Tardis Teams-the First Doctor

Chase - Posted on 07 August 2009

Here's a little game:

come up with TARDIS teams for the First Doctor. I'd ideally like to stick to only DW characters but if you want to throw in one or two from other genres or shows that would be fine too but  I don't want to see every BUFFY or ANGEL character accounted for. What I mean is this, give the First Doctor new teams, include all of his companions and add other ones or get rid of all his companions and give him new ones such as:


First Doctor teams


Of course the first Doctor is with all of them...


Doc One, Barbara, Ian, Peri!

Doc One Steven, Jamie, Adric!

Doc One, Ben, Polly, Victoria

Doc One, Adric, Melanie, Jamie

Doc One, Benton, Jo, Ben

 Use your imagination....



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