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Administrator - Posted on 08 August 2009

Join us for another Gallifreyan Embassy / Doctor Who: Podshock Meet Up!

Once again, we will be meeting up via Second Life for another exciting and fun meet up. Best of all, you don't have to drive there to attend. No matter where you may live in this world (or any other), as long as you have a broadband internet connection and a relatively contemporary computer you can join us!

After a very successful return to Second Life last May after having our first in 2006, we received tremendous amount of interest on us doing this on a more regular basis. We listened. We are now holding these meet ups seasonal

Next one up is next week on Saturday, the 15th of August 2009. Come by any time you like that day, though you will not want to miss the special events taking place that day starting at 1pm SLT (Second Life Time = Pacific time in the US) when Victor1st will be giving demonstrations of the TARDIS console. There are various Doctor Who and Torchwood simulations which many had not seen last time because they did not want to leave the party. So before the DJ and party begins, you now will have a chance to check out the various incarnations of the TARDIS console room, peruse the virtual Doctor Who museum, and more. Perhaps even visit the Torchwood Hub (if it is still standing). 

Then at 3pm to 6pm SLT the DJ and dancing begins. Join the fun.. it doesn't matter if you can dance in your first life or not, you will be able to do so in Second Life. Meet up with other Doctor Who: Podshock listeners, hosts, correspondents, regular contributors, Gallifreyan Embassy members, and Doctor Who and Torchwood fans.

We will be recording for an upcoming episode of Doctor Who: Podshock at the meet up as well. 

So be sure to make plans to attend this upcoming Second Life meet up. It is a great way to meet an interact with each other without the cost and expense of a plane trip or traveling hours by car to get together. In fact, in Second Life, you can travel by TARDIS!

It takes place in Katrina (Cardiff and the Doctor Who Experience) on Second Life like last time (clicking on the linked Katrina name will bring you to the location in Second Life). See the video below of Victor1st giving an introduction to Second Life and the land of Katrina.

Please note that this video above was prepared for our meet up last May, the times have changed for August. So please be aware of the new schedule for August while watching this video.

We thank Terry Lightfoot and Nik Hewitt along with Victor1st and HBK, for their collective help and efforts putting together these amazing events on Second Life for us and Merlin McCarley for suggesting it back in 2006.

(You will need to use the Second Life client software available free for Mac or Windows. Although not required, a microphone and headphones helps as you can speak and interact with others without having to type things out).

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Bullitt33's picture

I will so be there. I only wish it were Sunday instead, but what can you do?

Louis Trapani's picture

Katrina on Second Life is already prepared for us as you see from this photo that Bullitt33 has posted on Facebook.

Bullitt33's picture

On the right you'll notice virutal facsimiles of the various TARDISes throughout all eras of Doctor Who including the Peter Cushing movies. I believe the 1 in the forground is meant to be Matt Smiths TARDIS however I think it should be a bit taller to fit scale w/the other TARDISes in SL. (The Cushing TARDIS is rather taller as it should be.)

Louis Trapani's picture

Here is another screen capture by Bullitt33 illustrating the preprations already made on Second Life for our next meet up. This time the stage has a semi-sphere clamshell like enclosure with the TARDIS roundals. That is Bullitt33 standing in the middle looking toward the stage.

Doctor Who: Podshock Meet Up on Second Life

Bullitt33's picture

I believe 2 different styles of Podshock T-Shirts, 1 being the shirt my avatar is wearing in these pics, can still be had for free in the Katrina 'Freebie' store.

My "home" in SL was set to the original meet-up location in Katrina from last May.  Now, when I appear or teleport home, I am inside one of the new buildings there and it's tough to get out.  Does anyone know how I can change my home location? Everytime I try to set home to my current (new) location, I get a message telling me I can't do that where I am.



Cheers, PerryG

Louis Trapani's picture


I would try using this Katrina starting point first without having SL automatically bring you to your home point:

If that brings you to a point in Katrina which is not trapped inside of a structure, make that your new "home" in SL.


Thanks Louis- I tried the link and it sent me to a good spot, but when I try "Set Home to Here" under the World menu, I get a pop-up message that says "You can only set your home location on your land or at a mainland infohub."

Cheers, PerryG

Special thanks to Victor1st for all his efforts. Here is his latest intro video for our August 15th Second Life Meet Up:


Troy Baker's picture

I've tried using second life but my computer is an older one so I don't meet the system requiremnts.  As a result I can't use Second Life. Maybe next go-round I'll have a newer computer and can join you.

Louis Trapani's picture

Thanks to all that came our recent Meet Up on Second Life. Once again, it was a huge success. Thanks to all that contributed to that success, not least of all, Victor1st of the Doctor Who Experience and Cardiff area (Katrina) in SL.

What a way to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Doctor Who: Podshock and the 24th of the Gallifreyan Embassy!

Though, I was a bit out of it myself when I arrived after a marathan session getting episode 159 of Doctor Who: Podshock out. I still had a fantastic time even if I may not have been making much sense at the time.

Our next one schedule is in 3 months (would you believe that is November already?) on November 21 just in time to celebrate the anniversary of Doctor Who and most likely the showing of The Waters of Mars.



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