Maddigan's Quest

Chase - Posted on 03 September 2009

A strange but lively show that seems to be a cooperation between BBC and Australian productions. The show concerns a traveling circus trouple in the future after a collapse of society. People fell into ruin and some into becoming feral. Others live at a huge complex but still have to fend for food and water. Their city is run on some kind of solar power but something's gone wrong. Secretly, the city officers ask the circus troupe to get a new solar power device or some kind of battery, I think, to help it survive. They have to travel far to get it. In the first episode a few key members of the troupe are killed when their food is stolen. Also: two boys from the future arrive with a baby girl...from the future. One of the boys has precogntive dreams it seems and a diary that Garland, the main female teenager, wrote. The younger boy, looking very girlie I must say but interesting, has amazing powers of transforming things, growing plants from small seeds in a matter of seconds, the power of dreaming so he and others can hide inside trees, and other strange powers. Two "men" arrive from the future, one of them is played by the actor who played Iolaus from HERCULES. He plays a cyborg, a robot with a man's head. The other lies that he is the boys' uncle but he really seems to work for a relative of the boys'. It seems some mutated being in the future, now a monster, is ruling the future. The boys came back to try to change that. It also seems that the monster killed their parents.  Not a bad series as yet (I've only seen two episodes) and worth a look.

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