BBC Audio The Rising Night

Chase - Posted on 11 September 2009

This cannot be a proper review. Why? I couldn't get past the first ten minutes of this horridly boring story. Maybe it's not fair or maybe it's just David Tennant's Doctor sucks when he's traveling on his own or maybe I've just had enough of this Doctor period. Then there's obligatory "10 meets female psuedo companion when traveling on his own"  scenes. Even with the sttrangeness of this opening and the odd Tardis stuff, this just fails to grab me. I might return to it but I doubt it and I'll never go back to the Maghony Murders as that was much more boring. David's Doctor is all over the place and in fact, I wonder if his Doctor has more stories than all the others or all the others put together and for me, it's way too much. To be fair, there are a great deal of good audios, novels, comics featuring this Doctor. He's rubbish without his companions and the worst of his spinoffs feature him  alone on his own. IMO. I't is time IMO to move on from this Doctor and all his uhm "adventures" with females, aliens, and Earth shattering time moving stuff. It's just not that Earth shattering IMO.   

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