Chase - Posted on 12 October 2009

I didn't find it fun, funny or engrossing. I don't need loads of returning characters or even a lot of action but something relevant, interesting, or different and this was none of those either.

Yeah the Master beard thing is a joke that he doesn't have a beard but has a wife, a beard being someone or something that covers you're being gay so the rest of the world thinks you are straight. The DOctor replies that he no longer has a beard (a faghag, one of the worst experession in the history of the world that will make others think you have a girlfriend) but he has a wife. So there ARE gay men who have wives so the world will think they are straight. Happens all the time. That's what they were implying here about the Master: he's gay, had a beard and now has a wife to cover his gayness, his love obession with the Doctor and of course the Master is evil. In the new show gay=evil or at least selfishness.



This cough cough uhm, "story" was truly a disaster and even as a "special" it doesn't work. As a "story" it doesn't work at all and the Wink Wink Nudge Nudge stuff is embarassing. I mean people pick on DIMENSIONS IN TIME but at least that has some movement in it and lots of returning actors instead of just ...uhm, excuse my dissapointment, Peter Davison. The entire run arund the console is embarassing and the lines are just so self indulgent as to make me blush and the jokes ALL fall flat. I don't care a fig about any of it and the "action" just isn't. BTW David's Doctor has always been Tom Baker until this point so what's he saying...the Doctor says stuff that shows he himself hates his First persona (not something I thought was in good taste, saying Hartnell's Doctor was not good in a way) and just adores his Fifth. The Master joke once again makes the show equate gay with villainy. And it' s not funny. Slightly bemused by this, confounded and shocked in some places, this just is a horrible thing. I guess it made a lot of money for charity so that's good but too bad they couldn't get a good script. And...oh my, did Scott Moffat write this? Oh dear.

A beard is something used to cover your face. When a gay man marries a woman to show everyone he's not gay (even though he is) that is called in slang "a beard" because she covers his gayness. Or if a man who is gay hangs with a girl who he tells everyone is his girlfriend that's a beard. What they are saying is that Master no longer has a beard (his gay cover) but he now has a wife (his gay cover) is that he's gay. And he's evil, obviously.

Either way THAT plus the awkwardness of having Tennant's Doctor tells Davison's Doctor that "You were my Doctor, oh yes!" makes this just mushingly sickening. On top of that they say that when the Doc was younger (Hartnell) he was all grouchy and Tennant's lines indicate that was not acceptable. No, he'd prefer it that he was ineffective as Davison's Doctor so often was (allowing Adric to die for one thing).

Ther'e's nothing funny here, nothing surprizing or interesting or anything visually stimulating to watch. I't's embarassing to have Davison flirt about talking about fans like the LINDA group. The other charity thing was Rose reacting to the newlly regenerated Doctor...now THAT was great. This is just a big borefest of embarassment and hokeyness. It reminds me of Donna's first appearance and her saying, "That's not even a word. You're just making stuff up."

Time Crash might be a favorite among fans but it's not mine and maybe I should just and we should just leave it at that. It's a dissapoinment. DW can do anything and go anywhere and have any type of meeting between minds...and we get this...two actors who's egos are built into the script. It's embarassing and mushy and insulting to Hartnell fans and gays. Oh and Tennant and Davison are both awful in this.

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What a load of rubbish.  Are you just looking for an attack on gays or something?  You are taking one bit of dialogue and completely blowing it out of proportion.  Time Crash was many things- a silly short to raise money for charity, a cool cameo from a classic incarnation of The Doctor, an opportunity for David Tennant to acknoledge Peter Davison as the Doctor he grew up with and holds close to his heart.  What it was not was an indictment against homosexuality as inherently evil.  Everyone involved did an excellent job.  I hope to see Davison return to Doctor Who in a more substantial role some day.

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

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Insulting to gays?????? What the-?

For me, this interpretation says a lot more about YOU than about this epsiode. Sometimes a beard is a beard is a beard. Sometimes there is no subtext. Sometimes we can psychoanalyse the world around us until everything becomes as cryptic as a Times Crossword. And sometimes, Chase, a beard is just a beard.

In order for this assumption to work it relies on either:

a) the production team being homophobic. Think about it...

b) this terminology being well known enough for people to understand the reference as an insult - otherwise what would be the point.

You are truly entitled to your opinion as much as the next guy but to start seeing anti-minority conspiracies speaks of a paranoia and sadness within you that I believe you really need to address.

Oh and by the way I have a beard. It's a beard on my face. It's hairy. Should I feel insulted?

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Next you'll be telling me Wirrn have wives too!!!

Is you arm covered in bubble wrap that is painted green?

Smile Just trying to lighten the mood.  I like Time Crash and do not find it offensive!!!

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and laughed at. I just wish that Chase would lighten up a little. If one begins to see conspiracies within a ten-minute comic short made for charity then he really needs to take a step back from this cos his enjoyment is turning into obsession. IMHO

I didn't say it was a conspiracy. I just said it was not a funny joke and that I find it insulting that they equate the Master, a villain, another villain, with gayness. This has been done in the show more times than I care to recall including the witch mothers in SHAKESPEARE CODE. And there were others, most of them cite in my reviews. I jsut find it annoying that gay=evil in some of the stories and that that joke is about the Master and they are implying he's gay like it or not. And I don't.

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What snipet of dialogue are you taking totally out of context to convince yourself that the witches from Shakespeare Code were lesbians?  If Gareth Roberts, the author of The Shakespeare Code truely was inserting homophobic concepts into his scripts, why would the openly gay executive producer hire him in the following seasons to continue writing for the show (including the David Tennant finale)?  In the entire series, I can think of only one character who was gay and an antagonist- Mr. Lloyd from The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.  Even then, his closet homosexuality didn't make him evil.  He was just having an affair, which was SOP for gays living in the closet in that era. 

Idiom is right.  These statements of yours say far more about your own insecurities than they do about any content of Doctor Who. 

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

It's funny how TIME CRASH can evoke all this chat and stuff and almost none of the other reviews do. Yes, the two witches were the younger one's mothers. And that man from EMPTY CHILD was a slime either way you look at it, not some victim of gay bashing hiding from everyone, a cheater, and a slime. Additonally, the two boys state that when they went to the farms in the country there were these men...oh and again in EMPTY CHILD, Jack's "Partner" Friend, is not a nice guy either, another gay man who's a creep, leaving the girl (gosh is her name Lucy? Can't they think of other names?) who's name I can't recall, chained up, despite her begging him not to. I"m not saying that RTD or Moffat or whomever were deliberately doing this but maybe to counter balance the critics who stated that they had a gay agenda, they made sure that gay was seen as "BAD" in some different contexts. Additionally, some of the Slitheen make some comments about each other that can show they are gay for each other, too and they are well, evil too.  

What a load of rubbish>>>>


I know, that's what I said. It's a load of rubbish, even if it the anti gay joke wasn't an anti gay joke, which it is.

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You still haven't said why you think the two witches were lesbians.  The fact that the younger one called them both mother doesn't mean anything.  Mother could be a title in their society.  We have no way of knowing.  Lots of people in human society are refered to as Mother or Father when they are in a position of authority, despite a total lack of familial relation.  How do you know the same doesn't hold true for theirs?  You are making the decision to believe they are evil lesbians. 

As for Algy, what did he do that was so terrible?  He was assigned to command the guard of a highly classified government secret, and a young woman was caught trying to gain access.  The fact that she asked him not to lock her up is irrelevant.  What was he supposed to do?  Let her go?  People who break in to government installations do not get to dictate terms when they are caught, no matter how pretty or apparently harmless they are.  He was very leinent as it was.  All he did was cuff her to a table.  He didn't hit her, swear at her, or anything else.  What do you think he should have done?  Pat her on the head and offer her tea & biscuits?  Let her go?  It is his duty to hold her until she can be picked up for interrogation.

As for the Slitheen, I can't imagine why you think any of them are gay.  Naked, they all look the same.  We have no way of knowing if their species even has males and females.  They may have three or four sexes for all we know.  We don't even know for certain if the Slitheen in the male human bodies were male Slitheen, and vise versa.  They had to stick with humans in key positions who were over weight.  Sex was not an issue.  This is again, you projecting your perceptions onto them without any evidence.  You are making sexuality an issue.  Not Doctor Who, or it's writers.

As for the creative team tossing in an occasional gay bash to counterballance critics- WHY?  Doctor Who is the top rated drama in the UK, and has been since it was revived.  The critics can take a running leap, as long as the show is successful and the creators can continue to do as they please.  Success is gained by quality story telling, not appeasing the critics.  The critics are constantly gushing over series that get cancelled because nobody watched them, despite the rave reviews.  Other shows continue to thrive, no matter how often the critics trash them.

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

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Personally, I think you're having us on, here, Chase.  I can't believe that you actually hold these views.  I think you've become so frustrated with no one joining in on your threads, that you decided to say something really shocking so that at least you'd get a conversation . . . somewhere on the board.

So I'll play along, for once, in full recognition of the fact that this thread is probably a load of old, deliberate nonsense.  

As for the "rubbish beard" bit, sure, the term comes from the gay community.  However it's not necessarily to be interpreted that the Master is, in fact, gay.  It can certainly also be read as the Doctor simply implying that the "wife" isn't real, in the most economical way possible. It's really quite a perfect word, because it allows multiple interpretation, thus widening the appeal of the line.

And you've rather missed the point of the line where Ten expresses admiration for Five, if you've interpreted it as a specific insult against the First Doctor.  With the conclusion, "and then I was you", the line doesn't imply just the First Doctor, but every incarnation up to the Fifth. And it's hardly an insult, because Ten seems to feel that it's completely normal to have the attributes he ascribes to his earlier incarnations with the words, "like you do when you're young".

The question of whether Bloodtide and Doomfinger are actually Lilith's "Shakespeare Code" parents is again open to interpretation.  I think it's just a gag for the benefit of the young boy Lilith seduces in the teaser.  Later in the production, Lilith drops the "mother" moniker, and simply calls Doomfinger, "Doomfinger".  It's therefore certainly possible to believe that Doomfinger and Bloodtide are merely Lilith's seniors in age, and that the "mother" bit is merely a nod of respect to their age.  Indeed, if they were actually Lilith's mothers, one would expect them to actually be in charge of operations.  The fact that Lilith is ostensibly controlling the plan makes me believe Bloodtide and Doomfinger can in no way be her real parents.  Add into the mix the fact that these are aliens and you've on very tenuous ground suggesting they're lesbians.  Not only does the script fail to firmly establish them as actual parents, but there's no way of telling how many genders there are in the Carrionite race.  To the extent that the three witches are meant to symbolize anything, it's more obviously Macbeth than lesbianism.

Your comments on "The Empty Child" seem to want to see "evil" in homosexuality where none exists.  The implication of both the butcher-buddy's tale and the soldier's tale is not that homosexuality makes you mean.  Indeed there's no commentary upon homosexuality, at all.  Rather, both of the actions you describe happen because of the necessity of war.  To the extent that a human frailty is depicted with Mr. Lloyd, it's surely gluttony, not homosexuality.   He whores himself out because in the depths of war he still needs to eat to a certain standard.  So he's cheating the ration system, more than he's cheating on his wife.  I'm not convinced by the text of the script that he's even really gay.  The off-screen butcher likely is, but I think Lloyd is essentially just trading sexual favors for food.   Lots and lots of food.  Is this slimy?   I dunno.  It's a weakness that he needed so much to eat, but sexual favors were traded for basic amenities all over Europe during World War II.  In Sicily, for example, it's estimated that between a third and a half of all women entered into prostitution after Allied liberation to get a lot less than what Lloyd was after.  Does that make them "slimy", or merely players of the only card they had left?  Lloyd is, i think, a more complicated figure than you're making him out to be, because you've not really factored in the full ramifications of life during the London Blitz.  Interestingly, I don't necessarily detect even any "in-the-closetness" about this episode.  Algy doesn't seem to be trying to get Jack to "tone it down" to avoid embarrassment, and Lloyd's fear that Nancy will reveal the truth plausibly has more to do with rationing policy than other embarrassments.  Indeed, Lloyd's wife can't be so unbelievably stupid as to where/how he's getting all this food.  She's gotta know something's going on with the butcher.   She can't be blind to the relative deprivations suffered by her neighbors.   So I don't think Lloyd's scared that his affair will be exposed, so much as his circumvention of ration law, and thus the ending of his relatively comfortable food situation.

Likewise, Algy isn't being "mean" to Nancy by chaining her up.   Certainly, he doesn't do so because he's gay (or bisexual).  He does so because it's his duty.   His action is in no way out of line, and indeed is prudent, given the information he has to hand.  This is war.  Total, unforgiving war at a moment in history when Britain alone withstood the Nazi threat.  She's snuck onto a British military base.  Algy's reaction is wholly appropriate.   He's got no reason, at this point, to suspect an airborne pathogen.  He's got every reason to suspect her a spy.  His decision has nothing to do with his sexuality whatsoever.  

And, my God, you've entirely missed the point of the Slitheen.  That they're occasionally affectionate towards each other is wholly in-line with what they are.  Remember, "Slitheen" isn't a race name, but a family one.  So, if you're detecting that they're "gay for each other", then what you're really saying is that they're incestuous.  Which I rather doubt is what the RTD would've intended, nor the BBC allowed, for Saturday tea-time.  

Have a lemon sherbet. It'll quench your thirst.

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I said "Hello Sister" to a nun this mornign but *GASP* she wasn't actually my sister at all!

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I never perceived the beard joke to imply that The Master is gay. Granted, I don't think he had any real affection for his wife, but it's The Master, he only has affection for himself.

As far as folks that marry people solely as a ruse for their real sexuality, especially today in the 21st century -- I haven't heard the slang term 'beards' being used, but then again, in my circles we would be referring to such persons themselves doing it today as self-loathing closet cases.

I don't give Time Crash too much weight. It is simply a fun filled piece made for charity. My biggest complaint is that it was a pitty they couldn't do with more with it if they had the budget and the running length of a full episode. It was good to see Peter Davison back and interacting with David Tennant, albiet all too breifly.

As it stands, it is a light hearted, fun spirited one-off mini-episode if you like. Some can argue whether or not it is really canon since it was done outside of the series. I'll leave it to individual watching it to decide that for themselves.


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