Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Part Two

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TARDIS_Tara - Posted on 29 July 2009

After the Doctor Who panel ended, I hauled butt over to the Sails Pavillion, where my Darlng Husband had run through multiple lines to get me a ticket for the autograph session and saved me a place in line.

There were wild rumors that David Tennant would take part in this session and Murray Gold had hinted on Twitter that he might also take part in it.

But no.  Euros Lyn, Julie Gardner and Russell T. came in after about an hour's wait.

Thanks to the DH, I was right up in front of the line and had a moment or two to trade comments with RTD.

Of course, I have my own agenda, and asked him, as he'd just claimed that Four was *his* Doctor, why the BBC no longer distributes Doctor Who Scarf patterns.

He'd had no idea and offered to look into it.  I gave him my card.

I got my signatures and heaped praise on all their heads, thanked them for making the trip out and hoped they all come again next year.

Then I smooched the DH (who headed back to the Expo floor to do more business), ran back to Ballroom Twenty and suffered through four awful programs.

I did get some scarf knitting done, so the time wasn't a total waste.

Finally, at 2pm, the lights dimmed and we were shown the promo for Being Human.

Now, I'm sorry, I'm not a Being Human fan, and as this is a mainly a report on Torchwood and Doctor Who, I'm going to skip over much of it. 

The lights came up and Toby Whithouse, Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow were all sitting on stage.

There was some applause and they got right down to business.

TB said that Being Human was originally pitched as a sitcom.  He said the characters had lept fully formed into his mind and found he had to write it.

He said that his approach to writing Being Human was to look at it as if he were producing a 'low-budget, American independant film.'

It was set in Bristol because they thought that Cardiff was pretty well served with Torchwood.

They showed us some more clips spotlighting each of the three main characters, their problems, motivations, strenghts and weaknesses.

Russell Tovey, drunk with Comic-Con power, led the audience in a wave.

They talked a bit about where the series would be going in the next season (which is just about to begin filming).  Basically, the three would come to the realisation that humans are the real monsters.

New episodes are due to air in the UK in January.

After a quick reset of the stage, the lights again dimmed.

We were shown the teaser/trailers for all five days of Torchwood: Children of Earth.

There was much screaming.

Then Julie Gardner, Euros Lyn, Russell T. Davies and John Barrowman were brought out to tumultous applause.

Three people stood up about twenty rows from the front and intoned:


There was some laughter and scattered applause.

Things settled back into a normal panel, or as normal as any panel can be with John Barrowman on it.

Let me tell you, Oscar Wilde only wished he was as gay as John Barrowman.

He simpered and preened and squeed like a a fangirl.  He had at least as much fun as the audience.

And he did his level best to tease them out of their aggression.  I think he was pretty successful.

The panel moderator was dull as old dishwater and John flirted with him mercilessly.  This only made him worse.

John also flirted outrageously with Euros Lyn, who was seated to his immediate left.

The panel started off by talking a bit about their impressions of Children of Earth.

RTD said it was too soon to say if Lois Abiba will join Torchwood.  It was pretty obvious that he likes the actress, so, we'll undoutably be seeing her again somewhere.

They talked a little about Jack's involvement with the 456 in the 1960's.

JB was worried that we wouldn't like him any more.  He was quite releived that we were still all with him.

The subject kept straying back to Ianto's death and every time it did, the audience would start muttering.

John did his level best to talk the audience down.  He pointed out that it was said in the first episode that 'people die young in Torchwood.'

When the moderator swung the conversation deliberatly toward Ianto's death, JB tried to hide under the table.

Julie Gardner then tried to reason with the audience.  "Captain Jack has to suffer.  He's about to do something absolutely dark and difficult and heartbreaking at the end of episode four (I think she meant five) and to take him to that place he has to be have suffered personally.  And I think it's part of that journey-- the man that he loves, the man who he's in a relationship with it's, it's the cost of making Captain Jack a hero by making him suffer."

So things started to calm down again until RTD said flatly: "I said 'lets kill him'."

He said to blame him and that he wasn't sorry and that he wasn't changing his mind.

So we were back to unsettled.

Someone in the audience asked how they'd liked San Diego Comic Con.

The panel agreed they'd all had a wonderful time and that it was overwhelming.

JB said that he'd learned a new word this year-- fangasm.

They acknowledged a guy in the front row dressed as the 11th Doctor.  The guy got up and took a bow.

They talked a little about how the same designer who had designed Captain Jack's look (Ray Holman) had designed the look for the 11th Doctor.

Christina from DWNY aksed about fan reaction to Children of Earth.

JB and his sister had cruised Twitter after Episode Four had aired in the UK.

At one point that night on Trending Topics, Ianto beat out Michael Jackson (who had just died).

No-one saw this amount of success for Torchwood coming and they were all pretty stunned by it.

Then the gal from got up and in so many words, politely asked RTD to appologize for the hurt and confusion caused online fans (I'm assuming she's referring to RTD's comment earlier in the week that the Ianto fanatics should go watch Supernatural).

RTD allowed as how things online had gotten a little out of hand.  A small section of fans had been brutal, he'd responded and he wasn't going back.  Ianto was not coming back.

He also talked about how this small section of fans had started this 'send packets of coffee to the BBC to protest the death of the 'coffee boy'.

Well, the BBC had received *nine* packets of coffee.

He stated that that had proved to him that not everyone was against the death of Ianto and he was going on.

A small group of fans stood up and applauded.  The rest seemed discomforted.  It was kind of awkward.

John went back to charming us.  He once again stated his desire to play Captain America.

When asked about a musical episode of Torchwood he answered for RTD-- No.

JB revealed that he had sung a version of 'The Wizard and I' (from the Musical 'Wicked') that he was calling 'The Doctor and I' and that he was trying to get permissions to distribute it, either as a single on iTunes or as a hidden track on his next CD.

And yet again, we were led back to the death of Ianto.

John talked about the emergency morgue scene, where Gwen comes to collect Jack and Ianto.

It was the last scene filmed and it broke everybody up.

Of course, JB had to break up the mood, so on one of the takes where Gwen pulls back the sheet on Dead Jack, he was wearing a huge handlebar mustache and sat up singing 'Let me entertain you!!'

Euros, very dead pan had said 'let's move on.'

There were a few more half-hearted questions from the audience and then the panel ended with a standing ovation.

I was pretty pleased, but there were a lot of Ianto fans who were not.

I'm firmly with RTD in this.

But I'm sure we'll hear more about it in the months to come.

And on that, I staggered back to my hotel room and slept for six hours.

In a few days, I hope to be recovered enough to get my pictures re-ordered and post a bunch more to this forum.

Watch this space for more!

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Great blog very well presented, with Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Matt Smith's Doctors wearing Bow Ties it could be a nice side line to your scarfs, knitted bow ties.  Just an Idea.

Thanks Tara. For not being there, I felt, thanks to your writing that I had been! Frankly, now that's he is dead, Ianto should stay dead so I guess I agree with RTD too but killing him off that way, in such a stupid fashion...he goes in guns blazing...didn't he and Jack realize that the gov't would have done that if they could? Didn't they have a better plan?

Truthfully I don't get many fans at all. I'd much rather see Jack's grand son come back than Ianto if I had to choose.

Additionally, fans ...well it is a different time but when Adric died everyone wanted him to stay dead or rather, it seemed everyone wanted him to stay dead. And he's a much more interesting, involving and fleshed out, more realistic character than Ianto was.  IMO of course.

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