Clickdvdshows collection of "all episodes of DOCTOR WHO" ???

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Prof. Chronotis - Posted on 10 October 2009

Does anybody here know anything about the DVD set offered here:  ???

The web site claims it's the entire series for $199.95.  In fact, it's specifically advertised as "ALL 752 Uncut Episodes."  Now, we all know it can't possibly be EVERY episode of the series (would that it could!) -- so is this just an outrageous scam?

Note that the page seems to have been built on a template for another page, with an embarrassing tidbit left behind: "What an amazing DVD Set for the Alf Fan!"   Unless, of course, they're assuming that every fan of ALF simply must have the entire run of DOCTOR WHO...

Oh, the discs are also region-free and will play on any DVD player in the world!  Or so the site says.

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The intro has been lifted from the Doctor Who page on wikipedia.  It's got 'blantant scam' written all over it.  There's no email address listed, no physical address listed, no phone number and no feedback forum.  The only way to contact them is to provide them with all of your information.  I'd be shocked if they even bothered to ship out a package full of blank dvds.  They'll just take your money, close down the site, and open up a new one under a different name.

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

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We had a similar question back around March on the old website. The picture shown is exactly the same one referred to as before but the company name is slightly different.

It is an obvious counterfiet compilation and I'll link you to the old website so you can review the disscussion we had then.

The link to the old site: set


This should answer you questions.

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Here is the reprint of my answer from back in March. Also, the site he purchased them from is not the one in question here.

Have some light to shed on the matter.
A good friend of mine, a huge Who fan, bit the bullet and purchased one of these "complete" sets but not from one of the sellers advertising on the page. Here's what i can tell you.

Is it for real? Yes and no.

Yes you get a complete set--of copies. You are, in essence, buying a complete set of burned dvds. Technically, this is illegal, copyright infringement and such. If you don't have a problem with that, go right ahead. No, they didn't empty his bank account.

As to the missing early episodes, they were either: a) new versions with animation (if available); or b) they were production stills set to the audio tracks of the episode. In some cases, neither was possible and the seller clearly mentioned this.

95% of the episodes (he has all of them up to new Series 3) are excellent quality, the remaining 5% look like they are bad VHS copies.

"Gosh, that takes me back. Or forward. That's the trouble with time travel; you can never remember." (The Doctor, The Androids of Tara)
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Thanks for re-printing your answer.

I thought the link to the old website would be sufficent and the answer you posted there was the best on the subject.

Thank you for taking the time to re-post it here.

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I was sure some of you who've been around DOCTOR WHO fandom longer than I have would know the truth about this.  It certainly smelled bad, so it's good to know my instincts were on-target...

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