Audio: Blue Forgotten Planet

Chase - Posted on 17 October 2009

Colin, is as usual, very, very good in this. India is okay in this, too but to be honest, I'm not impressed with the whole Charley/Meila double idea. It's old hat and frankly boring although it has never actually happened that the companion has had this happen to her/him (but mostly her) and that the double left and traveled for a long time with the DOctor while the real companion was left to fend for his/her (but mostly her) self. To be honest, it's a great idea but it's not given the time or skill it needs over the cds and perhaps it can't really be fully resolved to everyone's tastes. Nick Briggs, I think it is, is the writer and he goes for...not really letting us know how it is resolved which pisses me off no end. The rest of the story is rather dragged out but good...good mostly thanks to the rather nice way the Viryans are depicted.

The Viryans are shown on the cover so one gets  a strong mental picture of them. They are, however, interesting in that, while antagonists, they are not really evil villains of the Dalek, Cyberman, and Master ilk. They just do what they do with a cold, calculating strength and their voices are perfect, never wavering in what they say or tone or how they say it. They are the strength of this audio adventure. For me, Charley is and always will be  a generic female companion and truth be told I could careless if she stays or goes, much rather maybe she go but times, I get her and Lucy quite mixed up. Having two Charleys around was two too many.  India ia  a fun actress but at times, she can grate like no tomorrow.

And as much as this is touted as "Charley's Last Adventure" truly her ending is a non happnening almost as much as this entire story can be seen to be a non story in some ways. There are generic rebels, well played by the good cast and a virus or what appears to be a virus and a side effect of a cure and zombie like people who attack and a few twist and turns that are a bit surprising but to be honest, I feel the audios are lagging in general lately and maybe they've run their course. Still, like EIGHT TRUTHS, this has some brilliant moments mostly thanks to Colin and the main alien "race" of robots (or are they robots?).

Not only is Charly's story not really fully resolved but I'm not sure the Blue Planet thing was fully resolved but it could just be that I wasn't really paying much attention to the last episode or the one before that either. Its job was to enthrall me enough to do so but it didn't. All in all I'd give this a 3/5 or even a 6/10. If you really like Charley or India you might give it a 7/10 but really it is a bit lacklastre. I DO like the opening sequences though, nice and relaxing switching to action/adventure and the sound effects and music are quite nice at the opening, too.   

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