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daveac - Posted on 02 June 2009

I like the 'Follow us on Twitter' better than the 'Widget' you had in Beta. (see left side of forums)

It never seemed to match the style of the new forum and was dificult to 'box'

Maybe it will also encourage Ken to get a twitter account :-)

Cheers, daveac

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Yes, the widget never blended well into the site. For a short while I was using another widget that worked a bit better as for as it being consistent with the look of the rest of the site, but it still felt like it was competing.

What I like about the widget displaying the most recent tweet is that it was visible on the site so important news that is tweeted via Twitter is also reflected here on the site.

We do have a Tweets page now. But you have to view the page to see them. I can take also put them in a block on the right or left side, but for some unknown reason the block format is interfering a bit with the theme here. It's not too bad, it just does a little funky thing with the browsers scroll bars when you mouse over it. I may re-enable it again, just to get the news which is posted on Twitter immediately here on our site.

Hmm.. I just had another idea, I have to try.

Yeah, I like the Twitter badges and simple link we have there now. It went through many revisions before it looks like it is now. If you click on the link to follow us, it will bring you to another page which lists more Twitter accounts, including yours Dave.


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