Chase - Posted on 24 August 2009

Well it's not really a world war just the near start of one, innit. Anyway the relationships between the Doctor, Rose, Jackie, and Mickey comes to a head in this and THIS is why I love this episode. In this story and many others, RTD knows how to involve the audience with the characters even if the alien plots are...leaving one having to suspend disbelief...but for most of DW we have to do that anyway. I can even accept the Doctor knows UNIT passwords and that Mickey can access them and even the missile firing as long as the characters care about each other and show that.

And boy do they. The Doc gets mean on Mickey but maybe, just maybe he's trying to push him to do his best but sometimes it's just mean. Jackie and Mickey's plight as the alien breaks into Mickey's flat is just marvelous and the scene where the Doc, Harriet and Rose help them from behind closed doors that they can't get out of is just brilliant and funny. There are many many good lines ("Since that man walked into our lives, I've been attacked in the streets, I've had creatures from the pits of hell in my own living room and my daughter disappears off the face of the Earth!"), most of them funny, and/or furthering the dilemma Jackie feels about having Rose with the Doctor ("infatuation") as well the Doctor finally admitting to Mickey he needs him and that he saved their lives AND inviting him to come on board the TARDIS. And then covering for him when Mickey admits it is too much for him to come on board...he is really rejecting the Doctor before Donna.

More include: "I can save the world but lose you."  "You're a very violent young woman." ANd of course the Doctor grins like a loon again when Harriet takes the load off his shoulders. Since when has he done that? Let the military decide to take the load off his shoulders so he had to follow orders? Other than that, almost everything else character wise, dialog wise is spot on and well done IMO. 

I'm not sure why the aliens called all their family back to 10 Downing Street so they could all get killed but whatever.  And why they had to get naked just as their plan is coming but perhaps they are savage hunters. It also makes for some very ...strange dialog ("Your body is magnificent!". Okay then.

This two part story ends satisfactorially and is most pleasant most of the time. I don't understand why the Doctor couldn't call the Brig but considering the Brig's track record in getting politicians to do anything...well maybe it's best not to (think of all the trouble the Brig had in INVASION OF THE DINOSAURS).

So for me anyway, I truly like this story and one that seems to get better as time passes. RTD really knew how to do DW, even if the aliens were a bit wonky but so what? If the story of the people was solid and made me care about them, it didn't matter. This was good and the music is just excellent.

Okay I do have to admit some bad stuff; Harriet's "NO TAKE ME" is cringe worthy ,and equally cringe worthy is that the Doctor has to set the fire extinguisher down on a table to shoot it? Also the soldiers NOT shooting him as he steps back into the lift was...not so special. In fact, the entire chase around with the Doc in 10 Downing Street was crappy and when he got stuck in the box that was actually better.   

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