Terry Nation Spoke about Blake's 7 come back

Chase - Posted on 08 August 2009

In an interview in Jan of 1993, I believe, Nation expressed that the Federation would have to crack down hard on its citizens, facing anarchists and rebels, some worse than themselves and some better. Avon has been a prisoner since Gauda Prime on a distant planet, like Napolen on St Helena. He has made propadganda broadcasts on behalf of the Federation. He wasn't brainwashed, he has done so in order to stay alive. He is very calculatingly doing what he has to stay alive. This had made the rebels despise him, of course, and the Federation despises him. He may even despise himself. But he's a survivor.

Then there comes a moment when the Federation asks him to do something else for them. There have been attacks on Federation installations all over the galaxy. Supposedly by Blake, by someone posing as Blake, who died on Gauda Prime. Didn't he? He has become an icon, almost a deity. The movement itself is now Blake, anyoen fighting with his principles are now called Blakists. But the attacks bear Blake's signature. The Fed comes to Avon and offers him a great deal of money.. if he will track down this so called Blake for them.

Avon agrees but there is a catch. The officials woh have come to see Avon have brought with them a mysterious character--Vila. They demand that before Avon leaves, to prove his loyalty to them, he must kill Vila...

Avon gets control of a wonderful Fed space vehicle and realizes he has no future unless he can be in charge. Either he becomes the Fed and makes it all work or he will be a hunted animal for the rest of his life with no friends anywhere. He wants to weld together all the decent elements on both sides, but for totally selfish reasons.

This was how Terry Nation would start a new series of Blake's 7. This interview with Nation was done via phone on Dec, 29, 1992.      

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