The War Games

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Kristine Kochanski - Posted on 27 September 2009

I just finished watching the dvd of this. I did enjoy it greatly, it is one I hadn't seen before, but there are two points that keep niggling at me. Not big ones, I think it is a great story in many ways, but the points still niggle.

Point one, here is a 10 part story with aliens in it who are never named. Unless I missed it somehow, we don't know who they are or where they come from. While I sometimes think it is silly that they name aliens and give planets names and such it seems funny that it is such a long story and we don't find out their home or who they are. We know why they want to rule the galaxy, but you would think with such big egos they would stomp around and proclaim themselves a bit more.

Point two, these aliens wanted to use humans since they are the best fighters and are running the war games to find the strongest ones but seem to ignore the fact that the resistance fighters ARE the best fighters, the most resourceful and smartest. A smart race would find a way to capture them (by stun or gas) and keep them contained until they could find a way to make the programming stick.

The dvd box is very cool, I really enjoyed all the extras on it and really enjoyed the story despite my niggles.

Anyone have any comments?


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