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Idiom - Posted on 29 July 2009

As opposed to reveiws, etc of individual stories, I am setting up this thread more as a means of discussing various questions connected to the story. I promised to do this on Aug 1st but forgot that I'm away on holiday so here it is early. Feel free to discuss any of the following questions and/or add your own to be discusssed. Have fun!

1. What do you see as the main themes of The Robots of Death?

2. Can you see any influences from other science fiction programmes/novels?

3. Would the story have worked differently with any of the other Doctors?

4. What does the character of Leela ( a very non-traditional companion) add or detract from the story?

5. How does it compare to other stories in Season 14?



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Spent the best part of the evening re-watching 'The robots of Death' for the first time in a few years.

I was surprised by how 'vanilla' this disc was. There are no subtitles of any kind (I have got used to watching the DW DVDs with the 'production facts' subtitles on). In fact there is very little in the way of special features, other than the commentry with Boucher and Hinchcliff. A quick scan of the restoration team website reveals that this was the second story committed to DVD and the production notes were not added until the third realease 'spearhead from space'. However the picture quality and sound were first rate.

Seems to have been a kind of British Retro day today. I watched this in the evening, whilst during the day I have been discovering the new album by La Roux (which may be a new release but sounds so Eighties that it is hard to believe they are so popular with 'Kids'. Even funnier when you think  thay Elly Jackson was born in 1988 and never heard any of that music first time through)

Anyway, it is round about midnight just now, so I think I will get a nights sleep before setting down my thoughts on your questions. 

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