ANTICIPATION the 64th World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal

Cybrarian - Posted on 29 July 2009

I'm planning to go to this con next week. It's main emphasis is literary, but they do give out the Hugos for Dramatic Presentation Long and Short Form. Doctor Who has won the short form for the last three years. Anyway, this is more a shout out to people who may have traveled to Canada recently or who may live in Canada and know about such things. I have heard rumors that, because of changes in Canadian copyright protection laws, laptops, iPods and iPhones may be inspected at the border for content, and if it is considered "illegal", they may be confiscated. I can stand to leave my laptop and my iPod at home, but I really need my iPhone, as it is my cell phone and I need it to keep in touch with my family while I'm gone. I emailed the Canadian consulate, but they just gave me a web site (no help) and a phone number. Any advice? Thanks!


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Another reason you need to travel by TARDIS. You wouldn't need to worry about such things.

I have heard about this Canadian law a couple years ago when it started... but since then I haven't heard of anyone getting caught up in it -- then again, I haven't been following it too closely.

Leo Laporte worried about it as he was traveling to Canada every month to tape his TV show Call For Help there. He would travel with his laptop and iPod with movies and such loaded on them of his purchased DVDs to entertain himself on the flight, but they never inspected his stuff. Granted, it was still a fairly new law at the time and since then he is no longer traveling to Canada for the show.

So I don't have any real advice other than to be sure, keep your iPhone 'clean' of anything that could be considered a violation. Otherwise, just roll the dice.


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