BREAKING NEWS: Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Spotted Wearing Coats!

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Louis Trapani - Posted on 27 October 2009

Wake the kids and phone the neighbors, folks! The Sun has published this BREAKING NEWS story relating to Doctor Who:

Doctor Who Matt Smith and Karen Gillan don chunky sleeping bag-style coats | The Sun


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RIGHT that is it I've had enough! If this is Steven Moffat's idea of a costume then I for one AM NEVER WATCHING DOCTOR WHO AGAIN! In fact I'm erasing the whole sorry show from my memory and starting a "Moffat must go" campaign on SpaceBook.


Or of course the Sun could maybe report on some real news for a change. Honestly it's no wonder the press is going down the tubes. You can get more accurate information from Wikipedia these days. And that isn't supposed to be an attack on Wikipedia.

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It's cold and damp in England.  That's their news?  It's kinda sad, really.  The Sun's writers are so worn out from making up false stories about Doctor Who that they've been reduced to reporting mundane nonsense regarding Doctor Who.

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

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I would guess they are just wearing these 'off-set' whilst waiting to shoot the next scene.

It is October in the UK!

Cheers, daveac

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Of course it is just Matt Smith and Karen Gillan off camera while shooting on location. It is just an example how The Sun is desperate to run any Doctor Who story, whether it is news or not.


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