IDW Comic issue 4-Fugitive part 2 of 4

Chase - Posted on 17 October 2009

The Doctor is having so many comic adventures that even I can't keep up nor want to: many of them are generic, flat and tepid affairs although I will admit that even I was shocked they gave him and Heather (a blond Rose clone sorta) a 16 year old boy (!) companion for a couple of issues with the nickname of Wolfie (and no, he's not a werewolf) in DOCTOR WHO ADVENTURES. Happily BATTLES IN TIME has ended the comic run (but I suspect a revival when the 11th Doctor returns).

Anyway I've been ignoring most of the comics (HATE HATE HATE the alien female companion in the DW Magazine stories these days). This issue of IDW's ongoing DW title (IDW also have the older DW Marvel stories in CLASSICS--wish they'd get the first four Doctors' stories from TARGET and COUNTDOWN--- AND IDW also have one offs!!!!) is pretty good. Having ignored issue 3 thanks to it reminding me of that awful Ace spinoff fan made movie by BBV or whatever they are called, MINDWARP and its sequel (they can't be worse) since that had Ace in a cell with a Sontaran, Draconian, and I think an Ogron, just like here, I forced myself to read this one. The script in this issue, 4, is good and one can hear David Tennant reading out the lines in great fashion. And they're pretty good. There is a cell break, a Doctor trying to not to kill, and some action as well as a crash landing that reminds me of LOST IN SPACE (a good thing actually) and a space battle and some old enemies from the NEW TV series. Having an Ogron that cries and a  Sontaran that wants peace of some kind is a pretty novel idea I'd say and I think despite the fact that that could sound awful, it fits into this story fairly well. A good and entertaining if short read.

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Only the Third Doctor was in Target + Countdown. TV Action is the home to material using the first four Doctors.  This pre-Marvel content is somewhat unlikely to appear again, until the copyright reverts wholly back to the BBC.  That is, if they can even find the original artwork at that hypothetical future date.  And I'm not quite sure why you'd be surprised by this 16-year-old male in Tenth Doctor comics, especially if you're looking for Target + Countdown material.  The Third Doctor had at least three young boys as companions in those days.  The Second Doctor also had several stories during his six months of (comic) Earth Exile where he was companioned by a young boy, too.   

Have a lemon sherbet. It'll quench your thirst.

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