Audio: Comp Chr: The Pyralis Effect

Chase - Posted on 31 October 2009

This starts out like the older SPACE: 1999 ep MISSION OF THE DARIANS only it's not as good as that. We get a bunch of cliches: light aliens, colonists living on spaceships who worship the Doctor as a legendary figure from their past, a scary spaceship (ooooooahhhh), and the Doctor unconscious for half the story (seems to me whenever Lalla Ward does a Comp Chr, the Doctor is sidelined for most of the story, what's with that?), a sacrifice, a murder, a living AI...YAWN.

Added to that are some of the most annoying sound effects...I thought something was wrong as I listened to it in my car...with my car! Added to that Lalla's not my favorite voice book although one of my fav companions...her voice tends to get on my nerves from time to time.

The music is nice and I almost wish they did the Doctor Who theme in that type but no. Also: the ending is a bit better than most of the endings of late and seems to pick up. I guess I'd give this a 3/5 because the dialog is sharp and/or does the job and the prose (for that's what it is) is nice. I just wish they stuck to the original idea of these: having the comp tell the whole story without anyone else in them. I also wish they'd get more original. And it seems no one can really imitate Tom Baker except that guy from the comedy show--who's name escapes me.

Here's an idea: get him to do NEW Tom Baker or rather Fourth Doctor stories, get Troughton's son to do the Second Doctor and get Pertwee's son to do the Third, they all sound like their respective Doctors. In addition, someone did an audio with Vicki in a cell or vica versa and they sounded JUST like Hartnell. So instead of doing these lameo Comp Chr, do that!  

Oh and does anyone really want to listen to all these actors, writers, directors on the end of the audio, telling how great it all was?

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