Peter Davison's dropped out of Gallifrey One: Blackjack 21!

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Prof. Chronotis - Posted on 11 October 2009

I'm sure everybody else here already knows this, but I finally got the word that Peter Davison has thrown us over for LEGALLY BLONDE.


My son and I were going to L.A. largely because my son's favorite doctor was going to be there...

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Sadly these things happen.

He is a working actor, and for him a long running well paying job in theatre out weighs one con, over one weekend.

I'm disapointed to, I'm flying all the way from Sydney for the con, but I'm sure they are going to more than make up for his absence by adding more equally great guests... we'll just have to wait and see.

Luckily, for me at least, I've already met Peter (even through it was very very brief) and I'm off to the UK after Gallifrey for 6 months, so I just might get to see him in this musical which would be nice, both as a fan of musical theatre and of Peter Davison.

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Yes, unfortunately Romana II is right... Peter took a long-term role and while he tried very hard to make it work, it just wasn't in the cards.  I do want to add that he did confirm for 2011 already, though!  :)

We still have a decent lineup of guests so far, and we're only about half done - we have a bunch of new folks coming on board in the weeks to come.  There should be at least four or five more Doctor Who guests added to the lineup very soon, so stay tuned.

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