LOST IN SPACE-Hunter's Moon

Chase - Posted on 24 October 2009


Writer: Jack Turley

Dir: Don Richardson



Jupiter II flies in space (Chariot travel music heard) as John looks out, "Two degrees right warp and stand by with the Space Pod."  All are in their silver space suits with the red shoulder lining. Smith warns the Professor not to descend to the planet--it is girdled with some sinister contamination force. John tells him they have no choice--if their propulsion isn't fixed...they can't maintain support systems--either way they could die. Don puts ship into minimum gravitational orbit. Will handles the auxillary thrusters. Judy has her hair long but up in a big ponytail type but Penny has her hair down and long. John is handed his space helmet gear with pad by Judy (NOTE: He doesn't use it!). Penny and Maureen are also with him. Maureen warns John that "old Dr. Smith might just have a point about that contamination belt being lethal." John says goodbye to them and goes into a hatch in the back of the control room just to the right of the elevator. It closes. He goes into the Space Pod room and into the pod where Robot opens hatch pod bay door, a hatch on the side and lower belly of the Jupiter. Ejection system ready. Disconnected thrust. Robot does a countdown (we hear RELUCTANT STOWAWAY title music). The pod flies down, out, and away. Heat--4300, 1.073 is gravitational pull. Don tells them scope metering is corrected with Pod. Robot's silver diodes are silver now--no coloring as in second season and some third seasoners. Robot warns about a forcefield which builds to fatal intensity. Don tells them to turn back, not to penetrate any further (John loses parajet control music from ISLAND IN THE SKY starts). John sees the belt forming outside the Pod's three framed window as the Pod shakes.   





ISLAND IN THE SKY crash music as freeze frame shows Pod entering radiation belt. Pod penetrates forcefield layer with lots of shaking and bursting. Don tells him to use his auxillary thruster pack. It is 6 gees above maximum safety level. They can't comply. Robot says his force detector is overloaded, "Danger! Danger!"  Pod responds and they see the planet now. A detector circuit burned out on the Robot. John tells Don, "Yeah, I think we'll both survive."  The forcefield pains the Robot--and just to think about it does also. He detected it to be an ultra powerful barrier energized by solar deflection like a fence which they figure can work two ways--to keep things in or out. Robot turns on his emergency operations. Landing struts on Pod are projected but as we see the struts seem to be always out. The Pod lands, passing bushes, trees, and rocks. Oxygen is within human tolerance. Robot advises caution. John calls the Jupiter 2--no good spots to bring the Jupiter down yet. Robot continues to caution the Professor who thinks he has to check the Robot out--perhaps there was more damage to him than they thought. They pass alien bones and trees. Robot yells, "Danger! Danger!"  A hairy faced dog faced, furry monster of black comes out of hiding. Galadian as we later find out its name. John shoots it in the head with his laser pistol and it falls over. An alien appears with a semi bald head, hair on the bridge of his nose, and around a large cranium and purple-ish skin tone. John tells him, "I'm John Robinson from the Earth ship Jupiter Two. We have to make an emergency landing for repairs."   The alien tells him, "I am Megazor, future ruler of all Zon."  He is here to determine his suitability for leadership. John tells him they won't interfere but Megazor tells him they have already done so. Using a disrupter tone, they disable the Robot. John calls the Jupiter 2 but Megazor makes his radio fall and vanish. He has plans for John's use. Megazor has his men take the Robot and John to his camp. Robot tells the Professor not to be concerned--humans their Robotine products are not natural enemies of the Zon culture. Megazor tells him, "Your robot is well programmed."  Megazor shows him his enemies: Strothsapor (the white furry COSMIC MONSTER from SPACE CIRCUS) which roars out from behind the bars of his cage, a bat thing (from THE KEEPER and the first versions of the unaired pilots), Gladius (a thing with red body and two horn like appendages on its head--also used as the aliens in VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-DEADLY ISLAND and used later as THE TIME MERCHANT's monster guard on LOST and a monster guard in THE ANTI MATTER MAN's world later on), a hairy horned creature (like Izrulan from TREASURE OF THE LOST PLANET), Zorazon (a rock man looking like the CAVE OF THE WIZARD's rock men and VOYAGE's THE FOSSIL MEN), and there is a two headed bubble faced swamp like creature on a rack screaming like Uncle Angus from THE ASTRAL TRAVELLER. This bubble faced thing has appeared in THE RAFT, THE KEEPER, PRISONERS OF SPACE, and on VOYAGE's THE CONDEMNED, DEADLY CREATURE BELOW!, and SECRET OF THE DEEP. Megazor looks down on Earthlings and scoffs as John says, "Since you already have them in cages, the killing should be easy."  Megazor tells him his species considers destruction a high art form with rules, regulations, procedures, and sportsmanship. John says, "Oh, that's encouraging,"  to something the Robot tells him. Megazor tells his guards to hurry them along. John and Robot are moved through the cage area. John's killing of that Galadian or Gladian cost him 50 points. He needs 500 points to finish his test. John, the tall alien machine computes, counts for one point. Megazor tells John his species is a sub species. Punishment for John--bonus points are ten. Robot considers John his master and tells them his master is worth more. Jupiter 2 in space orbits. Don and Maureen give up calling John, "Oh Don."  She tries again. NOTE: In space sequences, the interior of the ship slightly rocks from side to side to give the illusion of space travel. Smith calls their desire to bring the Jupiter down ignorance. They should take his wise and direct counsel. Will asks Smith how he knows there is hostility on the planet. Don argues that it is only a defect in their communications. NOTE: THIS TIME SMITH IS RIGHT!!! Judy asks, "What should we do, Don?"  Don wants to take the ship down. Despite Smith's protests, Maureen agrees, "I agree (see, I told you she did). If John's in trouble, he could our help."  Smith tells them why they shouldn't land, and tells them they should continue their search for Earth and when they get home he shall erect a suitable memorial, "To the Brave One's we left behind."  Maureen says, "Dr. Smith you dare you."  Smith votes no to landing on the planet. All vote against him, Will also, despite a con job from Smith. Don says, "Well, Smith, as usual, your influence hasn't improved around here."  Smith tells them, "You've all taken leave of your senses what little is left of what you once had. Therefore..."   He misfires the retro rockets and runs the ship into maximum gravitational vicinity. Don snaps orders to all and tells Maureen to get everyone below and strapped in. Smith stays above, Don telling him he needs his help. Don puts out a fire on the astrogater as the ship heads at the forcefield belt around the planet. Smith complains big time as the ship seems to revolt and scream. Don tells Smith to shut up and get over to the astrogater--with both of them--they might get the ship through the forcefield. They add auxiliary port stabilizer burst. They fly out of the forcefield. Smith asks if there is still hope but Don doesn't think very much--they still have a crash landing to look forward to. Smith says, "Oh dear!"  The ship crashes from left to right this time (stock from the pilots).



The door to the Jupiter opens. There are boulders in front of the door and a square rock in particular is under the doorway. Don throws a tree branch away. Maureen comes down rocks. Penny tells her they are just a little battered that's all. Don wants to set up the forcefield. Will asks, "Hey, what about Dr. Smith?"  Smith calls out from the hatchway, "Is that you Saint Peter?"  He thinks he is in Heaven, his hands over his eyes. Don will go down to the Engine Duct and check it out while he directs Maureen to set up the forcefield. Maureen calls to the girls to help her set up the protective shield and they move out. Don gives Smith a device to scan the area to find John and the Robot with Will. It is a radarscope scanner. Smith, using it, later trips over a flat rock. In the background are other rocks, flat and some not so flat, as well as trees. They have searched the perimeter of the ship 500 yards out. The radarscope is on long scanning visual range. Smith is near a purple tree, telling Will there aren't even any dangerous life forms here, "Another dismal and deserted planet--what could possibly survive on it?"  Will moves off. Smith follows past orange moss. A rock near where they were, gets up and moves--a huge stone chested fossil man (amid what sounds like new music). Smith sits next to Will on a rock. He complains about his delicate back. Will says, "Dr. Smith, just for once, can you please try and forget about your delicate back."  He has some trouble with the scope. Smith tries, telling him the Kravistat is out of alignment. Will asks him what a Kravistat is. Smith uses the radarscope, getting a thrill out of it now, telling him it opens up a whole new world for him. He tells Will he is hot on the track of "our lost loved ones."  Smith goes toward the Jupiter II and then blames Will for that. Will shakes his head to Smith's suggestions and con job that they return to the spaceship for something to eat. Smith then drops the scope and it soon picks up something on short range now. Smith holds it up and sees what he thinks is a gigantic eye monster very far off. It is in reality, the fossil rock man, staring toe to toe with him. It raises its arms to menace Smith. Will finally sees it, "Dr. Smith--lookout!!!"  He pulls Smith away and they run, now Smith pulling and dragging Will along. They move to more rocks. Smith says, "At least on Earth a rock has the decency to be a rock."  Smith tells Will he will give this monster, which comes and corners them again after a runaround, his cold and unbearing stare. The monster runs away---but only because one of the Zon alien warrior men stands behind Smith. Will sees the alien but a bragging Smith doesn't, "I've got the power! No all ye on this planet, never fear Smith is here, look upon me and tremble."  Will bugs Smith enough for him to yell at him, "William what do you want?"  Will points, "Look!"  Smith sees the alien and screams. The alien has a rifle gun and moves them along, saying something to them and taking the radarscope. John asks the Robot, from within his cage, to try to warn off the ship on his emergency UHF circuit but his distress mechanism as well as his destruct circuits are deactivated by the aliens. Robot is chained outside the cage. Megazor and the computer will spare John but he must undergo a test to show how Earth men are under stress. Zon's most feared and hated enemy, Invisabo is an invisible entity with poisonous claws and is in an adjoining cage next to John's. They release it into his cage. Robot tells John where the creature is and John, picking up a spear thrown to him, swings it around. When Invisabo is hit, sparks of electric come out of its body. "Your emergency tape circuit, is it working?"  John asks. Robot yells, "Yes but this is not time to be concerned about me!"  John orders Robot to burn his emergency tape circuit. Robot tells him self inflicted damage is contrary to his programming. John yells for him to do it. Robot does it and the smoke comes out of his bubble and chest. The smoke makes a shadowy figure appear--looking like it is wearing a sheet over it and with claws. John spears it dead, "All right, now, if you've had your fun, release us."  Will and Smith come running. When Will tells John they didn't mean to land, he also has to tell him that Dr. Smith misfired the retro rockets. Robot says, "A familiar behavior pattern is detected,"  referring to FORBIDDEN WORLD perhaps. John looks at Smith, "So you misfired the retro rockets, aye?"  Megazor thinks that John's defense was cunning. He will hold Smith and Will who both may be of value in further tests. John is now worth 150 points. Megazor needs one final kill of 350, then his ascendancy to the throne to rule all Zon is assured. Will and Smith are put in the cage. Smith tells them he despises games. John tells them the game will just involve Megazor as the hunter and him as the victim. Maureen tells Don that the forcefield is nearly ready to activate as she and the two girls work on it. Don says, "At least something still works in this junkpile."  Don tells her that the landing pod came down in the Third Quadrant which is 50 degrees to the left--they are worried about Will and Smith getting lost. Don goes in to work. Judy and Penny ask Maureen if she would like them to go look for Will and Dr. Smith. Maureen, despite herself, tries to remain optimistic, knowing they will come back. Penny musters up some optimism too, sure that they will show up most anytime, all of them together. Maureen agrees. Then all three of them look out at the planet, worried. John will have 60 Earth minutes with a five minute head start. The Computer will come along as an impartial judge. Robot objects--he will come along as an impartial judge of the Computer. Megazor denies him this. Megazor takes John to a table of weapons to demonstrate. John is allowed one. A Repeller Shield moves people back from it but it only works effectively at short range. John says, "I have no intention of letting you get that close."  Then Megazor uses a five pronged ion deflector to make John fall against the cage. He also shows him a gun which blows up a rock near a giant animal bone. A compact gas ejector which is very lethal even for the Zon culture cannot be shown to him. Megazor wants him to choose from these and propulsion belts, laser rockets, and others. He warns him that each has one small defect but he is not obligated to tell him more via the rules. John looks at a silver Zon protective suit with a hood. It is impervious to radiation, heat, laser. As Megazor talks, John sneaks up a small canister weapon (the golden tube that fires gas) up his sleeve. Computer vanishes and Megazor leaves a guard to watch John pick. John uses the tube on the guard and purple gas comes out and the guard falls. We hear BLAST OFF INTO SPACE music. John uses the other weapon, a metal stick, to blast open the bars. Robot asks what about him. Smith says, "You can fend for yourself, we must save ourselves!"  John makes the other two stand back and blasts the Robot's chains, the bubble on the Robot going down. John, Will, and Robot move off. Smith stops for the Zon suit but a new guard comes and grabs him. On the table is a strange hat-another alien weapon. Jupiter II Control Room: in his green planet clothes, Don says, "What you told us about this Megazor character, do you think we'll have any more trouble from him?"  In his planet clothes, John says, "You can count on it."  In her regular clothes, Maureen tells them then that is all the more reason to keep the children close to the spaceship. John tells the Robot that will his job--he's been repaired and is fully operational. He is A-OK, he tells them but has a slight tingling in his transistors from the short circuit. Megazor projects his voice and image onto the TV screen in the control room. The guard that let them escape was extremely punished for his carelessness (NOTE: The gas was supposed to be very lethal but the guard survived). John gives his sympathies to the guard and Megazor laughs at this. Megazor shows them Smith in the cage and will use him for the hunt now. The screen goes off. Maureen says, "Poor Dr. Smith," asking what they can do.  John says, "Yeah, just one thing."  Don comes over to John, "Oh no you don't. You're not going back there to give yourself up to that monster, not for Smith or anyone."  Maureen says, "Oh John, no, please."  John says, "Why Smith wouldn't stand a chance against Megazor."  Robot says, "Your chances are also questionable, Professor."  John says, "I'm not so sure."



Smith is in the Zon protective suit in a red cage. Why did they let him put it on? Megazor appears and the suit pops off Smith and into his arms, "It is for your leader."  Megazor believes John's loyalty to Smith will make him return and has monitored his approach. John in planetary clothing comes to two guards, telling them Megazor is expecting him. Megazor tells them to let him come. He also tells John he lied about using Smith in the hunt--Smith is unsatisfactory. Will comes running in his planetary clothes--he sneaked out. Megazor tells his guards, "Release the Earth child."  John chastises Will, who wants to go with him and stay with him, "Are you gonna argue with the skipper of the Jupiter II?"  Megazor scoffs at emotion as Earthly defects: love and concern but John is proud of them--it's what makes them human. John must go put on the protective suit as the Computer countdowns the time and vanishes. Megazor makes Will stay--Will cannot move his feet. Will calls him a bully and Megazor says his speech pattern is strange. Will says, "You think we all have defects just because we care about what happens to each other."  Will asks him about caring--about Megazor's parents. Megazor tells him he was created by a synthesis incubator Mark 3 advanced model. Megazor uses a protractor and compass on a table. Will feels bad for him. Megazor tells him that love and concern are useless instincts for survival, they serve it no purpose. Will asks if he and others have ever tried to understand each other, even his enemies. Megazor says, "I do understand my enemies--they all want to kill me."  Will tells him that maybe it is just because they are scared. Children in Megazor's world are screened for such emotions in the incubators before they leave. Feelings are weeded out by genetic replacement. Will offers sympathy for him, sorry for him. Megazor bangs the table and yells that Earthling defects and emotions are to be expressed only to other Earthling defects--his offer is refused! Will crosses his fingers, telling Megazor he is right, absolutely right. NOTE: This is a childish thing to do but after all, Will is a child. Megazor tells him he is very young, perhaps he will see advantages to his point of view. John returns with the suit on. Smith comments that it looked better on him. John will let him take his place. Smith declines, telling him he has a warm feeling for this lovely cage now. He tells John to make haste and bring back plenty of help. John is worried about Will and Smith. Megazor and Computer make John run off. John runs past dino bones and skulls. Robot and Don find a dead end, searching for Will. They see a dino bone head. Robot was resting his batteries when Will snuck out. Don tells him he can tell that to Mrs. Robinson when they get back. Robot detects which way they went and wants to continue. Don tells him he promised  Professor Robinson no one would leave the ship's area and that includes the Robot. Don goes back to the ship. Robot calls out, "Will Robinson, where are you? Olly Olly Oxen Free." Don's hair is much longer in this than in other second season episodes. Megazor tells Will, "Your leader runs well, Earth child."  They are watching him on a screen on the alien Computer body. John passes bushes and elephant tusks. A destructor fence is around the Space Pod and blasts bursts at John but the suit saves him. He would surely have been killed if he didn't have it on. John runs past rocks and decides to turn away from the ship, his every move calculated by Megazor. He would not want to endanger his companions at the ship. Smith says, "It's uncanny."  John will not enter a place unwisely. He is near a river. A blast sends him another way---a way Megazor wants him to. Smith asks what is that "ghoulish device"  that Megazor has appear in his hands---a Zon destructor blade. "Come earth child, the chase begins!"  Megazor moves off, Will follows. The Computer vanishes. Smith screams.



John runs near a lake and a log over the water. There are also white rocks and boulders as well as an orange sprout tree. Will and Megazor follow past an uprooted tree. The water is smoking. There are two bush trees. Megazor fires the destructor blade which launches a circular spiked blade that whizzes at John. It misses but Will tries to damage the firing device by hitting it with a rock. Megazor tells him it is made of trionite--hardest element in the galaxy. He fires again; this time it hits a rock near the fleeing John. John grabs the spiked wheel out of the rock but it dissolves in his hands. He runs under a waterfall and it seems to hurt him. He is shaking and spasming. The water smokes and the suit's defect shows itself: the water has made it torn and ripped. Meteor storm music accompanies this-from RELUCTANT STOWAWAY. John runs. Will grabs Megazor but is repelled by some force. Megazor fires again and hits a tree near John. John runs down a hill past a blue cactus tree and into a field with crab grass. He falls in quicksand and tries to grab for a handhold from a vine (accompanied by earlier "crash music" from ISLAND IN THE SKY). Will follows Megazor who tells him he must hurry, "There are severe penalties for killing out of season."  Will tries to stop him again but is stopped, stuck to the ground, unable to move his feet--the computer does not allow interference. Will asks for mercy. Megazor tells him mercy is a defect. Will counters that he shouldn't be the kind of man who lets a machine tell him what to do. Megazor tells him he has no earthly defects; the computer probes his mind and Megazor screams, holding his head, "No! No! Do not probe! Do not PROBE!"  He gasps, "No defect."  After the spasm, he seems to go into a trance, controlled perhaps by the Computer. Perhaps it found his defect and corrected it. "Yes, I understand."  Will calls to him, trying to get him to stop as the alien walks down. Megazor moves down the slope toward John who is trapped in the quicksand...or so Megazor thinks. We see that John is really behind a rock, waiting to fight. John is between two large rocky hills. Megazor moves at the Zon suit which is what John left in the quicksand. Megazor throws the Zon firing device away and removes a sharp knife from his belt. He raises it and moves at the suit in the quicksand. John jumps Megazor at the last moment and they fight. Megazor and John choke each other at a tree. Megazor falls and gets his foot tangled up in a hanging vine from a tree. Computer vanishes. Will gets unstuck and runs down toward the fight. John punches Megazor down. Computer appears. Megazor on the floor, keeps saying, "No defect,"  over and over. Computer tells John, "It was unnecessary for you to destroy Megazor, Earthling. He will be disposed of."  Computer asks for John to try for 500 points and a crack at the throne. John says, "No thanks, I have, too many, too many earthling defects."  Megazor and Computer vanish (BLAST OFF music). Will asks John about Dr. Smith. John puffs, "One thing at a time, son, huh."  Robot looks for Will, "Master Will Robinson, where are you? Come out come out, where ever you are."  Smith is happy to see him. Robot is not sure he knows Smith but indicates that his protection banks indicate a speedy retreat is advisable when the cages, Zon guards and equipment vanish, leaving only Smith...now free. Smith yells, "Come back here, you horrid prankster!"  John and Will watch Smith chase the Robot past them. John puts his arm around Will, "Okay, Earthling child, let's get back to the ship. I think your mother has some defective and highly overamplified sentiments of her own to express."  Will smiles, "Okay."  They move off.


REVIEW: Yes, it is THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME but it is done well. Other shows have done this: GET SMART, GILLIGAN'S ISLAND, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, CHARLIE'S ANGELS, HART TO HART, and more. LOST IN SPACE's version stands up against most of the others. It is not as good as the 1932 version movie of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME. Megazor seems to have the emotional defects he hates so much (he seems to actually like Will and to not want to kill John in the end--not to mention he wouldn't have really used Smith in the hunt), perhaps this is why the Computer probes him and finds the defect, then seems to take him over somehow. It also might have found this a good way to get rid of Megazor without anyone suspecting the machines are really in control. While the background is not fully developed, it is an interesting alien and computer. The end fight with Megazor is one of the best of the entire series and like real to life fights, doesn't last very long. The outdoor sets and location work make this a refreshing episode. Too bad more of that couldn't have been done. It doesn't always seem to match up to the rocky sets with animals bones but perhaps the lake area is a different part of the planet. Some sources list Angus as one of the monsters in the cages. The Smith in space sequences where he demands a vote against landing and his desire not to rescue John is all very like his meaner antics in ISLAND IN THE SKY. Another strange thought is that perhaps Megazor is really just a metaphor for Maureen--they have the same amount of letters in their name, both start with letter M, and both...oh, well, maybe not. Perhaps it is Maureen's subconscious mind trying to get back at the men for treating the women as inferior...maybe not...oh well...


Unseen scenes: This episode, in production order was made after CONDEMNED OF SPACE, thus it starts out with the Robinsons in space. It ends with the Robinsons still on the "moon" where Smith crashlanded it in HUNTER'S MOON. Production 63, THE SPACE PRIMEVALS, begins with the Robinsons already on a planet and they seem to have been here some time since Will refers to a station transmitter two and they are looking forward to leaving. Either the Jupiter II lifted off the planet they encountered Megazor on and went into space, later landing on this prehistoric planet with volcanoes or it is the same planet in HUNTER'S MOON and THE SPACE PRIMEVALS. In air order, KIDNAPPED IN SPACE came first and this episode begins and ends with the Robinsons totally in outer space, not having landed at all. Next was HUNTER'S MOON, beginning in space and ending with them on a planet. After HUNTER'S MOON, THE SPACE PRIMEVALS showed them on a planet. They may have lifted off HUNTER'S MOON and onto the SPACE PRIMEVAL planet. If this is so, some more time must have passed since they had a transmitter station on the planet now. Or HUNTER'S MOON and the planet in THE SPACE PRIMEVALS may be the same planet. In production order, this is the first Space Pod appearance

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