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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-The Monster's Web, The Menfish, The Mechanical Man, The Return of the Phantom

Chase - Posted on 19 September 2009


Writers-Al Gail, Peter Packer

Dir-Justis Addiss



Supersub is going 43 knots and gaining under command of Mike Gantt and Exec Bill Balter. Gantt ignores the hull and warnings from Seaview which is on the surface. Crane tells Chip the Admiral says Gantt is the most brilliant man he's known. The other sub picks up to almost 75 knots, a speed instruments are not calibrated for. The sub is testing Gantt's new fuel formula and he orders another cylinder to be used. Gantt ignores a blip ahead and maintains the super speed. The sub hits right into a web, controls spark, the crew is ordered to abandon ship as its back hits the bottom. Gantt uses the periscope to see a giant spider!


Act One

Flying Sub is in the air. Gantt in it, tells Nelson his propellant didn't wreck the sub. The other survivors didn't see the monster. Nelson tells him he was running blind and that the fuel is unstable--the cylinders are now at the bottom of the sea. They dock into Seaview. Nelson goes onto the radio to talk to the Inquiry Board. Crane goes ahead with a test of the fuel of Gantt's, diluted a small amount of it is placed in a tank of seawater. Crane raises the pressure to 140 and it explodes. The seawater plus pressure causes it to blow up. The sea water corrodes the cylinders that are on the bottom and will kill millions. The gas that would be carried by the trade winds would kill many. Gantt says he will cooperate. Chip and Crane don't trust him and he overhears them talk about this. Crane tells him he is selfish when he takes them up about this. The only survivors came from the back of the sunken ship which means the cylinders could still be in dry spaces...but not for long. Crane doesn't believe in the creature (why not? After all he's already seen!?). Richard Basehart is played by a double with a hat on as Nelson leaves the nose into the Flying Sub and his voice is dubbed onto the picture. The Flying Sub lands on the top hatch of the sunken sub. Riley opens their bottom hatch (and they hope it is dry? Why not find out first?). The spider moves toward them from his web as Nelson goes below to check it out. Drifting causes Nelson to return and hold the Flying Sub in place so that Gantt and Riley can go below for the fuel. All this is darkly lit and cleverly done as to conceal Basehart's absence during the shooting of the scenes--which are shot out of order (Basehart is in a few later sequences).  Gantt checks the cylinders for leaks. The spider is over the Flying Sub and attacks both subs.


Act Two

Riley and Gantt each take two canisters. Riley hears a tapping noise and to blow open a stuck hatch Gantt uses a drop of his fuel. They rescue Bill Balter. Crane is not sure about Gantt's monster now. Riley sees the spider from the Flying Sub window as do the others. Using web, it pulls the Flying Sub and the strands short out the radio (what? How?). Gantt says, "We can't just sit here and let him make a coffin out of this sub."  Riley thinks it has its eye on something else. Nelson says, "Could be."  Next shot is Seaview. On the nose camera, the men see the sub webbed up. Chip says, "I'll be the first to apologize when Gantt gets back."   Crane adds, "...if he gets back."  From the Flying Sub we see Seaview. Riley pads the fuel cylinders so the Flying Sub can try to break out. Gantt calls Nelson a coward and wants to give the Flying Sub more power--so he grabs the controls and the Flying Sub shakes and blows up sparks! (Nelson is again dubbed in some of these Flying Sub sequences but not others! There is also a darkly filmed double playing him.)


Act Three

Crane blames the trouble on Gantt. Ski and Olton go with Crane. Nelson is down and hurt badly. Riley and Gantt put fires out. The divers are swimming toward the spider which is hiding behind a rock. Gantt wants to take care of that creature. Crane avoids the rock area. The other two men cut the strands while Crane boards. A web or a leg from the spider or something (it looks awful---it is too skinny to be the leg of the monster--maybe it could pass as one of its babies' legs--and it has a small claw on the end) grabs Olton and pulls him. Ski follows and is soon caught also--on the main giant web. The Flying Sub starts and the radio works. Crane puts Riley in charge as he goes out to help Ski and Olton. Crane asks for a torch after the Flying Sub gets free but Gantt takes it out to him. The divers are set free and the four flee as the spider comes at them. Crane makes Gantt drop the torch--you can't kill it with the torch. The spider swims after them!


Act Four

Crane pulls a tired Gantt along. Flying Sub docks in Seaview. Nelson and Balter are taken to Sickbay where Doc (Wayne Hefley's doc) tells Nelson to lie still or he will sedate him. Nelson is double with his head bandaged. Chip orders the nose laser at the spider from the missile room. It gets close to Seaview but the laser drives it off. Gantt tells Crane he has a debt to settle with that thing. Doc sedates Nelson, "In sickbay, I'm in command."  Balter, not good, asks to see Crane. He tells him it was his fault, not Gantt's. The sonar did work at the full speed. Balter saw the obstruction but gave the wrong order. He lost his head and ordered hard left which ran them smack into the obstruction. "My fault, Lee,"  he says and dies. Ski calls Chip to the nose where they see the spider moving on them again. Chip knows they can't run but maybe play dead. We hear good music for the spider and see a major closeup of the conning tower as the spider is all around it. Gantt gets a speargun and loads the projectile with some of his fuel as Seaview shakes. Crane orders a charge through the hull which moves the spider off somewhat. As he orders them to leave, they see Gantt through the nose window (and he looks too close). Calling him back to the sub, Crane tells him what Balter confessed--not the speed of the sub, Balter panicked. Gantt doesn't care now anyway. He warns Seaview away while it can get away. Crane orders them back and the crash doors closed. Gantt fires and the spider blows up. Gantt is shocked out of commission, Seaview shakes uncontrollably!



Chip and Crane see Gantt floating outside the nose window. Crane sends out a rescue detail. Gantt is in SickBay talking to Crane--Gantt wants to add some of his fuel cells to Seaview, betting he could get it up to 90 knots. Crane says, "Well, this is where I came in."


NOTE: A wild and wacky episode with an almost surreal atmosphere to it. Basehart away or sick is doubled for some scenes but not others. A spider underwater is really impossible, although there are some forms of life that look like spiders in the sea. The spider looks very menacing, certainly more so than when it was in THE KEEPER on LOST IN SPACE. Something about spiders, even badly done ones, they are always scary and ugly and there is something about even the worst presented ones that bother viewers. The model work is faultless and we are given quite a bit of new model shots of the new sub, Seaview, the spider with Seaview, the sub, and the Flying Sub. The Flying Sub landing on the other sub is nicely done as are the webbed up shots of it. The spider arm sequence is looks like what it is..a skinny hose. Mark Richman makes this episode work and it is a shame that the sub plot of the fuel was masked with the spider story or vice versa. This episode could have been really very good with the fuel story being the only one, something which would be tried somewhat with the much better third season DEADLY WATERS. Not a terrible episode but not one of the more logical ones, THE MONSTER'S WEB is memorable for its oddness.

Was Balter a name given after Allan Balter--one of VOYAGE's writers.


SCENES TO NEXT WEEK included a voice over by Richard Basehart (which was sometimes also used in syndication): "Next week the men of the Seaview face the Frankenstein beast of the sea!"
























Writer-William Reed Woodfield, Allan Balter

Dir-Tom Giles



Dr. Sten Borgman (the Borg!) and his assistant, a tall man in a neck brace and under Borgman's control, Hansjurg, work on fish in a tank. Hans's sacrifice, Borgman says, is not in vain. Using wiring and fluid from Hans's pineal gland, they make a six foot fishman in a tank out of a fish!


Act One

Nelson has been called out to a conference in Washington DC. An Admiral from the Navy Department, Roy Park (odd that Gary Merill played in THE TIME TUNNEL-RENDEZVOUS WITH YESTERDAY as Senator LeRoy Clark--a very similar sounding name) is overseeing this project. Borgman knows him--Park's investigating committee almost sent him to prison and closed down his research. Borjman tells Hansjurg that he will create an army of menfish for the control of the world. Special equipment is brought aboard and the missile room is turned in Borgman's private lab. Park makes him black coffee. The experiment gets no reaction from the dead fishman. Hans doesn't want to make another. At a late hour, Borgman knocks out a crewman named Bailey and uses the pineal fluid from him to make another fishman out of a fish. He also stops Hans from freezing Bailey--he will die. Hans doesn't want this but acts as Borgman's lookout while the older man drops a metal shelf on Bailey. Park checks on Borjman later and asks to see his famous manfish, calling it an incredible achievement. Borgman explains it is a transmutation of genes. Park suspects Borgman is using humans again. The donors are frozen while the pineal gland fluid (taken via a needle entered at the base of the skull) is replenished in a few days. Hans went through this. When Park states he is closing down this experiment, Borgman pulls a gun, gives him a sedative, injects a tiny microcontrol at the base of his skull. If given too much power, Park's mind will be destroyed.


Act Two

Chip checks inertial guidance navigator. Something is wrong, there is a build up of pressure. They find Bailey's body. Crane wants Doc (the Wayne Heffley Doc) to investigate this. Borgman controls Park to continue the experiment against Crane. Crane wonders how Bailey could have died the way he did, "This is no destroyer and there's been no heavy weather."   Divers bring equipment outside Seaview and a tiny fishman. While Borgman irradiates the fishman, the divers wait in the escape hatch. The creature bursts up, mansize now. Borgman wants Hans to prepare a wet mattress. Man thing fights divers until Crane urges Borgman to control it. It is brought aboard and is off limits. Borgman will soon make two more; Crane asks Park if he is all right. A crewman named Johnson sneaks in the room to see the man thing which is strapped down. Not for long: it breaks free and attacks him, crushing his head, then breaks right through the door, making a woodwork out of it and attacks a passing by Captain Crane!


Act Three

Hans helps Crane and stops it. He wants to kill it, telling it to die. Borgman pulls the unit away from Hans. Park helps Crane who wants that thing off Seaview now since it killed Johnson. Borgman makes Park continue the experiment against Crane (yes, again). Park says Johnson had no business going in the room; Borgman counters with saying it was no one's fault. Crane wants it outside. He and Chip watch it from the nose. Crane says, "I've got a feeling there's going to be more trouble, both with Dr. Borgman and with that."  Doc asks Crane about doing a post mortem on Bailey but Crane tells him to keep it among him, Chip and himself, not to report it to Park. A control wire is implanted in the monster. Borgman wants two more of the crew, wanting Park to do it. Park resists--he knows that Borgman lost some other volunteers. Park is controlled with the whistling sound device which affects his head. Doc tells Crane that pineal fluid on Bailey was extracted surgically through the base of his brain with a siphoning device, barely leaving a mark. Two more of the crew--Collins (David of DARK SHADOWS?) and Forrestor (Paul of STARMAN?) are in freezing tubes. In 48 hours, Borgman says they probably will be as good as new. Two more mini fishmen are made. Crane comes in and sees all this. He alerts Park that Borgman killed Bailey. Borgman reveals why Park is working with him and that he has a control device implanted in him. When Crane pulls a gun, Borgman threatens to destroy Park's mind. Park orders Lee to get out and Hans pulls a gun on Borgman. Borgman controls him also and makes Lee take the two fishmen outside....Park warns him, "Don't do it-he's going to make more of those things."  Pressure and temperature affect the fishmen and only being in this part of the ocean can control both. Crane, unseen, takes liquid oxygen and squirts some in the tubes holding the two new fishmonsters--but Park sees this at the last minute through the escape hatch. Outside, the larger fishman watches Crane place the two mini ones. Park tells Borgman to wait until Crane is inside before irradiating them. Borgman says, "Of coarse, Park."  The large one falls and seems to die. The two smaller ones die. Park lets Crane out of the escape hatch and winks at him. Borgman knows what Crane did--froze the two small ones. Park stands in front of Crane as Borgman threatens to shoot him. Hans calls Borgman over to the screen..the man thing is now a giant, alive, and huge--a giant that moves directly at Seaview, arms outstretched.


Act Four

Added radiation made it large. Borgman can't control it but wants to build a race of giants. Crane says, "It's hostile to man, doctor, or have you forgotten, it's a killer!"  The thing grabs Seaview shaking everyone. Park grabs Borgman who uses the box to drop him. Hans stops the box and chokes Borgman to death. Crane runs to the Control Room. Park and Hans falls in the hallway, finding it difficult to get to the control room. Two hull charges make the thing move off Seaview but it keeps coming back and grabbing them again. Crane is frustrated, "Where's the mike!!!!?"  Hans and Park come in, Park telling Crane a torpedo is no good--they wouldn't get clear of the blast. Another charge is out--and the reactor has to recycle anyway. Park suggests Crane try the laser. Crane shoots the laser at it using the scope, then hits its chest. Ski yells, "The outer hull's giving way."  Crane sends a repair party to the in between hull. Park tells him they have to surface. Crane yells, "But how!? Nothing seems to phase that thing!"  Gas leaks, water shoots in, fires start. A missile is no good--they couldn't get clear in time. Park goes to the Flying Sub to try with that. He launches Flying Sub. Fire in the radio room spreads. Flying Sub moves in. Chip tells Crane, "We lose one more bulkhead aft and the Seaview will split in two."   Crane yells, "I know!"  Park moves into position and the thing seems to fill his window view, coming at him now.



The creature is on Seaview again, Park looks at it from the Flying Sub. He shoots it off Seaview with his laser--twice. Seaview surfaces as the thing falls to the ocean bottom. Flying Sub heads at the Seaview and docks. Hans restores Collins while Park restores Forrestor. The freezing didn't affect them too much yet. Hans removed the control unit from Park. He hopes to be a useful member of society. Park says, "I'd bet on it."  He wonders how he is going to explain all this to Admiral Nelson. Crane says he thinks he will find Admiral Nelson a very understanding man.


NOTE: A great deal of music usually heard on LOST IN SPACE more frequently is heard. The monster suit seems to have appeared on LOST IN SPACE in A CHANGE OF SPACE and would reappear on VOYAGE in THE MERMAID mostly via stock footage from THE MENFISH. THE MENFISH is an okay episode until act four...which is a fantastic tour de force of action, special effects, monster suit, and acting. It is really quite exciting and worth the wait of the rest of the show. The first three acts seem almost filler in comparison. This beast is perhaps the most difficult for the crew to kill. Act Two seems to have a great deal of water sequences but none that really further the plot. The fight in the sea with the-still-man-sized monster is well filmed though and the attack on Crane in the hallway is stunning. The door is splintered as the beast comes through. Act Three also has a bit too much that was gone over already but by the end we can't wait for the fourth act...which is truly a classic of television. Nelson is again off somewhere and replaced by Gary Merill as Roy Park (on TIME TUNNEL he played LeRoy Clark--is this a coincidence or an in-joke?). A great guest list here: Merill, Vic Lundin (who could add credibility to almost anything including a LOBSTER MAN), and the always nice to watch John Dehner--he can play evil, good, or in between. He is almost unrecognizable as Borgman when he played the SID man in LAND OF THE GIANTS-THE DEADLY DART.     








Writer-John and Ward Hawkins

Dir-Sobey Martin



1978: a sealab drilling base is where Ralph Vendon, a representative of Scientific Congress, arrives and confronts Peter Omir and Paul Ward, who are conducting internationally sponsored drilling Mohole operation into earth. Seaview is nearby with cables running from it to the base so the atomic motors can supply power. Subterreanium 1-16 threatens the world. Vendon wants the drilling shut down. Omir opens the vault door, luring Vendon inside. Vendon touches the cube attachment and burns his hand. Omir locks him in, makes the two element cubes touch. Paul tries to stop him. The cubes charge and hit Vendon with an energy bolt which makes him vanish in a charge of energy. Omir opens the vault, goes inside and removes his shirt, drawing upon the energy. He turns around to face us and we see the electronic units and components on his back!


Act One

A charge creates a storm which shakes Seaview (and in one shot we see that small line on the fin of one of the Seaview models which appears from time to time). Omir wants to possess the power of the sun; Paul calls it the power of the devil. He created Omir who wants to dominate in an era of which all geniuses like himself will rule. Androids like himself. Crane tells Chip what Omir told him: Vendon was en route to Seaview in a shuttle when the storm hit and he was killed. The drill shaft is in danger from rising pressure which, coming from the shaft and combining with the powers beneath, is causing earthquakes, tidal waves, and volcanic actions. Crane wants Omir to come to Seaview in Flying Sub. Omir shows him a false pressure reading but the pressure is still building. Omir burns Paul's hand when Ward tries to warn Crane. Ski brings Omir aboard. Omir calls himself genius to Chip and Crane. Geo Physical Headquarters and Nelson at the Institute are in control of this project. Omir wants to look at the prime circuits and in the Circuitry Room, he tells Chip he knows the circuits better than Chip. Chip looks elsewhere (why?) when Omir uses his glowing hand to give the Seaview a false reading of safe pressure. Back at Drill Control Dome, Omir tells Paul he will soon have unlimited power to rule the universe. Seaview shakes from an eruption. The drill falls.


Act Two

Sparks activates nose camera and they see the hole erupting. The sea smothers some of it. One more quake could end it all. Crane thinks they tapped the heart of the earth and doesn't believe Omir's tales. He wants to plug the shaft with or without authority. Paul cooperates with Omir from what Omir calls fear of death. Omir sees Crane contacting Van Druten of Geo Physical Control...Paul is stunned...telepathy wasn't built into his controls. Omir uses wavelengths to tune into their brainwaves. He controls Van Druten to tell Crane to continue the drilling or be brought up on charges. Many nations are in on this project. Mt. Lasin in California has erupted. Half the world is in flames now. Omir needs additional energy. He has no pity when he catches Ward trying to warn Crane again. Using a laser fired from his finger, Omir knocks Paul down and destroys the radio. He goes into the energy room again. Seaview shakes again and sonar bursts. Men put out fires. The reactor system has a short circuit. Nelson can't be reached--he is on a top secret Presidential mission. Omir comes into the missile room through the hatch...he can through the sea, isn't wet, isn't in a diving suit. He explains to Ski that radiant heat has many uses. He uses his hand to heat Ski down to the floor and out. Mt. Vesuvius in Italy and a volcano--Fujimai in Japan--and the Philippines are erupting. When Crane orders Chip to use M-Z mine bombs on the shaft, Omir shows up and tells him he needs the pure energy that 1-16 will give him. Seaview drops the power cable. Omir uses his laser finger on the controls of Seaview which shakes back and forth. Omir, not affected at all, stands there as the others fall.


Act Three

Three men are in anti radiation treatment in SickBay. Omir wants a world where the good will be rewarded and the evil punished. He will decide who is who. Chip, at Crane's warning and order, leads a diving party with Ski and Jenson to bomb the shaft closed. Crane tells Patterson to lower the diving bell to distract Omir and on the Vidphone screen in the nose, Crane will distract him further. Riley helps Ski up; wanting to go in his place but Ski insists he is okay and he go--he cut his teeth on those mine bombs. Omir uses his laser--right through the wall of Drill Dome and destroys the diving bell while Crane distracts him. The three men, Seaview between them and the Dome, swim to the undersea caves where the drill instruments are. Tremors shake them and Ski falls, accidentally setting one of the bombs in motion. One hour from now it will blow. Chip will need a detonation extractor to stop it. Omir awakens Paul--he tells Ward he is impressed with Crane and will make something superior out of Crane. He activates forcefields against Chip, Ski, and Jensen. Jensen panics, runs, and is killed by the forcefield--incinerated.


Act Four

Tremors continue to rock Chip and Ski as Crane bargains with Omir---let the men go and Seaview will use all its crew to get the S1-16 out faster. Omir agrees but wants Crane to come to him as a hostage. Chip and Ski fire their laser guns at the forcefield generator, hoping the ceiling won't fall in on them or the laser won't be reflected back at them. When Crane arrives at Dome Control, Omir uses his laser to down him and paralyze him but he can still talk. Chip and Ski, with ten minutes left, find the power packs on their guns are almost drained. They burn out the forcefield projector and plant all the bombs in the shaft to close it but they are still trapped by the second forcefield. Omir is bringing in a circuitry transplant to put into Crane. The result: either he will be half android, half human; all android; or nothing at all will happen--Crane might die. Paul brings in two cubes of 2116 to kill Omir. Crane tosses a grenade. Omir falls and Paul orders Crane to destroy Omir's dark glasses, then out of the vault and to close the door. Paul uses the cubes to blow up Omir...and himself.



Crane stops the forcefield imprisoning Chip and SKi and the two men get away. Crane finds nothing left in the energy room. The shaft is blown shut. Seaview surfaces. Crane gets through to Nelson. The quakes and volcanoes have subsided. Omir's eyes were photosensitivity cells, exposed energy penetrated the cells. The Flying Sub is going to have surface contact with Seaview. Crane and Chip go up to welcome him back.


NOTES: I was sure that in the tag we heard a Flying Sub sound as Nelson wings his way back to Seaview but perhaps I was thinking of another episode. James Darren does a super cold job of keeping Omir cold and flat...and makes a very believable android. Too many sequences (Seaview shaking, the talks between Omir and Paul about Omir ruling the world...universe...etc, the laser finger gag) seem like the other and the fact that this and the other Frankenstein tale THE MENFISH occur so close together doesn't help. This is, however, an enjoyable story if not looked at too deeply. Why didn't anyone realize Omir was an android...weren't there background checks on him? The Drill Dome is a masterpiece of model work. The Chip, Ski, and Jensen sequence would be repeated in THE TERRIBLE LEPRECHAUN where it made little sense there....but that is the worst VOYAGE episode so no surprise there.






























Writer-William Welch

Dir-Sutton Roley



Brief recap of THE PHANTOM STRIKES which seems to rewrite the ending or at least shorten the episode--it seems Kruegar never returned as his ghostly form to accept he is out of his time and place in this future as he did in THE PHANTOM STRIKES. Why this is done is beyond me--both episodes are very well made and written--but this rewriting of the first appearance of Kreugar makes it less intriguing. Anyhow, the recap ends with Kreugar shot in the storage closet and his burial at sea at night with Seaview on the surface. Crane reads the Bible at the service and the men all go below. Sharkey is seen briefly. Crane says, "Our friend, Capt. Kruegar was human after all."  This is not how the first story ended--he was definitely a ghost who walked off the nose of the Seaview! Nelson's report will say he was a man who convinced them he was a ghost but was shot and killed. End of report, end of Capt. Kruegar (any relation to Freddie is purely coincidental). Seaview is en route to Pearl Harbor--Honolulu (it appears that no time has gone by since THE PHANTOM STRIKES unless this is a different trip to Pearl Harbor). Nelson sleeps in his lab and the ghost of a South Pacific woman appears, she is here about Gerhardt Kruegar. Nelson opens the door and tries to find the woman who appears again, "Capt. Kruegar will return. He intends to take over the body of Capt. Crane. He will again try to force you to shoot your friend."  The ghost--Lani--tries to get Nelson to close his mind to Kruegar's thoughts. Nelson flees from the room amid brief Season One music.


Act One

Seaview has 8 windows--stock from Season One or the movie. Doc (Richard Bull's Doc) examines Nelson's eyes and discovers Nelson is under nervous tension (a bit like any junior high school teacher). Chip and Crane put Ski back on the duty roster. Nelson wants to talk to Crane in his cabin about the wrecked sub--the U44 that was sunk in 1918 under the German commander Gerhardt Kruegar--who would have to be 100 now! Nelson tells him the man is coming back and asks him to stay. He gives Lee his gun from his safe and tells him to hold onto it and not to let him have any other gun on ship. On sonar, Ski tells Riley he feels something is going to happen. Nelson hears his door knob moving and his safe is opened by itself or by some invisible force. Nelson's chair turns around several times and in it is Capt. Kruegar who calls Nelson a stubborn man. He wants warm blood in his veins and to feel life again. He will do this using Crane, "I will have his body--now!"  Nelson can't call out of his cabin and can't open the door. The lights go out. The chair Kreugar is sitting in spins and the ghost is gone. Riley finds sonar going dead. Seaview sinks.


Act Two

Seaview--with 8 windows--sinks and hits bottom, the air vents go out. Nelson calls Kruegar back--he will do it. In the control room, an extra crewman talks about the air going back on. Seaview rises up--it now has 4 windows again. Nelson finds the gun in his safe again. Two crewman see him walking the halls bewildered unaware Kruegar is walking close behind him in an effectively chilling scene, urging him to shoot Crane or all on board will die. Nelson goes down the circle ladder and while Lee has his back to him, looking out the periscope, Nelson points the gun and shoots! Crane shot, the others in the control room wrestle Nelson to the floor. Medics put him in restraints in sickbay. Crane is in deep shock. Chip asks Doc if he will make it, ignoring Nelson's calls. Nelson sees Kruegar's face seemingly floating out of the dark corners of a darkened sickbay after Chip leaves. Nelson tries to warn Doc but is sedated. The last thing he sees is Kruegar entering Lee's laid out body in yet another scary and effective sequence.


Act Three

In the dark sickbay, Crane gets up and talks like Kruegar (Hedison doing an excellent job). Doc, shocked at his recovery, tells him he has a bullet in him. Crane tells him to put Nelson under arrest and asks Chip to do it. We get a rare glimpse up the circle ladder in the nose as Chip goes up toward sickbay and there is a close up of Crane's face---but it is Kruegar we are seeing! He is holding a gruesome wound in his side. Chip goes to sickbay where Nelson is awake again and telling him, "Lee Crane is no longer  Lee Crane. Crane's body has been taken over by Capt. Kruegar. Chip, we know each other pretty well, you and I, been together a long time--that's got to count for something. You know Crane as well as any man aboard. Talk to him--see if he's the man you know."  Kreugar tells Chip to surface and go full speed to Pearl. Chip tries to stop him, knowing it is Kruegar--any man on Seaview should know a sub makes more time underwater submerged. Kruegar, in Crane, knocks Chip down and takes off in the Flying Sub. Lani appears in Sickbay and Nelson talks with her. He calls to her when she leaves. Doc tells Chip that Nelson is all right. Chip is still trying to convince himself that possession is not the problem: he thinks that Kruegar wouldn't know how to fly the Flying Sub. Nelson tells him that Kruegar is making Crane do this on reflex--almost like flying it in his sleep. The fix on the Flying Sub was lost in the South Pacific. Chip reverses coarse just as Riley was telling Ski about his planned big night in Honolulu. They turn due South. On an island, Crane watches Maria(name only given briefly and in promotional material), a beautiful native girl dancer in an outdoor restaurant at night. Crane is smoking (yucko). He and Maria leave together and go via raft to another island--a burial ground with people no longer living on it. They go to Lani's grave. Kruegar chases Maria and chokes her, "I need your body for my Lani!"


Act Four

Crane falls over as Lani's ghost saves Maria, rising up out of the girl and over her own grave. Lani tells Nelson that Crane, Kruegar, and a girl are on the island of Mulayo. She goes on to explain she and Kruegar met a long time ago and fell in love while he was on shore duty or shore leave. He swore to return and this vow kept them in bondage. The isle holds them bound to the Earth, destroy it and free them both--their souls will no longer have earthly ties. She feels the dead belong with the dead. Nelson instructs Chip to destroy the isle on his signal. He goes ashore. Seaview is off the coast. Maria wakes up to a hurt Crane who tries to explain to her--Kruegar is not in his body at this moment. He comes back and lays down--going right into Crane's body! Maria screams and Crane rises and attacks her again. Nelson arrives with a gun threatening Kruegar's now mortal body. Kruegar allows Crane's body to drop off of his spirit in a wonderful special effect. He threatens all of them, then in an uncharacteristic move, leaves, calling pathetically for his Lani. Nelson and the girl carry Crane off the island to the Flying Sub which is bobbing on the surface. Nelson told Chip to fire the missile and the five minutes are almost up. The radio in the Flying Sub won't work and the lights go off. Kruegar appears between the girl and Nelson and behind them. He is stronger than Lani and he will summon her to him. The missiles fire and begin destroying the island.



The island falls apart. Nelson takes the Flying Sub up as it works again. Kruegar and Lani walk amid collapsing graveyard pieces and falling trees. The island blow up. The Flying Sub flies in the sky. 


NOTE: Not entirely logical and the ending is especially rushed. Why did Kruegar just go off with Lani? Did he not have a choice once the island was blown up. I like the idea that Lani was helping Nelson. Both Lani and Maria are played by Vitina Marcus, billed as just Vitina in the end credits. The sets are stunningly creepy and there is something about a ghost story set under the sea and in the South Pacific that makes it more atmospheric and wonderfully horror filled. The island graveyard sequence is thrilling and evokes a feeling of ancient horror. It was all a bit odd and Seaview and crew seemed, at this point, to be starting what seemed like an existence all in their own world--almost a lost in the sea kind of existence which would be perpetuated somewhat in the future seasons--the real world almost hardly mattered by the fourth season although it is mentioned here and there. The South Sea island restaurant was a bit deserted and somewhat archaic but perhaps that was the point. In any event, it added to the weirdness of it all. Hedison turns in a fine performance as does Basehart and surprisingly enough, Bob Dowdell has more to do. His relation to Nelson was sorely under used in other episodes. Quite annoying is the constant change of windows from the stock footage to the new footage--eight windows indicates stock from either the movie or the first season while four windows indicates either new footage for the episode or stock from other second season episodes. I suppose before the advent of VCRs not many would notice the window changing so much. This and THE PHANTOM STRIKES are probably the best supernatural tales on VOYAGE, matched only by the surreal and odd CAVE OF THE DEAD. THE HAUNTED SUBMARINE and THE RETURN OF BLACKBEARD do not come close to the earlier three mentioned. 




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