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Chase - Posted on 20 October 2009

The new Companion Chronicles, Prisoner of Peladon isn't bad. It's just sort of routine. It's a Peladon story and we have Alpha Centauri (a favorite character), Ice Warriors, a kidnapped princess, and the citadel castle. There's politics and there's the new idea of Ice Warrior refugees (which seems just wrong somehow).   I don't understand the recent surge of making Alpha a villain or a betrayer somehow. I always thought he/she/it had potential as a heroic figure or a companion. I also wonder how they reintroduce an Ice Warrior that may or may not be an Ice Warrior from CURSE as...well, you'll see.

The main problem though with this audio is that David Troughton, who has an easy speaking style and a calming effect and who, while doing a fair impersonation of Pertwee's Third Doctor and a poor Alpha, sounds just like his father, Patrick Troughton, the Second Doctor. David played King Peladon as a youth in 1971 (not sure how young he really was then but he's not sounding the same now) but now he's an older man and more mature. That's fine but he doesn't sound like the boy he was but he sounds like the Second Doctor! And it's very distracting, at least to me. I mean we have here the Second Doctor doing the Third and Peladon. For me, that takes away from this story. Just hire him as the Second Doctor and have done with it! 

The other thing is that I figured out at least part of this story at least 30 min before. I don't really like all the politics that go on in it either and there's nothing really that new in it, despite having Ice Warrior/Martian refugees. The interviews relay the fact that maybe the Doctor had over 50 more adventures on Peladon.  I hope if they return to it again, it's more imaginative than this one. It's not terrible but it's not great either and frankly my attention drifted as my mind tried to make order out of Second Doctor/Third Doctor voices, Peladon, politics, Ice Warriors and a shrieking more male Alpha. BRIDE OF PELADON was much better. 

I don't want to give the impression I don't like DaVI'D's reading, I do, it's just that he needs to play the second Doctor more than Peladon! 


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