LOST IN SPACE-Flight into the Future, Space Destructors

Chase - Posted on 24 October 2009


Writer: Peter Packer

Dir: Sobey Martin



Travel music (used for Chariot in past episodes) as we see the Jupiter II flying through outer space. Don recites a poem, "Silently one by one in the infinite meadows of Heaven blossomed the lovely stars, the forget me nots of the angels."  Judy and Penny like it. Don tells John he never learned poetry in high school. John wonders if it was some kind of space rapture. Signals draw their attention to a giant green emerald smoking in space, hanging before the window. Don wants to give it a wide berth and hits the port side thrusters. It did leave him curious. John tells him they can't have any of that and to head back for it. He is kidding. A door in the back opens sideways, sliding. In the room there is a round window behind Smith but no wall. Dr. Smith comes out of it and goes to the Space Pod, the door of the Pod area opening upward. There is no window on the Space Pod Bay Door. Smith dismisses William since that one (the Robot) and he have business. Will and the Robot are almost finished checking out the airborne guidance system of the Pod, going through a checklist. Smith tells him not to worry--this Pod isn't going anywhere for a long, long time. Smith wants to get his rub down from the Robot who brags about his claws doing wonders for Smith's back. Smith tells him they are a disaster area on his back--only no one else is available. He calls the Robot an advocated amateur. Smith checks the airborne guidance system launcher by launching the Pod into space by mistake. Judy asks what happened as John calls Will. The Pod goes down out of the Jupiter II.       




NOTE: On one syndicated version of this episode the LOST IN SPACE theme ends but the black out dot returns to full screen with the LOST IN SPACE logo and the narrator (Dick Tufeld) says, "LOST IN SPACE!"



We hear WILD ADVENTURE title music as the freeze frame of the control room of the Jupiter II is seen. Maureen arrives, "John, what is it?"  He tells her. In the Pod, Smith says, "Oh dear, oh dear."  Will says, "You could get us all killed."  They see the green emerald and the Pod doesn't have enough power to pull away from it. John's calls can't get through to them. Don gets the Pod on the scope but then the marking goes right off the scope. They wonder if it was centrifical force but that should attract not repel. Don gives John tracking computations (001 point?) to find the Pod. The Pod heads at that emerald thing...which is either a planet or an asteroid. John tells the girls and Maureen to go below and strap in. Jupiter II flies but a force hits it. A correction puts them back on course but then the force has action and reaction, equal and opposite--the emerald seems to move against them. There are blasts and more shaking as they go into orbit. They are ten degrees off course. John tells Don to correct for 20. Don fires retros. They shake and hit some kind of atmospheric barrier that has stopped them cold, they are hovering, Don reports. John orders a full forward thrust for ten seconds. Don says, "I've got a feeling that someone down on that planet is letting us know that we're not welcome."  The landing gear is out. John tells him to prepare for emergency landing. The Jupiter crashes. The control room is shadowy and Don says something about a belly landing. They look outside and see rocks and mountains with some low brush but not much. The Pod signal beeps. They see it in their radar net about one half a mile. Will answers a call from dad but when John tells him he and Don will be coming from the direction of a large anvil shaped rock, Will tells him there aren't any rocks, just trees and jungle growth like a rainforest. Maureen asks, "A rainforest, within half a mile of here?"  They get interference on the radio and cannot raise Will again. They also cannot get a picture of the Pod's area on the large screen. John tells Maureen to keep radio channels open. He and Don leave.


The Pod radio is jammed. There is more jamming potential on this planet. Smith asks William to tell his father (John) that he (Smith) was in no way responsible for the Pod launching. Will hits the control to open the door but the door is jammed and won't open. The Robot asks Will's permission to use force. Will says, "Welllll....."  He tells him to go ahead. The Robot uses some kind of blast or ionic sound to open the door. A strong wind gusts it open beyond reach and blows in at them. They move out, Smith worrying it is a tornado and that they will be blown sky high. They go out to a dark forest and hear jungle sounds (DOCTOR DOLITTLE sound effects also used in many earlier FOX movies). The wind could have been made when the pressure within and without the Pod equalized. Smith looks around, "What an enchanting garden. A veritable paradise."  He wants the Robot to fetch a raincoat and galoshes from the Pod as they hear rain. Hear it but don't feel or see it. Smith hypothesizes that rain evaporates before it hits the ground. Will finds the leaves are not wet either. Robot detects it to be meteorological phenomena of alien origin. Smith begins to relate when he was in the Isle of the South Pacific...when they hear a large albatross shrieking but cannot see it flying. The Robot tells them it is non-existent. Smith tells Robot to fetch the Chariot when John and Don arrive. Fruit falls with a strange boing sound. Smith goes to eat one, seeing it to be a peach. One boings out of his hand and blows up. Will warned him. Smith wants to prove it was just one peach but as he moves to grab more, more fall off and blow up, then the whole tree seems to blow up each peach. Smith admits Will was right. Against the Robot's suggestions, Smith and Will lay down, both tired. Will asks Robot, "What could be harmful about falling asleep."


John and Don wonder about how the rocky terrain they are wandering in could lead to a rainforest. John hears something but Don scoffs in a kind way. A boulder falls at them off a higher ledge, John pulling Don back just in time. John thinks the boulder waited for

them to get just underneath it before it let go.

Daytime: Smith gets up and wakes William. Smith wonders where the Chariot is, it should have been here by now. Will wonders how it could have only been 15 minutes that they slept when it is daytime already. Smith tells him that daylight comes swiftly in tropical regions. They find the Robot in a state of near inertia with mildew on him and a form of mechanical rheumatism. He needs a rubdown with Dr. Smith's lotion. Smith protests, "Of all the impudence!"  Smith says, "Indeed, a man of my quality reduced to performing menial tasks, really!"  When Smith fetched the lotion, Will told the Robot that he thinks they were asleep longer than 15 minutes. Robot is squeaking as Smith rubs him down (and we hear QUESTING BEAST music).


Later, Will, Smith, and the Robot come out of the forest and enter a rocky area (that looks like the second season planet). Will stops him, "Dr. Smith."  Smith wonders what. Will says, "Well, can't you see it? It looks like our spaceship."  There is a shape that has moss, leaves, and dirt on it, like a mound, only in the shape of the Jupiter II front. Leaves blow around it. Smith tries to not to look worried and grabs Will's arm easily and the three move toward it.



Will moves up the ramp. Smith thinks this is just some unknown wreck, not the Jupiter II. Will is sure it is. Robot fears the worst and regretfully reports that this is the Jupiter 2. Will goes in with Smith. They find the astrogater off its stand, webs, leaves, controls off from their places, wires off, the window shutters closed, a door half open, and the elevator inactive. They go to the ladder to check out the lower half when the Robot calls them outside (BLAST OFF music). They find a golden statue of the Robot on a golden stand. Smith calls him a bumbling birdbrain. Will reads it, "In Memoriam...erected to the memory of Earth's first ambulatory computer to traverse deep space...to the cybernetic hero of the Robinson expedition, gratefully dedicated in the year 2270 AD."  Will's eyes go wide as he realizes what he just read. He tells Smith they slept for 270 years. Smith asks Will if he has aged. He is the same as he always was. Smith calls the Robot a cybernetic simpleton. Will goes to the Jupiter II mass. Robot sings "I Am a Cybernetic Hero, famous all through space."  As he sits on the hulk of the wrecked Jupiter II, Will looks up, hearing sounds of Native American Indians charging. He sees them riding at him on horse back! (We hear THIEF FROM OUTER SPACE music). Suddenly they and the mountain they are riding down, vanish (from stock footage to the planet set). Will hears Smith, "William! William! Save me!"  Smith is running but turns to stop. Facing him is a giant one eyed cyclops monster with orange-brown hair and holding a boulder over Smith! Smith tries to talk him out of it but runs. He tells Will to run for his life, he means to destroy him. Will doesn't see anyone. Smith doesn't either now, "The end is near--I feel it. This planet is infested with terrible creatures."  He calls Robot an insensitive idiot, perhaps thinking about the family and Will's feelings about them possibly being dead. Will wants to find out what happened to his family and who built the Robot statue. Lightning bolts start and one blasts a tree. Robot tells them this storm may not be for real. Will tells him the lightning that hit that tree was for real. They take cover behind a huge rock. Two men in DESTINATION: MOON spacesuits (also used in THE TIME TUNNEL-ONE WAY TO THE MOON and one of these suits was like the one Space Enforcer Claudius wore in WEST OF MARS) come over to them. One, a Sergeant is to check them out with a small box like device. He wears a yellow space suit with helmet. He looks at the Robot, "This type went out at the end of the MILLENNIUM."  The commander, in red, is named Fletcher. He has a box that tells him who they are (with sound effects that were used in VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-NO WAY BACK and LIS-KIDNAPPED IN SPACE). One of them has a hole in his space helmet for him to talk through (it won't work very well as a space safety helmet though once in a vacuum). Both astronauts wear a logo that will be used as part of the flight jackets in LAND OF THE GIANTS. This logo is also on the side of the Spindrift in that Irwin Allen show. One asks, "Storm, was there a storm?"  The storm stopped the moment the astronauts arrived. The men have ultra sensitive perception equipment--while Smith hopes they are a rescue team to take them back to Earth, they are really an archeological team--space historians who find all evidence of early space voyages and voyagers for the benefit of future voyagers. The Commander gets a beep. Not answering any questions, the two men leave.


John and Don walk in the dark at night. They find no jungle. There are rocks and more rocks. They go on. Night as Smith eats at a table near a cave. There are candles. Robot comments on the dinner, "...if it is a dinner." Smith is also drinking. There is a roast. He is eating it more but enjoying it less. Will doesn't trust the Commander or the Sergeant. He wonders why the pair didn't them to Headquarters. Another question is why weren't the men surprised that Will and Smith haven't aged after all these years. Smith calls the Robot a preening popajay. Will and Robot leave to find the HQ. Smith toasts himself at the table and the meal and all vanish. Smith runs for William, "Wait for me!"  Will and Robot go to a cave entrance where American flags are stuck outside. Will doubts himself now--perhaps they are for real. The Robot tells him, "Appearances can be deceptive, Will Robinson."  Will and the Robot go inside. Smith runs in and grabs Will as they hear strange sounds. Rocks seem to move and doors close. The sounds continue, with growls added to the mix. Will thinks it sounds like someone is moving things around but there is nothing to be moved. Smith says, "The walls are closing in on us."  They hear squawking. Will calls it spooky. Smith asks him where they are---and Will asks where who are. Smith looks around, "The spookies!"  It is just an expression but Will says, for once, "But let's get outta here."  As they talk, a figure, a familiar figure, walks down a rock step incline. It is a blond girl dressed in red and black outfit with leotards, tights, a short red cape, and strange hat piece. The girl, Judy in appearance, comes down holding a camera which she uses to snap a photograph of Will. Will rubs his eyes as Judy stands with her hands on her hips!!!


LOST IN SPACE logo with new theme.


ACT THREE        

Smith tells Judy she tormented her brother quite enough. "Will is not my brother, Dr. Smith, and I am not his sister!"  Judy tells them she is not Will's sister, "I'm not joking, Will."  Will's sister Judy was her great, great, great grandmother. Robot is skeptical but Smith dismisses it, calling him a cyber skeptic. Judy tells Will she is his niece five or six times removed. She takes him off to talk to him, feeling they have a lot in common. She will tell him lots of things. Robot tells Smith, "She may be Will's relative, on the other hand maybe she's not."  Robot tells Smith, "We have reason to doubt everything!"  Smith calls him a digital dunce. The Sergeant arrives and slaps Smith. Smith will have him summarily court martialed. This Sergeant is Hiratio Smith. Dr. Zachary Smith is his great, great, great, great grandfather! Smith mocks at first, "Am I in..."  then he realizes this. He gets sentimental and holds the man, happy to see a relative. Hiratio says he has lived under a shadow of Zachary because, "You--YES YOU,"  were the 5th columnist (a fifth columnist is defined as IN WARTIME, A CIVILIAN OR CIVILIANS WITHIN THE DEFENSE LINES WHO SECRETLY ASSIST THE ENEMY) in the Jupiter expedition, a master saboteur, a sly Machiavellian menace. Smith says, "How dare you!"  He asks the Robot if he heard these slanders. The Robot did but adds, "...and they are not slanders."  Hiratio will beam a message to Earth from the mother ship. Smith must look the Supreme Court of the Space Judiciary in the face, face to face. In two hours, Will, Smith, and the Robot will rendezvous with the mother ship in the Space Pod--dawn and 0600. Hiratio slaps him again and leaves. The meeting with the mother ship and return to Earth will be the first step in Smith clearing himself.


It seems like day at the real Jupiter II. Maureen cannot reach John. Judy's hair is short now. She tries to get a picture on the screen but loud static hits her and makes her fall. Maureen and Penny bend over her. For a moment, Judy sees them as if from a dream. She looks at Penny, "Will. Will, don't you know me?"  Penny says, "I'm Penny."  Maureen asks, "Don't you know us?"  Judy gets up and is all right but says, "It's funny but for a moment, I felt, as if, as if I were someone else."  Maureen says, "Oh dear, I wish your father would get back so we can off this planet."   Penny looks out the window with her, "So do I."   Smith tells the Robot to beware.


Night where the future Judy and Will are. She wants to take photos for the archeological team. She wonders how a world nearly 3 centuries in advance of Will's former world will effect him. Will tells her he is not going back. Judy or the future Judy says, "Don't be a little fool."  Will is asked by her to tell her about his sister Judy. Will tells her that it would be like telling her about herself. Sergeant checked out the old Jupiter II galley; the Commander the systems. He tells Will they know that his parents must have erected the Robot statue before they left. The team is ready to go back to Earth. The Sergeant calls the Robot an antique for the Space Museum. Will sees Judy and the Sergeant vanish. He looks at the Jupiter II mess. Later, he calls for Dr. Smith in the forest.


Don and John are still searching in a rocky barren area. Don thinks Will must have imagined the rainforest. John tells him, "No, he only imagines once he's home, not in an emergency."  So they keep looking for a rain forest.


In the rainforest, Will finds Dr. Smith and the Robot and they cannot find the Pod, Smith knows they left it in the spot they are now. Smith tells Will they must "gird"  their loins finding it. He has his reputation to protect. Will insists that there be no rendezvous. Smith follows Will into the forest. Smith asks him, "Have you taken leave of your senses, William?"  Smith must set the record straight. Robot mentions whoppers but Smith calls him an obsolete oaf. Smith falls in a bush. Will thinks they are seeing optical illusions and is not even sure the jungle is real, maybe they are not in a jungle at all. Robot agrees with Will. Smith calls him a deplorable dunderhead and tells him that his silly statue must then be an illusion. Will helps Smith find the Space Pod.


Don and John wander around past more and more rocks. Don comments that this is the longest half mile he's ever walked and that they have been in four different directions. John finds his radio still jammed. They walk some more. Don is frustrated, "We're going around in circles!" A high pitched sound hits them and lights that burn green. They are driven away but cover their ears. A boulder on a low ledge bursts into pieces. Don and John go to another area. They turn around and see the Space Pod...covered in vines, branches, and brush...looking hundreds of years old!



Start out with some new music which is a variation on the old. John checks the Pod inside and out. There are webs on it and the door is creaky, covered in many webs. The controls have not been used in years. The radio is still being jammed. John figures if Smith and Will were on their way to the spaceship, they would have seen them. John asks Don about the Pod, he answers that it looks like it's been left here a long time ago and rotted. John tells him that that is not true...they know it can't be true. He mentions it as a trick, an illusion. Don scoffs, "An illusion, that?"  John says, "No, I'm serious, I mean it."  He calls out that it is an illusion. A green light hits and the vines and old-ness of the Pod vanish, leaving the Pod by itself, fresh and new. John says, "Yeah, this planet's for real allright but everything on it, everything you hear, see, and touch is imaginary and it's only real if you allow yourself to be fooled."  Don asks, "Do you think that Will and Dr. Smith were fooled?"  John answers, "Yes or they'd be here, now we've got to find them before the illusions become so real for them--they won't know the difference."  They move out and this whole scene is played out among THE DERELICT comet music.


Will, Robot, and Smith find the Pod in the forest. Robot tells Smith that there probably is no mother ship. Will doubts there was any team either. Smith asks if he doubts the evidence of his own senses. Will doubts the evidence of something other than his senses. Will stands firm...he will not launch the Space Pod. Smith will go alone but Will tells him its a trick. Smith says, "To thy known self be true."  He will deny everything and send back a rescue ship, "Adue, little friend," he says, sadly. To the Robot he yells, "You take care of him or you'll answer to me for it!"  Will and Robot will not help Smith fly the Pod up. If he goes up into space he will never get anywhere. Will puts his hand on Smith's shoulder, trying to convince once again, "Don't you see they got you on their side by telling you that silly story about your reputation and then they tried to win the Robot over by letting him see his statue, and they tried to get me by showing me someone who looked like Judy except I don't believe it, Dr. Smith, we gotto find out who's doing this to us and why!"  The team calls down, "We are waiting."  Will tells Smith, "Well, let em wait."  Smith sits on the Pod door as Will and Robot move out into the woods.


Will tells Robot now he is not so sure this jungle is imaginary. Robot tells him, "Be sure, Will Robinson, be sure."  A high frequency beam attack by an alien force hits the Robot, who tells Will, who wanted to turn back, "Offense is the best defense, Will Robinson."  They go on and Will sees a roaring cougar on a mountainside. Robot gets hit again by the force and as he is jolted, his claw seems to absently swing and hit Will's face or nearly does. Robot is disoriented, "I...I don't know who I am. Who are you?" Will tells him to wait here and goes on. He keeps saying, "I don't believe it," when faced with a new challenge. The cougar vanishes.


In the rocky area, Don comments that it seems less and less like a rain forest and more like good old Death Valley. John tells him there are some illusions there, too. A windstorm hits them hard. They are held back. John is asked by Don if it is an illusion. John says, "Maybe. Even though it seems to be holding us back, keep going!"  Don can't find him but John grabs his arm. As soon as they keep moving, the wind stops. Don says, "You were right, something's dead set on getting us to turn back."  John says, "Which I have no intention of doing."


Will is startled by a giant lizard dino (stock footage). He says, "I don't believe it," and the monster giant vanishes. Rock monsters, one purple, one red, appear from thin air, growling (the original Cyclops sound effect not used in THERE WERE GIANTS IN THE EARTH or this episode for the cyclops but used for these rock men monsters). He comes to bushes which open at the middle revealing a large machine with an eye stalk and large mechanical eye. Will talks to it, telling it that he would be a fool not to be afraid but only when there are things real enough to be afraid of. To it, all intruders are harmful. They must be so deluded by their own fear that they will depart quickly. The machine tells Will it has not been programmed to destroy, adding the word, "...unfortunately."  Over the centuries since it has been abandoned here, it has acquired the power to create illusions. Even though Will tries to tell it that they are not harmful and will leave soon, it does not listen. Will tells it that the illusions only fooled him at first but not any more. The thing emits a sound and a light comes over it. A blue spiked man-thing monster appears, spikes all over it's entire body, head to toe. Will turns to run but a fire springs up on the other side of him! We hear BLAST OFF quake music, used effectively here. The machine tells Will he is afraid and will be destroyed by his own fears. Will yells, "You're not real, you're not!"  Robot comes, "He IS real, Will Robinson!"  The machine orders, "Seize them!"  Robot blasts the spiked man and the machine into sparking bits and both vanish as if blasting off or being blasted away. Robot tells Will the machine used up the last of its power making reality but its reality was no match for their's. John and Don arrive and find the two. They will all go and pick up Dr. Smith.             


"Dr. Smith achieves strange Samson-like strength when future hippies terrorize the Space Family Robinson!"


A hippy alien says, "This whole planet is gonna go phew."  A hippy girl touches Don's face, "Why don't you try to be nice?"  Don pushes her hand, "Cut it out!"  The hippy male comes up to him, "You be nice when she talks to you, little master cause you can be hurt very bad."  A muscled, curly haired Dr. Smith says in a deep masculine voice, "Stand aside."  He picks up the Robot by his bubble stalk and moves him with one hand. "Forward march!"  The hippy tells John, "This planet must be destroyed quickly and efficiently!"  John says, "Why that's murder. I won't let you get away with it!"  They fight. There are blasts. Will and the Robot run out of a cave as Smith urges them to run. Smith runs. Poles fall as the cave caves in!     




REVIEW: Even John Peel liked this episode but he made a big mistake by telling us that the rock monsters were from THE ASTRAL TRAVELLER---hey, John, they weren't! They might have been from CAVE OF THE WIZARDS or even VOYAGE's THE FOSSIL MEN. This episode is good. It must be the contender for the Most Insults From Smith to the Robot episode as he insults him in almost every scene, almost every other line! That aside, the strangeness of this episode, more often attributed to SPACE:1999 and the more weird STAR TREKs, makes this one a mystery. It is too bad the show couldn't keep this kind of actioner-mystery going. The third season was fairly good to start out with. Production order-wise, they don't bottom out until COLLISION OF PLANETS and then not until CASTLES IN SPACE, A DAY AT THE ZOO, and TWO WEEKS IN SPACE, all right in a terrible row. Along the way, we had the so-so somewhat silly THE HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE, the great SPACE CREATURE and THE ANTI MATTER MAN, and a few more adventurous episodes--TARGET: EARTH, THE FLAMING PLANET, and TIME MERCHANT. More schlock with PRINCESS OF SPACE. Then the last few. The worst of this season though is A DAY AT THE ZOO and TWO WEEKS IN SPACE, not THE GREAT VEGETABLE REBELLION.



Writer: Robert Hamner

Dir: Don Richardson



The Robinsons have already landed on another planet. Smith, Will, and the Robot move to a cave. Dad told them not to go too far. Smith says, "We shall never discover the wonders of the universe sitting at camp beside the Jupiter II. We must strike out boldly in all directions."  He must rest and falls. Will helps him out, finding a cave dug into the cliff. Will mentions to Smith about his "brave and fearless space explorer" speech when Smith wants to return to camp. He makes Will go into the cave to explore, Will telling him, "Okay."  He calls Smith in but Smith stays at the entrance. Will runs out and runs off to go get Dad and Don and bring them back. Smith goes in. He and Robot see body plates on a machine which is run like a conveyor belt. There are lights and computers. They go down to more computers which are bright and shiny. Robot warns Smith of this machine but Smith says, "Never fear Smith is here."  He presses buttons on the metal wall of the device, calling Robot a cautious clump. There are giant cans, smoke, metal rods which move, pistons, clay dropping out which is  turned over to the belt. It turns on a round turntable to go under two nozzles which spray it. One sprays white dust and another red dust. Then green and purple. A larger conveyor belt makes it go under a presser where it is pressed. It goes under a light and heated, steaming up it is passed into a large device and out the other side---on the other side it takes on a human torso form.







The body is passed onto through a giant vein-tunnel-funnel with a large mouth (FANTASTIC VOYAGE vein tunnel and we hear FANTASTIC VOYAGE sound effects). It comes out with a white face, non-descript features in a white shirt and pants. Smith thinks it marvelous. It moans through what looks like a stocking face. Smith says, "I am your master."  It lunges at him and throws the Robot aside. Smith runs up the steps and it follows him. He avoids it. It smashes a rock at his head, outside. He ducks, "Nooo!"  He runs and hides but it soon finds him and follows him.


At camp, Maureen tells John that lunch is nearly ready and she wouldn't want it to go to waste while he is, uhmm, tinkering with that thing. John laughs, "Darling, I never tinker."  They have a table set up with blue chairs. John has a net. Don is at a stall section and when John throws the net over a large rock, Don hits the switches and the rock vanishes in an electric blast. Will comes running and explains what he found. We hear DERELICT MUSIC from the Don and John run and find Will in the alien ship action. Smith avoids the monster and comes running and sits on a rock near a tree. They ask about the Robot but he doesn't care, calling Robot a mechanical meddler, "We're all going to be destroyed."  The cyborg thing appears, moaning. Smith explains quickly. Don asks, "You made it?"  John tells Maureen to get everyone back to the ship smoothly and slowly, not to run. She does. John distracts it away from Don and the stall device so he can toss the net over it. It almost hits the switches, which would kill John as John is holding the net and if the switches are thrown, he would get electrified. Don yells at it to get away from the switch device. Finally, John is able to attack it and toss the net over it. Don hits the switches and it vanishes under the net. In the Control Room, later, Smith won't tell what happened to the Robot. "I'm not his KEEPER," he says and calls him a pucilanimous pinhead, wanting this to cease and desist. Smith is confined to his quarters. When the others go, Smith says, "We shall see." 


Later, outside, John and Don work on papers set on the table. They mutter something about 887 million miles point 2 and 7-1 as well as  sector 484 million miles, cutting time in one half at 3.1. What does all this mean? Who knows? Smith sneaks out of the ship and slips past them. He goes right back to the cave and sees Robot on his back, calling him "dear old friend,"  seemingly worried. Then he calls him a bubble headed booby. He pulls on Robot, trying to get him up but falls back---into the machine buttons. It starts up and begins making another man-thing monster. Smith says, "Oh the pain, the pain."  We hear the build up music from MY FRIEND, MR. NOBODY. The mouth of the vein seems to have braces that were used on the shape of THE TIME TUNNEL. The cyborg goes after Smith who yells, "I'm innocent I tell you!"  It corners Smith and begins to menace him as if it will choke him.



By mistake, Smith hits another button. A conditioned reflex system goes on and is obedient to Smith--it says. The voice from the machine tells him to command, "All your orders will be obeyed."  Smith orders the cyborg to put its hands on hip and to do deep knee bends. It marches into a metal device. Smith orders it to pick up that mess of metal--the Robot. Night--Will has his hands on his belt buckle as John and Don return from looking for Smith. John asks, "Well, where could he have gone now?"  Will knows Smith has gone back to the cave but it is too dark now but Will knows Dr. Smith is in trouble--he just feels it. Don says, "...he caused the trouble and he's not on the receiving end."  They will sleep and get an early start in the morning, John says. John and Don go up the ramp. John comes back and pulls Will by the ear, "Aye, bed time!"  Will says, "N...oohhh."  Smith is at a table served by a cyborg in a chef's hat. Robot is unnerved by a cyborg guard. Smith says, "So you lugubrious lump, your friends think that they can have me incarcerated. Confine Dr. Smith to his quarters. I'll confine them to their own quarters before they know what they're about."  Robot remains quiet. He can see with his scanners. Smith calls him dear old friends and calls him obsolete scrap metal. Robot counters that his cyborgs are mindless. Smith says fiddlety fie. Smith has cochef jonjoc or something. A cyborg tells a bad joke about an intergalactic salesman, retro rocket warp, a solar  farm and the farmer's pretty daughter. Robot remarks, sarcastically, that this is sophistication. The cyborg dances to music--STROLLING THROUGH THE PARK ONE DAY. We also hear some space music. Chef stumbles in his dance. Smith tells him to toss himself onto the reject pile in with two others. Smith tells the Robot, "One more word and off goes your bubble."  There is a light torch in the back of the cave and too much furniture. Smith wants to use the controls to make a better quality product. Will opens the Jupiter II door and sneaks out, closes the door, and moves off (DEADLY GAME music). He hears lots of running feet. Four white pants run by--cyborgs. Will hides but goes to the cave eventually, "Dr. Smith, where are you?"  Dr. Smith comes out from behind a rock. Will starts to talk to him but another Smith comes out and stands along side that one and another and another! They are Cyborg Smiths! Four in all!



Smith's face smiles at a rock where the rest of his body is hidden. He laughs from behind it. Smith tells Will he should back in his bed at the Jupiter II. It is a good thing he got to Will before one of his subjects did--"the first of a hardy band of conquerors who will soon control the universe--for me---their leader."  They go down steps. Smith goes on about "invincible soldiers who will conquer the universe for me."  He will create an army for action. He begins to create another. Will says, "It's like baking a cake."  DERELICT spaceship web interior designs are used in the machine cave set. There is a Roman Smith. Smith will make perfection with his best features. The Roman Smith jumps with his sword...at Will but Dr. Smith stops it. Smith says, "The thing's a leader has to endure, William, you wouldn't believe."  Smith tells the Roman Smith to guard over the prisoner who is in the stockade. Will rolls his eyes, "Dr. Smith, what did you do to the Robot?"  He has put the Robot into protective custody. Will tells him the Robot is a friend. Smith says, "Aback and alas,"  a leader can have no friends, which includes William. Smith calls Captain Smith--a Civil War Smith to take Will prisoner, "Don't harm him."  Smith makes the Cyborg Smith Civil War captain (who has a sabre) take Will off. "Lovely, lovely, lovely, it's all going splendidly I think." 


In the stockade, Will repairs the Robot's dented diode and twisted transistor. It hurts only when he laughs. His arms squeak and are stiff. Will says, "These repairs should hold until we get back to the Jupiter. If we get back."


Day---John and Don look for Will. John and he are finished looking. John says, "First the Robot, then Smith and now Will...all missing. That cave that Will spoke about...now don't ask me how I know this but I think that cave has the key to this whole thing."  DUH!?! HOW DID HE FIGURE THAT OUT? Don wants to go get some weapons. Smith comes and says, "One moment please."  He tells them they are in his protective custody. When John protests, Smith says, "So sorry, Professor, but you are no longer in control here." Smith calls and Captain Smith appears with a sabre, rushing at John, who directs Don to get the destructor capsules from the ship. They fight, a fight which ends up on the ground. John falls on his back and has to move as the sabre is stuck down at his stomach. He gets out of the way. Smith hides under an outcropping of a large rock. Don runs out of the Jupiter, which has small rocks on either side of the ramp. John falls over a larger rock and is on his back again. Just as he is about to be killed, Don arrives and tosses a capsule at Captain Smith, who gets blown away. Don helps John up. Smith clicks his fingers and a red suited Martian Smith appears with odd space helmet on and holding a ray gun on them. Don had dropped the bag of destructor capsules and tried to reach for them. Smith tells the Major to be thankful--he could have ordered it to kill him just then. Smith talks of ruling the universe at the head of a whole cyborg army. As an Emperor. John says, "Smith---knock it off." Smith leaves. Don says, "He's really flipped out this time."  John says, "Maybe but if he can make enough of those things he might be able to pull it off."


In the cave, Smith begins to make a General Smith.


In the stockade, Will waves in a phoney way to a Roman soldier guard, "Hi!"  Robot and Will are near a red cushion couch. Robot says, "Dr. Smith must be stopped. The universe is in enough of a mess as it is without him being in charge."  Robot has a plan--let the guard destroy him so Will can get away. Will says, "Boy, is that a dumb idea. What would I do without you."  Robot asks, "Who would miss a stupid servo mechanism, one whose computers are constantly tricked and mislead by Dr. Smith."  Will says, "I don't think this is all Dr. Smith's fault. I think that machine is somehow taking him over."  Robot says, "Even so, enough is enough. If we survive this, I have finally had it with that man!"  Robot acts sick.


Smith puts in the physical characteristics and mental ability of new cyborg he is making: for instincts he puts in the cunning and ingenuity of Napoleon, the bravery of Alexander the Great, the leadership of Julius Caesar, and the ferocity of Genghis Khan.


Robot is laying on a couch as Will stops the Roman Cyborg Smith from hitting the Robot with a sword to put him out of his misery. As they try to get the Cyborg to move closer to the Robot, the Robot's arm moves up at it--and is seen. Will tells the Cyborg that it was just a nervous twitch. Robot grabs the Cyborg, who drops his sword, "Run Will Robinson, run!"


Smith is finishing putting on the strength of Hercules and almost forgets one important ingredient--his brainpower and personality (and we hear a fart sound as he turns this on). Smith watches this being made. The clay is steamed up in a machine and goes onto a belt. Will comes and tells Smith, "I just can't let you do this. I'm going back to the Jupiter and I'm bringing Dad and Don back here to stop you. You've changed, Dr. Smith, you used to do some strange things in the past but you were always my friend. Well, your different now. This machine is taking you over."  Smith put him in his protective custody to protect him, he is still his friend. Will can be Chief Advisor over his domain when he becomes ruler of the universe. Will doesn't want to be. When the boy tries to leave, Smith pulls his arm and Will ends up on the conveyor belt on his back as it moves into the machine...with Will on it! Smith tried to pull Will off but couldn't. Smith tries to reverse the machine and the process, pleading for Will to come out, "We'll be friends just the way we always were!"  Will comes out the other side and has a Smith face! Smith pleads, "Let's be chums again?"  He is upset. The Will-Smith says, "There is no further need for you--you will be destroyed!"  He reaches up to choke Smith who backs away, yelling, "No! No! No!"



Smith has never been in command here--he only did the Master Machine's bidding. It makes Smith's hand webbed and alien. Will sounds almost merciful when he fixes it by waving his own hand over it, fixing it back. He puts his hand to his head, calling himself a superior intellect, "I will conquer the universe!"  At the Jupiter, Maureen asks John if he is going to fiddle around with that forcefield while Will is out there, "..are you?"  John tells her, "Look, I don't think Smith'd hurt Will but I do know he's coming back here with an army of cyborgs..."  Maureen asks if he really believes Smith would try to conquer them, "...do you?"  John says, "In his condition, he'd try anything."  Don comes out with the guns. Maureen is told to get in the ship and keep the doors locked. Smith comes running and sits on a rock, telling them about Will, "I think he's turned into a cyborg!"  Don wants to kill Smith, "Why I oughta...!"  John stops Don and asks where Will is. Smith tells him the bottom of the gully on the other side of this hill. Don and John go, leaving Smith to declare that all he wanted to do was rule the universe. John blasts a white garbed Smith cyborg. Don blasts a whooping American Native Indian Smith. A Samurai Smith and a Roman Smith jump off a large ridge at Don and John. Don is hit down and falls over. John fights both cyborgs, knocking them down but gets a sharp stick as the cyborgs regather themselves and attack again. He runs the stick into the Roman's stomach and pushes it away. The Samurai lifts his sword over the fallen and hurt Don but John grabs up the bag of bombs and blasts it before it can strike. Don tells John not to worry about him---to go find Will. John goes to the cave. He is out of bombs he realizes as a Musketeer Smith attacks with rapier. He throws the bag and takes off the belt and fights it.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The music during this fight scene is the EARTHQUAKE MUSIC used in the beginning of THE HUNGRY SEA before the main theme song is played. THIS VERSION IN SPACE DESTRUCTORS is a much longer version, sounding the same but with added music.


John hops up on a rock and kicks the Musketeer which rolls but gets up. John jumps down from the rock and the cyborg bashes his back into the machine. More cyborgs start being made and more and more Musketeers come running out to fight John. He punches one and a second one arrives, jumping down from above. John gets the first one's sword and stabs this one in the chest. A third, a fourth, and more come. John sword fights them, stabbing each in its turn, moving them at the wall. Another comes, jumping off the rock and more come from around the bend. He runs one right through and it falls, holding its chest. Two more jump down. He fights two at one time. He jumps up on a rock and swipes at more and more from across the rock. Another after another comes. About six more come. John stabs one in the heart area. Another comes and gets stabbed in the stomach. The last one falls. John goes down the steps and sees Robot who is calling for Will Robinson. We can see that many of the devices here come from THE TIME TUNNEL sets. Will comes and tells John, "There is no longer a Will Robinson. He is just a useful cog in the all powerful vast mechanism."  John tells him not to talk like that--they will get him help. Will tells him it is they who will need the help. John grabs Will by the hand and orders Robot to destroy this place. Robot fires blasts at the machines. Will yells, "No! No! He mustn't!"  He fights and kicks so John picks him up over his shoulder and takes him out sa Robot fires at machines. Smoke and fire destroy the devices in the cave. John carries Will out of the smoking cave mouth and it is Will again, coughing in his normal voice and with his normal face. Will hugs John (gentle WELCOME STRANGER music).


Later, Smith waits for John, sitting on a rock. John comes with Smith's bags, telling him he packed all this things and he can check them if he'd like. Smith trusts the Professor. Will comes to a rock and hides, watching and listening to their exchange. Smith fears the wilderness, all alone out there. John says, "Then I suggest you find yourself a nice, warm cave somewhere."  HEY DOPE, WASN'T IT A CAVE THAT STARTED THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?!! Smith says, "But I'm the weakest person here, I'll never survive."  John says, "You'd be surprised at what a man could do when he has to." 

Smith: But I can change, really I can.


John: When could you ever change? Look Smith, I don't like this any more than you do but this time you've gone too far--alright, you nearly had us all killed but you almost sentenced my son to live endlessly as a cyborg, enslaved him to a life of mindless eternity, yes, I saw.


John tells Smith that he is greedy and too much of a liability for the safety of this organization for John to allow him to remain. Smith pleads that he can change but then says, "No, I'll never change. It's time to face up to the cold, hard facts about greedy, raptus Zachary Smith. If ever there are riches or power or enormous glory to be had--I know I'll endanger the lot of you to get my hands on them. You're a good man Professor, you're doing what you think is right to insure the safety of all the others--I shall always be a menace."  He knows it and tells him to say goodbye to the others for him. He asks of them to think kindly of him in the future, "I know I do bad things from time to time but I don't mean it and it's just that, well, I can't control myself."  John says, "All right, I'll tell them but I think they know that."  Smith tells him he is kinder, "...than I deserve considering all the trouble I've caused."  He tells John he can be most resourceful and self sufficient when he has to be. He moves off and drops the water jug he has and a can of what seems to be fuel or something. John picks it up---and yells at Smith to come back here. "Allright, let's give it one more try."  Smith tells him he will be a new man and will turn over a new leaf, "You won't be sorry, Professor."  John says, "I better not be sorry."  With a mad face, he walks Smith off back toward camp, Smith a silly face on. Will, who had been crying, stops and wipes his forehead and breathes out. NOTE: Throughout most of this scene we hear the sad music from WELCOME STRANGER, making us feel sorry for Smith.



Jupiter II flies in space toward a space station. Robot calls, "Warning! Warning! Collision, collision!"  The ship hits: Penny, Will, J-5-an alien, and Smith shake! Penny falls with a gasp. At the window of the Jupiter II is a blast of mist with sound to boot (the sound is not in the actual next week episode as it is not really a blast), seen from outside the window are Judy, Don, John, and Maureen, shaking.


NARRATOR: Next week, the sole survivor of a space colony puts the Robinson family in jeopardy!" 


J-5 grabs Penny at the mouth of a cave. She screams wildly. A lion runs out of a cave at Penny and J-5; John is sitting in a dark room with the family at dinner with a Colonel, "This light ship contains a store of emergency fuel."  The Colonel adds, "And when it's piped aboard your ship...I'm quite sure there'll be sufficient power to take you straight back home to Earth!"  The light ship shakes with everyone in a giant control area. In the Jupiter II control room, J-5 smiles and laughs, "By the time we get to my planet, we'll be flying upsidedown and around in circles."  Penny gasps and points, "Your planet?!"  She turns to run out the open hatch to the light ship gangway, "Dad!"  Smith is there and opens his arms to stop her. In dark room near an open cabinet, a girl in a silky purple-ish gown waves a giant diamond or jewel at Smith, "But you will come and see me won't you...on my planet...on our planet."  Don, Judy, and John watch in the Jupiter II as the boy, J-5 touches a circuit behind the circuitry panel and it blasts. In Will's cabin, J-5 says, "Will Robinson, just wait till you come back in here."  In a dark room with the dinner table to fall all over, Will runs from a lion which jumps out of the cabinet. Will falls over the table and runs, cornered, "Dad! Dad help!"        








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