10 Reasons YOU Should be Going to Hurricane Who

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barnabeee - Posted on 04 September 2009

We are now less than 2 months away from a brand new convention on the East Coast - Hurricane Who, in Orlando, Florida! It takes place at the Ramada Convention Center from Friday October 30th through Sunday November 1st, with a launch party on Thursday October 29th at the Cricketer’s Arms Pub. So why aren’t you going? Are you on the fence? If so, then this is the blog for you! Here are 10 reasons that you really should be heading to Florida for HURRICANE WHO!!!!!

 Hurricane Who

Number 1

Well, the number one reason to go to any convention is usually the guests, and Hurricane Who is no exception. The guest list promises to be a lot of fun and contains a lot of variety! On the acting front are the headline guests - there’s Louise Jameson – Leela from the Tom Baker era, and Gareth David Lloyd – the late Ianto Jones from Torchwood. They are joined by the wonderful India Fisher – Charley Pollard from Big Finish, and a guest actor who has faced off with both the Daleks and the Cybermen – Colin Spaull! And they’ll also be joined by writers Rob Shearman, Simon Guerrier, and Tony Lee, and many more!

Number 2

Its in Florida. In October. What’s not to love?  Especially from those of us in the North of America, or the UK! It takes place after hurricane season, and the weather will be good enough to spend time outside in shirtsleeves! Now how wonderful is that? Which leads me to number 3 below……

Number 3

Due to Hurricane Who being in Florida and the promise of warm and lovely weather as a result of that location, Friday night at the convention will feature a Doctor Who convention first – a scheduled pool party to end all pool parties – the “Fury from the Deep End” pool party. You can’t get that anywhere else!!! Maybe Gareth will come and join us! And swim!

Number 4

The hotel rate is incredibly reasonable! The current rate for the hotel is just $55 a night!!!!!!! (But book fast to lock that rate in – it might not last forever!) How can you beat that? And plane tickets to Florida tend to be on the low end as well. And that means all the more money to spend on goodies in the dealer room while you’re there!

Number 5

There will be a wake for Ianto Jones! ‘Nuff said!

Number 6

This will be India Fisher’s first convention appearance since we all found out what happens to Charley at the end of her run with the 6th Doctor. Will she die? Will be go and become a companion to the 3rd Doctor? Will she turn into a Dalek? Or fall in love? All these questions will be answered, and maybe some others as well!

Number 7

You may have noticed that the dates encompass Halloween! So for all you cosplayers out, or for those of us that like to marvel at people’s ingenuity, this should be the cosplay event to beat!

Number 8

The convention is run by fans like you and me! They’ve been to Gallifrey. They’ve been to Chicago. And they’ve been to many other conventions all over the world. So you know that this convention will combine all the best aspects of those wonderful events – a real “best of breed”!

Number 9

This is where I go into shameless self-promotion mode. We’ll be playing and recording “Just a DWNY Minute” live on stage! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can get a teaser at http://dwny.org/podcasts.htm, or look for us on iTunes! We have a lot of fun playing it, and hope people have a lot of fun listening to it, and watching it!

Number 10

And performing real live professional comedy (unlike "Just a DWNY Minute" – perhaps we'll be able to persuade him to play!), the last, but by no means least, reason you should attend Hurricane Who is to meet and experience, the fabulous Toby Hadoke, who will be performing “Moths ate my Doctor Who scarf” comedy show. If you haven’t seen this at its earlier North American stops, this might be your last chance, and it’s a show that is not to be missed!!!!

So are you persuaded yet? Book your conention tickets and get all the information you need at Hurricane Who's website - http://hurricanewho.com

I'll see you there!

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