The 6th Doctor Lost Stories/Lost Season

Chase - Posted on 01 August 2009

The DVD of TERROR OF THE VERVOIDS/ULTIMATE FOE/THE VERVOIDS has a short Colin Baker narrated film about the lost stories from the season that was supposed to happen after REVELATION OF THE DALEKS. THE NIGHTMARE FAIR was to have the Toymaker return and face the Doctor and Peri in Blackpool, which is the place the Doc was to have told Peri he was taking her. She would face miners on a Goldmine ride and he would play a video game to defeat the Toymaker. It's been novelized and so turned me off, I didn't bother with the other three that were. 

Another was THE ULTIMATE (what is with the word ULTIMATE at this time of the show's life and death?) EVIL. This has to do with a  midget monster (in a box? Pandora?) called DWarf MOrdant or something like that who has a mean ray firing on planet from his planet (I think). It makes the people of two different continents start a war with each other. The Doc makes the Dwarf fire a nice ray and stops him but the alien escapes. Oh and Peri was left for dead on a beach.  

The next was rumored to be story set in Singapore and might or might not have been called YELLOW FEVER AND HOW TO CURE IT. yeah. It was to definitely have the Autons in it. It was also rumored to have the Master and/or the Rani. For some reason, I also thought the Rani was to feature with the Ice Warriors. One can only imagine it all. I guess.

The next story was rumored to be MISSION TO MAGNUS or rather it was to be. That has the Ice Warriors try to use or actually use a nuclear explosion to tilt the planet Magnus off its axis to make it colder. Sil was involved too and teamed up with the Ice Warriors. The Doc stops them all but the Ice Warriors betray Sil.

Other stories were called THE HOLLOWS OF TIME or THE HOLLOW OF TIME and another was called THE CHILDREN OF JANUARY. Not much is known about these.

These and others (although one is definitely not going to be done) are to be made into audios by BIG FINISH. More on these are these arrive...   

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