LOST IN SPACE-The Dream Monster, The Golden Man,

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NARRATION: Last week, as you recall, we left our space family suffering in the grip of a blistering solar heat wave. All were unaware that an alien Dr. Frankenstein with his golden monster was soon to disrupt their peaceful world.


TEASER-fully recapped-

Long shot of temperature device and then a zoom toward and then a close up on. There is a pan up. Inside the Jupiter II's lower deck in Smith's cabin, the Robot pulls a device which Smith tells an entering Will is a punker. He claims it was very popular with Rajahs, caliphs, and other potentates. Will has on his T-shirt and asks about what it does for the Robot. Smith calls Robot a babbling bird brain. Maureen, wearing a short sleeved green shirt asks about Penny from the door. Smith asks if she wants to share the punker. She declines, looking for Penny. In the Control Room, John and Don heave the heavy air unit device onto a work table. John says, "Someone sure overloaded it."  Don looks at him, "You know you said that as though you think I did it."  John looks back, "Welp, that wasn't my meaning. You know you're being a little hyper sensitive, Don."   Don says, "Hyper sensitive, now look..."  They stop as Maureen glides up on the elevator--the sound being a bit different than it was in the cliffhanger last week. Maureen is looking for Penny. When John asks if she wants him to go look for her, Maureen tells him she'll go, he can continue with his work. Maureen goes outside. Penny is with Debbie, the Bloop; Penny sports an orange short sleeved shirt top. She, letting Debbie help, waters the flower, telling it that she won't let it die of thirst due to the heat, "I'll see to that."  As she and the monkey like alien Debbie water it, a movement comes up from behind a rock. It is a very tall man shaped golden being with a bubble face, no mouth, no eyes, no features on the face and it raises its arms and hands over its head. Debbie notices it first but Penny sees it and turns. She backs to the patch the flower is on (obviously a fake area of land or a small square like rock). The golden being moves at her from over the rock! The being moves out from behind the rock. Penny gets up slowly and moves to a rock opposite it. A semi bald man with a thin moustache and small goatee and curly hair arrives, using a small control box to stop the monster. The man, Sesmar, wears a red tunic and pants (tights?!) and a medallion around his neck. He tells her his name and not to be afraid. The creature, he tells Penny, is named Radion and has walked today for the first time. "I'm Penny Robinson."  She tells the curious man she was watering a flower and it is not simply a growth but a very beautiful flower. Sesmar bends down and examines with his magnifying glass and then looks Debbie in the face using the glass. He does not seem to know about flowers, beauty, or feelings. Penny tells him about wonderful feelings like hope, courage, loyalty, love--which are a part of each person who has their own. Sesmar wonders about this and wants to give a little of each feeling to Radion. Penny tells him he can't buy a person's feelings--each person has their own. She adds, sensing his ignorance of this subject, "Uhmmm, I think I'd better be getting back to the Jupiter II. Come on, Debbie."  She says goodbye to him and leaves. Sesmar picks the flower (ouch!) and gives it to Radion who crushes it, picking it to pieces. We hear DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL creepy music. Very effective here. Radion, it seems, is lacking in feeling. Sesmar calls two mini-robotic and also golden midget-man shaped beings to take Radion back. Sesmar must study these feelings, "I must make my laboratory on this planet for awhile. That child may have the very elements I need for Radion and I must find a way to extract them."  



Amid huge leafy trees and rocks, of course, Maureen calls for Penny who arrive (look closely and you will see Debbie the Bloop trying desperately to bite Angela Cartwright's hands). Maureen warns her about heat stroke but Penny tells her the heat doesn't affect children the way it does grown ups. She tells Maureen she gave most of her water to a flower. When Penny relates meeting Sesmar and Radion, Maureen thinks the heat has affected her and takes her home for a cold bath. Don and John try the air unit which blows cold air on the lower deck. Smith tells Robot to stop, calling him a pusillanimous punker. Judy in a red short sleeved shirt is joined by Smith under the air cooler. He tells her if he had the time, he could have fixed it. Judy says, "I'm sure you could have."  Will arrives, telling them Penny is still babbling to mother about someone named Sesmar as Judy thought. Will says, "The heats made her more cuckookie than she was before."   Penny arrives just as Smith tries to turn up the air cooler, raining smoke down on all of them. Smith runs; Judy manages to turn it off. Don and John come down the ladder, John asking who's been fooling with the unit; Don yells at Smith after Judy tells John, "Oh Dr. Smith tried to."   Maureen comes out of her cabin. Will tells Don that Dr. Smith let him share his punker. Don scoffs that Smith made it out of insulation he stole from their food storage unit. Don says, "John, I've had him up to here. I can't take any more---now either he goes or I do!"  Maureen in the lab area with Don says, "Surely, Don, you don't mean that."  Smith volunteers to go and remove himself from camp. When no one says anything, Smith complains, stating that a few more protestations on the Robinson's part would not be remiss. John says, "Well, in a few days, when we're all feeling a little less irritable, maybe things will change."   Don says, "Not for me they won't."  Smith says, "Bah Major."  He goes up.


Night--Smith is in his silver sleeping bag and has a string tied to a leaf, pulling it for air and eating something (grapes maybe?). We hear the no gravity music from THE RELUCTANT STOWAWAY. Smith dreams of returning to camp, the Major begging for him to return, his revenge. Two golden midget robotic types come, shoot a strange camera at Smith, turning Smith negative for awhile. Smith sits up in a daze. The two take Smith to a glass encased tube which conveys them in a blast--to Sesmar's lab--a dark affair with seemingly no walls but plenty of space and lots of equipment and devices. Smith thinks the heat has given him a nightmare. Sesmar thinks Smith may be the little girl's father but Smith tells him he is not and that he has cut himself off from all dealings with them. The midgets beep in their strange language. Sesmar tells Smith with string and bailing wire (an Earth expression) he made the two as he made Radion, who is on the circular, red turn table. Radion, Sesmar claims is organic perfection of beauty. He is a bio physicist and others will look toward Radion to future the creations but they will not be able to. Radion, he claims, has an eternal life span. Smith asks Sesmar to go to Earth. NOTE: In the background, we hear FANTASTIC VOYAGE sound effects, the lab sounds. Smith tells Sesmar once on Earth, he can contract Sesmar to make a whole army of Radions to do their bidding. Sesmar tells him there will never be another like Radion--he is unique. Sesmar uses a calibrator to check out Smith--he made the calibrator in his spare time. There are also three alien-type heads on the wall--as trophies it would seem (they may be mechanical creations Sesmar had before Radion or they may be dead aliens). Of Smith, Sesmar finds the following: sly, lazy, cowardly, super frantic, "nothing useful."   The lab assistants, the midget robot androids beep to each other; Sesmar tells Smith they gave him an idea: to reduce Smith to his basic chemistry and reassemble him into something more useful. Sesmar uses the control box to move Radion out off the table and has the midgets move and manacle Smith down to it. Sesmar says this is not killing, just rearranging. Smith tells him he is wealthy on Earth (not the first time he made this claim--IS IT TRUE? Has Jeremiah died?) and can contribute to Sesmar's goals. Sesmar, not listening, puts on a mask and fires up a torch, coming at Smith.



Smith pleads, telling Sesmar he can get lots of feelings from the others, all the cardinal virtues for Radion. Sesmar takes the bait and gives the midgets the torch, letting Smith up. Smith coughs and the midgets are ordered to bring a drink to him. It is the molecular arrangement of mangos, pipyas, and hickory nuts all chemically arranged from skunk cabbage. Smith tells Sesmar about the others: he can get leadership, solid technical know how from Professor Robinson; from Mrs. Robinson he can get love; "and then there's Judy so warm and sensitive; and Will, full of enthusiasm and eagerness for learning and Penny...Sesmar claims to know all about her. Smith says, "And then there's Major West, personally I detest him."  Smith tells more about Don, then tells Sesmar to chemically reduce them to his heart's content. Sesmar won't let Smith go yet. He wants Smith to capture the qualities on a portable transpirator (which looks like a camera). Smith tells Sesmar he has been banished from their camp but Sesmar tells him anyone who can talk his way out of chemical reduction can do it. Sesmar orders his midgets to take Smith to the detention area and when it is light...to take him to the planet. Day--the midgets take Smith back and make him go inside the Jupiter II (we hear MY FRIEND MISTER NOBODY music). NOTE: There are the usual blue mountains in the background when we see the midgets behind the rocks. In the Control Room, John says to Don, as they work, "I thought he'd come back this morning."   Don would send him right back out. Smith sneaks in and to the ladder, almost falling. He goes down and shushes the Robot. Will, in his cabin, in his t-shirt, examines a rock collection with a magnifying glass. Smith photographs him and Will blinks and is dazed. Smith photographs Judy combing her hair. Judy is dazed and drops the comb down for a moment, blinking. The same effect happens on Maureen and Penny as Maureen is showing Penny how to sow. Smith took their picture. Smith sets the camera and then turns to go but bumps into Don and John. The others come out. Will wonders why Dr. Smith didn't tell them he was coming back. Judy wonders if Smith took one of his memento pictures of her while she was combing her hair. Smith thought she looked so winsome just then. Smith photographs John as John had a look of authority. Don yells at Smith who takes his picture, then just walks into the elevator. He almost takes a picture of the Robot but wouldn't waste the film (NOTE: I wonder what would have happened had he taken that picture? The Robot obviously has some human qualities and emotions). While Will wonders what kind of pictures the camera takes, Smith returns to Sesmar's lab. Using a scanner TV screen, Sesmar and Smith look at a side view of Will's head while an electronic grid comes on over his brain. Sesmar thinks all are fine except for Major West's--which he throws down. Smith is made Sesmar's lab assistant and calls him master, asking if he can stop on the planet Earth. When Sesmar claims "I might, I might,"  Smith says, "At last, at last."  Sesmar puts the character transpiration plates in the chest grid of Radion, whom Sesmar claims is the prototype for the man of the future. Radion gets up and examines the flowers in a flask, calling them, "Beautiful,"  but he crushes them. Smith wonders if he has an allergy. Sesmar claims personal contact with the donor is needed: thus the Robinsons must come here. Sesmar tells Smith this job requires tact which is as Earth phrases go, "not up"  Smith's alley. Smith says the phrase is somewhat outdated now. Sesmar leaves for the planet while leaving his midgets to give Smith a broom. Smith also has the control box for Radion and makes him get up and start sweeping with the broom. Smith begins planning, figuring he and Radion will make wonderful music together.


Penny is singing as she gardens at one of the hydroponic tables, "Soldier, soldier, won't you marry me with your fife and drum,"  and something like, "I cannot marry such a pretty girl as you..."  Sesmar comes from behind the rocks and listens, startling her, but telling her he didn't mean to. Penny tells him, "Everybody says I was imagining you."  She brings him into the control room, "Dad, he's here."  Don says, "Oh no not Smith again."  Sesmar bows to them, telling them he has been set up on this planet for a "year now according to your reckoning" which gives him what they call eminent domain "in your own peculiar terms."  Will, Maureen, and Judy come up and Sesmar tells Maureen he is very real. He asks to see their atmospheric modifier and Don says, "No."  John lets him and they watch as Sesmar waves his wrist watch device over it. It then works, the blue streamers flowing as air comes out. He gives them a mini molecular replicator to replace parts, a transponder intelligator (which will enhance their communications systems), and a digitizer which will increase the efficiency of their Robot. He also gives them an impact predictor to avoid meteor storms during space travel. Don asks, "Look, just why are you giving us all these things?!"  Sesmar tells them the truth--the plates are the code system of all the qualities of what they are; John guesses Sesmar got the transpiration plates from Dr. Smith. To be effective, they plates must have been taken when the subject is unaware of it. The purpose: to give Radion their fine human qualities. Radion would like to thank them in person. John says, rather unemotionally and dully, "Who is this Radion and what has he gotten from us?"  Sesmar invites them to his lab. Will wants to go and the females curiosities have been aroused. Don protests, "John, we can't."  John insists, "We go."  He sounds bland. Don says he is outnumbered but he wants to take the Chariot since they may need its fire power. The others go out, Don nods back at the Robot, not liking this. After everyone leaves, Don last, Robot waves his arms, "Warning! Warning! Biophysical experiments extremely dangerous to Earth people! Extremely dangerous! Warning! Warning!"



In long shot, the Chariot, in color footage from the unaired pilot, zooms across the rocky terrian as we hear the Chariot music again for the first time in a long time and it is combined with other Chariot music, creating a good atmosphere. Chariot moves past rocks. Other music, which adds to the feeling of it being hot, accompanies the group as they disembark from the glass rover car. Maureen puts her hands out for Don to help her down. Don stops John as they linger behind a bit, "I don't like this, John, I don't like it at all."   John says, "Don't you think you're carrying your caution a little too far."  Don says, "No further than his sweet talk."  They all move into the conveyor tube and after a blast, vanish. A blast and they are in the dark lab which he calls his FLYING LABORATORY (the name of an excellently done Biblical time-space travel animated series). Judy, Penny, and Will see three heads mounted on the wall which Sesmar tells them are stuffed--parts of them went into the making of Radion. One has a purple face and weird black hair extensions. Penny sees Radion on the table and feels he is not as scary as the first time she saw him. Sesmar calls him the ideal organism but now that he has their feelings he is not as ordinary as their Robot. Will says, "Our Robot's not ordinary."  Sesmar likes Will's loyalty and asks Radion to thank Will, turning the table as Radion sits on it. Radion says, "I...thank...you."  He shakes Will's hand and we hear a sound effect. Will says, "He sure has a warm handshake."  He thanks Judy and Penny, the same dull "I...thank...you."   Sesmar says, "Now thank the lovely lady over there."  Radion turns to Maureen as the table turns. Don stops her, "No, Maureen wait. John, I don't like this hand shaking business."  John claims it is just a formality. Don leaves, telling John he will get the gear they need and meet him at the drillsite. Radion thanks Maureen. Sesmar asks, "Mrs. Robinson, I am told the strongest force in your world is love."   Maureen picks up her head proudly, "It is."  Radion thanks John. John closes his eyes. Sesmar smiles. 


When Don returns to the Jupiter II, with his orange shirt on now, he finds Robot acting meteorologist by "default of all others."  Don sees and scolds Penny and Will (both in full uniform, not the summer outfits) for sitting in the ramp doorway and cutting papers (Penny making a string of paper dolls like Mortica in THE ADDAMS FAMILY) and drawing (Will). They seem different, withdrawn to cares, and not willing to listen to him or be nice. Penny says they will clean it up later. Don insists they do it now. Penny says, "What difference does it make. What difference does anything make."  Don doesn't think that is funny--he wants it swept up now and insists to her to listen. After he goes inside, the two just get up, lazily. Penny asks what is wrong with Don. Will responds, "It's just one of his eager beaver days--he'll get over it."  They walk off. Don finds John, in his green shirt now, laying with his feet on the console controls, asleep. Don puts all the controls on the consoles back on and pushes John's feet off as he does. John wonders what the big idea is. Don tells him all their instrumentation was in an off position. John says, "So what? What's so important about that?"  Don says, "That's like saying survival isn't important. I don't like the way you're acting, any of you."  Don believes Sesmar gave that ape Radion human emotions and qualities by depriving John and the family of them. When John thinks that is ridiculous, Don leaves to go find proof. NOTE: This sequence, well played by all involved, should have been longer--I would have liked to see how Judy and Don related to each other now and how Judy "hurt"  Don as she later says she felt she did. I also would have liked to see how Maureen would have become lazy--for once NOT making dinner and lunch and not serving up coffee. Too bad not more of this was made.


Smith is making Radion jump rope outside the conveyer tube. Sesmar returns, mad at this, calling Radion a sentimental dolt. Sesmar sees now that Radion also needs some bad qualities to deal with people like Smith. He orders Radion to guard, "This earthling,"  meaning Smith. Sesmar makes his midgets go and shoot Don with the camera, making Don passive and controllable. The midgets take him to the lab. Smith's cunning and Don's pugnacious qualities for Radion will do the trick. Don and Smith are chained together at one wrist each. Don threatens Sesmar; Smith tells him to back off--Sesmar can reduce them to their basic components. They argue and as they do, Sesmar photographs them and puts the plates into Radion. Radion raises his hand to thank them. The midgets force Don and Smith to shake his hands. Sesmar tells Radion to stand guard over Don and Smith, "...until I can figure out what to do with the bodies."  Don yells at spineless Smith who tells him, "There is no need to be rude, Major, we have to be very careful with each other now."   Don picks up their wrists, "Sesmar's buddy system."  Radion takes them away, pulling them by the wrists. NOTE: Why be careful now that Sesmar already has the plates? Maybe they realized aware, the plates may not work and Sesmar may have to reshoot the pictures? Also, more of Don and Smith having to be nice to each other BEFORE Sesmar's first shot would have been interesting. I still like the episode and what it TRIED to do and imply--it is much better than almost all the other second season tales but it could have been even better.



Don notices he and Smith are not passive as the Robinsons turned when robbed of their human qualities. Perhaps because he and Smith knew they were being photographed at the time. Yet they may be robbed anyway, Don isn't sure. Don plans something; Smith tells him the least he can do is let him know what it is. Smith wants to get Radion over here, telling Don that diplomacy was never the Major's strong point. The plan: get the plates back. Smith cons Radion over to the control panel that will loosen the manacles that strap Don and Smith to the vertical table they are on. Smith cons Radion to try to do this himself. Don uses his foot to get a stool which he throws at the controls and the panel blasts up. NOTE: Why couldn't Don do that without them having Radion come over? Smith and Don run as Radion roars, having been blasted a bit. Don and Smith quietly sneak up on a sleeping Sesmar and get the control box from him. The pair, still chained together, begin to sneak under the trestle and over to the conveyor tube but a roaring Radion blocks their way. They back off as the midgets get off the table and awake Sesmar. Don picks up a torch, warning Sesmar if he doesn't give back the plates, he and his creation will be nothing but cinders. Smith echoes this, "Cinders."  Sesmar claims he needs the control unit to get the plates. Don lets Smith slide the box over to Sesmar who promptly tells Don he is ruining a magnificent experiment. Don yells, "Never mind the beautiful experiment, just hand over those plates!"  Sesmar hits the control box, "Seize them!"  Radion attacks but Don fires. Blasts hit controls and Radion is blinded, it seems, and he bounces into panel boxes, roaring. Don and Smith run to the tube, the torch sound still going off. Radion seems to follow the pair. Sesmar says, "Ahh well, everything's imperfect in this imperfect universe."   On the planet, Don and Smith run, still manacled together. Don sarcastically asks a complaining Smith if he wants a fireman's carry. Smith tells him to. The two hide behind a large rock as Radion arrives. Don tries to con Radion over to the rock to fix him since Don claims a good knowledge of electronics. The giant android won't come over to them, first wanting Don to throw away the torch. Don says, "He's still got plenty of you left in him, Smith."  Don throws the torch and it blows up, "It didn't effect him a bit. Let's get back to the ship."  Smith, passive, turns, "What ship?"   Don pulls him, "Cmon!"  They run to the Jupiter II, Smith asking the Major what he plans to do. John is sitting on a metal storage box at the top of the ramp. Don tells him, "Radion is after us."  He asks for a laser gun. John tells him, "You know where they are."  Don runs in, pulling Smith all the way, gets a laser gun and hands it to John, "Shoot these manacles off us."  Smith runs, pulling Don away, "Have you taken leave of your senses! I'm too young to die!"  Don stops Smith and orders John to shoot the manacles off which John does. There is no laser line, just a blast and Don is finally free of Smith. Radion arrives, Don telling John, "There's Sesmar's perfect man now...the one you helped to create John."  As John moves to shoot his laser, Don tells him it won't have any effect. As Maureen, Penny, Judy, and Will stumble out of the doorway of the Jupiter II, the Robot faces off with Radion. Radion tells Robot he is brave, strong, cunning, he tells lies, also tells the truth, and asks Robot to be his friend or else...Robot blasts Radion with his electric rays. Radion's upper body falls over and he is frozen, deactivated. Don goes over to it and takes the plates out, drops them in the sand, and smashes them with his boot (not too often heard dreamlike music from MY FRIEND MR. NOBODY is heard). Everyone seem to come out of their trance like state. Maureen says, "John, I don't know what's been going on here (THERE'S A SURPRISE!) but I feel as if I've been on a vacation from the living and have only, well, just returned."  John and the others of his family feel the same way. Judy asks, "Don, I feel as if I've hurt you in some way---is that true?"  Don nods his head no. NOTE: Maybe there was some scene between them that was deleted. Sesmar arrives with his midgets. John tells him, "You wanted too much from him."  Sesmar realizes he was wrong, his lab is ruined and he must return to his home. The midgets cart off Radion in a wheel barrel like cart. Sesmar tells John, "You were right. I wanted to make him all powerful and in doing so, corrupted him and myself."   Sesmar examines the Robot and asks about his selling price. When Smith asks for an offer, John yells, "Smith!"  Both Smith and the alien shake their head. Sesmar leaves, "Back to the drawing board."  Don asks Smith, sarcastically, why Smith isn't going to follow the "master"--after all, Smith was willing to give him everything. Smith says he wouldn't be able to bear the sadness he'd leave behind. Robot laughs hard at this. Smith calls him a cantankerous cold hearted clump. Robot gives a forecast--a cold front with intermittent showers and thunderstorms should pass on in during the night. Temperature will reach freezing level and it will be cold in land. Judy puts her arm around Will as Will asks, "Who appointed him meteorologist, that was my job."  Don smiles, "Yeah, along with the other chores you've neglected around here."  Will says, "I guess it was the weather."  Don asks John, "Don't you think you oughta tell them what really happened? That is, if you feel like being head man around here."  John says, "Yes."  He calls a meeting and will have one item on the agenda, "Human qualities and how they can't be bought, sold, traded, or given away."  Smith says, "Remove yourself, bubble headed booby, this meeting is only for those with human qualities."  Robot pulls Smith by the arm, taking him away, "Which includes you out!"   Smith yells, "What?! Unhand me you Judas!"  The others laugh. The children laugh.


CLIFFHANGER: Penny and Smith continue to walk past rocks. Penny moves to a row of rocks and sees a set of flowers; there are also flowers already in her hand. She picks one of the new flowers. Penny tells Smith she loves to wake up in the morning to the aroma of fresh flowers. Smith imagines breakfast in the morning. Penny says, "You're always thinking about food."   Smith tells her his stomach and he are dear companions which have braved good experiences as well as bad. Penny tells him, "You're not very romantic. Don't you know what time of year it is? MAY, spring time."   Smith says, "Not on this unhappy planet!"  NOTE: On the Columbia video tapes the first part of this cliffhanger above is missing totally---this shows the copy it was culled from, was the ORIGINAL repeat copy which trimmed some of the first few minutes of this cliffhanger; also note one of the only references to the time of year in the second season--MAY. Penny says, "I was talking about Earth."  Smith imagines, "Springtime at home,"  and imagines "walking hand in hand through nature's wonderland."  This leads him to imagine a hot dog with onions, mustard, and literally smothered in relish, making his throat dry. Penny says he is back to eating again. Smith wants to go back to camp now that he is hungry. As he moves off, Penny stops him, "Ahh, I the spaceship's that way, Dr. Smith."  Smith insists on going his way. Penny takes Smith to another flower and she gets it, "Wanna smell it?"  Smith does and sneezes, noting his allergies. Penny laughs. Suddenly, they hear and see a strange bubble like space craft around a bend. Smith tells her that curiosity not only killed the cat but has done in a number of humans as well. The craft has some kind of fungus or plant like appendages over the top--almost like a lily pad (hint, hint). A bubble shaped glass like substance covers the interior, which is visible but still difficult to make out what it is that is inside. Smith says, "I don't like it."  Penny notices the spaceship has someone inside. Smith adds, "I don't like it at all."  A deep voice warns, "Come no closer."  When Penny tells him they are friends, the voice says, "I have no friends."  When Penny insists on trying to stay, the alien warns them again to leave, then Penny sees devices coming out of the spacecraft side, "They're cannons! And they're pointing straight at us!"  Smith gasps, "He's going to fire! No! NO!!"  The cannons fire a blast!




NOTE: THE DREAM MONSTER in production order should have come right after THE CURSE OF COUSIN SMITH but was aired later. It aired after WEST OF MARS, A VISIT TO HADES, and WRECK OF THE ROBOT. Thus, accordingly, THE GOLDEN MAN should have come right after WRECK OF THE ROBOT. This same mess around with the production order would happen again later in the season. This was not new--the first season had some rejuggling of episode order as well.


REVIEW: More could have been made of the Robinson's loss of their human qualities. One short scene with Penny and Will leading into Don's encounter with John hardly constitutes what this episode could have been. Guy Williams is marvelous as a very passive John though. It is a pity more couldn't have been shown between what Judy was like and her interaction with Don. It would have also been nice to see Maureen laxing on her motherly duties, letting the family eat for themselves and not making lunch and dinner, possibly letting the clothes fall where they may, and the coffee to get cold. Perhaps this could have been a two parter or have had less of the silly Smith scenes. Although Smith and Sesmar do have many long drawn out scenes together, they are not as silly as some of the other episodes that deal with Smith-alien talks as extensively. Avoid ROCKET TO EARTH and THE SPACE VIKINGS among others. John Abbott made a good Sesmar, somewhat emotionless a character himself. His relationship with Penny could have been explored further. It was not really clear whether his lab was on the planet or in orbit but since they have to transport to it, it is safe to think it is in space around the planet and Sesmar does claim it is his "flying laboratory."  A great deal more should have been made out of the fact that Don and Smith were chained together and had to be nice to each other---these throwaway subplots were little more than filler for the very end of act three and most of four but it would have been more interesting to see this expanded on...having them have to act nice to each other so as not to have those emotions taken on the camera or even if Radion had to observe them together to learn (ala SPACE: 1999's ONE MOMENT OF HUMANITY where  androids learned by watching humans in stressful situations). Also--why should Don and Smith be careful with each other after Sesmar already has the plates? Perhaps the photo shooting should have taken place while Smith and Don were held prisoner...by Sesmar who was trying to do it secretly without their knowledge as to get the emotions he wanted. Perhaps, also, Don and Smith could have realized this and started acting nicely toward each other...falsely. This would have made things more interesting. The entire fourth act is an action filled chase followed by a nice family gathered scene. The only thing that lets the fourth act...and indeed the payoff of the story...is the lame Radion vs. the Robot sequence. Since lasers and torches and other such blasts couldn't harm Radion, why did the Robot's electric blast do so? Or did confusion make him fail and falter more than the blast itself? It was not a satisfying ending to the encounter but THE DREAM MONSTER stands out as a much underappreciated second seasoner. Now that the Robinsons have the gifts Sesmar gave them, the Robot may have newer powers and information. THIS MIGHT EXPLAIN WHY HE IN LATER EPISODES, HE KNOWS SO MUCH ABOUT INTERGALACTIC RACES AND LAWS which Earth people have supposedly never encountered before. I also have a complaint about why the Robot waited to warn the Robinsons about the experiments being so dangerous...until after they have all left. Perhaps it was something Sesmar did to the Robot or maybe he was still a bit rusty from WRECK OF THE ROBOT. As an aside, NOTE that the first photograph that Dr. Smith took of Don for Sesmar---was tossed to the floor of the lab by Sesmar...and not necessarily discarded...perhaps Sesmar still has it! Would he use it in the future? Another complaint is that Don could have used that chair to smash the controls at any time, perhaps, though, he wanted to also injure Radion, their guard at the time. Despite any complaints one may have with THE DREAM MONSTER, it stands out with WRECK OF THE ROBOT before it as one of the better episodes of season two...this is followed by an equally entertaining, action filled episode called...  


















NARRATION: Last week, as you recall, Will, Major West, and Professor Robinson had gone off on an expedition, leaving Penny and Dr. Smith to investigate a strange, alien spaceship.


NOTE: The narration is, in a sense, wrong. We were not shown the men leaving on an expedition, in fact, I doubt that it was even mentioned in the cliffhanger with Penny and Smith...and certainly the men wouldn't have LEFT Penny and Smith to face a strange alien spaceship...


TEASER-NOT fully recapped and also has some brief dialogue and scenes rearranged...


Smith and Penny are behind a rock, facing a strange bubble like space craft around its bend. The craft has some kind of fungus or plant like appendages over the top--almost like a lily pad (hint, hint). A bubble shaped glass like substance covers the interior, which is visible but still difficult to make out what it is that is inside. Devices are coming out of the spacecraft side! Smith gasps, "He's going to fire! No! NO!!"  The cannons fire a blast! "I have given you warning,"  A deep voice warns, "Come no closer."  When Penny tells him they are friends, the voice says, "I have no friends." NOTE: This is a reworking of some of the dialogue which took place before the blast in the last week cliffhanger. Now, it some of it is repeated but after the first warning blast. Penny says, "We're from the planet Earth."  The voice, a somewhat human like dark figure inside going along with it, does not care and only wants them to go away. Even Smith tries to be friendly but when the alien continues to mean, Smith says, "Indeed,"  and tries to get Penny to leave. Penny says, "I don't know how it is in your world but in ours people are kind and friendly."  The alien knows of her world and claims it is inhabited by "stupid and avaricious people."  Penny yells, "That's not so!"  She also claims, "We have as much right to stay here as you!"  The alien counts and tells them to leave. They run as he fires blasts after them. Night--Judy and Maureen set up light devices and the forcefield. Judy thinks they are wasting their time--if the alien really wanted to hurt Dr. Smith and Penny he had the opportunity to. Maureen agrees but feels this gives Dr. Smith a sense of security, so they'll humor him. Smith comes out and Maureen tells him she thinks he is being a bit overcautious. Smith tells her he has a sixth sense about these things--he can feel it in the very marrow of his bones. Maureen says, "Are you sure it isn't just a slight touch of arthritis?"  Smith says, "This is hardly the time for humor madam."  He goes on saying he feels he has been left in charge since the other male members of this party have gone off. Maureen says, "John has left me well equipped to take care of us all, Dr. Smith."  REALLY? REMEMBER THE FIASCO THAT WAS ONE OF OUR DOGS IS MISSING? Judy huffs, "Anyway, they'll be back in a few days."  AS IF TO SAY--WE FEMALES CAN HOLD OUT JUST LONG ENOUGH FOR THE MEN TO RETURN AND TAKE CARE OF US AGAIN BECAUSE WE'RE SO HELPLESS AND WEAK. Judy looks up inadvertently and sees what she thinks is a falling star. This is accompanied by music from THE DERELICT which is not often heard. They speculate. Smith tells them the other spacecraft was larger, "We're suffering a population explosion."  "So we have another visitor,"  Maureen tells them, "After all this planet isn't private property."  Smith suggests they go inside; Maureen heeds him. "Who knows for what diabolical purpose they have come, I won't sleep a wink tonight,"  he turns and sees Maureen and Judy up the ramp and inside the door, "Ahh, wait for me!!!"  He runs inside and the door closes.



Morning--Smith does exercises at the ramp top. Maureen and Judy (hair tied back in a pigtail) are sitting at the table, telling him good morning. As Smith complains, a gift wrapped box, unseen, floats into camp and lands on a rock. Before it does, Penny (hair down) comes out, tired, yawning. Smith tells them it was too much to ask to leave him in charge, playing guardian to all of them. Robot says, "Correction, one cowardly man and one brave robot."  It is then they see the box, Smith screaming. It lands and they speculate: Smith gasps, "A bomb!"   Robot computes the box and tells them there is no danger. They open it and find perfume. Maureen takes it from Judy, "Here, let me. Oh my, I'd almost forgotten that exquisite aroma."  Penny gives caviar to Dr. Smith. Judy takes out a ham which Robot comments, "A fitting gift for you, Dr. Smith."  Maureen wonders who sent these gifts.  A blast and a golden man appears, gold head cap, pants, and tunic as well as skin. "I did."  Maureen introduces the girls and says, "...and this is, ahh, our Dr. Smith."  The alien tells them he is known as Mr. Keema. "We are living in a very dangerous galaxy."  He tells them kindness is too often betrayed. Maureen tells of the other visitor. Keema tells them the other alien is mean and dangerous, calling the ladies beautiful. Keema tells them he and the other alien are destined to meet, "I am here to fight a war."  Smith gasps, "A war!"  Maureen asks, "You mean this planet is going to become a battle ground for army?"  There is some new music--new to LOST IN SPACE mixed into older music. Keema tells them the leaders of each planet meet on neutral ground to fight, in this way other lives are not taken. Maureen finds that very commendable. Keema tells them a dark, forbidding world of ugly aliens called Zeedams have made demands which are too great. Up to now, Keema's people have appeased the aliens and paid ransom. Smith tells him he doesn't approve of violence but agrees this time. Maureen tells him, "You're, uhm, you're welcome to come by at any time."  Smith adds it is nice to meet an alien with charm and personality as well as handsome looks. Keema blasts away and is gone. Judy comments Keema was very handsome. Penny says, "I don't like him."  She doesn't have a reason except that he is too good looking and golden.


Maureen would like to hear the opposing alien's story, "You know there are always two sides to every argument and more often than not the truth lies somewhere in between."  NOTE: This is the most intelligent thing Maureen says in the entire series and is worth remembering by all. War is stupid and senseless and there are two sides (although at times, the other side is as unreasonable as genocide inducing Nazis or religious zealot fanatics out to kill in the name of a higher power!).


Maureen and the girls take the gifts inside, not wanting them to go to waste. Smith eats the caviar amid goofy music. Penny, later, goes to the Zeedam space craft. The alien is still not friendly to her and begins to make her leave. She says, "The golden man was right about you."  When he hears the golden man has met her, he wants to talk to Penny, telling her the Zeedam people are not as unreasonable as the golden man would have her believe. Penny says, "Well, then prove it by coming out of your spaceship."  He warns her that she might not be pleased and his appearance would startle her. Penny braves herself up, "I don't care how you look. I've seen strange looking aliens before."  The alien tells her she has been warned. It emerges from the top of the craft--its head only--the head of a giant frog! Penny gasps and makes a face.



Penny tells him she was surprised, that's all. The alien tells her he will meet her face to face now and appears outside. He has a black tunic and robe, green feet--frog like and green claw like hands--also frog like and sports a large rifle laser gun. In his world he is considered extremely handsome. "Yes, I'm sure,"  Penny says but adds to his question of what she expected, "I didn't expect to you to look like this."  She also says, "Oh no sir, I like you much better than the golden man. Why are you going to war with him?"  The frog had just started to take a liking to her but now she has spoiled it by asking about the war and Mr. Keema. She insists sometimes it can take a third person or party to solve a war. NOTE: The alien mouth does not move and its eyes do not blink or move. Other than that major silly point, it is a fairly good mask. When Penny insists about the war solving, the alien waddles off and leaves her to return to his sleep. Penny says, "Ohh."  Smith "helps"  Judy at the hydroponic garden tables; Robot is nearby with a basket and water bucket. Smith tosses away what Judy tells him was a tomato plant. Smith tells her he was into horticulture and as a youth spent summers at his Uncle Thaddeus's farm, winning first prize at the County Fair. Robot adds, "But not the tomatoes."  Smith says, "I refuse to argue the point with a mental midget."  Keema walks into camp and calls Judy, Miss Robinson and pretty. Smith calls him gallant. Judy goes to get mother. Robot accompanies her. Keema calls her charming. Smith complains about the hardships the poor girl has to face, she is really not happy but miserable and a frightened child, "We are all trapped here. I fear we shall never leave this unearthly planet."  Keema suggests they join forces. He can get them off the planet. Smith says, "Go on, sir, you interest me."  If they supply him with extra weapons to outweigh the other alien's, he can have an assured victory and then he will return them to Earth. Smith and he shakes hands. Smith says, "Never fear Smith is here."


Night--Smith talks to Judy and Maureen, complaining that they won't agree. Maureen tells him, "We have enough troubles of our own without getting involved in a war we know nothing about."  Judy puffs that when Dad and Don come back in a few days, they can decide. Smith thinks it will be too late. Robot says, "I do not think we should give the golden man any weapons either. We do not know if he deserves to be helped."  Smith continues to work on persuading Maureen, "How many times have you heard your husband say--Since we are living on this planet with these aliens we cannot sit idly by and ignore them."  Maureen cracks and admits she is undecided, perhaps they should give him the weapons. Robot says, "Do not make a decision in haste, Mrs. Robinson."  He suggests he go to Keema's camp to check out his true motives. Maureen thinks that is an excellent idea. As the "jabbering Judas"  as Smith calls the Robot, leaves, Smith tells Maureen, "Mark my words, Madam, you're making a mistake and we shall all suffer for it."  Smith also tells Robot that their friendship is at an end. Robot goes into a double cave area and looks into the further cave (amid FANTASTIC VOYAGE sound effects). Keema is on the radio set up, laughing, "The Earth people are extremely naive and stupid."  He goes on to report soon he will have enough weapons to conquer their enemy and then he will also destroy the Earth people and with their own weapons. Keema sees the Robot hiding and fires his finger at the Robot. A high pitched whine hits the Robot and he is blasted. He also goes insane, spinning, his arms out, saying, "Wheeee!"  and also spouting other nonsense. We hear the Robot music as he calls out, "Dr. Smith, where are you? Dr. Smith, his is my savior, a brave man. Will Robinson! Penny! Two times two equals four. Four time four..."  He spins out of the cave.



Daytime--Judy walks to Dr. Smith who is sitting on a rock, sulking and sad, calling the others Brutus to his Caesar, making Judy feel terrible about it, "I'm sorry, Dr. Smith, really I am."  Smith convinces Judy to help him look for Mr. Keema's campsite according to what Keema told him. The two separate. Judy wanders to an open area and hears creaking sounds pushing up from the ground. Beach ball-like mines push up from out of the sand and circle all around her, surrounding the girl. Many more suddenly appear from thin air around those! Judy calls for Dr. Smith and a mine blows up near her! "Stay back, Dr. Smith! I'm trapped in a mine field!"  Several more mines blow up as Smith reacts. He tells her not to move, he will get help. He runs to camp where Maureen is using the sonic washer machine, "Judy! Judy is trapped in a minefield--she may be blown to bits at any moment!"  Smith takes Maureen back to the area, the two running (quite slowly I might add). Judy whispers, "Mom, shh."  Maureen wants to go to her but Smith says, "We'll both be destroyed!"  Smith holds her arm. Keema appears from behind the rocks and moves to help Judy, "Judy's predicament is all my fault. It never would have happened if I hadn't come here to fight a war."  Keema goes into the area, avoiding the mine balls, getting to Judy, and carrying her out, his foot hitting one of the mines. It moves a bit but he gets her out and back to Maureen who hugs Judy and tells Keema they are grateful. Keema says, "Friends help each other in times of trouble, Mrs. Robinson."  Keema leaves. Smith presses home the point, "Well Madam..."  Maureen will give the guns to Mr. Keema now, "Come on now, let's get back to the spaceship."  When the trio return, the Robot also returns, nutty and spinning and singing. "I compute, you compute, we all compute!"  Smith tries to handle the Robot; Maureen asks about Mr. Keema, "Did you find out anything about him?"  Robot spurts, "About him? About him! Whom are we discussing!?!"  Smith answers but deduces, "He's taken leave of his senses." Maureen and Judy go in to get tools to check the Robot's systems (there's something new!!!). Smith bemoans the Robot, "Alas, poor Robot, I knew him well."  He seems to really feel bad. Robot spins, singing, "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush."           


Penny goes to the Zeedam spaceship. Part of the glass dome section vanishes so she can see the frog man sitting at his console. He was  sleeping. Penny asks if he planted the electronic minefield. The Zeedam tells her that Mr. Keema must be telling the truth since he is too handsome to lie. Zeedam alien also tells her he had nothing to do with mines, electronic or otherwise. Penny is glad and asks him to come to their campsite in the morning. Penny tells him about Judy being in the minefield and the fact that Dr. Smith wants to give Mr. Keema extra weapons. She believes if he tells her mother the truth, she will, too, will believe him. He says, "That is because your heart is innocent and has not yet been injured by deceit and cunning. Goodbye Penny Robinson." 


Smith, Maureen, and Judy bring weapons out of the Jupiter II, Smith dropping two grenades and several laser rifles. Judy and Maureen pick those up but Smith drops a neutron bomb at the Robot's tread section. Maureen doubts her hasty decision but Judy tells her she can still change her mind. When Smith tells Maureen Keema saved Judy, Maureen thinks it might have been Mr. Keema himself...a trick to gain their sympathy to give him the weapons. Penny returns and tells them she went to see the little alien (and viewers should feel right in assuming she's just returned--and that it is not the next morning already). As they talk, the frog man waddles into camp amid LOST IN SPACE-FORBIDDEN WORLD music. Smith is mean to the Zeedam even though Maureen tries to stop that, "We must give him a chance to give his side to it."  Robot chides in, still acting silly, "Be gone! Take a powder! Scram!"  When Smith threatens the alien, it raises its gun. Smith runs and the golden man arrives. Judy gasps, "They may start shooting at any moment! We've got to do something!"   Maureen does: she steps in between the two aliens and tells them that this camp is a neutral zone and asks that they both respect that by putting away their weapons. The Zeedam won't even though Keema lowers his pistol (a first season Robinson laser pistol now painted golden). The frog alien says goodbye even though Maureen makes a plea for peace, hoping they can work out their differences and negotiate to avoid a war. Keema snarls, "Nothing would please me more!"  The frog man says, "He knows our terms for peace. They have been stated many times."  Keema yells, "Your demands are unreasonable. We are being forced to wage war!"   The Zeedam says, "And my planet will not change its position in any way."  They both raise their guns again. The frog alien warns the Robinson women and Smith, "Stay within the area of your spaceship. To venture beyond would be dangerous."   He leaves. Maureen says, "It all seems so stupid and senseless. Perhaps I should go after him and try again."  Keema talks her out of it, "I am afraid it is useless, Mrs. Robinson. A state of war already exists."  Robot yells, "War!"  He also says other silly things and goes nuts! He bumps into a hydroponic table, knocking it over. Smith yells, "Oh no! No salad for a month!"



Robot is strapped onto a vertical table in front of the Jupiter. Maureen has been over the pros and cons of giving the weapons to Mr. Keema. She talks to Smith while she puts some potatoes into the food cooker device on the table. She tells him her womanly intuition tells her something is not quite right. She tells Smith to take the weapons...right back into the Jupiter II and their own arsenal. Maureen takes the lid off the cooker and gets potato chips from it. She takes them inside. Smith decides he will take the weapons anyway, "She'll thank me for this later."  Robot awakens better now, telling Smith if he knows about Keema he will act accordingly. Smith takes the weapons in a cart to Mr. Keema's cave. Night has fallen. Smith sees his hyperatomic cannon, wondering why Keema needs their weapons with such a cannon. Keema tells even that he and his enemy are evenly matched in military power...they each have deterrents against each other's devices. The Zeedam has no defense against the Robinson's weapons (?). NOTE: Part of Keema's cave base includes many devices and one of these is a space station that will appear in CONDEMNED OF SPACE and also in VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-THE TERRIBLE TOYS. Keema thanks Smith, placing the hand of friendship on the Earth man's shoulder...a red leafy like hand! Smith turns back to look at the real Keema, feeling the monstrous hand. Keema is a misshapen (in human terms) monster! His eyes are not on the same level, his face bumpy and drool covered, his head larger, all bright red and twisted. He tells Smith his plans--to destroy his enemy and then to destroy him and the other members of his party. He tells Smith he would never be friends with something as ugly as an earthling. Smith is sent running back to camp where he turns on the lights and forcefield, relating the tale to the women, who come running out. Maureen orders him to go back and get the weapons, then she goes inside the Jupiter!!?!! Probably to call John and tell him she's helpless again. Maureen has nixed Penny's idea of asking for the little alien's help. Judy tells Smith, "You got us into this and you can get us out, right?"  Penny answers, "Right,"  and pulls Smith by the arm to go warn the alien. Judy, also as helpless as ever, runs back inside the ship, "Mom!"  The war starts as Penny and Smith are en route and blasts hit all around them! Keema and the frog alien fire many blasts at each other and light up the face of the surface of the planet. Penny and Smith run and take cover at sand bags where there are colored lights behind them. These look like Christmas light bulbs--AND IT IS WHAT THEY ARE! The war stops for a moment, Penny telling Smith they can get up now. A metallic device (the collector device of the Taurons from THE SKY IS FALLING) moves at them, stops, and then ejects a small box-like device at them--which Penny suspects is a bomb. Smith throws it, thinking it is a dud--but it blows up after he tosses it. He passes out but Penny manages to bring him out of it. She tells him, "We've gotto get out of here. Crawl! Crawl!"  For some stupid reason, the frog man is out of his spacecraft and a sound of a rocket is heard. He is hit by a blast and falls. Penny and Smith find him hurt. Penny tells him Keema got the neutron bombs from them. Smith, very upset, apologizes, "You were so mean and ugly...I'm sorry."  The frog man tells he is not to be blamed--he acted in a normal manner. He urges Dr. Smith to take Penny away before they, too, are destroyed, "Take her away, Dr. Smith."  Smith has to pull her as she says, "I'm not going to leave you." 


Mr. Keema, his monster form, moves up on the frog alien. Smith pulls Penny to a rock but she turns and sees this, yelling to Dr. Smith that they have to do something. Smith yells, "Come along Penny! He'll follow us!"  Penny breaks free and catches the bomb Keema tosses. She throws it to Smith who throws it away...right into Keema. Keema is blasted but it appears that he vanishes before the blast...did he escape? Did he die? Smith faints. The frog alien recovers and changes into a tall, dark, handsome, chiseled jawed human looking man---only his image has changed. Penny says, "You didn't have to change yourself for me, sir, I like you no matter how you look."  He kisses Penny and then blasts off in his spaceship. Penny helps Smith up, "You're a hero, Dr. Smith. You threw the bomb back to Mr. Keema."   Penny looks up as the space rocket goes on up, "I guess you can't judge anybody by appearances, can you, Dr. Smith?"  Smith says, "That's right and I'm certainly glad you learned your lesson."  He pulls a speechless Penny off.


Daytime--Maureen, John, Don, Will, Judy, and Penny unload the Chariot. Don and John are in it. Will tells Penny of their travels, "First we saw these trees that moved...they lived on solar energy. Then we saw this mountain made of pure titanium and later this lake that was colored gold. Anything exciting happen around here?"  Penny tells him they has a war; Maureen tells John, "Oh, it was nothing, dear, it was just A SMALL WAR."  Judy laughs, "Hardly anything."   Smith with the Robot comes marching in, Smith training the Robot on military moves, the Robot dressed like a soldier with a belt and laser rifle. Don asks, "Hey Smith, what's with the Robot?"  It is their first line of defense. Smith marches the mechanical man off. The others laugh.      


CLIFFHANGER: Smith sleeps under small tent at NIGHT. Will and the Robot are at a large atomic telescope set up. Smith feels a chill in the air and sneezes. He tries to convince Will to return to the spaceship, "The rigors of being a babysitter for a boy astronomer."   Robot tells them the telescope is pointed at the Omega Nebula. Will relates that is only a few thousand light years away and in the Sagittarius constellation. Smith tells Will Sagitarians are cheerful, generous, outspoken and bold. Will moans that is astrology not astronomy. Robot yells, "Warning, Warning!"  Smith calls him a silly sausage but Robot warns of a high velocity solar gale and that its rate of flow is increasing. They should take cover. Smith gasps they might be incinerated. Robot yells as the two run behind rocks, "Danger! Telescope will act as lightening rod attracting solar bolts. Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!"  Sparks hit as blasts engulf the telescope and seemingly the Robot as well. NOTE: The lettering on the usual TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK SAME TIME SAME CHANNEL is dark red so it can be seen amid the white blast and smoke.


REVIEW: Yes, the punch line is fairly obvious and moralizing but gentle. What is wrong with morals and morales? This episode has both and teaches something. Of course, Maureen and Judy are almost as helpless as they were in ONE OF OUR DOGS IS MISSING; Maureen almost as indecisive and unthinking. She leaves Smith alone with the weapons--you would think she would know him by now, especially since he took apart all the weapons in ONE OF OUR DOGS IS MISSING. Speaking of weapons, since Smith left some of the Jupiter II weaponry on THE GHOST PLANET (and Don admitted he had to break out the auxiliary hand guns) did the Robinsons make more weapons? How? Did they have spare parts? Dennis Patrick is superb as the golden man while the voice of the frog alien stands out. The one fault with the alien design is the well looking masks do not have any movement to their mouths and eyes. When one of the aliens talks, the voice is clearly coming from under a mask, ruining what effect the masks might have had if they had movable parts. For one, I always thought Keema was a slime, however, looking at this episode, the Zeedam wasn't as nice as one might think. He was certainly not a friendly type early in the episode. Keema was too kiss-up though. Another interesting note is that we never find out what the war is about. Is Keema a Nazi type invading the frog alien world? Or is the frog alien world invading Keema's world? Is Keema invading the frog world at all? Is Keema trying to make demands of the frog aliens? Or is the frog alien making demands of Keema's world? We never find out, not that it mattered to the story. Keema was evil and that was that. But what were the terms of the war? Why did it start? What were the demands for peace? What were the reasons for it? Interestingly THE LAST BATTLE on SPACE: 1999 had two races on opposite side of a sun fighting a war that no one remembered the cause of! The war itself is a spectacular light show that stands out the season's prime action sequence (among a few others). The sound effects also go all out as the war become quite deafening with blasts and firing. NOTE: The dim star (dim as viewed from Earth) Sagittarii in the Sagittarius constellation (in the cliffhanger this week) is also known as the flare star--get it--a solar flare hits as Will was watching this. ANYHOWWWW, After three stand out episodes, WRECK OF THE ROBOT, THE DREAM MONSTER, and THE GOLDEN MAN, we now come to the worst time in LOST IN SPACE, a time of six really BAD episodes in a row ending only with CAVE OF THE WIZARDS. TREASURE OF THE LOST PLANET and THE MECHANICAL MEN which follow but not directly are also pretty awful. LOST IN SPACE NEVER HAD (before and after) SO MANY REALLY BORING, SILLY EPISODES ALL IN A ROW AS THE UPCOMING which began with... 





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