The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

Chase - Posted on 29 October 2009

Part one:

Okay that made for an interesting change as the gang help a cute little troublesome alien and Sarah meets someone and falls in love and sets up a fast wedding. Thing is I've had someone, a friend of mine, do the same and we had the same suspicions: that he was an alien after her money but it turns out he was a great person and a great guy and loves my friend. Why can't Sarah just have that? Of course this all goes south once the ending comes and Tennant is only in about 30 seconds. How unfair is that? Still this goes nicely but I still wish they'd dump Rani's parents and they really don't even need Rani. Clyde is rather good in this episode. I like that it happens over many weeks and it kept my interest more than the first two stories and the acting was good but does Sarah need to get taken over every story now? And what a small wedding. Does she really have so few contacts and friends? They had to strand the Brig in Peru again and where is Brendon Richards? Maybe they should do a story where he comes back and is not an alien! Is it my imagination or are the musicians trying to the K9 AND COMPANY theme. Glad to see K9 back.

Also, the woman doing the wedding is the same woman who played Ping Cho in MARCO POLO, the 7th story of DOCTOR WHO ever! In Hartnell's time! In addition she played Sandra in SPACE: 1999 and even did a finale fan made, tv show writer written finale to SPACE: 1999. And she's great. Too bad she didn't get a bigger part.

Is the sonic lipstick really deadly?

Does Sarah really have to talk to herself?

And why, again, well it IS this show, does Sarah have to be made such a loser? She never was in the  REAL Doctor Who tv show. :)     

WOW! Bloody fantastic. a 5/5. Several things come to mind here. Peter could have been played a bit more real and emotion driven. This proves that DW is really a half hour an ep show. David Tennant channeled his inner Tom  Baker and improved on it and he was GREAT in this. His companions should always be either young teens or older women or Capt Jack but anyway...yeah, he's much better around the kids and they around him. ANY or ALL of the three teens would make GREAT companions and I almost wish that they would have taken that ride. That said, around Sarah and K9 Tennant is VERY VERY GOOD, too. I longed to hear Sarah yell, "DOCTOR!"  again. I hope she gets to meet Tennant's Doc again and MaTt Smith's too. I like the link to the Shadow (s) and Changlings and the Pantheon of Discord. This also struck the right chord about the Lonely Doctor without making it dwell and too too sad at all. In fact, the right balance throughout was just fantastic. I loved it. Tennant should have all five of these companions regularly or any one will do. The walked ove my grave thing is something that's been done in LOST IN SPACE and the movie POLTERGEIST (great movie btw). I love the goodby scene and the let's look inside the TARDIS scene. Just great stuff even the Trickster. I don't know how Peter fell (pun?) for that face. I mean the TRickster should have used a different face...I mean would you think he was an angel with that face? Any way, I didn't see who wrote this but GREAT JOB! Clyde was great in this. Tennant was great, Lis upped her performance. NOTHING about this was bad.     

AND I love that he calls her just Sarah as he usually did! SO there! :) 

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