LOST IN SPACE-The Galaxy Gift

Chase - Posted on 10 October 2009





NARRATION: Last week, as you recall, we left our space pioneers rehearsing a harmless play, unaware that their unexpected guest star was to a hideous, alien life form... 



Penny, Will, the Robinson Robot and Dr. Smith use a wooden door prop to act out a play Will apparently wrote and is trying to direct. Smith, as the dastardly villain is to kick the family out. Penny acts, "Please don't kick us out...."    Robot hams it up, "...because baby it's cold out there."  Smith argues over the Robot being so bad and resigns, calling the Robot a metallic ham. Will thinks this play needs a referee. He quits as director and leaves. Robot calls, "Come back. We need you Will Robinson."  Smith feels they don't need a director or a writer...just him, the star. Smith goes back behind the door. Penny and Robot wait for the knock. Penny opens it and a red faced alien monster marches through the door! It has eyes that aren't on the same level, a dripping, hairy mouth, bumps all over its distorted, over large head, and black outfit. NOTE: the face looks exactly like the Mister Keema true form alien face, leading viewers, perhaps, to think Mr. Keema has returned. Smith comes back and screams at the monster. Penny goes off to call mom but Smith tells her to stop--why? Smith claims the creature is up to some sort of devilment. The atmosphere of the this planet, the Robot figures, is poisoning the monster man. Smith cowers, "If he's like the other monsters we've encountered on this planet, I say good riddens."  Penny asks if she can help him, calling him, "Sir."  The alien touches a belt he wears which has some sort of hour glass figure on it, turning hands on it. this causes a series of high flames to surround Penny.



Penny sits on a rock in the middle of the fires that encircle her. Smith orders Robot to do something. Robot answers, "If I attack the alien monster, he will in turn attack Penny."  The alien calls himself "Arcon, Mister Arcon."  He makes the two leave he and Penny alone. Robot, at first, refuses but when Penny urges them to leave the Robot goes but a little ways away--or so he says he will--he really goes to camp and starts gardening with Will! Arcon makes the flames go down. The oxygen in the atmosphere has brought on his condition (coughing badly). He changes into a Delphoid (or does he say Alphoid) from the Galta Nebula--an alien with a frog face and hands--just like the frog alien in THE GOLDEN MAN. NOTE: Perhaps the frog aliens called Zeedams live on other planets or sometime in the past (either a past they've forgotten or a past not mentioned to us) went to other planets, one of these being in the Galta Nebula. Of course, it could be, that like the human form, there are frog aliens and Mr. Keema like aliens on other planets and they have nothing to do with each other's pasts...but it makes more sense to think that similar aliens in STAR TREK and other TREK shows, LOST IN SPACE, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, THE TIME TUNNEL, LAND OF THE GIANTS, SPACE: 1999 and others all have similar pasts--such as having the same roots via space travel and time travel. It makes it make more sense and all the more mysterious and possible. What's more strange is that no one that saw the real Keema monster form (Penny and Smith) and the frog alien (all the female members of the Robinsons, Smith, and the Robot) mention how alike these forms Mr. Arcon has are exactly like the previous ones in THE GOLDEN MAN.


When Penny suggests he try an Earth person, Arcon tells her he has always had trouble duplicating an Earthling form. He does and his skin is purple and he is bald. Penny tells him he looks much better. He realizes he doesn't have any hair. Penny tells him, "It's a common occurrence among many Earthling males."  When Arcon asks her where they are, Penny says, "We don't really know."  He doesn't consider her very bright...at first but she counters with, "...maybe not but you don't know where we are, either."  Penny tells him she is considered smart. Archon tells her when he was her age, he could speak every language in the galaxy. Archon then listens--perhaps with super hearing--for somethings called THE SATICONS. He says the Saticons are coming, telling Penny they are "vicious creatures from a dead planet."  Robot warns Will, in the garden, "Warning, Warning! Alien missile approaching!"  Will goes under the table as a blast hits behind them. Robot computes the aliens are not targeting them but Will says, "We better get under cover just in case their aims not too good!"  Penny asks Archon to come to their spaceship. A blast hits nearby. Archon tells her she is very kind even if she is not perfect. He uses his belt and vanishes. A blast hits the play set and the door falls over and blows up. Penny runs. Lower Deck: Later: Smith goes to Penny who is in a yellow robe. Smith has some milk, complaining that her father and Major West never should have deserted them. Penny tells him they are working on a relay station. Smith opens his door and yells, "There's a monster in my bed!"  NOTE: His bed is not on the same side as it was in TREASURE OF THE LOST PLANET. Archon wakes up as Maureen arrives. Archon tells them he has superior intelligence and listens for the Saticons, who are also intelligent. Maureen has on her green-purple night robe. Archon's energy is solar and he doesn't eat. He also has no heart. He will sleep for ten hours and then wake. He sets his belt and goes into a deep sleep but not too deep it would seem: he has nightmares about the Saticons coming to get him. Will and Judy run in. Will says, "Jumping Jupiter, what's goin' on?"  Upper Deck: Will, Judy, Maureen, Penny, and Smith are there as Robot warns about approaching aliens. Maureen makes Will activate the forcefield which stops the Saticons who rise up over a hill in front of the campsite (in a very effective scene if not totally realistic looking--since the hill hasn't been seen in front of the campsite before---it appears as if the aliens grow out of the hill, emerging from behind it).


NOTE: The aliens look and talk just like the three shadowy aliens from WRECK OF THE ROBOT (although each time they appear only one of them--the leader-?--talks). While the aliens in WRECK OF THE ROBOT are not ever named, there is much evidence to convince us they were the same type of aliens who appeared in THE GALAXY GIFT but not the same exact beings (since the ones in WRECK were killed by their own machine blowing up). The aliens talk in the same voice--but only one--as in WRECK--seems to communicate much with the Earth people and never more than one does talk, even to each other, in WRECK and THE GALAXY GIFT. The aliens in WRECK may have relayed information about this planet and the Robinsons but not enough to teach them the language or to have them control the machinery of the Jupiter II compliment. Or they may not have been aware of each other's small groups (three both times) at all. Or the first ones may have been rogues or rebels or these may have been. In any event, we are not told much about the Saticons or their relation to the aliens from WRECK OF THE ROBOT. Or SHADOW MAN on VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA for that matter (in SHADOW MAN the aliens are somewhat different with different clothes--if any--no hats or capes--but talk in the same voice---and come from Alpha Centaurai). Whatever the case, these aliens are mysterious and scary and deserved to show up again in other episodes of the series. Unfortunately, they didn't.


The Saticons have a star on their derby hats which sparkle black and one carries a scepter. They communicate via high frequency radio waves which the Robot can pick up and translate. Maureen refuses their demands to turn over Archon. The aliens tell Robot then they will destroy all of them. It starts to snow and gets cold. Will warms his hands by breathing into them. The temperature drops 30 degrees. Judy gasps this out, "We've got to do something!"  Smith knows exactly what but Maureen won't hand over Archon. Penny thinks the aliens will destroy Mr. Archon if they get him. Maureen instructs Robot to tell them no, despite Smith's pleas. The Robot translates their answer, "Very well, then die in your spaceship."  Smith gasps.



Morning--?--ten hours later--?--the next night or that night?--in her green jacket (with white fur), Penny knocks on the door of Smith's cabin. Archon makes it open by itself. She has something hot for him to drink. He is reconstituted already, he tells her. The temperature is fine to him even though it is 10 below zero which is perfect for him. Penny says, "We won't be able to survive if it gets much colder."  Penny explains what is happening. Archon tells her, "Perhaps you will do after all."  For protection, he gives her the amulet and belt he wears on him. If she gives amulet up the Saticons can destroy the entire galaxy. Archon vanishes, telling her not to worry, "I always get away,"  his voice trailing behind. Penny goes out to the galley and tells Mom, Smith, Judy, and Will, all of whom are at the table that Archon has left. Smith says, "At least we have met one alien with a sense of fair play."  Smith is wearing ear muffs and a lite tan jacket. Judy and Will wear orange jackets (the fur on Judy's hood and jacket is yellow; the fur on William's is brown). Smith offers to tell the Saticons he is gone. Maureen wonders why (as in THE ASTRAL TRAVELER--she sees his tricks coming on and it is about time!). Smith knows why she doubts him, "My record of cooperation in the past leaves a great deal to be desired."  He offers a new Smith. Penny offers to go with him but he goes alone. Maureen ponders a new Smith, "A new Dr. Smith--well, if he's anything like the old one, heaven help us."


It is night out. Smith and Robot approach the alien camp, "Mind your manners or you'll lose your friends."  The faceless being calls Smith into their campsite where torches are lit and small sleeping tents are up. The alien scanned his mind and know knows English. Smith wants to make a deal, not "betray"  his friends as the alien puts it. We hear some musical cues from WISH UPON A STAR. When Smith wants to leave, the alien yells, "SIT DOWN, DR. SMITH!"  Smith does. Judy and Will in the control room look at the barometer (which looks a lot like the seismograph in BLAST OFF INTO SPACE). The temperature has stopped dropping. Smith smells the alien food--it smells like Mandaran Duck. The alien asks Smith if he would like to go home. Well, DUH, doesn't half the galaxy know about that by now? Smith answers, "Pray continue, sir, you interest me."  From the rocks a ways off, Robot suggests they leave. The alien says, "Mr. Archon left an amulet in possession of the Robinsons--get if for us."  They show Smith a molecular transport which can return him to Earth. It consists of a platform and three tubes (although on screen it looks like four; they are also freezing tubes from the Jupiter II) which spin around the center. They give Smith the key. One of the other aliens returns Smith's gloves and ear muffs. Smith leaves. Robot states, "You intend to betray the Robinsons."  Smith calls the aliens old fools. Later, he has the Robot who has his synthesizer Model 369 which makes Smith a copy of the amulet belt. The Robot makes it after a hasty inspection of the original. Robot warns Smith about this. The three Saticons are in a town--an Earth town with the smells of Mandaran Duck about. One of the aliens has a menu and the leader scanned Dr. Smith's mind--this is what his planet of origin looks like and smells like (which all came from his memory cells). Hanging lights--Chinese lanterns--come from thin air via the alien's movements. "We will get the amulet and he and his friends will die here."


ACT THREE           

Will, Smith, and Robot go to the device. Smith leaves the fake belt on the table. NOTE: On the aliens' round crystal like table are unusual urns and tubes which they use for food and drink--and these look like drug paraphernalia. There are also green cushions like bean bags. Smith starts the device and it begins turning. Will tells him, "Operating an alien machine that you know nothing about can be very dangerous."  Smith tells him they need a pilot. Robot refuses. Penny brings Debbie the Bloop over. Smith thinks to send Debbie. Smith tells Penny, "Now Penny, you know I wouldn't harm a hair on sweet little Debbie's head."  Will and Penny protest but he sends her anyway, using the word CONTACT to do so as well as the turn levers on the operation console. Robot says, "Dr. Smith always has someone else do his dirty work."  Smith brings Debbie back (goofy music time). Penny takes her out and claims it is her last trip. Debbie has a black rose with her. Penny makes Debbie run home when Smith desires to send her on more trips. Will tells Smith there are billions of stars and planets out there. Robot calculates it would take 7000 years of trial and error. Smith calls the aliens, calling them liars and cheats. The trio appear on the platform. One (the leader?) uses the scepter to destroy the fake amulet. "The Earth girl wears the authentic amulet around her waist."  Penny refuses to give it to the aliens and the trio move at her. Will yells to Robot, "Stop them!" Robot can't act his energy charge. Penny runs and makes fire appear around her so they can't touch her. The Saticons fear the fire and ask her to turn it off, "We will not harm you!"  Penny does and runs. Will runs, "C'mon Robot."  Robot says one of his Affirmatives which sounds like Alpermative. The aliens make Smith remain. "The temperature will drop ten degrees every hour until you all die."  The aliens vanish.


Later, Penny sits on a rock or large tree log with her jacket off and a small fire she has made. Smith joins her, coming out of the spaceship ramp. She tells him Debbie fell asleep in her arms so she put her to bed. She also tells Smith that Judy and Mom are trying to contact Dad and Don on the relay transmitter. Smith has his hood up. He pleads with her to give the aliens the belt and even moves at her to take it. She won't, "Besides Dad and Don will be back soon. They'll know what to do."  OH BOY, MORE MALE PIG STUFF. Smith tells her if they can get back to Earth then he can arrange a rescue mission to save the rest of them (sure--as he planned or rather didn't plan to do in THE ASTRAL TRAVELER). He wants her to save "all her dear ones." 


Penny says, "Mr. Archon made me promise. He said that if I gave the Saticons the amulet, the whole planet would be destroyed."  Smith goes on to complain that the "fate of our entire band"  is in her hands. The campsite looks barren in this scene (have the plants died?). Smith goes in. Archon appears and Penny gets so happy, making him call her sentimental and emotional. He also mentions that he "chose her."  He doesn't want to hear of her problems--he can't advise her--it would spoil the "test."  He vanishes, leaving her with his words, "Do what you think is right."


Later, Smith and Penny return to the device with Debbie and the Robot. Penny tells Smith that Debbie is terribly tired--why can't this wait until morning. Smith closes the tube this time. He sends Debbie. The alien leader had occasion to scan the Earth boy's memory and from it was able to constitute a fake hot dog and a banner (Dodgers' flag on it). With these things, they send Debbie from the fake Earth town they are in back to Smith, Penny, and the Robot on the planet. The alien voice asks if Dr. Smith is convinced. Smith tells him to return them to Earth and then when they have the amulet they will send the rest of the family back as well (this again sounds like Smith considers himself as one of the family or perhaps he meant to include Penny and then have the rest sent back?). It is also a nice way for Smith to double cross the family--does he really expect the aliens to send the rest of the family home once the aliens get the amulet? That way, it could look like the aliens double crossed the family...and him! Robot cautions against this, telling them that one hot dog and banner does not make a whole baseball game, nor does it prove Debbie was really on Earth. Smith calls him a cautious clump. Smith tells the alien monkey, "Debbie, you stay here with the Robot."  To Robot, Smith barks, "You stay here and take care of Debbie, you nervous ninny. We'll see you later on Earth. Earth..."  he stammers and falters, overcome. Smith and Penny go onto the tubes and it turns. They vanish with Robot saying, "Contact."  Robot examines the hot dog, "This is not an authentic hot dog,"  he tells Debbie. "Dr. Smith and Penny have been tricked. They will be destroyed. I must warn them."  Robot gets up onto the tubes and says, "Contact."  Debbie turns the levers and sends the Robot, who vanishes.



John and Don ran into the Chariot from a snowstorm which came out of nowhere. John wears an olive green jacket with white fur; Don wears a mustard yellow jacket. Maureen gets through to them and tells John that the Saticons caused the storm. The storm near the Chariot stops. John figures that whoever or whatever caused it--must have gotten what they wanted. We hear tunes that sound very Oriental and very new to LOST IN SPACE. Penny and Smith walk past a Royal Imperial Restaurant and a cafe. Penny asks if it is China. Smith scoffs but realizes it is really San Francisco's Chinatown. He was thinking of this spot the other day when he was with the Saticons. Smith has dined in this restaurant a dozen times. Robot appears and tells them the hot dog was made of alien food stuff. Smith scoffs, "We haven't been on Earth for a very long time, you know, perhaps they don't make hot dogs the way they used to."  Smith wants to take the amulet from Penny but she refuses. They walk near a theater as a ship horn blows. On the planet, Maureen and Judy are at the alien transporter device. Judy says, "I don't know what it all means but if Dr. Smith's involved it could mean trouble."  Maureen laughs, "Yes, well, Will said Dr. Smith had some sort of alien machine."  Will arrives, telling the two that the others are gone. The Saticon voice gruffly says, "And they will not return."  Mr. Arcon appears so suddenly that Maureen gasps, "Ohhh."  He tells her she thought it was the Saticons come to destroy them but they tell him that they thought no such thing--he just appeared so suddenly. When Archon starts babbling about others who gave away his gift in his test, Maureen demands to know where her daughter is, getting mad at him. Archon says she is on an asteroid far out in space. Archon tells her others gave his gift away. For 100 years he has been searching for someone beyond temptation, a perfect individual to whom he could entrust the greatest gift. Those tested all gave it away for selfish and greedy reasons. Maureen tells him that if Penny gave away his, his precious gift, she did it to save them, not for any selfish reasons. Maureen tells him, "You just don't understand families."  What Penny did, she did without regard for her own safety. Archon tells her she may be right--his people are hatched from eggs in a central incubator. Maureen says, "Oh yes, I'm sure."  Without the amulet, Archon tells them, the Saticons would destroy him the moment he entered their world. Not one person has been seen by Penny and Smith in the town. Smith believes it is because the Chinese are a shy people by nature. Smith tells them he has an Aunt on Knob Hill. He wants to call her but says, "I can't even remember what a dime looks like."  He also claims that by now the cost of a call is probably 25 cents. Good guess but it was that way, way before 1991. Robot tells them that somehow this place is alien to him. Smith says, "We've been LOST IN SPACE too long---that's our problem."  We hear another ship horn and bell. Penny and Smith sit on a bench. There is a statue in an open store front behind them--and a Saticon! Robot sees a giant fly-man when a door opens and behind it is a dark world of stars and space! Robot calls them. Smith says, "We should have left him behind on the planet."  Robot tells them what happened, claiming there are no flies of this species on Earth. When they open the doors, there is no giant fly--only a store or restaurant with decor (vases, statues). When Robot protests too much, Smith wants to deactivate the Robot. Penny thinks that is a bad idea, "We may need him."  Smith asks, "What possible use could we have for this primitive pile of pistons on Earth?"  The Saticon voice asks for the amulet and tells them to put it in the rickshaw. Penny still refuses but Smith says, "You heard what they said, now do as I say. Fair if fair, they've kept their part of the bargain..."  They move toward the rickshaw.


Judy and Maureen ask Archon what they can do to get Penny and Smith out. Archon tells them if she doesn't give up the gift, she will be all right. Maureen is angrier now, "Is that all you can say. Now look, you got my daughter into this. Just stop acting like a spoiled child and get her out!"  Judy asks if he has some powers left to help him and them. Archon tells her to stop shouting. Judy says, "I'm not shouting."  Will was told by Penny that Archon can turn into any shape or form he wished. Will suggests Archon change into a Saticon form. Archon says, "You're very bright...for an Earth boy."  Will says, "Thank you, sir."  Maureen says, "Ohhh."


Smith tells Penny that perhaps they can convert the Robot into an electronic fly catcher. Robot tells them, "I repeat. I saw a fly. A giant fly!"  Smith deactivates the Robot and tosses the power pack. They are near a Men At Work sign and a sewer manhole cover. From the cover, comes the giant fly. Smith screams and so does Penny. Penny gasps, "Oh, I knew this wasn't Earth."  The Saticons show themselves from out of the buildings. The lead one says Dr. Smith has a habit of exaggerating. He made this from Smith's memory, "We have created this street from fragments of your memory."  Penny asks, "You did all this just to get the amulet?"  The Saticon says, "That is true. Now you must be destroyed!"  Penny tries to get the amulet that Smith threw to an area infront of her but the Saticon leader uses his scepter which whines and stops her in her tracks. She runs back to Smith who looks for the power pack, "The power pack! Where's the power pack?! The power pack!"  He puts is back into Robot, who says, "This still does not seem like Earth."  Smith wants to talk--they had an arrangement--why can't they talk it over. The Saticon moves at the amulet. "All talk has ended...for you!"

Another Saticon arrives and grabs it, "You wanted this, now take it!" It sounds like Archon. He throws it at the aliens and there are blasts. It blows up and makes the sound of the photon torpedoes from the original STAR TREK TV show (honest!). The street starts to blow up as the new Saticon races to Smith and Penny, telling them to take cover--this place will crumble to cosmic dust. They run. The Robot slides after them. The street blows apart, shakes apart, and everything explodes. A telephone booth falls. Penny screams. It is over, Archon tells them, "It is I."  He turns around and his face becomes Archon. They hold hands and vanish to the planet. Penny runs off the tube transporter to Mom, "Oh it was terrible--the Saticons built a make believe street and for awhile, we thought we were home."  Robot joins the others. Archon is with Smith on the platform when he tells Smith he will send him to a dead star for punishment. He no longer blames Penny. He tells Smith he would be a reject in any society. Smith asks to be forgiven. He made a mistake. Archon says, "A fatal one for you."  Penny tells him he will have to send her, too. Archon does not blame her, "Dr. Smith is solely responsible. Obviously, he's caused you considerable trouble in the past."   BIG UNDERSTATEMENT. "You should be glad to have him gone."     


Maureen tells him in her culture they forgive mistakes. Human beings make errors but profit by them. She tells him to think about it. Will tells Archon if he sends Dr. Smith to a dead star, he will have send him, too. Penny repeats, "Me too."  Judy puts her arms around the two, "You'll have to send the three of us."  Robot chimes in, "I wish also to go with my friends."  Smith thanks them and thinks he is going to cry, "Oh, spare us."  Archon tells them he will do the imperfect thing just this one time and lets Smith stay. Archon says, "Now goodbye all, especially you, Penny Robinson."   Penny says, nobleness in her voice, "Goodbye Mr. Archon."  Archon leaves, vanishing on the transporter. Smith says, "He forgot his control console."  Archon says, "Oh no I didn't."   It vanishes. NOTE: It was the Saticons or did they steal it from Archon? Or was Archon playing one big game with all of the Robinsons--perhaps the Saticons were contrivances of his and he used them to play this test with Penny?


Maureen says, "Well now, Dr. Smith, you let that be a lesson to you. From now on, you keep out of trouble!"  Smith claims that he is a new Zachary Smith. Maureen says, "Well, I'm not counting on it. C'mon everybody."  She takes the others off. Robot follows. Smith sits on a rock with the hot dog and flag-banner. The fly-man is behind him, climbing harmlessly onto the rock to see what is going on. Smith sees it and screams, then faints. The fly thing man looks at him strangely.


SCENES TO NEXT WEEK added onto this during a rerun of some kind and on the video from COLUMBIA HOUSE includes:


the following scenes set to the earthquake music from THERE WERE GIANTS IN THE EARTH----


A comet flies in the sky of the Robinson planet.

Will runs out of the ship with Dr. Smith; Will wears a new space suit; Smith wears his night robe and cap. Will gasps, "Gosh it's a comet and heading this way." 


Smith: We must prepare for catastrophe!


NARRATOR: Next week on LOST IN SPACE, a fantastic adventure into the black void beyond the stars....


The ship is flying upward from the planet.


Robot: (to Smith near airlock): Warning! Warning! Do not open inner       door! (Smith opens door and Robot sails out into space!).


John: (the Jupiter II passes around a strange giant alien                 spacecraft) This is the Jupiter II, who are you? 


Will (as they move closer): We're gonna crash! (the ship does).


Don: (as he and the others look out at John who is spacewalking infront of them to get the Robot): John! Your tyline's going! You've got to let go!


John lets go of the Robot in space.


Judy: C'mon in, dad!

Penny: Hurry!


NARRATOR: Deep in the forbidden recesses of space, the Jupiter 2 encounters a terrifying derelict spaceship, doomed to drift forever in forgotten galaxies! (accompanying this is John spacewalking out of the Jupiter II).


Scenes of the prison revolt with Phanzig and other prisoners, Smith, and the new robotoid firing a frost gun at some of the escapees.


John: Don, come on! (Don on the wall).


A criminal with a large knife or machete, unfrozen, attacks Don and John. Smith is grabbed around the throat with a Cat's cradle by criminal Phanzig. There are blasts in the alien control room.





CLIFFHANGER: (some reruns have the following on the end of THE GALAXY GIFT and this was what happened the first time BLAST OFF INTO SPACE repeated the week after THE GALAXY GIFT's first airing; this lead into BLAST OFF cliffhanger also adorns some copies of FOLLOW THE LEADER which some copies of have the cliffhanger leading into ATTACK OF THE MONSTER PLANTS):


John, Maureen, and Penny shake from a quake that knocks them around the control room of the Jupiter II. It stops and John calls Don at the drill site. Penny's hair is very long and down over her shoulders. Penny is wearing her new outfit (red-orange in color are her shirt, pants, and boots, yellow stripes along shirt). John feels the quakes are happening at a depth that can crack the core of this planet. Don tells him they just got that last batch of detronium---all they need. John asks if they felt the earthquake. Don asks, "Earthquake, what earthquake?"  John tells him to pack up and get back--it might hit there next. Judy goes up a ridge to call Smith and Will at Don's orders. "Dad just called--he said there might be an earthquake, right here in this very area!"   Robot's head sensors are turning---and very fast. Smith is holding Will and Robot at attention in some kind of silly ceremony for the unveiling of a statue--the Spirit of Space--he made which Will comments doesn't even look like him. Smith tells them it is the artistic inner self. The statue is holding a golden globe. Will asks, "Now can we leave?"  Smith complains about the sanctity of this moment. Will says, "Didn't you hear what Judy said...we might be right in the middle of a..."  There's a blast and Will yells, "Hit the dirt!"  Smith tries to keep the statue from falling. Judy falls backward off the ridge. Pieces of wood and debris hit Don off the drill into the Chariot. Cliffhanger music used.




REVIEW: A good episode to close out a mediocre season. A bit of action, a splitting up of the cast, returning good bad guys, and John Carradine to boot. Not to mention a good relationship between Penny and Archon, snow (a first for LOST IN SPACE on this planet besides Earth--we did see snow on the ground in RETURN FROM OUTER SPACE and lots of ice and bits of snow-?-in THE HUNGRY SEA), and a trip to another planet besides the one the Robinsons have been camped on since crash landing in FORBIDDEN WORLD. The Saticons deserved a return appearance, where not called Saticons in WRECK OF THE ROBOT, and looked and acted pretty much the same as in that episode. The frog head and ugly Keema from THE GOLDEN MAN reappear without notice by the Robinsons. This episode is somewhat reminiscent of ALL THAT GLITTERS and THE GOLDEN MAN in many ways but is somewhat better than both of them.   


NOTES: Some sources say that this episode shows us a lavatory area on the lower deck. Later, the sources say, a hatch covers this area. Did I miss something? Maybe.   

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