Chase - Posted on 21 October 2009

tHE BLOODY sky is on fire in this edition of DW CONFIDENTIAL. No wait. Yeah, the bloody sky is on fire!!!! It's like something Irwin Allen did in the 60 but looks even better. This part is a great ending to a really good story. Very satisfying. The only thing that was sad was that is appears that Ross was killed. In some ways it looked like a blast richocheted off the wall and the wall hit him, it seems he's dead. Anyway, the other thing I didn't like was of course the Martha clone bit. It just didn't have much feeling to it really.

The rest was bloody brilliant. Donna on the Sontaran ship. Donna hitting the Sontaran from behind, her getting rescued. The Doctor seeming to get as worked up about protecting the Earth and war as UNIT. The new UNIT commander's speech. The Sontaran's bloodthirsty attack. They really are disgusting war mongers. Their plans. And Martha, Donna, and the Doctor with Luke at the end, sorta Nyssa, Tegan, Adric? No. In any event, David is again, doing good acting. Donna's family works really well in this and all of Sylvia and Wilf's scenes work well.

Ther'es one squence at the start of this two parter where Donna's shaking in the TARDIS looks like she's dancing. WTF? But anyway there's not a lot of WTF in this. And this being an Earth attack story and a global thing, it's really rather good and has an unexpected cliffhanger ending making me thnk that Martha will be traveling again for a long time and in a good story or more...was I ever wrong. In any event this story gets a 10/10 or a 5/5. 

 Luke's sacrifice redeems him somewhat and the effects are just well done, I wondered how the Doctor, noble as he is, was going to get out of this one. 

Okay did I hear right in this story, that one of the Sontarans called Donna the Doctor's wife!?

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