Glorious Revolution

Chase - Posted on 11 September 2009

I really like this audio story and would probably give it like a 4/5 or a 7 or 8 out of 10. It feels like a historical but with some added stuff to the mix and all of it is good. Frazier Hines, one of my favorite companions in Jamie, if not some of his oddball comments in interviews, is also great in this. At just about all times, his Second Doctor impersonation is so spot on, I thought they had recruited David Troughton (who to me sounds just like the Second Doctor) to do the Second Doctor! It's that amazing. That said, toward the end, the stop-go manner of talking does get on one's nerves ---the second Doctor didn't talk that ALL THE TIME and nor did he clear his throat that much. Hines does it far too much but again, he sounds in all other ways just like Patrick.

The history: Okay I was glad to hear from British people, writers, etc that this was an obsure bit of British history because I barely remembered any of it despite having known it years ago. The writer does not do a great job, I must say, in ...or maybe it's just me not paying attention too closely as the politics lost me or I was just he doesn't really weave the real feel IMO of the time or the time zone or the history and doesn't really give us a great in depth feel for what was really going on. For some reason, this does not take away from the story. It's still a good romp, still dangerous, and feels right in all the right places and I just LOVE that there are no monsters, no real Earth shattering dangers moving throughout all the Earth or all of time and space, just a fun little historical with some serious issues. I also wonder if James did indeed return as Jamie told him he did and succeed or did Jamie lie? It makes me want to go to my history books or learn more and is something DOCTOR WHO used to do regularly before it became about how good David Tennant looks facing off against more and more outreageous plots, ripped off monsters in fake looking fly masks, and flying buses or zombie faced aliens taking over bodies. DOCTOR WHO almost totally misses out on doing proper historicals on TV and so i'ts nice to have a good one here and despite my criticisms, this is a good one! There's lots of on the spot danger, good scenes, and little moments and as well as that, it's also a good little story, something DW should do more of.

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