Chiller features HEX and SEA OF SOULS tonight

Chase - Posted on 20 September 2009

Chiller starts airing SEA OF SOULS and HEX tonight. I can't think of two more different shows. Other than being both horror shows, they are as different as DOCTOR WHO and STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION. HEX is quirky, fun at times but then turns on a dime to be seriously deadly and dangerous and scary but it can't compare to the very very scary, disturbing show SEA OF SOULS. Not every episode of either show works but they both try so hard with SEA being the better show. The acting on both is top notch. Both have characters that come and go and go and stay gone; both have some serious deaths and both are psychological with SEA surpassing HEX on that, too. You'll recognize a great many NEW DW  actors including in HEX the man who played the henchman in the first SARAH JANE ADVs pilot. Behind the scenes, I believe, there are many DW writers, creators, and directors especially on SEA OF SOULS. HEX's main girl (at least in the first season or so) is the woman who played the main witch in SHAKESPEARE CODE. Her lesbian sidekick voiced Izzy (badly) in a new Paul McGann audio. Here, she's just great and the best thing about HEX...but not right away. I prefer STRANGE to both of these shows but don't underestimate them. They are both very very entertaining and addicitive. HEX has, I believe, two seasons. SEA has four if you count the last movie as a fourth season, otherwise three SHORT seasons and one tv movie. The third season of SEA has Paul McGann as...well, you'll see and he's brilliant in it. If it came back with a regular fourth season I could see him becoming a regular.  Several SEA stories left me flabbergasted but many more had such wonderful tricky and logical endings it was chilling, worthy of and bettering TWILIGHT ZONE and OUTER LIMITS. Both HEX and SEA, like STRANGE, deserved longer lives. SEA especially has wonderful location shooting, Glasgow and surrounding areas I believe and varied: the city, the countryside, the seaside, rainy days, sunny days, rolling green hills, an old church, the university of Glasgow. Both shows have great main casts and good actors. HEX has the slightly more hip cast and they look beautiful especially the guys that play the son of the devil. Yeah. SEA is probably better written. Both work for me and as a diversion from DW they both really work. OH and an IMPORTANT note: if you like them, you might want to try getting HEX and SEA OF SOULS on dvd as I'm sure there will be a great deal of R rated stuff cut from the CHILLER NETWORK and lots of ads stuck in there. SEA'S first two seasons are on dvd. If you try real hard you can find someone on who has the third season and the  even more rare FOURTH season (the two part movie). Both shows are meant to be seen on dvd without interuption and censorship.  

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