Chase - Posted on 25 October 2009

Another 5/5 er or 10/10 er. Really. Alex Kingston who can really annoy me, doesn't here. The mystery is laid on thick and thin as we, the audience really has no idea what is going on and for some reason, it's all very interesting and dangerous and fun. Until Donna dies! Yeah, Donna dies although the one of three catch phrases in the cliffhanger makes me think she's really been saved ("Donna Noble has been saved", the other two are "Donna Noble has left the library" and "Hey, who turned out the lights"). Great cliffhanger. It's amazing that someone meets the Doctor before he meets them. I'm sure it's happened in spinoff comics, audios AND novels or short stories but I don't believe it's ever happened in the actual tv show, even with the Rani and the Master although the Master knows the First Doctor in THE FIVE DOCTORS and the First Doc does'nt appear to know him but that's not a major plot point.

Vashta Nardada or however you spell them: possibly the Doc's greatest enemy besides the entity that nearly won over him in MIDNIGHT.

Oh before I forget one major point: when you compare the high value of stories like this, the Agatha Christie one, the Pompeii one, the Ood one, and most of the third season, the second season, and almost the entire first season, to the crap NEXT DOCTOR, CHLDREN OF EARTH, and PLANET OF THE DEAD these stand out so much more. Point is that when MIDNIGHT ends or possibly the TURN LEFT downer (with a really stupid ending...BAD WOLF indeed!), we get crap with NEXT DOCTOR and PLANET OF THE DEAD. No but really. Can't anyone see that?

NOW THAT IS HOW TO DO A PREVIEW OF NEXT WEEK! WOW and no Donna so anyone thinking that she's dead now for good can be forgiven for being as stupid as plankton (sorry Miss Evagelista, who I liked!). Donna was kind to the Miss E and Miss E didn't deserve to die like that. I don't understand how suddenly when she screams everyone turns and runs right to the hole that they didn't know was there or that suddenly they cared so much. Poor Proper Dave, too. I'm not sure I get the Vasta Naradada but they are scary and kinda sad for their victims.

The entire Dr Moon/Little Girl thing was intriguing. Was that the real world? Was that a simulation? Was the Doctor and Donna fake? Were the D and D in a fake world in the fake library? What was real and what wasn't? I often had a reoccurring dream when I was younger from childhood to teen years about me waking up and finding out that the entire world, the entire universe was just my dream. IT was upsetting and this is the same but in a DW way that fits the show.

The script is very well done, both Donna and River coming off well and DAVID does a great job AGAIN! The music is just okay this time out but who cares about that when this is so riveting. Love the tARDIS diary. Do they sell one like that?

Everything is so off balance in this episode to make one not feel safe...the hologram faces of the dead, the shadows, the library itself, the silence, the River Song thing, the horror of having someon'e consciousness captured before death (again though the Faithless, Godless RTD universe---well, is it so Godless? Not sure but he sees the world as Godless makes this especially sad as this is the end to RTD but not to me), the TV set, the constantly ringing telephone, and the entire scenario. One can't even get a proper teleport back to the TARDIS.     

Anyhow a great story so far and I'm not sure I recall part two all that well except that it was very very sad and that it really didn't live up to this.

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