Sharkey in the Flying Sub when it is menaced by the two headed monster is better than having the criminals (DEADLY CREATURE BELOW!) and more dramatic. The climax uses some of the best mixed stock music ever (from MONSTER FROM THE INFERNO and others)! Also used is ENEMY BELOW and JONAH music. Good thing Hendrix was eaten by the swordfish---he couldn't be stopped by anyone on Seaview despite a full search. While it's difficult to figure how Nelson can fire a short range missile using a laser, the action was nice. Also the blast killed both the monster and destroyed the Sea lab? Was the sea lab that close to the Seaview and the monster? Guess so. Notice that by now Seaview is shown at almost every seque that it can be entering a scene or leaving a scene into another or after a commercial break. It is difficult not to wonder if STAR TREK's doing of this in 1966 affected VOYAGE to do the same. On the average, in STAR TREK, we see the Enterprize after each commercial break and most of the time between scenes. 




































Writer-William Welch

Dir-Jerry Hopper



Special air tanks are loaded into the diving bell. Sharkey tells Crane it is none of his business but he wonders if Crane should really be alone on the dive. Ski and a crewman carry Dr. Kermit Braddock in. The man is a wheelchair bound scientist. Sharkey gives him Nelson's checklist--the Admiral is at the Nelson Institute of Marine Research. If Braddock's artificial atmosphere works, there will be no decompression needed on deep dives. The bell is lowered into a trench. Sharkey gives orders to a crewman, calling him Chip? Ski lowers the bell with Crane (good, new music which is scary and yet, hauntingly beautiful somehow) to 37,000 feet; then 37,800 feet with no pressure effects on Lee Crane. The bell is on the bottom. Ski hauls it up. Crane, suddenly, doesn't answer their calls. He is unconscious.



The bell enters Seaview. Crane comes out, feeling fine but he can't remember not answering their calls. He does not have the bends. Braddock makes him go to Doc to check him out. He insists he is fine but goes anyway. Doc confirms this, " sound as dollar."  Doc explains about Braddock's paralysis, caused on a test dive--it is thought to be hypertension induced because his atmosphere gas was thoroughly tested. Chip worries about Lee--he looks pale. Chip told him the Yeoman finished writing up the logs and asks Lee to take a look at them. Crane sees his hands turning hairy; his eyes dark. Chip tells him to turn in and get some sleep since he admitted to being tired. In his cabin, Crane looks at his face--he looks distorted. He calls Sickbay but Braddock answers (in an extreme close up since it may not be the real Sickbay set). Doc is at the pharmacy supply room. Braddock says he reported the test to the Institute. Braddock checks Crane out in Sickbay--these symptoms happened to him also. Braddock assures him it is nothing to worry about and he will call and tell Admiral Nelson but when Crane leaves, Braddock tears up the message to Nelson. Sharkey brings the log to Crane's cabin for the captain to sign. Crane hides his face at the bunk bed and doesn't face Sharkey. He tells him to get out but when Sharkey, pleasantly insists all he has to do is give his signature, Crane screams at him to get out and leave him alone. Sharkey says good night and goes. Crane doubles over in pain and falls behind his desk. In an effective and very serious scene, Crane's hand comes up, hairy, and pushes the light off the desk.



Night--Seaview on the surface seems almost gothic to what is transpiring aboard her: Sharkey walks over a spot and tells a mopping crewman he missed that same spot. After Sharkey leaves, the mopper is attacked by a creature which hits him and with a hit, breaks the wood handle of the mop! It also rushes past Sharkey, hits him down, and then menaces Kowalski in the hallway. It chases him to the Circuitry Room, beats him up some, and drops a wall circuit. The lights go out as the thing pulls wires. There is a fire and it runs out. Men rush to put the fire out and pull Ski out (thankfully there is no shaking of the ship in this scene). Braddock goes to the Control Room, helped by men. He suggests to Chip to let Crane sleep. The creature barges through the control room and runs to the radio shack. Sparks pulls a gun but it hits him down. It destroys the radio. Chip gets a gun and shoots it but only gets it in the shoulder. It knocks Chip down and runs up the nose ladder. Chip helps Sparks up as armed men chase the thing upward. Chip goes to find Lee and finds him on his bunk with his back turned. Is he the creature? We seem to think so as tensely, the shot suggests he hasn't reverted back. He is back to being Lee. Later, Crane checks the Circuitry Room and talks to Ski about the creature. It wore an officer's uniform, Sharkey tells them. He also says it was eight feet tall, which Ski scoffs at. Chip tells them it is not on the ship now--he's had the Seaview searched. Doc calls Captain Crane down to Sickbay--he lost the crewman mopper who was attacked. Crane hopes he sees this killer first--he'll shoot it on sight. Nelson tries to call Seaview from the Institute from his secret radio set up hidden in the closet wall panel. The new analysis of the gas has proven that Crane shouldn't be taking any more dives. Nelson has an antidote and will take the Flying Sub to Seaview, which dives over a trench. Braddock tells the others he will take full responsibility for the next test dive. Sparks is fixing the radio as Nelson calls Sparks, "Captain Crane must not make another dive--it's a matter of life and death."  Crane is in the bell and already going down (we hear music which sounds like the later music devised on some LAND OF THE GIANTS episodes). Crane sees hair on his hands and when he looks at his reflection in the diving bell round window--he sees a swollen mouth and fangs!



Sharkey wonders about this dive. Chip also wonders but Crane gave the order to go. Crane throws the mike, rips his own sleeve, pulls out the chair in the Diving Bell. Braddock calls him. The monster throws the tank at the window. Sharkey orders Ski to bring up the bell. Braddock yells at him but Chip order the bell up also--continuing the retrieval of it. Crane is too late reporting in; Braddock makes excuses as to why this is. Braddock tells Sharkey he will have his job and then says the same thing to Chip. Chip tries to control himself but yells, "Take it but after we have the Skipper back aboard!"  The Flying Sub moves up into Seaview (a very good, new type of shot). Crane comes out, admitting to some communication trouble. He asks for repairs on the bell. Chip calls--the Admiral is back and howling mad and wants to see Crane in his office. Sharkey finds the mess in the Diving Bell. Crane and Nelson argue about his right to make the second dive. Nelson tells him to go to Sickbay and let Doc examine him; when Crane continues to make excuses, Nelson asks him to take off his jacket--twice. He then sees the bullet crease on the shoulder. Lee says, "Chip shot me."  Nelson nods, "Chip?"  Lee goes on, "He didn't know what he was shooting at. He was trying to kill what he thought was a beast, a wild beast---me."  Nelson suspected this but with more tests found out about the side effects. Lee wonders why he didn't warn him--but it seemed safe before the extra tests and then the radio was out. Nelson should have known when Braddock had his trouble. NOTE: The make seems to have effected Hedison's face--it looks reddish or with rashes from the makeup used when he wore the monster face (a great and very scary affair---the scariest and most effective and wild monster from any Irwin Allen series). Crane focuses on his crimes, "I killed man. I killed him in cold blood."  He tells Nelson he is not himself--he's under some sort of spell. Nelson tells him it wasn't his fault. In less than one hour, the antidote will be useless--it deteriorates rapidly. Sickbay: Nelson tells Braddock his work has merit but it needs more. Braddock is irritated--five more years of my life to do this? Nelson tells him that is up to him. Crane becomes the creature in Sickbay and knocks Doc and Nelson down and runs out.


ACT FOUR            

Nelson gets up and warns Chip, "Lee, he's out of his mind and is loose on this ship."  He orders tranquilizers. The antidote is useless in less than one hour. Doc is ready with a hypo. Crane wrecks the mike in the hallway. Sharkey looks at it, "That's the Skipper?"  Ski says, "The Admiral says it is--that's good enough for me."  They shoot at the creature which uses a door to block the tranquilizers; it runs and throws a fire hose at them. Ski trips two or three times in what seems to be a flub. Nelson at the Circuitry Room has someone shoot at him in the hall. That someone runs and he only sees a shadow. Nelson goes to Sickbay--Braddock is gone and Doc doesn't know why. Nelson wonders how--in a wheelchair it would be impossible for Braddock to get past the high sills on the bottom of the doorways--he'd need help. Nelson calls the men to capture Crane. Sparks and the men listen--if Crane isn't caught soon, it will be hopeless for him. Crane, in a hall, tears apart a speaker. Nelson, on the intercom, tells the crew he will in his cabin alone. Sharkey wonders why but Ski says, "The Admiral usually has a good reason for everything he does."  Someone sneaks into Nelson's office and shoots at the chair--which holds a pillow. Nelson is behind the door with a gun and finds out who it is--Braddock--on his feet and walking. He guessed it was Braddock who killed the crewman, not Crane. Crane is Braddocks' human subject to find a cure for both himself and Crane. Braddock races for his dropped gun but there is a shot--did Nelson shoot him? Did he shoot himself? It wasn't shown. Did he fall on his own gun and it went off? We don't really know. Nelson turns Braddock over and sees his face--a super ugly monster, much more awful looking than the Crane-monster. Sharkey and Ski run to the Missile Room. Crane is in the bell, having launched himself. The cable snaps and the bell sinks downward toward the bottom.



Sharkey and Nelson go into the Flying Sub and initiate emergency procedures for an immediate launch. They have to catch the bell before the Flying Sub gets below crush depth. Sharkey uses the Flying Sub claws (seen in CAVE OF THE DEAD) to get the bell cord. A few notes here: unfortunately, while the bell and the claws are a great special effect model shot--we see a huge light behind the claws inside the Flying Sub--no controls, no Sharkey, no Nelson--just the empty model, empty save for a large light. This claw model of the flying sub lacks an interior. We also see up into the Flying Sub (this model of the flying sub and the claw) and it has an open hole in it--the claw comes out from the mid section and water can go up and in! Another problem with this is that the bell seems to be on the bottom already--perhaps the Flying Sub caught the cord before the cord went below the Flying Sub's crush depth. The bell is pulled up, the door opened, and the monster runs out. It hits men but is tranquilized by other crewmen. Nelson takes Crane back down to 30,000 feet, "The only chance to save Crane's life."  Sharkey is very worried about this move: Nelson is trapped with the creature Crane has become. With the deadline of one hour passed, the only way to administer the antidote is under enormous pressure. Nelson injects the antidote down below (why would this work--isn't the antidote deteriorated already?). Nelson injects it and it works right away (unbelievably). The transformation back to Crane is very well done, however there is still deep black rings around Crane's entire eye. Nelson says, "It's all over now."


REVIEW: A really dark episode with very horrifying make up for the beasts, especially the one Crane turns into. This one would have had more effect if it didn't follow the less well handled WEREWOLF and the sequel to WEREWOLF, BRAND OF THE BEAST. Having the diving bell involved was a good idea...but one which was already done in BRAND OF THE BEAST. It was a surprise that Kermit Braddock, a wheelchair bound doctor, was also one of the monsters! The new music here is very nice to listen to...almost beautiful. The Flying Sub claws are used again---again to pick up the cable of the Diving Bell. An atmospheric episode. Lawrence Montague, usually cast as an Indian, stretches his acting ability here and MAN BEAST is the better for it. A bit more like DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE than WEREWOLF OF LONDON and THE WOLFMAN, this one is better than both previous VOYAGE wolf-man stories. While explanations are sketchy at best---the antidote, Braddock killing the mopper man after we saw Crane attack him (a good mystery even though a bit far fetched--no one saw two monsters on the ship?), who shot Braddock--himself or Nelson?----this is an episode that works better than BRAND OF THE BEAST and WEREWOLF. Watch for Ski to trip at least twice over the hose the monster throws at he and Sharkey. William Welch added a number of lines in this episode showing how the crew are loyal to each other, similar to lines in LAND OF THE GIANTS-A PLACE CALLED EARTH. MANBEAST, verifies, what VOYAGE fans all know: that David Hedison can act and almost no one is better (excepting Tom Baker and Peter Davison in DOCTOR WHO) at depicting being in severe pain. Hedison actually makes one believe he is in pain in this and many other episodes.      








Writer-Arthur Weiss

Dir-B. Sparr



Crane and Ski are over a jungle in the Flying Sub. Crane calls Nelson, who is sweating from extreme heat inside Seaview--140 degrees. The Italian coast is nothing but 500 miles of dense jungle, even a town called DeCori, Benita Gio (the Italian government told this to Crane). The town and its people have been swallowed up by the jungle. Sharkey has checked out new man Keeler, a technician in the reactor room. When Patterson falls, Chip and Nelson put him in a chair in the nose; Nelson tells Chip, "Force blood back into his head."  Nelson asks Phil to help another fallen crewman. Nelson calls Keeler who tells him that there was a malfunction in the reactor but it is fixed now. Sharkey goes down and tells him next time to find the trouble before it happens. After Sharkey leaves, Keeler opens a small metal box which has doll like figures of army jungle fighters made of plant material. He touches each one's head and they vanish and reappear as full life size men, silver-greenish faces.



The Flying Sub docks; temperatures are almost back to normal. The growth was in a triangular shape. In one year Italy will be covered totally even though it is not a tropical region. Nelson figures to use gamma rays on the leaves, stalks, and growth as some type of defoliation. The army men aliens tell Keeler they cannot live in the cold, dry air of Seaview (although in another episode, Seaview has been said to be humid). Keeler plans to change the air and  temperature; in two hours their work will be done. He makes the three camouflaged jungle fighters go back into the box. In one year, Earth will be as it was 30 million years ago and all from his planet will come across space to live on it. There is a table in the Reactor Room now. Seaview will receive the mass of aliens. Keeler goes to the Air Support System Room (a room which was seen before) and he karate chops a crewman down (by hitting him in the back of the neck), makes the army men vanish out of their box and appear full size, orders one of them to get rid of the fallen crewman (dead?), and begins to change the air mixture using the controls and the three army men. The oxygen level goes down. Crane goes to Nelson who is working in the lab or some kind of workroom. Nelson runs a test. The two get behind a shield but Nelson's ray is not yet strong enough to destroy the roots. Men in the Control Room get dizzy; one at the console passes out, then Phil passes out also. Chip asks Sharkey for a pot of coffee; Sharkey sits at the periscope island. Crane goes to his cabin and sits at his desk (it looks a lot like the Admiral's cabin). Chip sleeps on the map table. The crew fall down in the crew's quarters, coughing first. Ski falls on top of a crewman. Crane in his room, reads, then falls off the chair.



Seaview heads down. Nelson lights a match by the vent and moves out of his cabin as the army men move out also. Nelson calls Control Room and Chip wakes up. Nelson tells him to shut all air intakes and go on emergency oxygen. Chip calls the Chief to get up and Sharkey gets emergency canister masks and tanks of air. Chip tells him to find Ski and check the Air Support. He warns the entire ship and all the crew chiefs (we hardly ever see them but once in awhile--THE DEATH CLOCK-DAY THE WORLD ENDED and others--they appear). Nelson gets to Crane and gives him oxygen. Ski helps the other men in the Crew's Quarters to breath in masks. The aliens hear Chip calling all the crew chiefs. Keeler sends one army man to get the other two back. He takes plants from his box and plants them in the vent. Seaview is one half miles from the coast. Ski and Sharkey find the air mixture normal (don't they realize the crewman is gone?). Chip tells them the Reactor Room is ten degrees too high. As large amounts of vegetation comes out of the vents, Ski and Sharkey see a glimpse of the three jungle fighters in the hallways! They go to the Reactor Room. When Ski and Sharkey get there, Keeler has already put the trio in his box. They ask if anyone has come into the room. Keeler lies; Sharkey calls Crane and tells him about seeing the silver faced men in Corridor 7. Crane asks, "What kind of thing did you see?"  Sharkey asks him about some special detail but Crane says there wasn't any. He also asks Sharkey, "Silver faces?"  He explains it as hallucinations--now why? Hasn't he seen enough in four seasons worth of strange adventures--even in just season three and the first half of four to believe them!?! Lee orders them to Sickbay. Keeler pours on the sarcasm, "No kidding, Chief, did you really think you saw something like that?"  Sharkey yells at him but he continues to cut cracks. Keeler jokes, "What a trip the two of you must have been on."  Ski gets the Chief to leave it alone. Seaview is near a mass of jungle growth--some kind of obstruction (new footage of Seaview and the growth is welcome relief from the usual stock footage). Chip and Lee see growth at the window of the sub. The growth moves at Seaview from its stalk and close in over it--like a branches of a tree dragging across the hull. Nelson comes to the control room and nose. Seaview tries to move astern but shakes, then stops. The Reactor Room vents have vegetation coming out of it. Growth drags Seaview down; ballast pumps clogged. A radio man (NOT Sparks) runs out of the radio shack as growth spills out of the vent and into his seat, filling the radio shack. Nelson looks at it, "If we don't stop it, it'll take over the whole submarine."



Rather bizarre in concept but nice to look at, the growth has soon filled almost the entire Control Room! A jungle fills the sub! This is somewhat improbable--where did the trees take root? However, it makes for really wild visuals, rather surreal. Controls blast and Seaview shakes. Vegetation is in every panel, duct, and wiring conduit--the plants can't be cut. Nelson and Patterson go to the Flying Sub to cut through the plants from outside using the Flying Sub. More shaking, more steam coming out. Radioactivity in the Control Room registers. The Flying Sub is full of growth---how? If there were vents---how could the Flying Sub be water tight? Are the vents closed when the Sub leaves Seaview and not before? Vines are on the outside. Vines try to strangle Pat down. Machete is no good. Nelson uses a laser gun but an air pipe breaks. The laser radiation feedback from the vine blows the laser gun from Nelson's hand (what?). He uses a sonic gun. Chip now asks about the Air Support Personnel (one man only?). He calls engineering and others, "Is there is anyone left alive aboard this ship?"  Pat is freed and he goes up the ladder, fighting pressure. The hatch is shut tight but he and Nelson manage to get up to the nose. Missile Room is full grown; Keeler wants the officers and some technicians as hostages and answers Chip's urgent calls. He lies quite well so Chip tells him the captain, Ski, and Sharkey are on their way to help. Keeler orders his alien soldiers to get the three and Nelson, if they can't get them alive he orders them to kill them all. The three aliens have a shootout with Ski, Sharkey, and Lee. It is difficult to tell what part of Seaview they are in as there is growth everywhere, even trees! Sharkey covers Crane who tries to get behind the army men (paratroopers--as he once called them earlier). Sharkey gives Ski his "optimism"  in a some funny banter. The jungle has destroyed communications; Seaview shakes some more (ARRGGGHHH!). D17 to 19 has sustained some damage; flooding is in 1 to 11. Nelson's gamma ray projector is damaged due to the shaking. Nelson takes two men with him. Keeler runs right into Crane and lies again, expertly. Crane separated from Ski and Sharkey, somewhat suspicious of Keeler, especially when he picks up a radiation reading from Keeler (well, we all have slight radiation in us but Keeler's must be unusually high). An army alien grabs Crane from behind and around the back and neck. Keeler moves at Crane, his hand extended and the whistling sound whining away. Keeler explains, "You see, captain, I have a little box. In as much as I need you to run this sub, I'm going to put you in it for safe keeping."              



Nelson shoots the army man; Keeler runs away. Nelson asks, "Who're they?"  Crane says, "Aliens, Keeler's behind all of this."  Sharkey and Ski move out--why didn't they see what happened to Crane with Keeler? Sharkey separates from Ski--good move (sarcastically speaking)! When Sharkey doesn't answer, Ski goes looking. Vines fall on Ski and army men grab him.  Nelson tells Crane, "We've got to think about this logically."  Who's he kidding? Crane answers that logically none of this makes any sense. "There hasn't been anything logical since all this started."   Nelson disagrees, "oh, but there has."  They figure it out. Crane figures they want to spread the seedbeds. Nelson figures they will use the missiles, "If they load the missiles with their parasitic growth, they can infest every continent, every country within hours."  Ski and Sharkey are tied to the missile firing tubes. Keeler can fire the missiles but cannot aim them--it doesn't matter as they seedbeds will spread on land. Sharkey tells him, "There are plenty of other smart guys on Earth to get rid of it."  Keeler tells him they won't be alive in a pure carbon dioxide atmosphere. Nelson and Crane find the two men that were with Nelson--choked, strangled, and hanging from vines. Nelson says, "There's nothing we can do for them now."  He and Crane move to the Missile Room. Crane covers Nelson but when Nelson covers Crane, he is wounded; an army alien is also wounded. Nelson sends Crane to get grenades from the two men who are dead and hanging. Keeler calls, "You're too late, Admiral, we're returning Earth to its primeval form!"  Sharkey warns that the firing system is loaded for 15 seconds; the army man slaps him. Crane tosses a grenade in, shoots Keeler's shoulder and Keeler falls, and then moves to backfire the missiles. Nelson shoots one army man who was going to shoot Crane in the back. Crane shoots the other one--who was wounded. Seaview shakes from blasts.



Nelson shows Lee the aliens--shriveled weeds in a box. Nelson says, "Let's get Sharkey and Kowalski out of bondage, ahh."  He uses gamma projector on the growth inside Seaview and then on the exterior growth. Seaview ascends and goes ahead one third. Crane asks about Keeler. Nelson tells him when they looked in his little box they saw pieces of dead vegetation. Crane asks, "Keeler?"  Nelson answers, "Keeler."          


REVIEW: MIST OF SILENCE type music returns as one of the strangest and most dangerous alien invasions begins---with one of Seaview's men--the competent actor Perry Lopez plays Keeler--at the lead of the invasion. We find out he is the leader of the aliens right away and soon after that he is one of them--but it is fairly obvious from the outset. Keeler wasn't really human, probably planted (pun intended at this point) on Earth a long time ago to infiltrate it. The heat is on as Keeler turns Seaview into a hot house and a jungle fills the corridors, and rooms. Outside Seaview, a giant mass of plant tangles it up. There is some new music used. Or at least it seems new. Seeing a jungle inside Seaview is even more odd than having it snow inside it as happened in FLAMING ICE. The Italian government reported that a town had been overcome by the jungle growth----beginning the invasion on the land and, presumably, having had some civilian casualties already-something that rarely is even said to happen on VOYAGE. The very odd thing is the camouflaged jungle fighter warriors who appear from Keeler's box--they are like GI toy soldiers colored green to show us they are plants--like Keeler turns out to be--and perhaps it is some kind of statement on Vietnam--not a very good one, admittedly. That would be better applied in LAND OF THE GIANTS-A SMALL WAR, subtly. Nelson creates another device to save the day (sigh and ho hum). Crane should have believed Sharkey and Kowalski when they told him about silver faced jungle fighters in the hallways--after all the past encounters with strange life forms, their story seemed almost normal! 











Writer-Arthur Brown Jr.

Dir-B. Sparr (R. Sparr?)



There is an ice mass dead ahead of Seaview. The collision screens are closed over the ice. Seaview shakes. There is a 100 yard radius. Clear water is above but only within a small clearing--some kind of air pocket under the ice at a sub surface at 200 feet. Ice falls all over Seaview (stock footage from the movie). Nelson calls Patterson to help an unconscious Helmsman. Damage--minor in hulls 67 and 93. Fires are being put out. The conning tower sticks out of the ice. A six sided viewscreen is allowing a strange, bearded blue-white leader of frost men, Gelid, to watch. Their base has a clicking sound to it. Seaview, what the frost men call "the Earth ship", is in their exhaust area. Another ice man turns a crank (talk about sophisticated!) to intensify the heat output. Fires alight the area around the conning tower and one seems to engulf it totally.



Men put out fires in Control Room. They are 400 feet beneath the Arctic polar ice cap. The Control Room is hot while the exterior temperature is 100 degrees and rising--147 to 149. Crane looks out the periscope and sees the fires. He tells Nelson to look. Nelson expected it. He tells Lee his orders made him suspect this. Gelid watches them in the Control Room and orders the heat output, which has reached maximum, to be returned to normal: the fires go out and the 165 degrees drops to 158 and lower. Sharkey breaks out foul weather gear. Gelid and his aide detect some radiation aboard Seaview. It could give them the power to return to their ice planet. Nelson, Sharkey, Pat, and Ski go up one at a time. Nelson explains the air pocket may have been here at one time but the flames carved out the rest of the area and the caves. Sharkey wonders if maybe something else carved out the rest. He and Nelson go to the ice caves (no snow boots on!) and into the tunnels. Ski is on the deck wall and when he sees two ice men at the entrance to the caves, he calls Pat, who doesn't see them. Ski falls off the conning tower into the snow. Pat helps him and goes up to the Conning Tower to call in for Doc, "Ahoy below!"  Three ice men watch but leave. Sharkey and Nelson pass a fire in a doorway passage, they split up. Nelson hears Sharkey shoot at two ice men. They use an elongated gun (rifle) to freeze Sharkey's gun. Sharkey punches the ice man who comes at him and the ice man steams up and melts. Nelson arrives and so do two more ice men. Using the freeze rifles, they freeze Nelson and Sharkey.


ACT TWO      

Doc finds Ski is half frozen and shouldn't have been. Ski mumbles about Pat seeing the ice men, too. Pat returns to duty but asks Doc to be kept posted on Ski's condition. Ski sleeps and mumbles about Nelson and the frozen men. He is ice cold. Gelid checks an unconscious Nelson who is behind a glass screen and is on a device. They register Nelson's skin, hair, facial area, lungs--all negative pure (whatever that means--perhaps the heat in his body). A head piece of the machinery is on Nelson and they reactivate his heart. Nelson awakens. Gelid tells him that warmth and nearness from the Earthlings proves fatal to their own composition--they are made of ice. There is no heat on their planet. Nelson asks about Sharkey. An ice door in the wall opens to show Sharkey frozen but not from cold--he is in a state of suspended animation, not harmful. He will be revived at Nelson's will, not Nelson's command. The alien allows Nelson to move again. On the scanner monitor they view floods and tidal waves hitting the rest of the world. The heat transfer is melting the ice. Gelid tells Nelson it must be so--even now the heat in the ice is dangerous to them. In the snow above lies the aliens' disable spaceship. They need the nuclear power from Seaview's reactor. Nelson tells him without it, Seaview and men will be stuck and frozen here without it. Gelid tells him to choose--your ship or your world. When Nelson asks him to prove that their body heat is dangerous to them, Gelid orders a guard to move at Nelson. Nelson turns his back (why?). The man steams up and melts. Nelson tells Gelid, "I'm satisfied how dangerous YOU are. You deliberately made your own man kill himself."  Nelson runs at him but Gelid raises a hand and a blue-green charge blasts Nelson back. Gelid goes upward in an elevator and appears in the Control Room to Pat and Crane. He tells them what he wants. They will cooperate--in two hours, if they do not, the temperature will be 50 below zero. It is 23 degrees now and falling. He shows Crane where Nelson and Sharkey are--using Seaview's own camera. He folds his hands and vanishes. Ski is hot and can't breath. Crane calls Doc for a conference in the Control Room. Doc tells him he cannot possibly leave Ski now. Crane snaps at him--he needs Doc--there will be 125 more of us in urgent need. QUESTION TIME: Where are all the corpsmen? Couldn't they take care of Ski? Doc puts on his jacket and leaves. Ski, delirious, gets up and goes to help the Admiral. Pat breaks out the jackets. Doc asks Crane if there is no way of stalling these ice creatures. In a day or a few hours, the crew might hold up but that is all--if pushing themselves too far--but Doc can't help all 125 men in those cold conditions. Ski comes down the ladder and gets a stun gun. Doc tells them he is delirious. Ski punches Pat instead of giving him the gun and then pushes him away from himself. Ski goes up the Con Ladder. Crane tells Pat to hold it--,"We'll get a corpsmen to go after him."  He doesn't. Ski goes out into the fires and the tunnels. He mumbles about the Chief needing help and that he has to find him. An ice man steams up from Ski (is this Bob Dowdell? It doesn't look like him). An alarm warns the ice men that heat is approaching; Gelid thinks it is an attack. He tells his men to activate the heat transfer again, only the reactor will survive. Gelid goes ballistic, "INTENSIFY! INTENSIFY! DESTROY THEM ALL! INTENSIFY!"  Fires occur in the Control Room. Then large fires. The ice might melt enough to free Seaview (were they stuck?).



Crane order all dive. Seaview is loose in the ice and it dives. Gelid tells his aide to extinguish and go to normal transfer (moody cold thing, isn't he?). Ski falls to his knees and falls over.  Seaview goes to 600 fathoms and cools off. The ice pressure broke down the repairs. They are shipping water--in the Missile Room and other places. The temperature is 36 and there is no heat topside but they have to return to the surface. An ice man reports to Gelid that Seaview came back. Gelid says, "The minds of these humans are sometimes incomprehensible."  They will draw the heat to the caves and be on Seaview which will be frozen by this (only two of them seem to go onto Seaview though). They will remove the reactor once Seaview is frozen in minutes. Seaview's heating system is fouled up; chilled smoke comes from the vents. Pat says it looks like ice crystals. Engines freeze. The men put jackets on. Frost is on the thermal controls. It is 20 below zero. Crane tells Pat, "He's not waiting for his time limit--he's freezing us now!"  Engineering calls--men pass out. The control room is white with frost! Crane tries to get the men up but it starts snowing in Seaview! The aliens appear in the nose--Gelid and his aide. Crane is no the periscope island, passed out, snow on him. The aliens test for nuclear power and find the direction of the reactor room. They leave Crane frozen, crumpled on the periscope island. Ski shivers himself awake and seems out of his delirium. "Where am I? Where's Seaview? The Admiral's in trouble."  He figures out which way he was going and finds the alien control room. He also finds a door of some kind but can't get it open until he fires his stun gun at it. The door opens. Ski is happy and starts talking up a storm to a frozen, suspended Nelson and Sharkey. Finally seeing them frozen and unmoving, he checks their faces by feeling their cheeks. "Oh no. Why'd you have to do it to them!"  He flips out and fires his stun gun randomly. It hits equipment which blows up and makes Ski fall.             



Gelid and aide go to the frozen Reactor Room. He finds the Earthmen are more advanced than he anticipated. The megaton phase will perfect the radiation impulses directly into their spaceship since the reactor is fine--not frozen like the rest of the ship. Nelson and Sharkey wake up the fallen Ski out of the snow. Ski tells them they were frozen but his stun gun firing at the controls must have released them from the trap. Heat is being extracted into the grotto. Nelson finds the heart of the controls and adjusts the temperature--Seaview needs more heat but not all that power. He tries to stop it. Sharkey says at least something is working. Nelson says, "Stand by for...welp, stand by for anything."   Ski is shivering. The trio run through the white caves amid fires that pop up within the cavern. They run out of several icy door passages made into the ice and rock. It is 50 below zero--the aliens can take off now. Gelid pulls the rods on the reactor--they will leave half this world ice and the other half in flames. They vanish. Nelson, Ski, and Sharkey get out the last exit but see the area in flames---and they are blocked by a wall of fire. Nelson feels he may have set in too much heat. The heat flames will destroy Seaview and kill the crew.



The top of the conning tower is burning. Nelson guesses it is the reactor. He stops Ski from trying to break through the wall of fire. Nelson takes Ski's stun gun and runs back. Sharkey calls after him, "Admiral, you'll be trapped back there!"  We see Nelson's run from above in a long shot view. Gelid and his aides appear in their frozen control base. They use a frost gun to freeze Nelson. Crane is frozen in the control room. The three aliens move to an elevator type object. The ice bars move upward and allow them to go into it. The bars close and the elevator-like cubicle fills with frost, taking them to their spaceship. Nelson is loose soon after (what? How?). He fires the stun gun at the controls and runs out. The fires go down, allowing Ski, Sharkey and Nelson to get to the Conning Tower and go down into the Control Room. Ski jumps back to work--alerting them to the fact that the flying saucer is taking off. If the saucer is allowed to go to maximum, the polar ice cap will melt and half the world will be flooded. Crane helps Patterson up. Seaview vibrates. Ski and Sharkey go to the Reactor Room to stop the rods. Crane puts the sail camera on. Nelson uses the laser beam to blow up the taking off saucer (very good effect). Everyone takes their gloves off and jackets off. Crane orders, "Dive, all dive."           


REVIEW: Seeing this in the summer it makes a good contrast and keeps you in the mood for it. It was good to see the conning tower after many episodes ignored it completely---and it was sticking out of the ice. Del Monroe as Ski does a great job of being neurotic under the alien influence and trying to fight it--which for once, he succeeds at. One of the aliens one of the Seaview crewmen accidentally defrosts is rumored to be none other than BOB DOWDELL in a surprise cameo (Chip is not in this episode and on watching it fully, it doesn't look like Bob Dowdell is either)! The UFO is the same stock footage used time and again on VOYAGE but here it looks a great deal better, perhaps the model was used in new footage? It is really strange to see it snowing inside Seaview! FLAMING ICE has some fantastic new music in it and the score is completely new. This episode reminds me of the earlier SNOW DEVILS (1965), an Italian made film, made as part of a four movie series, about the future and the space patrol's efforts to stop crime and alien invaders. This movie feature the abominable snowmen--who were really aliens from an outer space planet called Aytia and it is very like this episode; however, FLAMING ICE is much better realized. Falling ice, the Arctic, Antarctica, and ice fields figured in many VOYAGE stories including: THE MOVIE, ELEVEN DAYS TO ZERO, THE PRICE OF DOOM, THE SKY IS FALLING, THE HEAT MONSTER, FLAMING ICE, THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN, TURN BACK THE CLOCK, and others.  FLAMING ICE, when compared with THE LOBSTER MAN, DEADLY CLOUD, SHADOWMAN, and other less memorable alien episodes, fares much better. Again, explanations are sketchy and improbable.  When the aliens shot Nelson frozen why did he recover so quickly? Why would the aliens' need for power leave the world half ice and half flame? If the men on Seaview were frozen, wouldn't they have died if left too long? Why did the reactor still work? I guess with most VOYAGEs it is better not to ask such things. The main thing was to enjoy the action and adventure and this one is not too terrible that it can't be enjoyed. It is okay and a nice change of pace to have a frosty threat. I often wondered what guest stars the likes Michael Pate (LONG LIVE THE KING) and Malachi Throne (THE MAGNUS BEAM) who were in the first season (and these two examples are from two of the best) reacted when returning to the series later on in the fourth season. What must they have thought when the returned? Here, they left when it was a serious science fiction-fantasy spy drama with lots of thoughtful action---returning as a frosty crystal bearded ice man and the ghost of Blackbeard! By now, they must have thought the show went to the dogs or was just surviving by competing with all the other far out series of the day (BEWITCHED, GET SMART, THE MUNSTERS, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, I DREAM OF JEANNIE, BATMAN, LOST IN (goofy sections of) SPACE, and others). Or perhaps the actors didn't mind or care. 









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