Chase - Posted on 11 October 2009

I've seen BLINK about 6 times and I've seen the last half of it over 10 times. It's been acknowledged by horror and dvd magazines as one of the best horror/supernatural things of all time and it's number two in the DWM poll, all well deserved and I give it a 5/5 or a 9/10 or even a 10/10. Okay though let's look at something first: Gary Sparrow in ANOTHER SHOW way before this one, leaves a note under wall paper because he was stuck in the past! That in turn was stolen by a DW Annual Story with the 9th Doctor and a younger girl named Sally Sparrow. That in turn was transformed into this. Okay that's the bad.

The other bad thing is: this would have been so much more scary if the statues actually killed you. They don't. Despite the Doctor saying "Blink and you're dead."  You're really not. In fact, the angels where they came from were nice he says. And in the episode---Sally's friend Kathy was transported back in time and lived a better life! They did her a favor (I'll say hooking up with that hot guy). Similarly, the policeman--Ben (can't they think up other names besides ones used over and over in DW?) lives a full life in the past. How much more scary ---and for kids--upsetting would it have been if the statues actually horribly mauled you and gored you and then sent your remains into the heart of a sun. People have died but only after living full lives. How much more scary and chilling would Larry and Sally's predictament in the climax have been if the statues weren't just going to touch them and send them back in time. Of course, the TARDIS access would have given them the power they needed and the sun would blot out or something... 

Sally is a great character and can hold the show herself and Larry is a great charcter too. A bit stupid though and cowardly...he wanted Sally to give the angels the key...despite what the Doctor said. The entire DVD Easter Egg thing is brilliant. I always hated Easter Eggs on Dvds...I hate having to work for something that much to find something that I may or may not like...and how do I even know dvds have Easter Eggs on them. I HATE them and still do. Anyway the transcript, the timewhimey stuff, the entire last 20 min are just chilling, brilliant and inspired. There are Medusas that if you look at them, they turn you to stone but here, it's the reverse, you have to look at them. The line of Larry's "The Doctor tricked them. They're looking at each other. They're never gonna move again,"  sounds dubbed in afterward. Also: how'd the Doc know this would happen? He left the two of them behind and hoped? The house is a scary one and filmed well. Almost everyone who saw this liked it. The exception is some younger teens who thought the first half was pretty slow moving and I have to agree but the set up was needed.

I'd like to see Sally and Larry again in some adventure and gosh, wouldn't they make a great couple as full companions!

The other thing about Blink is the Doc leaves a message under wall paper? Huh? As I've said a stolen idea but there you have it.

One more thing: BLINK being so good also makes you wonder: a mostly Doctor less ep, is DW really all that good in a traditional mode? Who knows? A story like BLINK is so good it makes you forget the trashy stuff around it like LAST OF THE TIME LORDS. BLINK is imaginative, fun, and interesting. It also makes you think. And possibly scares you.     

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