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KeefBaker - Posted on 03 June 2009

Who else wants Kinda to come out on DVD ASAP?

It's absolutely one of my favourites and its lack of DVD release is a tragedy.

Mind you, they'll probably do a Mara boxset or something.

Anyway, absolutely one of the scariest and best stories in the shows history IMO.

I agree but what befuddles me is that, good shows but not as much a cult fandom, such as LOST IN SPACE, LAND OF THE GIANTS, THE TIME TUNNEL, MILLENNIUM, BLAKE'S SEVEN, SAPPHIRE AND STEEL, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, GALACTICA 1980, VOYAGERS, STAR TREK: the all of them including the animated one, LAND OF THE LOST, even JOSIE AND THE PUSSY CATS  and many many others...have all come out on dvd far far ahead of DOCTOR just defies future thought would have expected DW to have come out season by season and be finished by now...

but yeah KINDA is a good story. Not really scary but I don't scare easily but it was tense and it showcased Tegan, Adric and the new Doctor rather well and was a different kind of story for DW and TV in general. Of course the big snake can be ignored but the story is just so strange and werid and ...entertaining. Still, even though Janet is good in it..I somteimes wonder if it'd be a better show without Tegan and with just another colonist being taken over...

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