Benny Audio: Venus Mantrap

Chase - Posted on 09 September 2009

I guess I'm biased. I just love the Benny audios now. They can do no wrong. This story is fun filled, danger filled, and exiciting in several senses of the word. I'm not sure it's for children though to be honest and in fact, I'm sure it's not. It's very funny and frolicking. I'm also not sure of the politics going on but I love every second of this. Benny is very funny, Peter and his dad Adrian are very caring and love Benny and come off like real people. In short, this spin off has become everything that it wasn't and everything DW can never be: grounded and yet a spacey fun filled adventure anyway. With DW you either get one or the other, never both and of late, nothing DW has done in any spinoff or special can come close to what they are doing in the Benny audios. And for me it all started in the last part of the 8th Benny audio season. Here,  the spectre  of Jason comes up as he seems to have a lot of money he made and bequethed to Benny and Peter...from writing erotic cross species fiction! Benny remeets a rodent female from an earlier adventure (not sure if that was on audio or in novels or both) but she's a Pakhar,a species I've heard about in other DW spinoff stories/audios. ANd this one is not fond of Benny and wants nothing more than to keep clear of her, for whereever Benny goes destruction and financial ruin come! Benny also poses as a love droid for a man with political ambitions. IT's all quite funny and original IMO.  And character stuff comes into it too. Benny faces her first time doing it since...well, since, before Jason died. She and the rodent alien face off about what Jason really was about, too. Lovely stuff.     

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