"... And Another Thing" available through BBC iPlayer.

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Troy Baker - Posted on 13 October 2009

BBC Radio 4 is now broadcasting the new "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" Book ("...And Another Thing") on it's show "Books at Bedtime". It is broken down into ten fifteen minute segments.

The next part becomes available at 22:45. You can listen to the episodes at:



... and another thing - it is not reigon blocked so we can hear it in other countries as well.


Enjoy! Smile

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I appreciate the link.  I first heard about this project over a year ago, and felt more than a bit of trepidation at the prospect of someone trying to take over the reigns from the greatest author of the 20th century.  Now I can get an idea as to weather I should bother to buy the book or not.  After listening to the first installment, it seems pretty clear that it's been too long since I've read Mostly Harmless.  I had only the barest of ideas of what the Belgium was going on.

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Douglas Adams IS very very good, present tense so I feel what you are feeling. MOSTLY HARMLESS though...not my favorite of the HHG Books

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Yes, of all Douglas Adams' novels, I'd rank Mostly Harmless last.  An excellent book compared to lesser authors, but not his best work.  I'd say my favorite novel of his was also his own favorite, the far too often ignored Last Chance To See.

I think I'll probably get And Another Thing, but I'll wait until I find it at Half-Price Books.

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

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