Stance on sausages...

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KeefBaker - Posted on 03 June 2009

Well, admittedly I've not been a member for long but one thing I don't think has been made hugely clear so far unfortunately is the stance this website has on sausages.

Personally I see sausages as only a positive thing, they are tasty, have a high protein content and generally spead nothing but joy through all age groups.

Come to think of it I've never seen The Doctor have a sausage either. I remember when Jon Pertwee ate gorgonzola in Day of The Daleks. Were there sausages? No! Not a weiner or a wurst in sight!

So within these few sentences I feel I have discovered that there is in fact a huge gap in our knowledge of The Doctor's perspective on things.

We know he stands for what is right but how does he stand on a Bratwurst.

Sure, Colin Baker said "From now on a strict vegetarian diet for us both" but there are vegetarian sausages.

I mean, he could easily have has a Linda McCartney's in the TARDIS, but we don't know.

I hope they address this glaring discrepancy in the Matt Smith era!

what about The Doctor's decorative sausage?

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Hmmm problem embedding youtube clips again!

Yeah, that still needs to be addressed. 

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I am with 6th Doctor on this one... I make mine all vegetarian sausages. Morning Star makes great Breakfast Links sausages as well more recently Italian sausages. Both are fantastic. Trader Joe's also makes a dinner sausage as well. There are several other brands which I have tried too.

No animals need be harmed to enjoy a good sausage.


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