Torchwood Gets Impressive Numbers on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Administrator - Posted on 31 July 2009

Now that Torchwood: Children of Earth has been televised on both sides of the Atlantic, it is clear that it is a ratings champ all around. 

In the UK, the estimated numbers for the BBC showing started strong and maintained its audience throughout the week long series (26.8%). Torchwood: Children of Earth, a five part series was shown consecutively Monday through Friday in the UK starting on 6th of July and then BBC America followed suit showing them on consecutive nights starting on the 20th of July.

In the UK (does not include DVR or BBC HD Channel viewers):

Monday - Day One 5.9 million viewers
Tuesday - Day Two 5.6 million viewers
Wednesday - Day Three 5.9 million viewers
Thursday - Day Four 6.2 million viewers
Friday - Day Five 5.8 million viewers

Meanwhile in the US, Variety has reported that BBC America had its ratings boosted to its highest weekly ratings in its history thanks to Torchwood: Children of Earth!

Although there are plenty of rumours and gossip concerning a 4th series of Torchwood, at this time, there has been no official announcement as such.

If you haven't seen Torchwood: Children of Earth yet, it is available on DVD and Blu-ray now both in the US and UK.

Difficult Diva's picture

I, thoroughly enjoyed CoE.

I really want to see all the episodes again, but I'm definitely going to purchase them, because I want TPTB to see that there are TONS of folks who throughly appreciated the experience that we were given with what they produced.

Torchwood:Children of Earth, totally made sure that the spinoff finally got out of the shadow of Doctor Who.

Kalico's picture

I truely loved watching COE last week on BBC America, and heard all the reports of the fantastic ratings it got here in the states. Was very excited to hear that the DVD was coming out the following Tuesday so I decided to go out and pick up a copy so I could watch again and again. Low to behold I coudln't find the DVD anywhere in a brick and morter store in my area. If I was living in a small town I could understand that but I live in Atlanta, GA a pretty sizeable region with a varitey of outlets to find movies of all kinds, and in the past have had no problems getting past series and episodes of Doctor Who. I truely was shocked though to find stores like Best Buy, Borders, Target, Wal Mart and even Fry's didn't have any in stock or planned on stocking. I ended up ordering off the web and just got it today in the mail, but has anyone else ran into this problem?



Troy Baker's picture

I know the feeling all too well. The local Best Buy in my area doesn't even carry the 'Torchwood" or "Doctor Who" episodes. When I want to get them I have to get them through mail-order.

In my case I think it's because I live in a area with a fairly small population - large enough to have a Best Buy but not large enough to have a very large selection.

If I want items that are carried by Best Buy, I find that I have to go to another location rather frequently. When I have to do that I usually check on-line and check the store aailabilty there. If it's not in my local store, it (the web-site) will show a list of the stores in my area that carry what I'm looking for - if they carry it at all.

It does get frustrating!

Wyldstaar's picture

I suspect that what Best Buy stocks is done on a sales history basis.  I live in a fairly small town, and the Best Buy here is very small compared to those in the heart of the metroplex.  Despite this however, my Best Buy routinely stocks dvds and blurays of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

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