LOST IN SPACE-The Girl from the Green Dimension, The Questing Beast

Chase - Posted on 04 October 2009


WRITER-PETER PACKER-green with embarrassment over this one

DIR-NATHAN JURAN--even he couldn't save this one.

MUSIC-ALEXANDER COURAGE-with a few good "sad" and "serious" tunes  but a great deal of goofy slapstick tunes also


NARRATION: Last week, as you recall, we left Will, Dr. Smith, and the Robot at the electron telescope just as a solar gale had trapped them in sudden reign of giant cosmic bolts.


TEASER-NOT recapped at all except for the first few lines of the Robot repeating DANGER (and I agree--stay away from this episode!), previous action music from other episodes used in teaser giving way to new music, also shots of Will and Smith hiding at the rocks looks like a different take.


Will and Smith, from the cover of the rocks, look out at the Robot who repeats DANGER! DANGER! over and over in an annoying fashion. The wind blows the two but the blasts from the storm abate as does the wind. Smith sends Will out first to check that the solar gale is over--Will is smaller. Will says, "I thought you said Sagittarian people were bold. He moves out and finds the storm is indeed over. Smith comes out and feels powerful, exhilarated, "Ahh yes, man against the elements! I feel powerful enough to conquer the universe."  Robot laughs at this but claims he is clearing the solar dust from his memory banks. The lights on the telescope blink green; Robot relating that, "A deposit of positron particles combined with solarized ions from an unknown source,"  have affected the scope. It is not dangerous but the optical system has been changed somehow. Will looks into the scope and sees the green  girl floating in space. Smith looks and shuts it. Will says, "Why'd you turn her off--she looked kinda nice, you know like when you did that spacewalk with her."  Smith is fearful of her. Will says, "You sure went ga-ga over then."  Smith looks again and goes into some kind of a trancelike state, calling the green girl "..a vagrant memory of the past, a phantasma of the night."    Snapping out of it, Smith orders the Robot to strike and carry. He looks at the green girl again but shuts it again. "Green lady, indeed!"  He thinks of her as a menace although admitting to just being "gallant"  to her during that space walk (in WILD ADVENTURE) and being nice to "the weaker sex."   Will puts the sleeping bags' straps on the Robot's holder on his upper body for him to carry them. When Will and Robot move off, the telescope blasts out green sparks and smoke. Smith is engulfed and moans for Will. The green girl is here, on the planet, near Smith, singing.



Will and Smith flee back into camp, Smith calling the Robot a computerized clod when robot mocks Smith's supposed "speed"; Will suggests Smith do deep breathing exercises and helps him. John and Don come out, followed soon by the females of the Jupiter II. Smith tells them what happened but Will has to fill in the gaps. John and Maureen wonder if Will is telling "one of his flights of fancy"  again. Will responds, "No, sir, absolutely not, sir."  Smith calls the green girl sinister, "...that sinister creature that we encountered out in space, the one who wanted to drink our detronium fuel. Maureen frowns, "I thought she was anything but sinister."  Robot warns as green girl appears floating over some rocks and orange spikes are visible on a strange tree nearby. Robot calls the green girl, "Harmless, defenseless, and peaceful. I am not programmed for unwarranted aggression."  Smith begins to do something about that by reprogramming Robot, "I can fix that!"  He stops as the green girl floats up higher and vanishes slowly. Don worries about the drillsite where the detronium is. John suggests they check it tomorrow (hey, lazy boy, why not now?). Day--Smith, in his brown shirt (at least it looks dark brown now) calls for the green girl by using her name---WHICH SOMEHOW HE HAS FOUND OUT! He calls her Athena--and wants her to tell him how she can help him see into the future--WHICH SOMEHOW HE FOUND OUT!!! NOTE: In the credits to WILD ADVENTURE, the green girl is listed under the name Lorelei (the name of a siren in mythology). Here, she is called Athena. AHHH, WELL. Smith complains about the things he does in the interest of science and wanting to learn the secret of reading the future. A wind blows. Suddenly, a large male, green (with a brownish-red green beard) and dressed in Viking like helmet and fur one piece across one side of his shoulder, comes out from the rocks, roaring and growling at Smith.  



The man menaces Smith but Athena shows up and woes the green giant away. She floats to Smith and calls him, "Pretty, handsome, Doc-tor Smith. Brave, handsome Dr. Smith."  Athena tells Smith that Urso, the green man, loves her but she rejected him for Smith!!! Smith assumes all the males from Athena's world look like Urso. Athena calls Smith "pretty like girl, you not girl?"  Smith tells Athena some more; Athena tells him Urso thinks all Smith wants is the power to tell the future. Athena loves it when Smith wiggles his nose for her. He promises her he will be with her forever. She is thirsty but she tells him, "Athena not for water,"  so Smith realizes he almost forgot--she wants fuel. Later, John, Don, and Will emerge from the Chariot and to the drillsite, unloading some cases and equipment. Also at the drill site is the water conversion unit. Will tells them the telescope seems to be a window onto the green dimension; John figures the storm changed the telescope somehow. They find the case of detronium opened. Two cans are gone. John says, "Well, I suppose we should be grateful that she didn't drink them all. I wonder how she pried that lock off?"  Don jokes, "With her green thumb."  He suggests they store the fuel at the spaceship from now on. John would do that only it is so inflammable. John wants to check the weight extractor with Don. Will lingers behind and sees a trail of smoke and follows it to Smith and Athena (just what this is is beyond me--spilled fuel that has caught fire?). Will pulls one can from Smith's hand. He wants to teach her to speak the English language more fluently. Smith tells Will her ESP made a connection with him--and she found he is on a high spiritual plane. She needs fuel to live. To Will, Athena reveals Smith promised to live with her forever. Will takes Smith aside, "If you consented to anything like that, she's gonna expect you to keep your word."   Smith feels they have to humor these aliens to get what they want out of them. He tells Will not to be a tattle tale and takes the can back. Later, Maureen and Judy work in the garden. Maureen gives the basket to the Robot as Smith comes dancing, singing Strolling Through the Park One Day (well, from THE GOLDEN MAN, it is supposed to be May). Robot turns his body but not his treads as Smith dances around him. Maureen claps at Smith's singing. Smith is in a good mood--he claims to have studied the sky and the language of silence (I DOUBT HE COULD DO THAT!) for a treatise he is writing. Smith tells Maureen Judy will be hurt shortly. Maureen calls this "morbid wishful thinking"  but he tells her exactly how and why Judy hurts her finger just moments before it happens. Maureen takes Judy into the ship, staring at Smith. Robot says, "Tampering with alien devices is a MOST DANGEROUS GAME."   Night--Will, Smith, and Robot are out in a more mild storm of wind and flying leaves. Will says, "It sure is spooky up here, Dr. Smith."  Smith tells him the darkest hour is just before dawn. Robot yells, "WHY ARE WE WHISPERING!!?!"   Smith calls him a cackling canister or a cackling caricature. Will says, "Isn't it better to live each day as it comes."  Smith says, "Spare me the dull cliches learned at your mother's knee, dear boy."  Will hears Urso snoring. Smith pulls Will back but then pushes Will to look into the telescope. Will wonders if it will be happiness and if he should look. Robot warns as Will moves to the scope, "Warning! Warning! The alien presence (or present or person---it is not clear) from the green dimension is advancing in your direction, Will Robinson!"  Humming gently (!), Urso touches Will's head and there is a blast and Urso is gone. When Smith calls Urso a dreadful man, Will says, "He was even kind of friendly."  Smith looks at Will, "William. William, you're green as a pickle!"  Will looks at his hands. Nice music into commercial.


NOTE: The green make up on Bill Mumy is quite good and makes him look very different. I would have liked to see him stay green for the next six or so episodes--it certainly would have made those next six that more interesting!



Okay, apparently the baths on the Jupiter II are not working. For now it is day and Maureen is scrubbing Will's bare back with a brush as he sits in front of the Jupiter II in a metal tub filled with water (and maybe even bubbles), naked! Will winces as Maureen scrubs too hard! John asks, "Will, how many times have you been told not to let Dr. Smith talk you into following him on those hair brain schemes of his?"   Will thought looking into the future would be more interesting than when Judy cut her finger. John figures they will have to try to find some other solvent to take off the green (who's he kidding?). Will gets out of the tub and John puts his robe on Will (of course, we don't see him naked--just from his waist up). Maureen is mad that Smith brought him back and then ran away. John tells Will that Smith will have a lot of explaining to do. John goes in after telling Will that no one will laugh at him. Will is not sure Judy and Penny will accept him when Maureen tells him they are waiting for breakfast. He tells her he is not hungry. Maureen thinks the sooner the others see him, the sooner they will get used to him. Maureen tells him he hasn't really changed (ala A CHANGE OF SPACE). Will smiles and goes in with her. Robot told him green is not an unattractive color--not as nice as a sturdy metallic silver gray. Maureen walks Will into the ship and breakfast. Smith finds and tells Athena, then pulls her--the girl floating in the air. Urso watches them leave. Athena floats around Will, humming nicely to Will's discontent. Will is zipping up the front of his shirt. The green lady tells him he is beautiful; Will says that is no word for a boy. John tries to explain to Athena, so does Maureen. John says, "You must realize that my son belongs to this dimension, not yours."   Maureen tells her they like her color but want their son back to the way he was. Athena cannot help, "Urso only one who can turn boy back. Dr. Smith are brilliant,"  she tells John and tells him Smith told her he is a scaredy cat. John says, "Oh?"  Athena tells them Urso play game on boy, now Smith play game on Urso. Smith asks her to stop Urso for him. Athena tells him it is old custom that now new one kill old one. Smith will need a month to train up to be able to fight Urso. Will, ever helpful (THIS IS REALLY PARTLY HIS FAULT TOO) says, "I can show you a few karate tricks before you go, Dr. Smith."  Athena gets upset with Smith and floats away, vanishing slowly again. Maureen doesn't blame Athena, telling Smith, "Judging from what you must have told her, I'd say she's just expecting you to keep your word."   John tells Smith he must meet Urso, "...and once more Smith, I'm not going to let you weasel out of this one. Now you got Will into this--and you're gonna get him out!!!"


Night--Penny comes out of the Jupiter II ramp and stops, looking at Will who is looking up at the night sky and the stars in it. She goes to him, he telling her the stars look friendly. Penny asks, "More friendly than we do?"  Will says, "Maybe."  She asks him to play a game of chess with her. When he says he doesn't feel like it, Penny tells him he thinks just because he's green he is special and they should treat him differently but that they won't make a fuss over him--he's the same Will Robinson he's always been. Will tells her, "Just leave me alone. Leave me alone!"  He turns away but apologizes. She says, "Will, couldn't we...I mean couldn't you do something to make me green, too?"  Will looks her in the eyes now, "You wouldn't want that."  She would and tells him her reasons for why. Will smiles, then accepts her offer to play chess. In the Control Room, Maureen watches them from the window. John comes up behind her, "You're not brooding, are you?"  Maureen says, "No, but I could be persuaded to very easily."  When John asks if they should be in bed, Maureen says, "Now look, this is the first time that Will has shown any interest in anything since he's turned green. I'm going to let them stay up as late as they'd like."   Don passes across the landscape and enters the door, with his pistol on and a laser rifle, "John, there's no sign of that joker she calls Urso."  Smith is up at the telescope. Don tells them if Smith runs, he knows he better keep on running. Robot is with Smith. Smith tells Robot, "One green skin in the family is quite enough,"  calling the Robot a ludicrous lump. By his saying of this, he makes viewers realize he counts himself as one of the Robinson family. At least here. Robot is programmed to dislike the sight of blood. Urso arrives, roaring. Smith wonders if he knows the Queensbury Rules of fighting. We hear BOZO THE CLOWN music as Smith is chased by Urso around the scope, then it turns with Smith sitting on it. Urso turns the scope. In true KEYSTONE COPS fashion, the film is speeded up as Smith is turned by Urso! LOST IN SPACE has sunk so low. Urso grabs Smith, "Me handsome, meee,"  he says in a gruff voice. Urso forces Smith to look into the scope where he sees a daytime scene--Penny, Judy, Don, Maureen, and John stand around a grave at some burial. Smith, the dope that he is, doesn't realize Will is not there. The others are talking of someone or something that was a loyal, hardworking, tireless helper. Smith thinks it is his funeral, "Oh the pain."  Indeed for us, the viewers.



Day--Don has on protective gloves as he works from behind a transparent screen on a radioactive unit he removes from the wall circuitry unit (it opens automatically and sounds like the second season door sound effect). It is one of the atomic cookers' heating coils and it is shot--contaminated metal. Don drops it in a metallic box. Maureen comes in. John wonders if Smith has gone off to the green dimension. Don's alibi: Smith is skulking about hoping they will swallow some fake story of his. In the garden Penny tries some of the minty stuff with the yellow fruit they found which when mixed together gave it a liquorice taste. Will doesn't feel like trying it. Penny asks him if she wants to get him some...he finishes--detronium. He gazes outward and walks around the table, smiling he is not ready for that yet. Penny says, "You're worried about Dr. Smith--so am I."  Will wants to go search for him; Penny says, "I'll go with you."  Will says, "No, Penny--it's not that I don't want you. Well, I feel that Dr. Smith's my responsibility right now."  He leaves Penny to think about this. Will finds Smith who is making his own tombstone with the Robot. Will tells him Dad and Don were looking for him. Smith has been demoralized. Robot has written off Dr. Smith already. Smith would like Athena to come to his funeral. Will goes off to find her, touching Smith's arm and shoulder. Smith decides to leave Will his collection of self portraits. Robot suggests Smith fight a duel to the death with Urso--he has nothing to lose. Robot goes off to issue Smith's challenge to Urso. Smith says, "Never fear, Smith is here--but not for long."  Will calls Athena and hears her crying-singing. He climbs up a long and tall rock and talks to the green girl who is floating on the other side. Athena tells Will, "Athena know much many everything."  NOTE: Except how to talk. To help Smith, Will pleads with Athena, "Please Athena."  Athena asks, "You love Dr. Smith?"  Will nods, "In a way, kind of, I guess."  He tells her, "Dr. Smith's just a scaredy cat. Please Athena you've got to help him."  When she asks, "Dr. Smith, a scaredy cat?"  Will answers, "Uh uh."   Athena smiles, "You cute little green fella, how bout you come to green dimension with Athena?"  Will smiles, looks down ashamed a bit, and tells her he is not ready to fly yet. Athena says, "Oh--kay."  She floats down and tells Will, "Dr. Smith come, we hide."  The two, almost kin now, hide as Smith comes, the robot carrying his tombstone, he carrying a box with old fashioned pistols (where on Earth did he get these?). Smith calls the Robot a ghoul. Smith drops his gun as Urso readies to duel with him. Smith runs and finds Judy, Penny, Don, Maureen, and John at the buried site. Just before, the others overact quite a bit, feeling remorse for the tireless helper--the contaminated radioactive unit. Smith gasps, "You've buried me alive! You buried the wrong person!"  OF COURSE NONE OF WHAT HE SAYS MAKES ANY SENSE. John tells him the truth. Urso arrives and chases Smith around a rock. Everyone follows as the goofball chase proceeds back to the telescope area, amid some of the lamest music used on the series--kind of like circus clown music. Soon, Urso has Smith on his knees, pointing a pistol at him. Athena woes Urso away from Smith and takes the pistol away from him, throwing it to Smith, disappointed in him. Athena then makes Urso touch Will's head and Will turns white again. The green people vanish.


Maureen hugs Will. Will says, "Athena's gone." 

Maureen says, "GOOD."  I second that statement.


Will tells them he was afraid Athena was gonna take him back with her to the green dimension. Maureen smiles, "I'm sure she understood we'd much rather have you with us."  She shows him his hand. Will says, "I'm not green anymore!"  John says, "All right now, let's get back to the ship."  The family goes. Smith looks in the scope again and on his eye after he does, is a green heart shape. Smith says, "Love is a green plate of spinach."  Athena calls him. He calls her.


CLIFFHANGER: Unfortunately the stupid episodes continue. Smith sits on a rock and eats lunch and drinks. Will and he are behind a rock. Smith asks Will if he wants a cookie. Will watches as Robot has a shield over some large unit (what looks like the temp unit from THE DREAM MONSTER). The unit is blasting away and the large shield that Robot has strapped to him and is holding in his hands protects him. The regular fusion stage radiation is dangerous. Will seems to look younger than he did before, perhaps because he is no longer green. As Robot works on stopping the device, we hear music from THERE WERE GIANTS IN THE EARTH--music which is rarely heard in the series at this point. Robot finishes and takes the shield off--the radiation is down. "Atomic regular secure, no more danger of radiation poisoning."   Robot puts the lead shield down. Smith hopes to return to camp now and build fires for the night (?), "There may well be alien monsters afoot."  NO? An alien knight in armor comes running from behind rocks as a horn blows. Smith grabs Will in front of him. The knight has a large lance and shield. He tells them he is Sir Sagramonte of Antaire and tells them to do battle or consider themselves captured knights. Robot cannot do anything to the alien--who then rushes at them with his lance amid MORE goofy campy music--not the regular cliffhanger music.


TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK SAME TIME SAME CHANNEL despite our hopes it won't be...


REVIEW: Oh-kay. Despite a few good "brooding"  scenes between Penny and Will and a few "sad" sequences with Will and Penny and some relationship stuff with Will and Maureen, Will and Penny, Will and Smith, Will and Athena...you get the idea, this piece of junk just falls apart. The music is okay during the sad scenes with Will but awfully comedy like during the chase scenes (and seemingly fit for a circus act). Athena was called Lorelei in the credits of WILD ADVENTURE and only called "the green lady" or "green girl" in the actual episode WILD ADVENTURE. She is now named Athena and called so by the Robinsons and Smith (who really found out her name off screen and off script--unless some scene or explanation was cut out). I suppose Athena's ESP could have told him her name. Smith also finds out about her being able to use the scope to tell the future--we aren't privy as to how he finds this out--perhaps her ESP again. Will looks better green than he does white and perhaps this is because it is the only thing of any interest in the episode. Another missed opportunity just touched on a bit here, is the fact that Will was now a minority and seeing how the family was going to treat him would have been interesting. All we get are Maureen and Penny. Too bad Penny couldn't have turned green, too, as she suggested. Will wasn't particularly nice to Penny in this episode even though she tried to make him feel better. Will was as responsible for his turning green as Smith was. He went with Smith willingly. John is correct in pointing out Will should not be conned so easily by Smith at this point. Also, the family not believing Will about the green girl is really dumb at this point--this happens again in MUTINY IN SPACE--why wouldn't they believe Will about a space admiral and a green girl coming out of a telescope after all the other wild things they have already encountered!?!!! While the green makeup was very good, in the bath scene Will looks a bit too light green compared to the rest of the episode. This marks the second time anyone in the Jupiter is seen taking a bath--Smith took one way back in THE OASIS. I always suspected the showers and baths were in the cabins on the Jupiter II. Now I know--they use an old tub like the BEVERLY HILLBILLIES. Urso is not what I pictured the males in the Athena universe to look like--he looks about as floatable as the Jupiter II in the second season. Any scene he is in is embarrassing to watch and his talking is...well, really shameful. Unfortunately this episode is typical of LOST IN SPACE at this point with many more bad episodes to follow. Will becoming more like Athena would have livened things up a bit and his scenes with her are cute and somewhat fun but too much Smith centered nonsense and too many Smith centered sequences with Urso and Athena. Bad, really bad. Also the subplot of the future telling is silly since the Robinsons overact (as does the cast, perhaps for the first time) as they feel so emotionful for the dumbo unit they just buried---with rocks all around it. The whole thing is just ludicrous. Smith acts as illogical as ever when he happens upon the funeral and his lines are just awful. Not really funny at all. The slapstick chase with Urso is a sad example of how far LOST IN SPACE has crashlanded into obnoxiousness. Run for cover because there are worse episodes to follow like...      



THE QUESTING BEAST-start questing for something else to watch for                 awhile


DIR-Don Richardson--OH DEAR!



NARRATION: Last week, as you recall, we left Will, Dr. Smith, and the Robot checking the radiative atomic regulator, unaware that an incredible, armored warrior was waiting for the moment to attack.


NOTE: Almost every word of the narration can be contested, almost like a contesting of a poorly written will. Will, Smith, and Robot weren't really checking the atomic regulator, they were decontaminating it--actually only the Robot was. The warrior is not really a warrior, not incredible, and he doesn't really attack. Typical of the next several episodes, this is totally senseless.


TEASER-NOT recapped--different shots of Will and Smith, behind a rock, watching Robot decontaminate a radioactive atomic regulator which could give them radiation poisoning. He stops this and it is no longer dangerous. We hear comedy music as the alien knight...comes running from behind rocks as a horn blows. Smith grabs Will in front of him. The knight has a large lance and shield. He tells them he is Sir Sagramonte of Antaire and tells them to do battle or consider themselves captured knights. Robot cannot do anything to the alien--who then rushes at them with his lance amid MORE goofy campy music. The knight has his face plate down on his armor so we cannot see his face yet. He hops like a fairy past Will and Smith, not really attacking them in any dangerous way. He falls. He asks "boy" to help him up and takes his face plate up--he is an old man with grey moustache and hair. Robot yields to his request as the dopey alien thinks Robot is a knight. Smith introduces himself. Robot cannot pay ransom so the knight threatens to chop off his head. Smith wants him to but Will says no. Smith suggests a hostage. Will says, "I guess he means me."  Smith also offers himself (?). Sagramonte will treat Will "as his own son"  and as a "page"  but takes both Smith and Will, Smith will do his menial work. The fool (the knight, not Smith) whistles, bringing Bayer, a beagle hound who wears square rimmed glasses to the area. The hound helps him in his search to destroy Gundlebar-(or Gundlemar--which ever)-the questing beast. Sagramonte makes Will his "second"  on the hunt. The dog lies down. So do we...and we fall asleep.



Night--drill site--goofy music. Maureen is worried about Will. John says, as if this means Will is safe, "He's with Smith and the Robot."  Maureen tells John, "All day I had the strangest feeling of something watching us. Like eyes boring into your back."  John calls it her intuition. Maureen tells him not to laugh at it. John sets the drill on auto and the pair of them head back to the ship. Will, at Sagramonte's tent camp setup, helps the knight sharpen his sword on a spinning wheel. Smith cuts wood. Sagramonte will teach Will knightly manners and claims he will beat him only when he deserves it and to sharpen his wits. For some reason he pulls a hair out of Will, then asks for his gauntlets--gloves from the tent. In the tent, Will finds Smith hiding in the bear rug and sneezing. Smith orders Will to find out about how the alien got here, "He must have a spacecraft."  Will figures Smith wants to steal it and that this is why Smith volunteered to be a hostage. He tells Will if Sagramonte ever comes to visit Earth they will return it. Will says, "Some chance."  Smith says, "Think of your parents, think of your sisters, think of me! We are all eager to leave this planet."  Sagramonte tries to teach Will sword play but the sword is too heavy for Will and keeps falling. The alien reveals he has never seen the beast. Will almost sticks Sagramonte with the sword. Sagramonte uses the word botheration a great deal. Will asks about the quest. Sagramonte tells him it is about deeds of valor, an exploration of the soul and getting the unobtainable, something which keeps a man young. Will falls with the sword. Sagramonte eats and wipes his mouth on his sleeve and for some strange reason this produces the sound of the original STAR TREK'S photon torpedoes! No kidding. Check it out. Smith carries a large tree past for wood, complaining about his delicate back. Sagramonte isn't sure how he got to the planet and the other planets where Gundlebar grazed. Enchantment and enchanters he imagines. Sagramonte trips and falls several times. They will start the quest at dawn. Smith sits and eats, telling Will they will leave when the alien falls asleep. Will will stay here and learn more, "I don't think a quest is nonsense."  Will goes off. Smith complains that he, a famous gourmet has to eat such rubbish. He tosses it into the tent and Sagramonte yells about who it is. Smith says, "No one, no one at all."



Smith wakes Will to come with him but when Will won't go, Smith leaves. Will falls asleep by the fire. A human shaped very tall dragon being follows Smith from behind. Good music as it fires fire from its nose as Smith yells and runs. Bayer barks, Will and Sagramonte hear Smith scream and get up to chase it. Will helps Sagramonte put on his shield and get his horn. Sagramonte leaves without his lance and helmet. Will runs with both to find him. Daytime--John comes out of the spaceship as Robot returns to camp, Robot telling him Will and Dr. Smith "are hold hostage by a native of the planet Antare (or Antaire)."  Robot cannot take any action against the alien since his prime directive (Isaac Asimov's Prime Directive of Robotics which Carey Wilbur, the writer, also mentioned in THE SKY PIRATE) forbids him harming human beings. John asks if that means the alien is human and the Robot says, "Affirmative."  Robot cannot tell him what the alien plans to do with them. John says, "You're a great help."  Don comes out, "Some alien has taken Will and Smith prisoner."  Don tells him he checks the radar tape recordings every day and there were no indications of an alien spaceship landing. John asks where they are. Don gets the idea to go look for them. John pats his arm as he runs to get the guns. Lower deck later--John and Don prepare to leave with their belts on and guns ready. John tells Maureen not to alarm Judy and Penny but to tell them to stay close to the ship. Maureen agrees, "John, please don't let anything happen to Will."  He tells her not to worry and he and Don leave, going up on the elevator. Penny comes to Maureen, who tells her the two men have work to do. Maureen tells her not to go too far from the ship today. Penny asks why not. Maureen snaps at her, with Tiabo music from FORBIDDEN WORLD accompanying her, "Because I told you not to!"  Maureen leaves the area. Penny says, "Isn't much of a reason if you ask me."  Later, Penny goes out the ramp of the Jupiter II and sees the hound dog. She follows it away. Will, with helmet on and lance carrying, calls Sir Sagramonte, tired and wimpily. The lance and helmet impede his progress as the lance gets stuck between rocks and the helmet keeps falling. Will finds Sir Sagramonte on his back under some red bushes or tumbleweeds. Will moves them and wakes him up by knocking on the shield (no really!). Will looked for him all night but couldn't find him. The alien thinks it was enchantment. Will says, "There's no such thing as enchantment."  Bayer is missing. Sagramonte thinks it was enchantment that stole the poor hound away from him. Will says, "I sure wish you wouldn't talk like that."  Sagramonte sleeps some more. Will takes the helmet off. Penny gives up chasing Bayer, wanting only to be friends with him. The dragon lady talks to Penny who runs to a rock, distressed by the alien monster. Penny then talks to her. She thought it might have been Sir Sagramonte. The dragon lady tells Penny she should learn about life. Penny tells her that mom told her not to go too far. A blast and the dragon lady is next to Penny, teleporting as she calls it. Gundlebar tells her it is good to talk to someone--she hasn't had a good talk for ages. She cannot allow Penny to go back to her parents since she will tell them about her and she is not up for a hunt just now. Penny takes her hand and they walk. Sigh.



Penny and the dragon lady walk but stop to rest. Penny demands to know why the Dragon Lady is here and has to hide. She says, "So I won't be found."  Penny says, "That's a ridiculous answer."  Gundlebar wonders about the youth these days and talks about manners. Penny won't go any further unless Gundlebar explains. She does. For 40 years, the knight has hunted her and she doesn't even know why. We hear sad music. Notice the ribbon and bowties in the dragon lady's hair or fins or something. Also note how the fins on her back resemble the ones on GODZILLA. As Gundlebar cries, Penny wipes her eyes with a handkerchief. Gundlebar has tried to talk to the knight but it is useless. Sir Sagramonte is up and bragging to Will as the boy shines his helmet. Will watches Sagremonte make a fool of himself. Will says, "Telling the tale is right."  The fight, which Will claims Sagramonte said only took a few seconds, now sounds as if it took hours. Will has lost interest in the knight. Sagramonte says, "Don't you knoweth he who blows not his own trumpet shall never be heard."  Will says he is not angry with Sagramonte who thinks he is. Will sounds angry. He's not--he is disappointed. Will puts down the helmet--amid SPACE CIRCUS sad music. Will thought Sagramonte was the bravest and noblest man the other night when he left without his lance and helmet full of chivalry and curtesy and doing good deeds, "And now...I don't think I want to be your page any more, sir."  Sagramonte tells him, "Then go. Go."  Will tells him he polished his helmet and moves off, "Goodbye."  Bayer returns to Sagramonte and barks. The knight understands the dog who tells about the dragon but Sagramonte rests again, the fight having gone out of him. Penny takes Gundlebar to a cave but the lady tells her to investigate. Penny guesses Gundlebar is afraid of mice but takes her inside and the dragon lady lays down to go to sleep. Smith is there, hiding behind rocks and using a handkerchief to wipe his brow. Penny leaves. Smith leaves.


Judy comes out of the ramp of the spaceship as John and Don return, "Dad, he's back."  Will returned and of the alien, Judy tells them, "From the way Will talked he's just a foolish old man."  Don wants to get something to eat and asks Judy if she's game. Judy tells him to go ahead, "I'll be right along. I wanna talk to Dad for a moment."  John asks, "Well, what's the trouble?"  Judy says, "I'm worried about Will."  John asks, "Will?"  NO, SABU FROM THE THIEF OF BAGHDAD! Yes Will! Judy says, "There's something withdrawn about him. Dad, is it possible for a boy his age to become a cynic?"  Smith comes screaming, "Jupiter II ahoy!"  He comes running and sits on a rock. Judy and John run to him. "The horror of it all,"  Smith says, among other things. Robot says, "Memory banks indicate Dr. Smith is about to pull a fast one."  Smith calls him, "Silence, you ingurt of ingratitude."  Smith tells Judy and John a pack of lies about helping Will escape Sagramonte and on the way back he and Will were attacked by a monster. Judy asks, "A monster, Dr. Smith?"  Smith says several monster. John asks, "Well, just how many monsters?"  Smith says, "Four or five at the very least."  Smith goes on to lie about how, armed with only a club, he disposed of seven of them. Judy says, "But Dr. Smith, you just said there were only five of them."  Smith amends his story to tell them there were ten of the monsters, "Don't you believe me?"  John says, "Ahh, yeah, go on."  Will comes out and stops on the top of the ramp, listening, then folds his arms as he hears Smith's lie. Smith tells them he drew the monsters away from the place where Will was hiding and had 20 of the monsters at his heels. John says, "Now if there were only 10 monsters to start with..."  Smith goes on but then sees Will at the ramp, goes up to him, tries to cover for himself. "Did you hear everything I said?"  Smith asked.  Will says, a hint of callousness and anger in his voice,  "I heard you, Dr. Smith."  Smith asks, "Everything?"  Will answers, "Everything."  Will goes into the ship, called to by Smith. John and Judy join Smith on the ramp. John asks him to go on with his story. Smith, sad now, and serious faced, stares blankly, "I'm sure you're fully aware that is was all a lie."  He goes inside. John and Judy follow him in.


Night--Smith comes up on the elevator as Will reads on the Control Room red table, "May I join you?"  Will says, "Suit yourself."  Smith takes up a blue book, "I'm sorry about this afternoon."  Will says, "It's alright, you were just trying to make yourself out a big hero."   


Smith: You make it sound very simple.

Will: Well, isn't it? I mean don't people do it all the time--brag  and elaborate and build themselves up? The book's upsidedown,      Dr. Smith.

Smith: (puts book-the Robot assembly manual from WRECK OF THE ROBOT        down on table) Thank you. There must be some                      exceptions.

Will: What exceptions?

Smith: Your parents, Major West.

Will: (not really looking Smith in the eyes and not really               believing what he is saying himself) How do I know for sure    that they're so special? 

Smith: Will, what has happened to you?

Will: Let's just say that I'm growing up, Dr. Smith. There comes a  time in every kid's life when he has to get rid of illusions    like outgrowing fairy tales about knights fighting dragons.

Smith: It must be something Sagramonte of Antare did, wasn't it?

Will: Dr. Smith, nobody's to blame, let's just say I'm outgrowing  my childhood.

Smith: (gets up out of chair idly and not looking at Will) Nobody   is to blame. Nobody is ever to blame. (he goes to the door        and opens it to the outside, then turns to look at Will from      it) Don't be in such a hurry to grow up, dear William---it     isn't really worth it. (he goes out of the door and it        closes, Will staring after him, Will looks at where he was      standing and then looks at the book again).


NOTE: The funny tale Smith told Judy and John as well as their catching of his every lie made this one of the best "tall tales" he ever told. The spin on it is, that after a comical scene like that--and a well done comical scene for once, the show becomes deadly serious as it ever had been...dealing with Will's loss of innocence and childhood as he hears Smith. Then, for once, Smith feels some pang of conscience, feeling badly for lying and admitting to it. In the scene detailed above in his talk with Will, Smith seems a changed man---one who wants to do good by his young friend. In a scene later, he regrets telling every lie he has ever told when Will won't believe his telling of the truth. While this story, with its awful trappings of the doofy Sagramonte and the silly talking lady dragon is not even a good fairy tale, the character stuff between Will and Smith is at its strongest ever, perhaps the best LOST IN SPACE character sentimentality ever and also makes a good morality play. This makes it all the more frustrating to have the wrap around garbage of Sagramonte and Gundlebar and all that crap. Too bad, the fairy tale stuff couldn't have been handled better. Certainly other shows have had take offs and spins on fairy tales and fantasy. The Japanese animated series GALAXY EXPRESS had knights in space and pirates and such...but handled these quite seriously for the most part and this enhanced the stories and the character interplay, especially among the regular characters. LOST IN SPACE didn't even try to make the aliens serious or interesting any more and this is a sad thing. A few scenes of merit inhabit THE QUESTING BEAST and deal with Smith and Will only...but for once, they mean something special. It is too bad the surrounding material and well worn plot couldn't have been handled better and more imaginatively.



When Smith returns to Sagramonte, the Knight asks why, "Have you discovered some honor in thy worthless hide?"  Smith sits on a log next to him near the fire and the two talk of honor, one of the first serious talks Smith has ever had with an alien! Go figure! He asks Sagramonte to tell him about his people. "I come from a people that pride themselves on honor yet I doubt even one of them knows the meaning of the word."  Smith says, "Tell me about your people,"  genuinely interested. "I come from a people that were so old in civilization and so wise in science that in order to maintain our sanity, we've returned to an earlier simpler age of innocence and childhood."  Smith says of knights fighting dragons, "My young friend has left all those things behind."  Sagramonte acknowledges this, "I saw the loss of innocence in his eyes when he left."  Sagramonte tries to defend his lies--an old man's lies to be told to other old men. Others of his friends and circles he runs in have fulfilled their quests. Sagramonte realizes, with Smith's help, that he is just lying to himself and will go home to just be an old man. Smith sternly asks, "And what of the boy?!?"  Smith contrives to make Sir Sagramonte energetic and tells him he knows where the beast can be found and will arrange for the boy to see the battle in the morning. With his sword, Sagramonte also cuts the fruit for the first time. He also goes off, muddling about. Smith says, "Oh William, the things I do for you."  Smith returns to the control room to find Will asleep in the control room pilot's chair. He awakens Will and tells him about the beast he found and his talk with Sagramonte. Will is not interested. The Doctor wants Will to go with him at dawn. Smith insists, pleading, almost begging, "I did not risk my life in that wilderness to face this kind of rejection from you!"  Will tells him, "There is no beast."  Smith insists, "But I saw it." 


When Will still doesn't believe him, Smith gets totally serious, "For the first time in my miserable life, I regret every lie I've ever told because this time I'm telling the truth and you don't believe me."  Will listens to this with heart but tells him, without feeling, "Alright, Dr. Smith, you wake me up and I'll go with you."   Will goes down the elevator, still not really believing. Smith moans and lays down in the control room pilot's chair, "Oh dear,"  seriously concerned for Will's innocence. He soon falls asleep. Past him, Penny sneaks up the ladder and outside the ship amid cornball music.


Penny tells Gundlebar about Dr. Smith and Sagramonte coming after her in the morning. Penny states she must hate Sagramonte a great deal but she says, "Heavens no. Quite the contrary."  The dragon lady doesn't hate him but admires him. She will give him her head and let him win. She tells Penny to go home and then cries.


Dawn--morning--good music lifted from A VISIT TO HADES as Will and Smith skulk about the rocks. Will is cynical and makes fun of the fight that Smith says is going to happen, "Sure that's where you find beasts in a dark cave."  While Bill Mumy does an excellent job of conveying Will's cynicism, Will Robinson has seen enough monsters and beasts in dark caves to not be disbelieving of THAT possibility. Will thinks it is all a lie, "Uh-huh," and continues to doubt Smith and lets him know it, not even really cowering behind the rock. Smith says, "May I offer some advice, William?"  Will shrugs, "Sure. It's cheap."  Smith says as he pokes Will in the mouth with his pointer finger, "Keep the eyes and ears open and the little mouth shut!"  


Fire and sounds come out of the cave. Will and Smith hide. Penny sneaks to the area as the hound arrives. The dragon comes out and shoots fire at Sagramonte. The dragon and knight face off. Will gets upset that the knight may be killed. Smith rubs it in that this is just a fantasy. Will knows it is real. He tells Smith to do something. "This is not our fight, William!"  Smith says. Penny rushes in between the dragon and the knight, upset and calls the dragon a she. Sagramonte finds out for the first time that the dragon is a she, a lady and that she can talk. Penny calls Sagramonte, "A silly man."  Sagramonte sits down on a rock, wondering how he could have been so silly. Me, too. I mean wondering how he could have been so silly! Gundlebar says he chased her through 8 star systems--Sagramonte must have had a lovely time--he admits he did. Penny has an idea what to do now. Gundlebar says, "The child has good sense and delightful manners."  Penny suggests they teleport back to their home planet. Sagramonte cannot teleport. Penny figures out how he was able to chase the dragon--not by enchantment (as in LOST IN SPACE there is no such thing--BAH!--to that! There is everything else--why not enchantment! Indeed!). Penny knows it was Gundlebar that allowed Sir Sagramonte to travel through space--she teleported him! She knew he was having so much fun doing it. He admits he did, "Those were the happiest years of my life. And now they're all over."  He tells Will he wanted to restore Will's belief in things such as honor, faith, and truth but feels he failed in even that. Will says, "You haven't failed."  Will offers to be his page again, smiling. This cheers up Sagramonte a bit but the knight knows, "The quest is ended."  He sits down. Gundlebar says, "All of sudden he looks so old. I mean really old--he's never looked old before."  Penny says, "His life has ended unless you do something."  Gundlebar wonders what but Penny knows she knows. The dragon lady goads the knight into giving chase, "Peekaboo"  and saying more goofy stuff like, "Tralalala."   One would think she were one of the BANANA SPLITS. She, the knight, and the hound vanish. GOOD! Sagramonte's voice says, "Farewell dear friend."  Smith says, "It isn't the quarry that makes the hunt, nor the goal the game."  Will asks him what he said. Smith says, "A quest sounds like capital fun. I must try it some time. Come along my dears."  He takes them away, his hand on Will's shoulder. BLAST OFF INTO SPACE music nicely ends this.


CLIFFHANGER: As he lays down on some rocks, Smith's hands are seen up close including his ring. He is making the Robot (a ninny he calls him) rearrange a flower arrangement in a vase as birthday present for Penny. Will runs to the resting Smith and tells him they are supposed to be looking for mineral deposits. Robot warns Will to be careful, "This is an unexplored area."  Smith says, "Fiddlety fie!"  Smith shuts his eyes as Will leaves. We hear the clever music from MY FRIEND MR. NOBODY as Will calls Smith over to the area he has just found: a fissure (or what is supposed to be a fissure but doesn't look anything like one) with smoking steam and bog rising from it. Robot follows Smith over, Smith complaining, "Is there to be no rest for the weary."  Will points across the fissure, "It looks like the old android machine we found."  Smith says, "I'm frightened,"  of the deep bog and the smoke rising out of it. They cross the fissure, large rocks also rising out of it and giving them footing, Will helping Smith by going first, holding his hand, and letting him put his hands on his shoulders. Will helps Smith down from the rock. Smith says, "Another of those intergalactic mail order catalogs--from which one can order anything in the universe."  Robot says, "Warning! Warning! Hazardous area. Return at once Will Robinson! The fissure you crossed is filled with hyper atomic matter."  Smith calls him a cackling coward. Robot continues, "The machine also is dangerous."  Smith says, "Nonsense. Will is very good with machines."   Trying to get a gift for his sister's birthday, Will makes some kind of vehicle--a bike motor car roadster appear (Model Number something like DE 471 and red) on the screen. Suddenly, the machine starts to spark and shakes. Smith yells, "Turn it off!!!"  The sparks and shaking continue and blasts occur.


TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK SAME TIME SAME CHANNEL (this appears in red lettering since the blasts are yellow and bright white).


REVIEW: This is a schizophrenic episode. It has plenty to be bored by. Yet, there is also several character touches that cannot be ignored. Smith's tale to John and Judy is one of the funniest lies he's ever told, followed by one of the best Will-Smith scenes ever, perhaps the best scene in the entire series, character wise. Smith's deep down goodness comes out in this scene as well in most of the spot just after this when he returns to talk Sagramonte into making Will regain the boy's innocence. Dr. Smith, from here on, should have been a changed man, but he wasn't. In THE TOYMAKER, he is back to his greedy ways, but perhaps not as much as before THE QUESTING BEAST. By the middle of MUTINY IN SPACE and certainly by THE SPACE VIKINGS, he is head long into his greedy ways and even mischievous and uncaring ways (in SPACE VIKINGS he says of Will, "I detest prying people"). By ROCKET TO EARTH, he is back to wanting to steal a spaceship...and doesn't seem too worried Will is separated from his folks. I suppose for the sake of the series, Smith couldn't change too much (although there are those that would argue he should have changed altogether or not even been featured as much). If he did, then the expected routine of Will, Robot, and Smith getting into trouble (and getting the others into trouble once in awhile--like every ten episodes) wouldn't be able to happen. Yet, THE QUESTING BEAST shows us the man Smith could have been in the future and which he promised to be before (ALL THAT GLITTERS) and will promise to be again (THE GALAXY GIFT, SPACE DESTRUCTORS). For once, Smith is motivated by care for Will. John, Don, Judy, and Maureen appear almost as cameos. It is hard to decide which is more embarrassing--the silly giant talking dragon or the silly, babbling knight. As an alien knight, Sagramonte had much to be desired. Yet, the point was to be made that he was old. Wouldn't it have been better to establish that he was once a great warrior rather than the fool he seemed to be all his life? Again, schizo--it is a good idea that so advanced a people as Sagramonte's went back to an earlier time of culture to preserve their sanity (although this certainly didn't keep his mind intact!). This idea is mentioned in passing and isn't really at the heart of the character or the plot. In fact, Sagramonte doubts his people realize how much doing that could teach them about honor, faith, hope, and bravery. They sound like a sad lot. Gundlembar is even less fleshed out. We find out little about her and her kind, limiting the story and not really giving us much sympathy for her. Had this been handled by a series like GALAXY EXPRESS, it would have been much more moving and dramatic. The mask on the top of the costume is quite imposing looking as is the entire outfit. The sad thing is the mouth doesn't look very good when the lady is supposed to be talking (this was used in a BATMAN third season episode and painted green). The entire episode is a mess really with some really good ideas spoiled by terrible and shoddy presentation. of merit: the planet that goes back to an earlier age, the dragon is really an intelligent life form that isn't dangerous but caring, the knight trying to restore innocence and belief in the boy, Smith's caring for Will's childhood and doing something about it, Penny's caring for the dragon lady, the idea of a knight in space, and Judy's noticing of Will's change. All of this could have given us a well remembered tale of character interplay and caring, emotional confrontations among the two aliens and their Earth allies (Penny on one side, Will on the other) but as it is, it really stinks and is difficult to watch especially the first two acts or so. Act Three turns very serious and some of Act Four is also very watchable. At the climax of Act Four, we are back to the silly banter--this time between Gundlemar and Sagramonte. Another missed opportunity and a big comedown from WRECK OF THE ROBOT, THE DREAM MONSTER, and THE GOLDEN MAN. On the positive side, it is better, read--MUCH better than THE GIRL FROM THE GREEN DIMENSION. Also, John Peel liked this episode, therefore it must be good, right? Wrong.











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